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Mera naam hai Mehmood

Posted on: November 15, 2017

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

# Superstar Child Artist – Junior Mehmood # 3

Welcome back all to this series where we are discussing songs from movies of Junior Mehmood and particularly those songs where he is seen performing whilelip syncing in the voices of various playback singers.

I started this series with songs sung by Rafi Saab for Junior Mehmood. And so far in this series the following two posts have been posted on the blog;

1) Lagey koi lottery koi jackpot lagey (Rivaaz)(1972)

2) Na Koi Paisa Na Ilm Banaao Bambai Mein Film (Bansi Birju) (1972)

This third post is a delayed one. It is not just delayed but it comes after a long gap (almost two and half years).
And though I thought then(i.e. by Nov-2015) that I would conclude the series within a year then ,now this series stands extended and I intend to include a few more songs in this series that are sung by other singers for Junior Mehmood. (By doing so I also intend to find out the total number of songs lip synced by him).

Jr. Mehmood started his acting career at the age of eight. Unfortunately, the very first film which he got a chance to work in ‘Kitna Nazook Hai Dil’ (as mentioned by Junior Mehmood himself in an interview available on YT and other sources too) never got released and was shelved.

There are intereting stories about how Junior Mehmood got a chance to work in films and how he got this name ‘Junior Mehmood’. He himself narrated this tale in his interviews available on YT.

His real name is Naeem Sayyad and he was born (on 15th November’1956) to a ‘middle class’ family living in Mumbai.
His father was an Engine Driver in railways and the family used to live in the railway quarters at Antop Hill Mumbai (as mentioned in the biography of Jr Mehmood available on YT). There were six siblings – four brothers and two sisters, including himself.

His elder brother used to do photography on film sets and would share the happenings on the films sets among family members which little Naeem would listen with interest. His eagerness to watch film shootings made him visit the sets of a movie with his brother.

During one such occasion when a child artist working in this movie ‘Kitna Nazook Hai Dil’ was not able to remember and deliver a dialogue, little Naeem watching the shoot from the crowd reacted ‘kya itni si line nahin bol sakta’ 😊

The director of the movie took a look at him and asked little Naeem if he could deliver the dialogue and perform. He immediately accepted the challenge and delivered a flawless performance which impressed everybody present on the sets. And soon news about the ‘potential’ this little child spread in the film industry by ‘word of mouth’.

While watching film personalities on sets little Naeem started mimicking various actors /artists and performing dance numbers picturised on them. ‘Gumnaam-1965’ – ‘ham kaale hain to kya huaa dilwaale hain’ …was one of the most popular dance numbers that he used to perform on.

Little Naeem thus started receiving offers to act in movies as a ‘child artist’.

He got an opportunity to work with the great actor Mehmood in the movie ‘Suhaag Raat-1968’. During the shooting of this film he got a chance to work and interact with Mehmood who was also impressed by the potentialof little Naeem.

It so happened that Mehmood Senior was to celebrate the first birthday of his daughter Jinny and he invited almost all present on the sets of ‘Suhaag Raat-1968’ except little Naeem. Little Naeem was hurt a lot and he told Mehmood Saab that since his father was not a big film personality he (Mehmood Saab) had not invited him. Going further he also told Mehmood that given a chance to perform in this party he will definitely ‘rock’ the party – aapki poori party hilaa doonga – by peforming on Mehmood’s own ‘ham kaale hain to …’.

His performance in this party left everyone amazed and Mehmood called his father and advise him to send little Naeem for training and guidance under him. Mehmood also named him as ‘Junior Mehmood’.

Thus started the ‘era’ of ‘Junior Mehmood’ in Hindi movies and he entertained people for almost five-six years if we consider his golden period in Hindi Movies.

His first released film was ‘Naunihaal-1967’.

(The complete list of his movies/filmography needs to checked and authenticated to have accurate number of movies if we need to discuss them year wise.)

In the ‘1968 movie – Brahmachari’ he performed on Mehmood’s famous ‘ham kaale hain to kya huaa dilwaale hain’ from ‘Gumnaam-1965’’.

It was after ‘Brahmachari’ that he shot to fame and his career took off in Hindi movies and he became the most loved child artist of those years if not for the entire decade.

He was among those few personalities who possesed the prized the imported car (Impala) in Bombay during those years. He was only eleven years old at that time (as told by him in this interview here)

For today’s post initially, I had decided to present a song sung by Rafi Saab and even got uploaded one of the songs that was not available there on YT, but while I going through the filmography of Junior Mehmood I discovered some more songs including this song under discussion that I was not aware of till a couple of weeks back.

So, I decided to introduce this song from the late sixties, as the other songs from the later years can always be discussed later (since nowadays we are still in the ‘Fabulous Years 1941-50’ on the blog and even introducing some of the rare gems from this period, so we still have a long way to go and many songs to be discussed …)

Further, when I went through the list of movies of Junior Mehmood mentioned in the ‘filmography’ on various sources I foundnd that many of his movies are not mentioned in this list. So, I have decided to go through HFGK to check and update his list of movies till 1980 at least which will require a lot of time and during this process we can always discuss the remaining songs along with the details of his ‘filmography’.

Today’s song is sung by Shanti Mathur and composed by Dattaram.
Lyrics of this song are written by Bharat Vyas.

One song from this movie ‘Baalak-1969’ was posted on the blog on 02.10.2012.

Today (15 november 2017), on the occasion of the 61st birth anniversary of Junior Mehmood we wish him a very happy birthday and a healthy and entertaining life ahead.

Let us now enjoy this song where Junior Mehmood can be seen playing a ‘bigdaa huaa shaitaan bachchaa’ …

(the video link available on YT seems to have been edited and also have some lines missing, hence an audio link of the full song has been uploaded)


Audio (Full)

Song-Mera naam hai Mehmood(Baalak)(1969) Singer-Shanti Mathur, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Dattaram


Mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood

Mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood
Mera naam hai Mehmood

Langdaa mil jaaye to uski taang tod doon
Andhaa mil jaaye to uski aankh phod doon
Saamne ho koi bhi bandook chhod doon
Aunty ho ya Uncle main gardan marod doon
ho main gardan marod doon
Mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood
Mera naam hai Mehmood

Koi mujhe lafangaa kehta
Koi kahe mawaali
Lekin main to gaata rehta
Bhajan aur Qawwaali
Peeth pe laade gadhe ka bojhaa
Kaun school ko jaaye
Ham to Maa ke pet se saari
vidya seekh ke aaye
Ho saari vidya seekh ke aaye
Hey mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood
Mera naam hai Mehmood

Jitney jahaan mein Ullu ke patthhe ho gaye
Saare ke saare wo yahaan ikatthhe ho gaye
Kya ho gayi kharaab hai tabeeyat aap ki
Ya shaadi hai yahaan pe koi
Mere baap ki
Arrey mere baap ki
Mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood

Mera naam hai Mehmood
Rehta har jagah maujood
Peeta rehta hoon Bidi
Khaata rehta hoon Amrood
Mera naam hai Mehmood

Devnagri Script lyrics( (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद

मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद

लंगडा मिल जाए तो उसकी टांग तोड़ दूं
अंधा मिल जाए तो उसकी आँख फोड़ दूं
सामने हो कोई भी बन्दूक छोड़ दूं
आंटी हो या अंकल मैं गर्दन मरोड़ दूं
मैं गर्दन मरोड़ दूं
मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद

कोई मुझे लफंगा कहता
कोई कहे मवाली
लेकिन मैं तो गाता रहता
भजन और क़व्वाली
पीठ पे लादे गधे का बोझा
कौन स्कूल को जाए
हम तो माँ के पेट से सारी
विद्या सीख के आये
हो सारी विद्या सीख के आये
है मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद

जितने जहां में उल्लू के पठ्ठे हो गए
सारे के सारे वो यहाँ इकठ्ठे हो गए
क्या हो गयी खराब है तबियत आप कि
या शादी हैं यहाँ पे कोई
मेरे बाप कि
अरे मेरे बाप कि
मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद

मेरा नाम है महमूद
रहता हर जगह मौजूद
पीता रहता हूँ बीडी
खाता रहता हूँ अमरुद
मेरा नाम हैं महमूद


1 Response to "Mera naam hai Mehmood"

wah Avinashji!! kya post hai.!! a forgotten super child actor. i think i last saw him in some marathi movie as a grown up.
and splendid occasion too, one day after Bal Diwas, but more important being that it was his birthday yesterday. sorry didn’t visit the site yesterday hence missed it.
good to see that he is still in public memory


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