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Janam janam mere sanam

Posted on: August 4, 2018

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Hullo Atuldom

4th august 2018 marks the 89th birth anniversary of our beloved Kishore Kumar. 89- oh my god! How I wish Kishoreda had been around. The programme content of all TV or Radio channels would have gone overboard playing wonderful Kishore Kumar songs. And not only ones till 1988/89 (when the songs of “Mamta Ki Chaon Mein” were released) but we -his fans- would have had a lot more songs in Kishoreda’s voice.

But of course, with the available songs itself I am in a dilemma. We have around 2709 Hindi songs – both released and unreleased and short songs to choose from of which the blog has 1101 songs leaving us with very many songs.

The redoubtable Wikipedia has a few tables and going through them I am astonished. One table gives the number of songs that Kishoreda has sung with other singers and it is no surprise (to me) that Asha Bhonsle tops the list with 673 songs (I don’t think the number is of duets only, it could include multi-singer songs also) and among male co-singers Mohammad Rafi has sung 72 songs with Kishore da. I would love to know how many Kishore Kumar – Mohammad Rafi songs we have on the blog and how many of these are duets. Also, on going through the tables that I mentioned, I found that he has sung 73 songs composed by himself and worked with 110 music directors including himself. All these figures need not be accurate but give us a fair idea of what is left for us to look through to celebrate the birth anniversary.

But coming back to my dilemma- I have put a few pre-conditions regarding the song I choose to go with this post. First condition was it should not feature Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan, I don’t know how many potential songs got left out due to this condition. Next, I felt it should be song that takes the movie one more step towards yyiippeeeeing- a not-so-difficult condition to meet. Then my final condition was to try and find a song which was on a character artist or supporting actor or some actor who is least expected to Lip Sync to Kishore Kumar.

And I found just the song I was looking for !

We all know that Kishore Kumar has sung songs for all moods and emotions. His voice when he sings romantic or sentimental songs is outstanding. I am not going to give a sample-list of his romantic/ sentimental songs, I am just going to the song which I have in my mind.

This is from the 1985 Yash Chopra produced and directed “Faasle”. It had about 10 songs 2 of which have been posted. It had Rohan Kapoor- Mahendra Kapoor’s son- making his debut along with Farha- Shabana Azmi’s niece. It also starred Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval and Raj Kiran. I have seen the movie at the time of its theatrical run and remember that most of the songs were romantic and shot among mountains, lakes or gardens with smoky or cloudy background the kind of weather that hill-stations are famous for. Sunil Dutt played father to his motherless daughter Farha; having lost his wife when the daughter was born. He doesn’t remarry but is in love with Rekha. Problems erupt when the daughter grows up and Rohan Kapoor walks into her life. Shahryar was the lyricist for the movie and Shiv-Hari the music directors. The movie and its songs were the perfect launch for any youngster of that period. It showed that the lead pair could ride horses, show full range of emotions etc.

Thus, I have a song which has fulfilled the three conditions I laid out and the best part is Mahendra Kapoor’s son lip-syncing to Kishore Kumar.

Wish Kishoreda was there to see how this set of Hindi film music crazy set is celebrating his birth anniversary.



Song-Janam Janam mere sanam (Faasle)(1985) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Shahariar,MD-Shiv Hari


janam janam mere sanam
badan mera bandha rahe
teri saanson ki dor se
janam janam mere sanam
badan mera bandha rahe
teri saanson ki dor se
janam janam mere sanam

thehere kabhi hum na thehere
manzil se pehle kahin ho o o
aao ki hum khul ke barsen
pyaasi hai dil ki zameen ee ee

in labon se aur aage hamko jaana nahin
janam janam mere sanam
badan mera bandha rahe
teri saanson ki dor se
janam janam mere sanam

bichhden kabhi hum na bichhden
saath rahe har kadam
ho o o
badle jahaan hum na badlen
pyaar kabhi ho na kam m m

iss janam mein iss kasam ko
bhool paayen na hum
janam janam mere sanam
badan mera bandha rahe
teri saanson ki dor se

janam janam
janam janam
mere sanam
mere sanam

aaa ohoho
la la la la
laalaalaa aaa aaa
aaa ohoho
la la la la
laalaalaa aaa aaa

5 Responses to "Janam janam mere sanam"

Ah, what a lovely song! Dil khush ho gaya sun ke. I remember it was quite popular in its time – I used to like it a lot even then. But haven’t heard it in ages.
I think I’ve even seen this film, though I keep confusing it with Jawaani (1984) which I have definitely seen, and which also has some sweet songs.
In general, I stayed away from mid-1980s songs but these type of songs should not be bundled with the rest (the “ice cream khaogi” category). 🙂




@Peevesie’s Mom ji – many thanks for this post and the song.
I do remember the name of this movie but I have not watched this movie and I am also not much aware of this song. May be I had listened to it earlier but forgotten.
Nice song and post too …!!! 🙂

If I am not wrong the other two song+posts of today also comply 🙂 with the pre-conditions of yours except that instead of taking a movie towards Yippeeeeing they launch the movie on the blog 🙂

Thanks again,


Yes you are right. We actually found Kishore Kumar without Dev Anand Rajesh Khanna & Amitabh. 🙂




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