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Posted on: February 1, 2017

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I discussed the first song of “M S Dhoni the untold story”(2016) the previous day (31 january 2017). I have mentioned it in that writeup that I have quite a lot of observations to make on this movie. I have shared some of them with that writeup. Now here is the next installment.

MSD’s coach, having picked him as the school wicktkeeper only allows him to practice wicketkeeping and he does not allow him to bat. We find coach’s wife (played by Mithu Chakraborty) taking her husband with her to sunday market to buy fish and is seen bargaining with the fish seller, much to the irritation of the coach who is eager to go back to the cricket practice session. “who asked you to organise cricket practice on a sunday”- the wife retorts when he asks her to hurry up.

Taking advantage of the absence of the coach, MSD requests the senior boy incharge of the practice in absence of the coach to allow him to bat as well. The senior kid lets him bat and requests the bowler -“thhoda dheere daalna”. But MSD starts hitting the balls a long way and the others are suitably impressed. Dropping his wife home, the coach rushes back to the ground. Movie watchers think that he would give MSD a mouthful when he finds him batting insted of keeping, but the kids are smart enough. The coach finds MSD seriously doing his wicket keeping practice. After all, MSD has perfected this at home where he and his sister would start studying as soon as they find their father coming back home. 🙂

In the next scene, Durga Puja festivities are going on in full swing. MSD is visiting Durga Puja pandals with his family. There is one stall selling posters (mostly of dieties). He requests his mother (quite an indulgent mom indeed;) ) to buy him a poster. “Ye Hanuman ji waala”- she asks. “No the one on its left.”- says MSD. That is a poster of Sachin Tendulkar, but the mother is not aware of this fact. “arre ye kaun se Bhagwan ji hain ? Aur kaisa mukut pahan rakha hai”- the mother exclaims. Nevertheless she buys him that poster. Later, the kid is sleeping peacefully with his idol’s poster stuck on his bedroom wall. The father, when he has a look at the poster, is not amused .”Bataao, Sachin ka poster laa ke taang diya. Kya zaroorat thhi dilaane ki”.
“kya karte, aisa munh bana ke bola ki hamse raha nahin gaya”- the indulgent mother justifies her act. Then she advises him -“Thhoda sochna kam kariye aap”.

Cut to a school match in 1997-98, where Dhoni’s DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir school is taking on Kairali School.

The coach is willing his team to chase the target but to no avail. His team is losing wickets after wickets. One opposition bowler Prashant Sharma, with a hattrick under his belt in the previous match, is destroying the batting line up of Dhoni’s team.

“Match romaanchak mod par pahunch chuka hai. DAV school ko jeetne ke liye baarah run chaahiye aur chaar genden bachi hain aur teen wicket shesh hain “- the commentator announces.

The next ball is delivered, and the batsman is out clean bowled.

“DAV ke haath se match nikalta hua dikh raha hai. DAV ko jeet ke liye chaahiye baarah run anr teen gend baaki hai. Ek naye player ground mein jaa rahe hain aur inka naam hai Mahendra Singh Dhoni”.

“sambhaal ke”- the coach advises him, but without much hope or conviction in his voice.

“bahut hi mushqil samay DAV school ke liye. Prashant Sharma ki ball. Prashant Sharma fielding mein kuchh parivartan ka ishaara karte huye.”

“daayen haath se over the wicket.
Aur ye uthha diya hai. Ball seedha hawaa mein
aur ye chakka.”- much to the disbelief of the bowler.

“ye doosri ball Prashant Sharma ki, darshakon mein utsaah, DAV Shyamali ke liye ek sunahra mauqa. Do ball shesh hain aur chhe run banaana hai. Prashant Sharma.
Bus stand chhor ki taraf chhakka. DAV school ne Kairali school se ye match chheen liya hai.” The ecstatic announcer announces.

Then on 12 june 1997, in an inter school trophy match, MSD persuades his coach to allow him to open the innings instead of batting in the lower order. Coach reluctantly agrees but tells him to try and ensure that MSD spends some time at the middle.

The two openers remain unseparated and score 378 in the allotted 40 overs, with Dhoni scoring 213 from 150 deliveries. News that a big batting exhibition is on display in the ground spreads and lots of people arrive at the ground to witness the batting.

Seeing that the coach would not let him bat during practice, MSD needed to thank coach’s wife for taking the coach with her for shopping since it was on such occasions that MSD got to practice batting. So the credit for his batting prowess should be given to coach’s wife. 🙂

Last round of office league as well MSD’s exams begin on the same day. He convinces his father (his mother does most of the convincing on his behalf) that he would leave the three hours exams after two and a half hours so that he could rush to catch a local train that would enable him to arrive at the ground at 11 AM. The father naturally is shocked. He is pacified by the ever supportive mom- ” suniye aap itni chinta mat kariye. paani peejiye”.
“arre paani main pee loonga magar teen ghante ka paper dhhaai ghante mein kaise ho jaayega”- Pan Singh blows his top.
“karne deejiye use jo karna hai. Chhodiye, bahut chinta karte hain aap”.- the mo pacifies him.

And it is then that the second song of the movie begins. A wall clock on the examination hall displays 8 AM, and we find students appearing for the examination writig their papers. The song “Besabriyaan” plays in the background. MSD, at the stroke of 10:30 submits his paper and rushes to the gate of the school. His mates are waiting for him with his cricket kit. He makes it to the train just as the train has begun to move and he reaches the venue of play just in the nick of time.

This video has scenes from future matches that he would be seen playing in the movie. One of these future matches is cooch Behar u-19 tournament final match (1999-2000) between Bihar and Punjab. Dhoni played for Bihar and Yuvraj Singh for Punjab. Bihar scored 357 (Dhoni 84). Punjab replied with a mammoth 839/5 with Yuvraj Singh alone scoring 358 (one run more that entire Bihar team and won the match on the basis of first innings lead.

The video shows Yuvraj Singh as well in the picturisation. The actor playing Yuvraj Singh is Herry Tangdi and he bears an uncanny resemblance to young Yuvraj. And his bowling action too is just like Yuvraj’s bowling action.

Picturisation of the song is superb. The song itself which plays in the background, is nice to listen to. Manoj Muntasir is the lyricist. Singer is Arman malik and music director is Amaal Malik. The two are brothers. And that is not all. These brothers have music in their blood. They are the grandsons of Sardar Malik. They are sons of Dabbo Malik (and not Anu Malik, who is their uncle).

This movie along with its songs have been dubbed in several languages (Tamil, Telugu, Marathi). Arman Malik has sung this song in all the languages and one sees from YT comments that he has done awesome singing in all the languages.

So, here is the second song from “M S Dhoni the untold story”(2016) to appear in the blog. Quite a lovely song, nicely sung and nicely picturised.


Audio (Full)

Song-Besabriyaan (M S Dhoni the untold story)(2016) Singer-Arman Malik, Lyrics-Manoj Muntasir, MD-Amaal Malik


raaste bhaage
paanv se aage
zindagi se chal
kuchh aur bhi maangen
raaste bhaage
paanv se aage
zindagi se chal
kuchh aur bhi maangen
kyun sochna
hai jaana kahaan
jaaye wahin
le jaaye jahaan
besabriyaaan aan aan
besabriyaan aan aan
besabriyaan aan aan
haan aan aan

kadmon pe tere baadal jhukenge
jab tak tujhe ehsaas hai
jaagir teri tera khazaana
aa aa
ye tishnagi hai
ye pyaas hai
hey ae
kyun rokna ab ye kaarvaan
jaaye wahin
le jaaye jahaan
besabriyaan aan aan
besabriyaan aan aan
besabriyaan aan aan
haan aan

kya ye ujaale
kya ye andhere
donon se aage hai manzar tere
kyun raushni tu baahar talaashe ae ae
teri mashaalen hain andar tere ae
hey ae
kyun dhoondna pairon ke nishaan aan
jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan
besabriyaan aan aan
besabriyaan aan aan
o o o o
besabriyaan aan aan

3 Responses to "Besabriyaan"

This write up is more interesting and breath stopping than the first one. It ended too soon.
Thanks and awaiting the next episode.


Atul ji, yo uhave surpassed yourself!! I am also waiting ….


Ditto to all that guruji and aparna have said. i am so sad that i missed the telecast of the movie on 26th jan. as also wen it released last year …. it was one of the movies on my wish list ofcourse my children they have downloaded the movie and are waiting to show it to me. 🙂


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