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Manmaani Se Hargiz Na Daro

Posted on: September 26, 2018

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Disclaimer: Thoughts presented in this song are not the thoughts of the author of this post. It is just a tool in the hands of the filmmaker to take the story of the film forward and explain why the central character professes ‘bachelorhood’. Readers are requested to enjoy the song

“Man Pasand” (1980 – censored on 26-6-1980 and released on 11-7-1980) was among the first few movies whose music cassette was purchased by my father along with “Yaarana” when they hit the market. And since then I am a huge fan of their songs. Know almost all of them by heart.

This was a movie produced by Amit Khanna and directed by Basu Chatterji. Rajesh Roshan was the music director and Amit Khanna himself wrote the lyrics. The movie itself was inspired by the famous stage play by George Bernad Shaw – ‘Pygmalion’ (first published in 1913), and also on the hugely popular iconic film ‘My Fair Lady’ (1964 – Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn). The movie stars Dev Anand, Tina Munim, Girish Karnad, Simple Kapadia, Leela Mishra and Mehmood.

The movie has Dev Anand and Girish Karnad playing best friends, bachelors and musicologists. They encounter a loud- and foul-mouthed vendor of ‘datun’ (neem branches} in the late-night local trains of Mumbai. Then and there Dev (Pratap) throws a challenge that he can transform the unpolished girl into a graceful and talented singer and Karnad (Kashinath) picks up the bet and agrees to marry the girl if Pratap is successful.

Today’s song happens when Kamli (Tina Munim) walks into the flat of Pratap, to be trained as a singer. That is her only aim and she doesn’t know that the two friends have other plans. Prior to the song Pratap tries to explain to Kashi that no one knows what their “marzi” is, whether it is a man or a woman. But once people get married they start trying to make the spouses dance to their “marzi”. That is the gist of the song.

Let us enjoy this lively Kishore Kumar number today on Dev Anand’s birth anniversary. He would have been 95. Dev Anand who was an entertainer from 1946 to 2011 almost 65 years. Dev Anand who was an actor, producer director. A heart throb of the audiences who loved his smile (crooked teeth notwithstanding) sparkling eyes, scarfs, caps and mufflers and all the things that made up DEV ANAND.



Song – Manmaani Se Hargiz Na Daro (Man Pasand) (1980) Singer – Kishore Kumar, Lyrics – Amit Khanna, MD – Rajesh Roshan


man maani se hargiz na daro,
kabhi shaadi na karo
man maani se hargiz na daro,
kabhi shaadi na karo

marzi hai
arre aaj kahin
baahar khaana khaayen
wo kahengi
nahin sahab theek aath baje
ghar wapas aa jaayen

kitaab liye haath me in
aap chain se baithe hain
memsaab poochengi
kyunji hamse roothe hai

kabhi kisi bhi naari se kar lo
do baatein
wo kahen inhi se hoti hai kya
chhup ke mulaqaaten
aji tauba bewakoofi ki hai shaadi inteha
har aurat apna soche
auron ki nahi parvaah
kyon theek nahin kaha maine
jo ji mein aaye wo karo
kabhi shaadi na karo
man maani se hargiz na daro
kabhi shaadi na karo

zara sochiye
aaram se aap ye
jeewan jee rahe hain
pasand ka kha rahe
pasand ka pi rahe hain
achcha bhala ghar hai aapka
lekin kya karen
aap se juda hai shauk
begum sahab ka
aate hi kahen suniye ji
har cheez ko badlo
pehle parde phir sofa
phir apna huliya badlo
aji maana tanhaai se
kabhi dil ghabraayega
jeewan saathi ki zaroorat
mehsoos karaayega
ha ha
lekin is ghabaraahat me jo shadi kar baithe
wo umr bhar pachhataayega
jeete ji arey bhai na maro
kabhi shadi na karo
man maani se hargiz na daro
kabhi shaadi
ho kabhi shaadi,
haan kabhi shaadi
na baaba na

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

मन मानी से हरगिज़ न डरो
कभी शादी ना करो
मन मानी से हरगिज़ न डरो
कभी शादी ना करो

मर्ज़ी है
अरे आज कहीं
बाहर खाना खाएं
वो कहेंगी
नहीं साहब ठीक आठ बजे
घर वापस आ जाएँ

किताब लिए हाथ में
आप चैन से बैठे हैं
मेम साहिब पूछेंगी
क्यों जो हमसे रूठे हैं

कभी किसी भी नारी से कर लो
दो बातें
वो कहें इन्हीं से होती हैं क्या
छुप के मुलाक़ातें
अजी तौबा बेवक़ूफ़ी की हैं शादी इंतेहा
हर औरत अपना सोचे
औरों की नहीं परवाह
क्यों ठीक नहीं कहा मैंने
जो जी में आए वो करो
मन मानी से हरगिज़ न डरो
कभी शादी ना करो

ज़रा सोचिए
आराम से आप ये
जीवन जी रहे हैं
पसंद का खा रहे हैं
पसंद का पी रहे
अच्छा भला घर है आपका
लेकिन क्या करें
आप से जुदा है शौक
बेगम साहब का
आते ही कहें सुनिए जी
हर चीज़ को बदलो
पहले पर्दे फिर सोफा
फिर अपना हुलिया बदलो
अजी माना तन्हाइ से
कभी दिल घबराएगा
जीवन साथी की ज़रूरत
महसूस कराएगा
हा हा
लेकिन इस घबराहट में जो शादी कर बैठे
वो उमर भर पछताएगा
जीते जी अरे भाई न मरो
कभी शादी
हो कभी शादी
हाँ कभी शादी
ना बाबा ना

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