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Naach rahi naach rahi champaakali

Posted on: May 10, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Report on Gangout in Mumbai on 29-4-2017, Part 1

It so happened that Bakshish Singh ji had informed me that he would be in Mumbai, for a week, in February. Later on he informed that author Javed Hamid ji will also accompany him and so he suggested that we meet on 25th February 2017. Accordingly, all arrangements were made and plans were drawn by me and Sadanand ji. However, around 20th February or so, Bakshish ji informed me that due to a death in the family, he had cancelled his visit. So, the meeting was postponed to April end when, as per him, he would come to Mumbai with Sudhir ji and Javed ji.

In the meantime, Bharatbhai had left for a long trip to USA. These things were not new to me. even in the past,such planned meetings had been cancelled in Mumbai. Maximum number of Gangouts were planned, cancelled and also held in Mumbai, in last few years. Sigh ! Anyway, come April and once again Mails started flying between me, Sudhir ji and Sadanand ji. Now of course only two of us, me and Sadanand ji remained in Mumbai as active participants.( Nitin ji in Indore and no response from Nahm ji ). To further precipitate the matters, even Sadanand ji had expressed his doubts due to a proposed US visit. Luckily that was postponed and he was available.

Lo and behold ! As if it was mandatory, there was a death in the family of Bakshish Singh ji this time also and he cancelled his programme again. Sudhir ji too informed that even his programme was doubtful. I was following advise from Shrikrishna to Arjuna in Geeta- be a Sthitapradnya- स्थितप्रज्ञ – in adverse conditions. Means do not get affected by happenings surrounding you. I was mentally prepared for yet another cancellation of the Gangout. ( Anyway, I have decided to suggest to Bakshish Sngh ji that he should announce that he is going to Kolkata and coolly come to Mumbai !).

Sudhir ji, Bakshish Singh ji and Javed ji had plans to visit Pune also, after their seminar ( on 30th April and 1st May) was over. Because of the changed plans, even Javed ji wanted to cancel his Mumbai visit. In addition to all this, some health problem in Sudhir ji’s family put the whole plan in jeopardy !

All this uncertainty was causing hurdles in planning anything concrete for the Gangout. We were not even sure if it will take place. In all the earlier Gangouts at my place, we had lunch and Tea arrangements made by my daughters at home ( in Sudhir ji’s words “Anju-Manju event management company”). This time however, both daughters were not available, so we decided to make it a hybrid programme. My cook will make Chapati and Rice, other food will be ordered from outside and Sadanand ji would take care of the Sweets, while coming. From our side everything was planned and we sat with crossed fingers.

Finally,just one day prior to the Gangout, i.e. on Friday the 28th April, Sudhir ji confirmed that he and Javed ji have boarded the train for Mumbai and would arrive on 29th morning, as scheduled. He also confirmed that Bakshish singh ji, with all the difficulties, would reach Mumbai next day,i.e. on 30th….he would miss the Gangout but we could meet later. We heaved a sigh of relief and I gave all the finishing touches to the meeting.

As scheduled, Sudhir ji and Javed ji arrived in Mumbai on the morning of 29th April. Their train was one hour late. They alighted at Borivali and took a taxi to my place in Andheri. Normally the taxi fare would be around 250 to 300 rupees,depending on the traffic on the road. I was surprised that the Taxi driver charged them Rs. 600. They said even the meter showed this amount. This is an old trick used for outsiders, by the drivers. What they do is, they do not close the earlier trip meter to zero. Thus when the new passenger sits in the taxi, the meter starts from last reading.

I was very happy to see both of them. They were offered a welcome drink of Nimbu-Pani and over the drinks, they got the good news that they were cheated by the Taxi driver. With a sad heart, they freshened up and then had a breakfast of hot Upma and Idli sambar and Tea. By this time it was 11 am. At about 11.30 am Sadanand ji arrived with a box of sweets and Namkeen ( Kothimbir-vadi, a local delicacy) and finally….the meeting started. ( End of Part – 1 ).

Today’s song is from the film “Awara Shehzadi”-1956. The film makes its debut on the Blog with its first song.

Awara seems to be a favourite prefix of film titles. There are a total of 14 film titles having Awara in it. Funnily, the original “Awara Shehzada”was a film of 1933. It took 23 years to bring about a female version of the Title with Awara Shehzadi in 1956 ! Incidentally, film ‘Awara Shehzada’-33 was the First Talkie film, having a Double Role. Shahu Modak had done the roles of the Prince ( Rajkumar) and the Pauper ( Bholaram) in this film. It was directed by Master Vithal, the First Hero of First Talike of India, “Aalam Ara “-1931.

Film Awara Shehzadi-56 was produced by Hind Pictures and the Producer/Director was one Pyarelal. I do not know anything about this Pyarelal, but Hind pictures was originally established and owned by the successful Actor and Director Nazir Ahmed Khan. During the Partition riots, Hind pictures studio was burnt by the mob. Nazir Ahmed stood there,smoking a cigarette,watching his property turn into ashes. He must be glad, nobody recognised him. He knew that in Lahore, same type of frenzied mob had burnt Dalsukh Pancholi’s studio to ashes and he had expected its repercussions in India too. After this, shortly,he left everything he had earned in India here only and with only worn clothes left for Pakistan. There he started fro scratch again and became Pakistan’s successful produce/Director. This time he had his third wife, actress Swarnalata with him. His second wife Sitara Devi had eloped with his nephew K.Asif ( he ran a Tailoring shop then) to Delhi. Under the “Enemy Property law”-48, Hind picture studios must have been allotted to some person who had lost everything in Pakistan. May be this was that Pyarelal. I do not know. He produced and directed 4 films under the same banner-Hind pictures.

Film ‘Awara Shehzadi ‘ -56 had two MDs. Jimmy and Nashad. Composer Jimmy is one of those little known composers who never got fame or name in spite of their Talents. His real name was JAMES SINGH. he was a Christian sikh from Ludhiana. He was educated in Delhi. He started his career in Hindi films as a singer in Chorus. he could play many western instruments, especially all types of Guitars. When he failed as a singer, he became assistant to many composers. Finally, he got his chance to compose few songs for film ‘Muqaddar-50’,though with Khemchand Prakash and Bhola Shreshtha. He composed 2 duets of Asha and Kishore. The credit of teaching ” Yodelling ” to Kishore Kumar goes to Jimmy. Kishore ‘yodelled ‘ for the first time in this film.

Jimmy then gave music in 14 more films like, Shrimati ji, Smuggler, Awara Shehzadi, Sher e Baghdad, Nek khatoon, Pathan, Miss Chaalbaaz, Tarzan and Gorilla, Duniya hai dilwalon ki, Tarzan in fairy land, Khoon aur sazaa, Pyar ki baazi ,Aakhir and his last film, Sachhi Ibadat-1987. Inspite of giving sweet and melodious songs of a variety, Jimmy never came up to A class. He always remained a composer for C grade films. Anyway, as long as Kishore’s yodelling is heard, Jimmy’s name will be remembered.

In spite of my efforts, I could find only one song of this film on You Tube, so that way, it is a rare song. There were 7 songs in the film. 4 were composed by Jimmy and 3 by Nashad. Today’s song has a very good tune. Somewhere I felt that the same tune is used by another song in some film,but I could not remember that song. If any reader finds that song with similar tune, kindly put a comment here. The song is sung by Geeta Dutt and chorus. The Lyricist was Khawar Jama ( what a name ! ), who wrote 75 songs in 28 films- mostly B and C grade films. He had acted also in film Chandu-58.

The story of Awara Shehzadi was a typical one. The lead pair was Meena Shorey and Daljit. Daljit ( real name Jogender Puri) was born on 17-9-1931. He acted in 43 films and directed 2 films. All Stunt and action films. He had done 11 films with Chitra.

Meena is an unfortunate princess, who was abandoned by her father, because she was declared as a girl with lot of misfortune. A loyal maid took her and brought her up for 20 years. When she comes to know the truth, she decides to regain her position and heads to the Capital of the kingdom.

On her way, she meets a dancer. She takes her costume and proceeds. She meets the hero, who is like a Robin Hood. They fall in love. After completing the mandatory songs around trees etc, they proceed to the city. There are a series of funny and daring incidents. They are arrested as thieves, jailed, put in mental asylum and also sentenced to death. However with the help of good luck, friends and the team of Director and script writers they finally reach the king and reveal their identity.
Everything is fine after that and the lovers sing a song before the film closes.

Now let us enjoy this song.

Editor’s note- As many as 120 movies were released in the year 1956. This movie is the 100th movie of 1956 to find representation in the blog.

Song-Naach rahi naach rahi champakali (Aawaara Shahzaadi)(1956) Singer- Geeta Dutt, Lyrics- Khawar Zamaan, MD- Jimmy


naach rahi naach rahi champaakali
kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali
haay kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali
champaakali champaakali champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali

o o
gham ka fasana kisko sunaaun
dil ki lagi koi na jaane
gham ka fasaana kisko sunaaun
dil ki lagi koi na jaane
aankhon mein aansoo honthon pe aahen
sun le o zaalim zamaane
champaakali champaakali champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali

naach naach naach rahi champaakali
kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali
haay kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali

o o o
aaho se khele taraane khushi ke
aankho mein ashkon ke mele
aahon se khele taraane khushi ke
aankhon mein ashkon ke mele
kismat ke teeron ka ban kar nishaana
rah gaye ham to akele
o o o
champaakali champaakali champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali

naach naach naach rahi champakali
kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali
hay kismat kahaan se kahaan le chali

o o o
chhaai khizaayen dil ke chaman mein
roothi hain hamse bahaaren
chhaai khizaayen dil ke chaman mein
roothi hain hamse bahaaren
ujdi huyi hai khushiyon ki duniya
aise mein kisko pukaaren
champaakali champaakali champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali
ho naach rahi naach rahi champaakali


4 Responses to "Naach rahi naach rahi champaakali"

“Anyway, I have decided to suggest to Bakshish singh ji that he should announce that he is going to Kolkata and coolly come to Mumbai !”
great suggestion. i think even Avinashji should try this trick considering the number of “hits and misses” he has had with the Mumbai Gangout. 😉
“in Sudhir ji’s words “Anju-Manju event management company”
he has this knack of giving appropriate names.

“Today’s song has a very good tune. Somewhere I felt that the same tune is used by another song in some film,but I could not remember that song.”
where you thinking of ‘chori chori meri gali aana hai bura, aake bina baat kiye jaana hai bura’. to my ears this also sounded like ‘munna bada pyaara’ ka cross line ‘jiyo mere laal, jiyo mere laal’

This song reminds me of a similar tune from Film ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ song ‘O Gori O Gori Kahan Chali Ho’ by Lata-Chitalkar. Did you mean the same?

Yes,Bharat ji. There is lot of similarity in these two songs.Thanks.

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