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Phir kabhi

Posted on: February 5, 2017

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The first three songs in the movie (as well as the story) dealt primarily with cricket and the first three songs too dealt with cricket.

The think tank of the movie then may have decided that too much of sports was going to make things monotonous. Like in normal Hindi movies, romantic songs must be incorporated.

The next paragraph contains spoiler about the story that follows. So read that at your own risk. 🙂

It must be kept in mind that the movie has stories that are untold. Moreover, it also has stories that never happened or happened differently. Did MSD have a girl friend as shown in the movie ? My gut feel is that MSD having a girlfriend during the earlier part of his cricket career is a story that never happened. It is a creation of the film makers to make the movie interesting. All the theories about MSD having a girl friend who died tragically in a road accident may be pure figment of imagination of the movie maker. I have given this matter a thought and my personal opinion is that it is an imaginary story, rather than untold story. Internet is full of theories that say that she had died in 2002 and MSD lost all interest in life for six months after than etc etc, but I think all this is imaginary. The local media of Ranchi could definitely have got wind of this tale if there was something like this. You can search all you want, but you will not find an evidence that MSD’s girl friend actually existed.

The movie makers have taken cinematic liberties in the movie at several places. Let us allow them to take this cinematic liberty as well. To enjoy the next part of the movie, which deals with MSD’s girlfriend, it is essential for us to turn believers in her existence and believe that things actually happened the way it has been shown in the movie.

Spoiler ends.

With the above disclaimer cum spoiler out of the way, let us discuss what happens in the movie after the third song.

The movie shows MSD’s absence from work being noticed and an enquiry is set up. DRM tells him how to face the enquiry.
My comment- A sports quota player in Railways is officially allowed to play for national level tournaments. MSD was playing in Ranji and Deodhar Trophy and was bringing good name to the organisation. He was in fact recruited to Railway for playing cricket. So this episode in the movie is pure hogwash. Nothing like this ever happened.

MSD is shown seated in a bench on platform number 8 of Kharagpur railway station. It is night time and no other soul is visible. It starts raining. From a distance, a ball of light appears. It approached closer. It is seen that it is the headlight of a locomotive that is hauling an empty train (a rake in railway parlance). Neither the locomotive nor the coaches are occupied. The train stops where MSD is seated. The door of the coach nearest MSD opens on its own. MSD hears distant cheering “DHONI, DHONI, DHONI, DHONI”- the kind of cheering he would hear in future in full stadiums while representing India.

This scene was used in the teaser trailer of the movie that was released before the release of the movie.

The ghost train stops for some time and then starts moving again slowly. What I can make out from this scene is that the future is beckoning MSD. He has to make a decision whether he wants to catch the bustrain of his future or miss it. MSD makes his mind and races to the open door and boards the coach.

I can think of another interpretation of this scene that the makers could not have thought of. The makers are not Railwaymen and so they did not realise that the entire train, including the locomotive, was not yet in existence in 2003 when this scene is supposed to have taken place at Kharagpur. The locomotive (WAG 9 31123( was manufactured in 2007, and the coach (SE 068226)that stops near MSD and whose door opens on its own was manufactured in 2006. So one can interpret this scene Harry Potter like. In Harry Potter story, wizards catch their train on London Raiilway Station’s platform number 93/4. This platform and the train on this platform is visible and accessible only to wizards and not to muggles (non wizards). MSD, destined for greatness, is a Harry Potter like wizard, so he can hear voices from the future and he can see a train from the future that would take him to his future destination.- How is this for an explanation ! De taali. And ye movie makers, consider giving me credit for this elegant explanation that shuts up the mouths of those who arepointing out these facts as mistakes in the movie. 🙂

The train moves, with MSD boarding it and looking out. He is leaving his past behind and going into the future. And that is where the movie has its interval.

Not just in this scene, even in previous scenes that happen in Ranchi, MSD is seen boardings trains in 1990s which were manufactured after 2008 (all these coaches have emergency windows which began to be fitted only after 2008). One can also notice Tempo (three wheeler vehicle) bearing Jharkhand name plate when MSD is seen rushing towards Ranchi Railway station in 1990s when Jharkhand state was not yet formed. And one can also espy one Yamaha FZ motorbike of 2008 vintage.

And the scene where “thhappad shot”(later known as Helicopter shot) played in 1990s lands near a girl who is holding 2011 edition of “High School English Grammar and composition” by Wren and Martin. In a scene during MSD’s school days batting, one can see a spectator weaking IPL jersey of CSK. In MSD’s first day at Kharagpur Railway station, one can see a person donning Manchester United’s 2013 jersey.

If one uses Harry Potter logic as mentioned above, then you can explain away all these inadvertent errors as “glimpses of future” which MSD being a wizard could see in his early life. 🙂

In the second half, MSD comes back to Ranchi and he is once against confronted by his father. MSD explains that he has resigned from Railways as his career was going nowhere and he wants to devote his time only to cricket for the next one year.

Next we see MSD playing in Deodhar Trophy match against Central Zone. His friend advises him that BCCI talent scouts would be watching the match and he needed to direct his sixes towards them at the pavilion so that his play could be noticed by them. In this movie, batsmen could land their sixes at the desired spots, be it near a particular girl, or near selectors. 🙂

MSD pays heed and lands all his sixes to the box where the two gentlemen are seated. News spreads fast and Chief selector Kiran More (playing himself) also arrives at the stadium. I do not know how More makes it from Mumbai to Jamshedpur so fast. May be he too is a wizard and he could apparate himself from one place to another place the way wizards are shown doing in Harry Potter movies. 🙂

Dhoni’s performance would have come to notice in any case, seeing that he scored a century(114) and the second highest score in this match was only 55. Thanks to his knock, East Zone crushed Central zone by 142 runs.

Selection committee sits to pick India A team for Zimbabwe and Kenya tour. Wicketkeeper’s selection goes like this:
South Zone Selector- “Dinesh Karthik. Extremely talented.”
Central Zone selector-“Naman Ojha. Keeper safe hai. Batsman bhi thheek thhhaak hai.”
East Zone selector-“Mahendra Singh Dhoni aur Deep Dasgupta”.
Central zone selector-“Dhoni ka performance Deodhar thophy tournament mein kaafi achcha raha. Achcha batsman hai wo magar keeping technique bahut hi poor hai.”
North Zone selector-“But Gopal, technique sab kuchh thhode hi hota hai. Agar usko poor technique se result mil rahe hain to ismein problem kya hai.”
Chairman of selector, Kiran More cuts them all short-“poor technique hai ki unconventional player hai ? Donon mein difference hota hai.”.

MSD gets selected for the India A team. His friends arrive at the badminton court where MSD is playing a game. They break the news to him, but MSD does not get over the moon. He is concentrating on the job at hand, which is playing a hard game of badminton.

In Zimbabwe leg, MSD played two out of four matches and did not do anything to catch attention.

Next it was tour to Kenya, where Pakistan A were the third team. First one day match against Kenya is won by 4 wickets (MSD scores 30).

Next match is against Pakistan A. Chasing Pakistan A’s total of 234, India A scores 236/2. MSD cracks an unbeated 119 with 9 fours and five sixes and is adjusted man of match. India A defeats Pakistan A in the next match as well, though MSD does not contribute much in that match.

In a drawn three day match against Kenya, MSD scores 78 at a one day strike rate of 120 where others score at less than half his strike rate.

So, MSD’s first tour with India A enables him to catch the attention of cricket fans and selectors alike.

MSD is shown leaving for the tour by train, but he arrives back by flight. There is one cameraman at hand who requests a family photograph and clicks it.

The selection team sits down again, this time to select Indian ODI team for the tour to Bangladesh.
The selection of wicketkeeper goes like this-
Central Zone selector-“Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”
East Zone selector- “Dhoni”
South Zone selector-“Dinesh Karthik.”
North Zone selector-“Dhoni.”
Kiran More presses the button of the phone and tells Indian skipper-“Saurav, Dhoni ko try karte hain.”

MSD is run out for a first ball duck in the first ODI, a match that India wins by a narrow margin of 11 runs. In the second match, BD bat first and score 229. The complacent Indian team lose early wickets and end up losing by 15 runs. MSD fails again, as he scores just 12.

Smarting after the defeat, Indian batsmen go on a run riot and score 348/5 in allotted 50 over. MSD gets to bat for just two balls towards the end of the innings where he scores seven runs, including a six (his first six in an ODI).

Next series is against Pakistan in India. First ODI is played at Kochin. India win by 87 runs batting first. MSD scores just 3 from 7 deliveries.

It is shown in the movie that MSD as well as his relatives, friends, coaches etc are nervous and they feel that MSD is wasting his opportunities with the bat. He will not get infinite number of opportunities, Deval Sahay mutters.

If one can suspend one’s disbelief a bit and believes what is being shown next, then the scene that follows and culminates into the next song is a very sweet part of the movie.

After the first ODI, the cricket players board their plane to go to Vishakhapatnam, venue of the second ODI. MSD is seated in a window seat. A pretty girl arrives and takes the seat besides him. She noticed that lots of Indian cricketers are walking around in the plane. She takes out a paper and requests the air hostess to get her Sachin’s autograph. The airhostess refuses explaining that the players have asked not to be disturned.

The girl takes a loot at MSD who is staring at her. MSD shifts his gaze. The girl looks at him, and then at his jersey where she could see the loco of BCCI. So she starts talking to MSD:

Girl- “Hi”
Girl-“aap cricket team ke saath hain?”
MSD-“jee“- and looks at his BCCI logo.
Girl-“aap Sachin ko jaante hain ?”
Girl-“can you please get me his autograph ?”
Girl-“please, I am his biggest fan.”
MSD-“but right now…”
MSD takes the line of least resistance as most sane males do and relents.
MSD-“what is your name ?”
Girl-“please please please pleas please..”
MSD-“O K”.

MSD gets up and goes upto Sachin.
MSD-“paaji, ek autograph deejiye na please. Wo ladki badi fan hai aapki

MSD gets Sachin’s autograph.
MSD-“Thank you paaji”.

MSD Comes back and hands over the autograph book to the girl.

Girl-“Thank you”.
MSD points at Scahin as if to say Thank be to the God Sachin.

The girl turns to MSD ank asks:-“Aap karte kya hain ?”
Just imagine an Indian cricketer being asked this question by a girl supposed to be a cricket fan.

MSD (swallowing his pride)- “a a, main keeper batsman hoon.”
Priyanka(politely)- “Oh” (thinking that he is a keeper batsman for some club.)
MSD-“Indian team mein“- clarified by MSD lest the miss misunderstood.
Priyanka-Looking at him and at his BCCI logo, a bit sceptical-“Sorry, I did’nt know.”
MSD (at his self effacing best)- “Why are you sorry. You do not know me because I have not done anything worth remembering yet. In four matches, I have had 0, 12, 7not out and a 3. Hamko to ye bhi nahin pata ki agle match mein hamko chance milega ki nahin. It’s OK.”

Now it is the turn of Priyanka to stare at MSD as he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep,
Realising that she is staring at him, he tells her (eyes still closed).
MSD-“agar aap hamko aise hi ghoorti rahengi ho hum soyenge kaise.”
After a few minutes
Priyanka-“you know what ?”
This gets MSD’s full attention.
Priyanka-“you will get to play tomorrow. And you will have a great match.”
this is obviously music to the ears of MSD. Music actually starts playing in the background.
MSD-“How come you are so sure?”
Priyanka-“just one of those things.”
Priyanka-“all the best.”
MSD-“Agar waakayi aisa ho gaya aur hamko aapko thankyou bolna pade to ham kaise…matlab
Priyanka-“madam !”
She gives him her visiting card.
MSD-“Thank you.”
Priyanka-“aapka naam?”
MSD-“kal TV pe dekh leejiyegaa madam. ”

In Vishakhapatnam hotel, at night time, MSD gets a call on intercom from his captain-“Dhoni, you are in the eleven.”
MSD-“Thanks Dada.”
Gauguly-“Good Luck.”
Background music starts playing. We find proprieter of Jullundhar’s BAS sports good company (who was once so reluctant to sponsor him) present in MSD’s hotel with his staff and is getting cricket bat readied to MSD’s precise requirements.

Match begins. In MSD’s household, MSD’s mom is under strict orders to perform puja throughout the match instead of watching the match. 🙂
MSD is promoted to bat as an opener.
Priyanka, also watching the match, takes note-“Mahendra Singh Dhoni”.
School Coach Mukherji’s wife calls him “aito khon jiris snan ki korchos, bedo na (why are you taking bath for so long. Come out.)
Mukherji-“aaj hamko dekhna hi nahin hai.”

MSD is playing a knock that will make his reputation and cement his place in the team. Paramjit Singh is watching the match on TV in his sports shop with his friends. A customer comes.
Customer-“bhai sahab ek carrom board deejiyega.”
Paramjit-“nahin hai.”
Customer-“wo to aapke bagal mein hai.”
Paramjit-“baarish mein bheeng ke phool gayi hai.”
Customer-“wo to wrapping kar rakkha hai aapne.”
Paramjit-“arre aapko maaloom hai ki hamen pata hai. Dukaandaar kaun hai. Kal aayiyegaa.”
Customer-“kyaa dukaandaar hain aap.”
Paramjit-“jaa na yaar.”

TV commentary only seems to have Ravi Shashtri’s voice all the time. “There he goes on the onside”.
Pan Singh Dhoni-hahaha (signifying that it is MSD’s century).
MSD’s mother, at the puja room , and as clueless as ever on cricketing matters- “Kya hua
Pan Singh Dhoni-“Kuchh nahin , kuchh nahin, tum karo apna.”

MSD, back in his hotel room, remembers the words “you will get to play tomorrow. And you will have a great match.” He searches for the visiting card, and rings the number. Priyanka , who is walking in an airport receives the call:
Priyanka wonders what this thanks is all about and then remembers her conversation in the aircraft.
She walks to a corner.
Priyanka-“Congratulations, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”
MSD-“Thank you.”
Priyanka-“Main kya, aaj poore India ko tumhaara naam pata chal gaya.”
MSD-“kisi ka dua asar kar gaya shaayad.”
MSD-“milna chaahengi?”
Priyanka-“Dilli aana padega tumhen. Wahin rahti hoon, Vizag apne office ke kaam se aayi thhi. airport pe hi hoon. Waapis jaa rahi hoon.”
MSD-“Oh. aah”.
Priyanka-“Waise, man bana lo to Dilli door nahin hai Mahendra Ji.”
MSD-“Door hota to bhi koi problem nahin thha madam. Jaldi milte hain.”
Priyanka-“Tumhaare autograph ka intezaar rahega.”

and it is here that the next song, a romantic one, starts to play, featuring Priyanka and MSD. MSD, now a celebrity cannot go out openly without being mobbed, so her borrows the helmet and bike of a hotel staff when he is in Delhi, and goes out to meet Priyanka. Priyanka finds a helmeted man in a bike approach her andmotions her to hop in. Thinking him to be a stakler, she moves away. The helmeted man pursues her, and takes his helmet off. Arre , Mahendra Singh Dhoni ! She hops on to the motorbike.

superb song, and superb picturisation. Here is this song, the fourth from “Mahendra Singh Dhoni- the unknown story”(2016). The song is sung by Arijit Singh. Lyrics are by Manoj Muntasir. Music is composed by Amaal Malik.

Audio (Full)


Song-Phir kabhi (M S Dhoni- the untold story)(2016) Singer-Arijit Singh, Lyrics-Manoj Muntasir, MD-Amaal Malik


ye lamha
jo thehra hai
mera hai
ye tera hai
ye lamha main jee loon zara
tujhmein khoya rahoon main
mujhmein khoyi rahe tu
khud ko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi ee ee
tujhse milta rahoon main
mujhse milti rahe tu
khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
haan aan aan
phir kabhi

kyun bewajah gungunaayen
kyun bewajah muskuraayen
palken chamakne lagi hain
ab khwaab kaise chupaayen
behki si
baaten kar len
hans hans ke
aankhen bhar len
ye behoshiyaan phir kahaan aan

tujhme khoya rahoo main
mujhme khoyi rahe tu
khud ko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi ee ee
tujhse milta rahoon main
mujhse milti rahe tu
khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
haan aan aan phir kabhi

dil pe taras aa raha hai
paagal kahin ho na jaaye
wo bhi main sun’ne laga hoon oon oon
jo tum kabhi keh na paaye ae ae
ye subah
phir aayegi
ye shaamen
phir aayengi
ye nazdeekiyaan phir kahaan

tujhmein khoya rahu main
mujhmein khoyi rahe tu
khud ko dhoondh lenge phir kabhi ee ee
tujhse milta rahoon main
mujhse milti rahe tu
khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
haan aan
phir kabhi
o o o
o o o
phir kabhi

3 Responses to "Phir kabhi"

This is the best one of all episodes.
I was totally engrossed, as if things were moving before my eyes.
Atul ji,
really, what a write up ! Never ever read such an interesting one in a looooooooong time.
If you write the remaining episodes also like this, why see the film, I say ?


I thought that I would be watching the movie first and then go through the posts in order and only then I will comment on the posts.
So, though I have not read all the posts representing songs of this movie in detail, I have been going through some parts of every write up as of now.
However since no one has commented on this particular post till time and sensing it that this movie is going to create a record on this blog (hope I am on the right track), I was also thinking of those some of the special, out of the way incidents in Indian Cricket, like Ravi Shastri flying to New Zealand in 1981 to play test as Dilip Doshi got injured.
Then Sandeep Patil’s selection to play in the Nagpur Test in 1983, when he was not in the squad initially, and his flying to Nagpur in a special state aircraft… (there might be many more such ‘specials’ which I do not know or remember) 🙂


अतुल जी,
बाकमाल पोस्ट. *******
जैसा देशमुख साहेब ने भी कहा है, शायद मैंने इतनी अच्छी पोस्ट बहुत कम पहले देखी हैं.
आपकी जितनी भी तारीफ़ की जाए कम है.
बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.
अवध लाल
पुनश्च: इतनी देर से पोस्ट इसलिए क्योंकि मैंने इसे अभी (13 फ़रवरी को) पढ़ा है.


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