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Ladne waalo katne waalo

Posted on: August 3, 2018

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Today’s song is from a very old film of the 30s decade, ” Industrial India”-38. This is the first song from this film which makes its debut on the Blog.

When the Talkie films started in India, the enthusiasm of the film makers was such that they went on making a large number of films. In the first 10 years ( 1931 to 1940) of Talkie, a total of 924 Hindi films were made, an average of 92 films per year. This created a shortage of stories and film titles. The stories were made on same subjects and even in film titles, we find that some special words were used repeatedly for films. Here, I am not talking about common words like Tere, Mere, Shri, Bhakt, Alibaba, Allaudin, Aurat, Maa etc etc.

Let us take the word INDIA, for example. There were film Tiltles like Fashionable India-35, Romantic India-36, Industrial India-38 ( incidentally all these three films were directed by Mohan Sinha) and India in Africa-39. When I realised this, I went through the lists of films from 1931 to 1940 and I found that the word Jeewan was usde in * film Titles, like Jeewan Natak-35, Jeewan Naiya-36, Jeewan Lata-36,Jeewan Sangram-36, Jeewan Jyoti- 37, Jeewan Prabhat-37, Jeewan Saathi-37 and Jeewan Swapna-37. I also found that 3 words-Kaala,My, and Noor appeared in 7 film Titles. It was followed by Ghareeb and Song in 5 film titles each, Bhedi, Bulbul, Fairy, Bahadur and Gay- n4 film titles each and then 3 film titles with several words like Bharati, Chaar, Daaku, Lehri, Laal etc etc.

We find that from 1941 onwards, there was a variety in titles as well as in stories. Many new genres were tried by adventurous film makers. Romantic musicals became a popular genre from mid 40s. Films like Geeta-40 and Kismet-43 brought in light crime stories and from Sangram -50 onwards Crime films became bolder. The 50s decade was that of softer stories, musicals and mythologicals. The Film Wagon rode on and on with variety thereafter.

Coming back to today’s film Industrial India-38, it was directed by Mohan Sinha. He was born on 2-12-1903 at Indore. he studied upto matriculation in Indore. His uncle was General Bhavnani Singh, who was in the Indore state army. With his help, Mohan got in state army as a Lieutenant. However, he did not continue for long and left the army. In 1933, he started a film company at Indore-Navyug films. But due to lack of opportunities in Indore, it was closed soon.

Mohan came to Bombay, floated Krishna Films and made and directed a film ” Fashionable India”-35. It was a hit film and he got offers from Rajputana films,General FPictures, Circo and National. He worked with all of them. Sinha went to Calcutta and started Murli pictures. he made ” Swaraj ke sipahi”-37, which was a flop. he came back to Bombay and directed Industrial India-38, for General films. Then came Swastik-39, Laxmi-40,Anuradha-40 and Vanmala-41. He floated Murari Pictures in 1942 and made badlati Duniya-43 and krishnarjuna yudha-45 ( This film was appreciated by Dr. Rajendra prasad, Dr. Shamaprasad Mukherji, Veer Savarkar and Acharya kriplani also)

In 1946, Mohan Sinha directed K L Saigal in Omar khayyam and Surendra in 1857, Raj kapoor in Dil ki Rani-47 and Dev Anand in Jeet-49. Mohan Sinha directed in all 32 films. He wrote lyrics for 62 songs in 7 films. His last film was Shaan E Hind-60. He died in 1984. Mohan Sinha’s granddaughter Vidya Sinha was an actress.

The cast of the film consisted of Prem Adib, Shobhana Samarth, R Wasti, K N Singh, Mirza Musharaff etc.etc. Prem Adib and Shobhana Samarth paired first time in this film. Later they acted together in 11 more films. Their pair attained unprecedented fame and popularity when they were cast as Shri Ram and Seeta Mai- first in film Bharat Milap-42. Their popularity reached a zenith after film Ram Rajya-43 was released. Prakash pictures had struck Gold with this film They tried for the same magic by pairing them in film Raam Baan-48 and later in film Ramayana-54 ( it was made with parts of their earlier films).

Flush with fame and popularity, Prem Adib too jumped on the wagon and made a film Ram Vivah-49- under his own banner, Prem Adib pictures. However, the magic of Ram Rajya was waning and the later films did not have that kind of audience response anymore.

I have not seen this film, Industrial India-38, but my guess is that it was a social film with stress on developing industries in India. As in any social film, the comedian’s role was present and Mirza Musharff did it.

Through Mr. Ramesh Advani(son of Bhudo Advani), I got into contact with Mirza Musharraf’s daughter, who stays in Versova itself,where I too stay. I contacted them. Her husband Muneer Khan, a production manager of Feroze khan earlier gave me some information on Mirza Musharraf Agha. Together with my notes, his mini bio is here.

The name of MIRZA MUSHARRAF AGHA may not ring any bells in the newer generation, as he was a comedian in the 30s and 40s-till the late 60s.

During the 30s and 40s there were quite a few real comedians,who regaled the audiences with their humour.Comedians like V.H.Desai, Ghory and Dikshit (the jodi like Laurel and Hardy),Mirza Musharraf,Bhudo Advani,Noor Mohd.Charlie,Yakub (he had travelled to 15 countries including UK and USA, before joining films) and Gope, Fatty Prasad and Durga Mota were much in demand for comic roles in the films.With the times,one by one,all went behind the curtains,giving way to newer set of comedians like Bhagwan, Sunder, Radhkishen, Mukri, I.S.Johar, Majnu, etc.

Artists fading away is a natural phenomena, but out of the above comedians,the end of Durga Mota was very pathetic and touching.

Durga Mota or Durga Prasad was very fat and this fatness which fetched him name and fame in the industry also became the cause of his death.In 1947,there were riots everywhere.Durga was in Lahore.He wanted to come back to India like other thousands.He came to Lahore station and boarded the train.just then a frenzied mob came to the station and started killing thepassengers.People ran helter skelter and saved themselves,but due to his fatness Durga Mota could not run and he was slaughtered on the station of Lahore itself.

Mirza Musharraf was born in a sophisticated educated family, on 12-6-1912, at Shujanabad-Punjab His father was an inspector of Police and claimed to be a scion of the Royal Mughal family. He matriculated from Lahore in 1930. he was keen on becoming a Journalist, so he worked in Daily Zamindar,Tariyaq and Shahid. He was a Nationalist, joined Congress and became Secretary of Lahore Congress committee. He was imprisoned but father got him released. he decided to change profession.

He was very fond of writing Lyrics.he came to Bombay to write film songs and was employed by General films.Those days educated persons were eagerly employed by film studios.He first wrote Lyrics for A.R.Kardar’s film “Baghbaan”-1938.During shootings kardar required an artist and Mirza was called to fill up the slot,as per the studio norms.Mirza had no dialogues,but he exhibited excellent use of facial expressions and comic timing.This actually killed his dream of becoming a lyrics writer,because after that he was made a comedian and got several films.As a comedian,Mirza worked from 1938 to 1972,working in over 400 films.His last film was Roop tera Mastana-1972.

When he was on the peak of his career,a happy producer gave his Bungalow at Versova free to him for living.Though Versova was then quite far off and sparsely populated,Mirza lived there like a king.The marriages of both of his daughters took place there.

Mr.Sanjeet Narwekar-the famous Film historian/journalist writes in his book, The story of Hindi Film comedy,about Mirza-“His specialty was interspersing his Hindi dialogues with English words-quite a curiosity in the pre-independence days. He was almost a permanent with V.M.Vyas and played cameo roles in a fairly long career.” According to Saadat Hasan Manto in his book, stars of another sky, -whichever film he acted in, he used to be the darling of the Heroes. He was particularly liked by Kardar, K.Asif and Rafik Gaznavi. In many films Mirza lip synched songs, but it was only in ONE film that he got a few lines to sing himself. That was the film CAPTAIN KISHORE-1957.He sang along with Mohd.Rafi and Tun Tun.

Film Industrial India-38 had 3 Music Directors- H C Bali, Anil Biswas and Mushtaq Hussain. As per HFGK, out of 10 songs, 5 songs were composed by Anil Biswas and one was by H C Bali. Looks like the rest were composed by Mushtaq Hussain. All songs were written by the director Mohan Sinha. This song is sung by Prem Adib and chorus.

( Credits- Film Directory, Flash Back by Isaq Mujawar, HFGK, MuVyz and my notes )

Song-Ladne waalo katne waalo (Industrial India)(1938) Singers-Female voice, Prem Adib, Lyrics-Mohan Sinha, MD-Anil Biswas
Female Voice + Chorus


ladne waalo
katne waalo
aapas mein jhagadne waalo
talwaaren roko
suno suno ek nayi baat
nayi baat
haan nayi baat
dekho ye firangi aaya
nayi nayi cheezen ye laaya
rail car motor ye laaya

mazdooron ko kaam dilaaya
mazdooron ko kaam dilaaya
itna hua
phir bhi ham bhookhe
bharat mein laakhon bhookhe
bharat mein laakhon bhookhe

gandhi aaye
gandhi aaye
gandhi aaye
gandhi aaye
gandhi aaye
haan haan
bolo kya ye laaye
charkha laaye
charkha laaye
bekaaron ko kaam dilaaya
ablaaon ka jeewan laaya

itna hua
phir bhi ham bhookhe
itna hua
phir bhi ham bhookhe
bharat mein laakhon bhookhe
bharat mein laakhon bhookhe

main hoon asha
main hoon asha
main hoon industry

daudo daudo
aasha aayi
aasha aayi
aasha aayi
achcha bolo kya ab laayi
ek naya sandesha laayi

dhanwaanon rupayon ki thhaili kholo
naye naye kaarkhaane kholo
bharat naya basega
bharat naya basega
mazdooron o kaam milega
dhanwaanon ko maal milega
bharat naya basega
bharat naya basega
saari cheezen yahin banegi
daulat saari yahi rahegi
bharat naya basega
bharat naya basega
bharat naya basega
bharat naya basega


1 Response to "Ladne waalo katne waalo"

The female singer is Shobhna Samarth herself.

Mirza Musharraf was credited here in “Tujhe Bibbo kahoon ke Sulochana” from GARIB KA LAL (1939): There is another song from GRIHASTHI (1948) entitled “O motor waali chhori” that features an unknown male voice and is said to have been filmed upon him. There is certainly a difference of nine years in between films, which could explain the variation in the voice, but could that be him singing, too?

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