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Saanwar Ke Rang Raati

Posted on: February 14, 2018

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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The film that is reaching its Yippeee station today is the 1952 film ‘Anjaam’. A journey that started for this film a little over seven years ago – on 1st Jan, 2011. Just out of curiosity, I checked the list of posts for the songs posted on that date, I find that none of the songs on that day were new year songs. My curiosity heightened, I checked the previous new year days and the ones after this date. I find that on our blog, the tradition of new year songs starts with 1st Jan, 2012. Prior to that, on the three new years that came, we did not specifically have any new year songs. But that is a curiosity, to be handled in another post.

‘Anjaam’ is a social drama that is produced under the banner of Sunrise Pictures, Bombay. It is produced by VM Vyas and is directed by Shanti Kumar. The cast of actors listed for this film in Geet Kosh is Vaijayanti Mala, Premnath, Kuldip Kaur, Yakub, Dulari, Jankidas, H Prakash, Shammi, and Chitrlekha amongst others. The eight songs of this film are penned by Qamar Jalaalabaadi and the music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Given below is the list of seven songs that came prior to this one.


Mere Barbaad Hone Ka Nazaaraa Dekhne Waale Anjaam 3412 1-Jan-11
Meri Naiyya Hai Manjhdhaar Anjaam 10093 16-Aug-14
Rut Mastaani Saamne Hai Raani Anjaam 11212 25-Jun-15
Makki Ke Kheton Mein Aana Ji Ho Piya Anjaam 11274 14-Jul-15
Bol O Baabu Kahaan Challa Chhuda Ke Mera Palla Anjaam 11321 26-Jul-15
Jab Ladka Keh De Haan Aur Ladki Keh De Naa Anjaam 11932 17-Mar-16
Baalam Ho To Aisa Anjaam 13367 25-Jun-17


The song that is being presented today – I had not heard it ever before today. It turns out that is a song that is very different from other normal songs. Although it is a full 3+ minutes song, and is published on one full side of a 78 rpm. But it is not a regular song. After a long instrumental prelude, we hear the verses of the song. And then, with just two short verses, spaced out over a little more than a minute, the song again goes back into instrumental mode. The lines that are sung in this song, are only a chorus of voices, and no other specific singer is identified. It may be likely that this song is just an accompaniment to a dance sequence in the film. Just guessing.

With this curious presentation, the film ‘Anjaam’ joins the ranks of films with all songs posted. Welcome ‘Anjaam’ to yippeee-land.


Song – Saanwar Ke Rang Raati  (Anjaam) (1952) Singer – Chorus, Lyrics – Qamar Jalaalabaadi, MD – Madan Mohan


mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm

mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmm
mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmm

saanwar ke rang raati
sakhi ri main to
saanwar ke rang raati

giridhar mhaaro saancho preetam
giridhar mhaaro saancho preetam
dhun karoon din raati
dhun karoon din raati

saanwar ke rang raati
sakhi ri main to
saanwar ke rang raati

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

म्ममममम म्मममममममम

म्ममम ममममममम म्ममम
म्ममम ममममममम म्ममम

सांवर के रंग राति
सखी री मैं तो
सांवर के रंग राति

गिरधर म्हारो साँचो प्रीतम
गिरधर म्हारो साँचो प्रीतम
धून करूँ दिन राती
धून करूँ दिन राती

सांवर के रंग राति
सखी री मैं तो
सांवर के रंग राति


6 Responses to "Saanwar Ke Rang Raati"

Sudhir ji,
The homepage of Madan Mohan website attributes the lyrics to Sant Meerabai.

Mahesh ji,

It is true that the short verses in this song are very similar to a bhajan by Meerabai. However, the verses in this song are neither same nor complete. There is one bhajan by Meerabai – “Main To Saanware Rang Raachi”. I checked up a few sources; the verses of the original bhajan are as follows,

मैं तो सांवरे रंग राची
साजी सिंगार बांधी पग घुँघरू, लोक लाज तजी नाची
गई कुमति लई साधू की संगति, भगत रूप भई सांची
गाये गाये हरी के गुण निसदिन, काल-ब्याल सू बाँची
उन बिन सब जग खारो लागत, और बात सब कांची
मीरा श्री गिरिधरन लाल सूं, भगती रसीली जाँची

Comparing this to the short verses in this song, one can surmise that this song is inspired by Meerabai’s original bhajan, but it is a variation / adaptation, and that too, a short one.

Interesting to note that the first line belongs to this bhajan, and the first line of the second verse in the song, viz. “गिरधर म्हारों साँचो प्रीतम”, belongs to another bhajan, also by Meerabai –

मैं तो गिरिधर के घर जाऊँ
गिरिधर म्हारो साँचो प्रीतम, देखत रूप लुभाऊँ
॰ ॰ ॰ ॰

The second line in the second verse – “धून करूँ दिन राति” – I am not able to locate this line in any other bhajan by Meerabai, as far as I could quickly check online.

So the form we see the set of verses in this song, I would characterize it as a variation / adaptation of original bhajans, and hence I would want to credit the lyricist with these verses.

Please respond and let me know your views. I would also request other readers to comment on this.

Thanks and regards

Sudhir ji,

The nearest verse in Meera Bhajan for ‘dhun karoon din raati’ is:

Manmohan Kanha
vinti karoon din rain

सुधीर जी,
मेरे कानों को तो लगता है “… ‘धुन’ करूँ दिन राती…”
गिरधर मेरे सच्चे प्रीतम हैं, मैं (मीरा बाई) तो उन्हीं के नाम की धुन हर समय करती रहती हूं.
लगता तो ठीक है. आपका क्या ख्याल है?
अवध लाल

प्रिय अवध लाल जी,

आपका सुझाव मेरे को सही लगा है। दोबारा सुनने पर, मुझे भी ये शब्द ‘धुन’ ही लग रहा है। और इसका भाव और अर्थ भी ठीक जुड़ता है।

आपकी पकड़ के लिए शुक्रिया, मैंने ऊपर पंक्तियों में सुधार कर दिया है।


Lataji has sung the original Meera Bhajan in private album and the music was by Pd. Hradaynath.

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