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Kisi ko yaad karta hai mera dil

Posted on: November 28, 2018

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Today’s song is from the film Madhubala-50.

What is the meaning of ‘Sone pe suhaga ‘ or ‘Doodh mein shakkar ‘ or even ‘Saatwe aasmaan par’ ? These and similar expressions are used when more than one pleasing matters are combined. Same is the case with film Madhubala. The most beautiful actress in Hindi film history and the most charming and handsome actor in Hindi cinema worked in this film as the lead pair in this film.Yes, Madhubala and Dev Anand.

It was a dream for many to see these two beautiful and handsome creations of the Almighty together. people would become ecstatic in the theatres, when they sang together or exchanged love dialogues on the screen. I know, because I too was one of them. Those days, Dev Anand was becoming the heart throb of many a college girls and young ladies. In the later years of the 50’s decade, Dev Anand was the most popular actor in the Hindi films.

In this film Madhubala-50, Dev and Madhubala acted together for the second time . Their first film was Nirala also made in 1950, but released first.In all they acted together in 8 films. This was a record till the Dream girl Hema Malini broke it with 11 films with Dev Anand.

Though Dev ( 26-9-1923) was 10 years older than Madhubala ( 14-2-1933), he was very junior to her in the Film industry. By the time Dev Anand did his first film Hum Ek Hain-1946, Madhubala had already done 13 films. She had started as a child artist in Swastik-1939. Madhubala-50 was her 35th film and Dev’s 13th film ! Fron Nirala-50 to Sharabi-64, they did 8 films together. Dev Anand did 116 films and sang 303 songs on screen. Madhubala did only 81 films and sang 189 songs on screen. Her speed came down drastically, after her Heart ailment was detected while shooting in Madras and the treatment had started.

Dev of course continued steadily for a much longer period, but out of his 116 films how many films were actually watchable is a moot question.

Film Madhubala-50 was made by Ranjit Movietone. There is an interesting story behind this film’s making. When Madhubala was about 13-14 years old, Chandulal knew her and also liked her. He had already predicted a bright future for her. Her father Ataulla Khan was a very careless and irresponsible person. One day, when Chandulal Shah was playing cards with his friends, he got a phone call from his nephew, Ratilal Punatar, saying that Madhubala had come and she is asking for a loan of Rs. 2000, on interest, immediately. Her mother was in serious condition to deliver for the 10th time and her father was not at home. Chandulal asked Ratilal to give the money to her without interest, but to tell her that in future if Ranjit needed her, she should work for them.

In the end of 40’s decade, due to a heavy loss in gambling, Ranjit had seen bad days. They decided to make a film with Dev and Madhubala. Ratilal went to Ataulla Khan, but he quoted an astronomical amount. Ratilal returned. Next day Madhubala herself came to Ranjit and told them that she will work in their film and that too without any money. Those were the days, when she had become famous after the success of film Mahal-49. But she worked in the film and Ranjit, as a mark of gratitude, named the film as Madhubala.

The film was directed by an outsider named Prahlad Dutt. He was actually a foreign trained photographer and Cameraman-expert in Trick scenes. He was working in Lahore in the early 40s. Pancholi’s film ” Shirin Farhad”-45 was getting ready and Prahlad Dutt was its Director and trick scene Master. His work was applauded by everyone. The scene where Farhad digs out a canal from a big mountain single handedly, was done by Prahlad with astounding results. After the Partition, he ran away from Lahore to Bombay. He soon got work here as his name was well known and famous.

Author Vithal Pandya, in his book ” Sapnon ke saudagar” has described an incident about Prahlad Dutt.
” Dutt was working in Ranjit, directing a film ” Mitti ke Khiloune”-48. It was in early 1948. Gandhiji was killed on 30th January. 4-5 days after that, Ranjit studio workers were shocked to find a Police Jeep entering the studio,in speed. Out jumped an Inspector and asked, ” Where is Prahlad Dutt?” Ranjit Manager asked” why?” the answer was ” We have his arrest warrant in connection with Gandhi killing”. While the Manager offered to call him here from another floor where he was shooting, the Police ran towards that place. As soon as Prahlad saw the Police, he started running, with Police chasing him and shouting stop stop. He tried to climb the wall and disappear, but the inspector warned him first and then shot him with his pistol in his thigh. He fell down. He was arrested and taken away.

He was charged with various crimes and a case was put on him. However, he was released unblemished after 4 months. Ranjit management helped him quite a lot in those days. ”

Prahlad Dutt acted in only one film-Ek hi Bhool-40 ( There was another actor S.Prahlad in films same time, but he was different). He directed 5 films in all- Shirin Farhad-45, Piya Ghar aajaa-47, Mitti ka khilouna-48, Nazare-49 and Madhubala-50.

The music of film Madhubala was by Lachhiram Tamar. LACHHIRAM is a name not known to many readers. Most people think that his family name is TOMAR. Many sites and books also say so. However, one of his family members has clarified on the Blog,’ Songs Of Yore’ that the correct surname is TAMAR. He was a very talented but unlucky composer, who, despite his good work was never counted among the A grade composers.

LACHHIRAM TAMAR was a Punjabi Chaudhary born in 1914 in the princely state of Kuthar in the present day Himachal Pradesh. His father died early and he was brought up and trained in music by the Rana Jagjit Chandra of Kuthar, under the tutelage of Ustad Noore Khan. He came to Delhi at the age of 20 years and served in H.M.V.Company as a singer. He cut many records there. Side by side he was singing on A.I.R. also.

Aziz Kashmiri, writer and Director of Shorey Films, Lahore came scouting for talents and engaged him as an assistant to music composer for a salary of Rs.750 per month. He assisted in films like Champa, Badnami and Shalimar. His first independent film as a composer was Kahaan Gaye-46. Then he did Aarsi-47, Mohini, Birhan and Director in 47-48 and did Guru Dakshina and Madhubala in 1950.

The songs of Madhubala became Hits, but his luck misfired. He suffered from T.B. and had to leave everything. He lost one Lung also in it. However this brave man came back and did Ameer, Shaheed Bhagat Singh-54 (Sarfaroshi ki tamanna-Rafi), Maharani Jhansi, Guru Ghantal and Hazaar pariyaan-59. In his last spell he did Do Shahzade, Razia Sultan and his Last film was Main Suhagan Hoon-64.

Lachhiram Tamar died on 5-2-1966 at Bombay.

Today’s song is sung by G M Durrani – a singer who had a natural charm in his voice. I like many of his songs. His career was a ” Riches to Rags” story, which I will discuss some other day. Let us now enjoy his song today.

Song-kisiko yaad karta hai mera dil (Madhubala)(1950) Singer-G M Durrani, Lyrics- I C Kapoor, MD-Lachhiram Tamar


kisi ko yaad karta hai
mera dil raat din
haaye mera dil raat din
akela aahen bharta hai
mera dil raat din
haaye mera dil raat din

chaman mein gar bahar aaye hamen kya
kali gar phul ban jaye hamen kya
chaman me agar bahar aaye hame kya
kali gar phul ban jaye hame kya
chahak kar aam ki daai pe bulbul
khushi ke geet gar gaye
hame kya
hame kya
judai me tadapta hai
mera dil raat din
kisi ko yaad karta hai
mera dil raat din
haaye mera dil raat din
akela aahen bharta hai
mera dil raat din
haaye mera dil raat din

ye aansu aankh mein jo aa rahe hain
fasaana ishq ka dohra rahe hain
ye aansu aankh mein jo aa rahe hain
fasana ishk ka dohra rahe hain
tujhe meri kasam ik baar aaja
tujhe meri kasam ik baar aaja
sandeshe maut ke bhi aa rahe hain
aa rahe hain
yahi fariyaad karta hai
mera dil raat din
kisi ko yaad karta hai
mera dil raat din
haay mera dil raat din
akela aahen bharta hai mera dil raat din
haay mera dil raat din
raat din


5 Responses to "Kisi ko yaad karta hai mera dil"

Arun ji,

I had read that Aziz Kashmiri took Pandit Lachhiram to Lahore to work as Assistant to music director, Pandit Amarnath who was not keeping good health. But I found his name as music director in ‘Champa’ (1945), ‘Shalimaar’ (1946), ‘Khush Naseeb’ (1946) and ‘Badnaami’ (1946) along with Anupam Ghatak. In fact, in an advertisement of ‘Shalimaar’ (1946), Pandit Lachhiram’s name has been printed along with Pandit Amarnath and Anupam Ghatak. Even for ‘Arsi’ (1947), the name of Shyam Sundar has also been given along with Pandit Lachhiram as music directors. So I take it that in all these 4 films, he was already an independent music director (but not the solo music director). Even for ‘Director’ (1947) and ‘Mohini’ (1947), he was not a solo music director.

Pandit Lachhiram Tamar’s first Hindi film as a solo music director was ‘Birhan’ (1948).

Thanks for this additional information.

In fact his first film as Independent MD was Kahan Gaye-1946, as per HFGK ( addenda entry). Here is his Filmography-

1. Champa (1945) with Anupam Ghatak
2. Badnami (1946) with Anupam Ghatak
3. Kahan Gaye (1946)
4. Khushnaseeb (1946) with Anupam Ghatak
5. Shalimar (1946) with Anupa Ghatak and Pt Amarnath
6. Arsi (1947) with Shyam Sundar
7. Director (1947) with Fateh Ali Khan
8. Mohini (1947) with Bhai Lal
9. Birhan (1948)
10. Guru Dakshina (1950)
11. Madhubala (1950)
12. Maharani Jhansi (1952)
13. Ameer (1954)
14. Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh (1954)
15. Do Shahzade (1956)
16. Guru Ghantal (1956)
17. Hazar Pariyan (1959) with K Narayan Rao
18. Razia Sultana (1961)
19. Main Suhagan Hun (1964)

Arun ji,

A few online sources like ‘Wikipedia’ mentions the name of Anupam Ghatak in addition to Pandit Lachhiram Tamar. Also, I understand that there are more songs than the ones listed in HFGK. Probably, the addenda you referred to above mentioning the name of Pandit Lachhiram may be only for the songs listed in HFGK.

Full of information and details.Thanks.

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