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Padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab

Posted on: January 31, 2017

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I am not one who can sit through a Hindi movie for its full duration now a days. Moreover, I cannot even bear to watch most new movies. There are exceptions of course. For instance, I liked “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”, “PK”, etc. I in fact have discussed a few songs from these movies in the blog as well, where I mentioned that I liked these movies.

The last time I watched a Hindi movie was “PK” in 2014 end, that I had watched in december 2014 just a few days before the Mumbai gang out that I had attended. That was the first time I watched a movie in a multiplex.

I watched a couple of more movies in multiplexes in 2016 with my daughter when she was staying with me for some time. But those movies were non Hindi movies dubbed into Hindi, viz Rajnikanth’s “Kabali” and an English movie “Ice Age 5”. I liked “Ice Age 5” and I did not like “Kabali”, but my daughter liked “Kabali” immensely. Ye aaj kal ke bachche bhi na !

I mostly watch TV when cricket involving India (BCCI to Raja and me) is happening. I also watched Ranji trophy semi finals and finals on TV. While doing channel surfing, I came to know that “M S Dhoni- the untold story” was going to be screened on Star Plus on 26 january 2017. This is a movie that I would have watched on local multiplex had it been released when my daughter was staying with me. As it was, she had gone away exactly one month before this movie was released.

So I decided to watch this movie on TV. We all know about Dhoni’s cricketing achievements once he became an international player. I was more interested in watching the story of his beginning. As it is, I find that I have spent time in the same places in my younger days as Dhoni, so I was in a position to identify with Dhoni. I have spent the first two decades of my life in Ranchi just like Dhoni has. I went to the same college in Ranchi that Dhoni later joined.

That is not all. When I became a Railway probationer in late 1980s, Kharagpur was my headquarter. So I spent quite some time at Kharagpur in late 1980s and early 1990s. I have been to places such as the SERSA stadium, Kharagpur where Dhoni would later practice a decade later.

So, I watched the movie. And believe it or not, I watched the full movie spellbound and did not miss too many moments in the movie. It gave me a feeling of nostalgia watching Ranchi Railway station (which I last saw in early 1990s) and Kharagpur Railway Station (that I last saw in 2010.).

If one wants to find flaws in the movie, one can find lots of flaws and inaccuracies in it. I too could notice a few. But despite these flaws, I found many things in the movie to like. In fact, the movie began to grow upon me the more I thought about it.

I wondered if another TV screening on the movie was going to take place. It may happen in future seeing that the TV rights have been acquired by star plus. I found that it was available on hotstar. I read many adverse comments in hotstar site where irate users complained that they could not watch it on hotstar.

I too was under the impression that I may not be able to watch it either but much to my surprise I was able to watch the movie on it fully without any glitches.

So now I have watched a movie of 2016 not once but twice, and I liked it even more during the second watch. Interestingly, I liked the songs of the movie as well, even though I had never heard the names of the singers, lyricists and music directors before.

I have lots of observations to share on this movie and I would like to discuss them in a phased manner, instead of trying to discuss everything in one very long article. Seeing that there are some half a dozen songs in the movie and all are nice songs, I can break up my observations on this movie in about half a dozen parts. 🙂

The movie begins with world cup 2011 final being played in Mumbai on 2 april 2011. India is in a “spot of bother” at 114/3 needing 276 to win and Dhoni the captain decides to go out to bat instead of sending the already padded up Yuvraj.

And then the movie goes into flashback mode, beginning from the beginning viz 7 july 1981. It is raining outside. Two would be fathers waiting nervously. One is Pan Singh Dhoni, with his daughter, and other is Ghosh Babu, with three sons (all dressed in identical shirts). The nurse emerges out of the room and informs Pan Singh Dhoni-“beta hua hai” and informs Ghosh babu-‘beti huyi hai”.

As can be seen, Pan Singh Dhoni is seen waiting with his daughter and no son. Throughtout the movie, the elder son is missing. So, the movie would like us to believe that MSD only had one elder sister Jayanti and no elder son. One can live with this inaccuracy, no problem.

Young Jayanti (Swini Khara) and young Dhoni (Zeeshan Nadaf) are shown in their modest home (actual quarter where Dhoni’s family lived) with their Mother (played by Neeta Mohindra) asking the children to study. They start to study only when they watch their father coming back home on his bicycle.

It is cute to find actors with little Bihar-Jharkhand link speaking and acting in authentic Bihari-Jharkhandi tone. They are from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab respectively, but look so convincing as a Ranchi based family.

Equally cute is to find a Punjabi actor Rajesh Sharma looking so convincing in the role of Bengali sports teacher Keshav Ranjan Banerjee. He Looks every inch a Bengali gentleman speaking Hindi with Bangla accent.

When the regular wicketkeeper of the school drops out of the team, the cricket coach offers the wicketkeeping position to young MSD, with strict instruction that he would have to practice for two hours daily after school hours. MSD would rather bat, but the coach asks him to concentrate on his wicket keeping.

MSD first tells his sister who then tells their mother and then the mother convinces Pan Singh that MSD should be allowed to do two hours practice everyday after school hours.

And that is when the first song appears in the movie which plays in the background while MSD and other school kids are shown doing their cricket practice.

It is a cute song too.

So here is this song from “M S Dhoni- the untold story”(2016). Not just the movie, in fact everyone associated with this song make their debut in the blog with this song. The song is sung by Ananya Nanda and Adithyan A Prithviraj. Manoj Muntasir is the lyricist. Music is composed by Amaal Malik.

Study fearing school kids are as common as God fearing mothers. We have had lots of songs picturised on God fearing ladies in Hindi movies. For a change here is a song representing the feelings of school kids who would rather like to play than study. 🙂



Song-Padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab(M S Dhoni- the untold story)(2016) Singers-Ananya Nanda, Adithyan A Prithviraj, Lyrics-Manoj Muntasir, MD-Amaal Malik


mal de sooraj ke munh pe malaai
budbak baadal pe kar de chadhhaai
are mal de sooraj ke munh pe malaai
budbak baadal pe kar de chadhhaai
kholen kitaaben
karen hum padhaai
panipat mein huyi thhi ladaai
suno suno dil ki suno
daro nahin sher bano
daroge to thhenga milega aa
padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab
jo tum kheloge koodoge to hoge kharaab
padhoge likhoge to hoge kharaab
jo tum kheloge koodoge banoge nawaab


badmaashiyon se zara baaz aao
thhoda kitaabon se bhi dil lagaao
are badmashiyon se zara baaz aao
thhoda kitaabon se bhi dil lagaao
vidya kasam hum padhenge daba ke
magar tum bhi dekho kitaabon se aage
badho zara aage badho
likha nahi jo wo padho
daroge to thhenga milega aa aa aa
padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab
jo tum kheloge kudoge to hoge kharaab
padhoge likhoge to hoge kharaab
jo tum kheloge koodoge banoge nawab


aise hawa mein jo udta phirega
monday ko teacher ka danda padega
haan aan
aise hawa me jo udta phirega
monday ko teacher ka danda padega
cricket ka main karoonga bahaana
cancel hai monday ko school jaana
zidd maintain karo
chadho mountain chadho
daroge to thhenga milega aa
padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab
jo tum kheloge koodoge to hoge kharaab
padhoge likhoge to hoge kharaab
jo tum kheloge koodoge banoge nawaab



6 Responses to "Padhoge likhoge banoge nawaab"

Excellent write up.
I was totally engrossed in reading and when it ended, felt very sad.
Looking forward to next episode.
The description of the movie is so vivid, that I feel tempted to see it myself.
I would,surely, when the next opportunity comes on TV.
Thanks, Atul ji, for this very very interesting story.

Thanks for your encouraging words. That gives me even more motivation to share more of my views on this movie while discussing the other songs of the movie.

Very captivating reading Atulji, eagerly waiting for the next article.

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Chand Chhupa(2016)

i am so clad these Indian Idol Juniors are getting chances in the fickle industry that film music is where so many deserving singers (from previous generations) have just vanished. i have seen the episodes of Indian Idol Junior in 2013 when Anjana Padmanabhan of Bangalore won as well as the 2015 Indian Idol when Ananya won. these kids are too good. infacty i also had an opportunity last year to hear anjana live; she was one of the local singers in the Hema malini programme that i had enoyed
hoping that they last and don’t have an early burn out.

Totally agree with Deshmukh saheb and Aparna ji’s comments.
Unlike Atul ji and Deshmukh saheb, I keep watching new Hindi movies even now and we (my better half and I) watch on an average at least one film a month. It helps that there is a multiplex just 10 minutes walk from our place.
Cricket being my passion too, there was no way I was going to miss “MSD, The Untold Story”, and naturally I liked it much. Will look forward to the next instalment from Atul ji about it.
By the way, I am very happy with the recent trend of biopic films about the sports persons. I would highly recommend “Pan Singh Tomar”, “Mary Kom” and “Bhag Milkha Bhag” to those who have not seen these films.
I endorse Madam’s (Peevesie’s Mom) views about the budding singers unearthed by the talent hunting music shows on TV. These shows are doing a great job in giving a big platform to the young people where they get a welcome opportunity to showcase their talents.
Warm regards to all Atulites.
Avadh Lal

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