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Aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi

Posted on: May 18, 2018

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So, the New Year resolution of posting a debutant song daily and a YIPPEE song daily lasted only till the first four months of the year. For the last few weeks, we have struggled to even live up to our name “song a day”.

I was made to take a one week vacation during the last one week. I was unlikely to get any time to post any articles during this time. In fact, it was only then that I realised how much time was needed to publish one simple post.

Though Sudhir Jee manfully tried to singlehandedly hold the flat afloat, but we still ended up with a few (three I think) dot days in the last few weeks. It is the first time in more than one year and more that we had dot days in the blog, otherwise the blog had posts every day continuously for over 400 days. .

When I left, the blog strike rake was just above 4 songs per day. Now it has plunged to just under 4 songs a day. Hopefully we will pick up pace again.

I am still recovering from the jet lag etc and so I was in no condition to publish any post yesterday. Today I am in better shape still it has taken me till laste in the evening before I am able to find time to publish a post and announce that I am back.

This post is a “basic” post but I hope to write some “long” posts in coming days. The fact that weekend is looming large should help my cause.

Coming to the song under discussion, it is from “Shobha”(1954. “Shobha”(1954) was directed by Niren Lahiri for S B Productions, Bombay. The movie had Usha Kiran, Abhi Bhattacharya, Chhabi Biswas, Manju De, Shikha Bagh, Purnendu Mukherji, Rani Bannerji, Rekha Chatterji, Trilochan Jha etc in it.

This movie was based on a story written by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The movie was also simultaneously made in Bangla as “Shubhada”. That explains the predominance of Bangla artists in the making of this movie.

“Shobha”(1954) had eight songs in it. two songs have been covered in the past.

Here is the third song from “Shobha”(1954) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Talat Mehmood. Mahendra Pran is the lyricist. Music is composed by Robin Chatterji.

Only the audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song. My guess is that this song was picturised on Abhi Bhattacharya.

Song-Aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi (Shobha)(1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Mahendra Pran, MD-Robin Chatterji


aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi
aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi
aur bujha charaag jala gayi ee ee
aur bujha charaag jala gayi ee ee
aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi

paaye na paaye mohabbat sila aa
paaye na paaye mohabbat sila
mujhe to nahin hai kisi se gila
junoon par haqeeqat
junoon par haqeeqat
fatah paa gayi
aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi

aankhon ne dil se kahi daastaan
aankhon ne dil se kahi daastaan
zamaane ne dekhi ye kaisi fizaa
ishaaron se har baat
ishaaron se har baat tai paa gayi ee
aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi
aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi


4 Responses to "Aawaaz de gayi hai zindagi"

Welcome back.
Everyone is entitled to a vacation. Don’t feel sorry abt the strike rate.

Yes. It was only now that I realised that it was the first vacation I had taken after this blog was started nearly ten years ago.

Competing with dear Namo in NOT taking any vacation?

What a beautiful tune.!!
The song is written in my dairy but heard after ages.!!

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