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Kyun hamne diya dil

Posted on: August 11, 2018

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Today’s song is from film Watan-1938.

This was a film made by Sagar Movietone. Those days, Sagar was a powerful film making company. They had the best of directors, big stars and MDs. Directors like Mehboob. Sarvottam Badami, Chimanlal Luhar, Ramchandra Thakur, Zia Sarhadi, Ezra Mir ( real name Edwyn Meyers), Virendra Desai,Nanubhai Vakil etc gave famous and popular films. However, not all films made by Sagar were High Class. Film ” Watan” was also one such film, which probably worked as a ‘ filler ‘ for Sagar. 1937 and 1938 were the Golden years for Sagar, in which the company gave popular films like Jagirdar-37, Mahageet-37, Gramophone singer-38 and 300 days and after-38.

Film Watan-38 had a cast of Kumar, Bibbo, Sitara Devi,Maya Banerjee, Yakub and other regulars of Sagar. The film also included Ram Marathe ( credited as Ramchandra), who became a very famous classical singer in later years. The film was directed by Mehboob and the music was by Anil Biswas. Initially Sagar had their favourite MD, S.P.Rane, who was a Maharashtrian from Gujarat. Out of Sagar’s first 18 films, Rane was MD for 15 films. Anil Biswas was associated with Sagar from film Manmohan-36, as an assistant to Ashok Ghosh. Independently, his first film was Jagirdar-37. Later he gave music to 11 more films of Sagar and 2 films of National Studios. he and director mehboob Khan teamed up in 6 films and were very good fiends-till a misunderstanding cropped up, after Sagar merged into National Studios. After this they never worked as a Team.( In 1956, Anil Biswas gave music to film Paisa hi Paisa, made by Mehboob Productions . However, the film’s director was Mehrish- who had insisted for Anil Biswas- and not Mehboob. During the film’s making, Mehboob avoided meeting AB and even left on foreign tour without meeting him even once ! ).

The Hero of the film Watan-38 was Kumar. Actually his real name was Syed Hasan Ali Zaidi. The change of his name to Kumar was part of an interesting story. Anyway, one can easily say that Kumar was the pre-cursor to the unlimited crop of various Kumars that we saw in the decades of 50s onwards.

In Hindi film industry, changing the name of the artiste was nothing new. One thing is sure. This trend of changing names was started by Kumar only. Many actresses changed their names after coming in films. Some did it because they wanted to hide their religion and some did it as there were artistes with the same name already in films. For example, Shyama. There were already 2-3 Khurshids in the films and her real name was Khurshid, so she changed it. Similarly, Meena Shorey’s name was also Khurshid. Some of the actresses who changed their names were, Jyoti, Renuka Devi, Purnima, Meena kumari, Madhubala, Rattanbai, Madhuri, Pramila, Sabita Devi, Bimla kumari, Indira Devi, Latika, Seeta Devi, Manorama, Nadira, Meera etc etc.

In case of male actors, the name changing percentage was mush less. Few cases like Ashok kumar, Kishore kumar,Ranjan,Dilip kumar,Manhar Desai and some more can be counted. Male name changing was seen in as late period as the 80s and 90s too. Cases in point are Rajesh khanna, Akshay kumar etc etc.

Actor KUMAR was born in the prestigious family of Syed s of Lucknow-UP in India,on 23-9-1903.His real name was SYED HASSAN ALI ZAIDI.
His family used to call him MIJJAN Miyan.

He was a handsome and tall person.He was keen on joining cinema,so he came to Calcutta and joined New Theatres. After doing side roles in Subah ka Tara and Zinda lash,he was hero in PURAN BHAGAT in 1933.Even Saigal was also in the film.The film was about to be released and suddenly communal riots broke out in Calcutta.The new Theatre management found it difficult to announce a muslim name of the hero of PURAN BHAGAT,in the tense atmosphere of Calcutta.The director of the film was kumar Debaki Bose,a person from a Royal family.He took a dicision and told Mijjan,” from today,I am giving you a part of my name.You will become KUMAR now.”This solved the film release problem and thus his name became KUMAR,then onwards.Truly enough,Debki Bose,thereafter, never used his name Kumar again in his life !

After doing Yahudi ki Larki,Kumar came to Bombay. First he worked in Sagar ( 5 films) , Imperial (2 films)and then joined Ranjit Studios.
In 1939,he married another actress PRAMILA ,who was actually a Jew, Esther williams. Pramila was later India’s FIRST Miss India in 1947.They got a son and a daughter Naqi Jehan(who too became a Miss India in 1967,exactly 20 tears after her mother. Naqi acted opposite Rajesh Khanna in Akhari Khat,as a Heroine.Later she married into the business family of Kamdar of Bombay and became mrs.Nandini Kamdar. Kumar had 3 sons from his earlier marriage.

Kumar did many films in Ranjit,but in 1942,he was removed from Ranjit.At the same time,his friend,CHANDRAMOHAN also left Minerva Movietone( reason-despite PUKAR-39 being a blockbuster,his salary was not increased inspite of a promise by Sohrab modi).They both decided to lauch own company and on 16-3-1942,SILVER FILM CO. was launched.Its first film was Jhankaar.They produced Bhalai,Bade Nawab Saab,Devar,Naseeb,Dhun and Bahana.Kumar acted in these films.he also directed Dhun and Bahana.

He produced and directed Aap-Beeti-1948 under his company,Kumar Studios.Then under Shama prodn. he made Nahle pe dehla,Dhoom Dham and Dilbar.
later in life he made badal aur bijlee and jungle king under Artists United films. Kumar worked in 73 films as an actor from 1932 to 1963.

From Najma in 1943,Kumar did only character roles in films like bhishm pratigya,Dayara,mahal,Shri 420,khiladi,Maalik,Baiju Bawra,yahudi ki ladki. His memorable role was in Mughal e Azam,that of the sculptor and a famous song-‘Aye mohabbat zindabad’ was shot on him. His last film was Raat aur Din (released in 1967)

In 1963, Kumar migrated to Pakistan, and started to work in Pakistani films without any delay. His son, S. A. Hafiz, who made Tauba, later became one of the best and well known directors of the country. Later he settled in USA. Kamal and Zeba played the lead in Tauba, which became a grand success. Kumar worked in quite a few Pakistani films, including Head Constable, Azad, Shabnam, Naela, Saiqa, Sajda (his own film), Hum Dono, Nadya Ke Paar, Ik Musaflr Ik Hasina, Baalam etc. Kumar died in 1982.

Film Watan-38 was directed by Mehboob Khan. He directed 8 films for Sagar and 1 (Aurat) for National Studios. This film, with a Muslim cultural backdrop, was released on the day of Eid. The film was dominated by grand sets and costumes. The story was usual. Conflict between Kazak and Tatar communities, lasted many generations. The film was a complete entertainment package, consisting of Dances, songs, war scenes, Enemity, Revenge, overwhelming costumes and love scenes, in a proportionate manner.

The music was composed by A.Biswas. All songs were written by Wajahat Mirza. Today’s song, ” Kyun hum ne diya dil ” by Sitara Devi was the most popular song of the film. There were total 10 songs. One of the songs-a duet by Anil Biswas and Bibbo was based on the tune made by kazi nazrul Islam ( Nazrul Geeti).

Today’s song is extremely enchanting and I would list it as the best song of Sitara Devi ( she sang 100 songs in 33 films). It truly sounds as a sad and remorseful song. The words of the song remind me of a duet by Surendra and Shamshad begum ” Kyun unhe dil diya” from film Anokhi Ada-48, composed by Naushad.

Song-Kyun hamne diya dil (Watan)(1938) Singer-Sitaara Devi, Lyrics-Wajahat Mirza, MD-Anil Biswas


Kyun ham ne diya dil
thha kiska ishaara
Kyun ham ne diya dil
thha kiska ishaara
aur kis ne kaha thha
ham tumse kahen kya
aur kis ne kaha thha
ham tumse kahen kya
Kyun ham ne diya dil
tha kiska ishaara
Kyun ham ne diya dil

wo khwaabon mein aana
dil mera churaana
wo khwaabon mein aana
dil mera churaana
aur deke ye jaana
aur deke ye jaana
kyun kaisa liya dil
aur keh ke ye jaana
kyun kaisa liya dil
kyun hamne diya dil
aankhon ka ishaara
kyun hamne diya dil

parwaana na aata
kyun shola jalaata
parwaana na aata
kyun shola jalaata
kabhi ishq bulaata(?)
kabhi ishq bulaata(?)
kaahe ko diya dil
ab ishq bulaata
kaahe ko diya dil
donon ne diya dil
aashiq(?) ka ishaara
kyun hamne diya dil

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