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Ulfat ki rakhna sharam balam tumhen meri kasam

Posted on: March 17, 2019

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Today’s song is from the film Jungle ki Duniya-59. From the title itself, it is clear that it was one of those C grade films, in which stories take place on the background of Jungle and generally centre around a lost child who is inheritor of a big estate.

Most of us like to see films, be it on a TV, in a cinema hall,or through DVD. Some like old films some like new films.

Did you ever see films like, Khooni Khanzar,Dagabaj Doctor,Shaitaan ka paash,Char chakram,Daku Rani Talwarwali,Jaadu ka dandaa,Zinda Laash,Revolver Rani,Sindbad-Alladin-Alibaba,Flying man,Fighter Sheela,Khooni Darinda,Tarzan aur Jadugar,Tarzan aur Jadui Chiraag,Golden Gang,Murde ki jaan khatare mein,or Jadui putli ?

I bet none of these movie names have been even heard by you.These are all STUNT FILMS or in other words ‘C’ grade films.

In India I really wonder how the classification or Grading of films is done,or who is the person or the body authorised to do it. Because Censor Certificates do not label A B or C grades at all. Then how does this happen ?

My guess is that films are graded on 2 counts- One, The cost of production or Budget and the class of stars in it and Two, The class of people for whom the film is made or directed, like the Rich, middle and the Poor class. Whatever the basis,there is a very thin line between A and B grade films,while between these two and the C grade films,the line is very Bold and thick indeed !

Stunt films, Costume films,fantasy films and purely Religious films are normally treated as C grade films. These film do not carry any prestige, the actors working in them are exclusive to C grade films,the production values and the budget is quite low and most important, they are ALWAYS shown in theatres situated in older parts of the town, single screens, or only for Morning shows or in Theatres generally frequented by lower strata of society.

A person seeing/loving or craving for such films is generally considered a ‘Low’ creature and a person with ‘child brain’.

In India ,this is the fate of C grade films.Actually these films have everything that A and B grade films have,like,story,songs,dances,fights etc,but still,the treatment given to handling of the story etc in the films is very poor or lacking in expertise.

Stunts have improved,Technology has evolved but the participation of Zippy the Monkey,Tiger the Horse,Moti the Dog,parrots,snakes and khatara cars named Rolls Royce ki beti and Austin ki Bachhi is missing ! The contribution of Fearless Nadia in making Stunt films popular can not be denied,but then she had the backing of companies like Wadia Movietone.Basant pictures,Ranjit,Sagar,national etc. When you read the stories of these films please don’t employ Logic or common sense to it. This is a different world altogether.The set of actors is fixed,many times the composers are unheard of or they are known composers now in bad shape,the Directors are typical and the production houses are exclusive to churn out such films.

It is,nevertheless,a fact that many well known and famous actors and actresses of the 40s and 50s evolved from the stunt films of yore. Examples are Jairaj or Master Bhagwan. Can you believe that this roly-poli Bhagwan dada was a great body-builder when he started in stunt films in the late 20s and 30s ? Lalita Pawar(Amboo),Madhuri,Rampyari,Miss Moti,Sabita Devi,and Sulochans(Ruby Myers) are some female examples who graduated to Social films via Stunt films.

Sometimes Gems are found in these C grade films. Remember the famous qawwaali- Hamen to loot liya mil ke husnwalon ne- which had the honour of becoming the prestigious 5000 th song in this Blog ? This was from a C grade film- AL HILAL.

In my younger age I was fond of stunt films and used to travel to theatres in Old city of Hyderabad,to watch films featuring Kamran (father of famous choreographer and Director Farah khan and Director,comedian,Anchor Sajid Khan),Naazi,Bhagwan and many such actors.” Adventures of captain marvel and Trip to the Moon” were my favourites from Hollywood’s republic Serial productions.

In the 50s and 60s,some respectability to these stunt films was brought by actors like Mahipal,Ranjan,Dara Singh,Azad,Hemant Birje etc.The set of Heroines was also set to Mumtaz,tabassum,Vijaya chaudhary,Indira,nishi etc.Mumtaz started with Stunts and graduated to greater heights and was counted in Top actresses of her days. Costume and Stunt films like Baaz,Insaniyat and Azaad etc were made respectable by the stars acting in them.

Over a period the picture changed and nowadays every alternate film has breath-taking stunts done by almost all top Heroes.

Action/Stunt films have a major segment and that is films made with Jungle as a background. Such films had their inspiration from Hollywood Tarzan films. The original Tarzan story was written by Sir Edgar Rice Burrows and it was first published in 1912,followed by its 23 sequels.The story proved to be immensely popular.No wonder,then,that it attracted the Hollywood producers.

The First Silent film ” Tarzan of the Apes” was released in 1918 in which Tarzan’s role was done by Elmo Lincoln and Jane Porter was Enid Markey.From 1918 to 2008,Hollywood has made 89 Tarzan Films. The First Talkie film on Tarzan was ” Tarzan-The Ape Man” in 1932.Johnny Weissmuller was doing Tarzan’s role and Maureen O’Sulivan was Jane in it. Johnny was a German bred Romanian settled in America.He was an Olympic Swimming Champion with 5 Gold medals.The pair of Johnny and Maurine was very popular. Johnny Weissmuller did 12 films of Tarzan from 1932 to 1948. 6 films with Maureen,2 without any Jane and 4 with Brenda Joyce.After Johnny 5 Tarzan films were done by Lex Barker and 6 were done by Gordon Scot.After 1960,there were different Tarzan actors in every film. The Chimpanzee “Cheetah” was there in films from 1932 to 1960,when he died.

In most films,the scripts were loyal to the novels.However,in the novel,Tarzan and Jane get married and they have a son too.But in films,they never got married and their son ” BOY ” was found and adopted by Jane. There was one film ” Tarzan goes to India”-1962, in which Firoz khan,Simi garewal,jagdish Raj (as Police Inspector),Murad and G.raghavan had also acted.

In western films,the popular roles are done by the same actors in many films and they are known by that character.For example Sean Connery is famous for James Bond roles,similarly,Johnny Weissmuller is known for his Tarzan roles.These actors later did many other films but their names were connected to the famous roles for ever. In India,we do not find such consistency.Here the actor is known by the Genre of his specialty films-like tragedy films-Dilip kumar,Comedy Films-kishore kumar,Romantic films-Dev Anand, Action Films-Akshay kumar etc.

In India, the core concepts of famous stories on Tarzan, Mythology or folk/costume are adapted by our film makers with great talent and creativity. While doing so,they have twisted the Time frame, boundaries of famous stories have been scaled with exceptional ease and an unusual mixture of story characters woven into films. For example, films like Sindbad, Alibaba and Alladin-65 or Shankar, Seeta and Anusuya-65 can only be thought of by the most creative and innovative story writers !

Famous character Tarzan has been combined in Hindi films with Delialah, King Kong, Circus, Cobra, Gorilla, Hercules, Jadugar, Magic lamp, Jalpari, Paristan, Fairyland and even Delhi ! For our film makers Time and History are no barriers. Tarzan has been adapted to its Indian Avatar in the form of Zambo, Zimbo, Zango and Zingaro.

Films with Jungle Titles are almost 60. Here too, the kind of variety in Titles will surprise you. Jungle is coupled with Boy, Beta, Man, King, Jawan, Jawahar, Hero, Girl, Goddess, Princess, Chandni, Sherni, Nagin, Queen, Love, Love story, Haseena, Hoor, Ladki, Sundari, Jawani, Pyar, Muhabbat etc etc. There is one Junglee Tarzan also to sum up the titles.

Today’s film Jungle ki Duniya-59 was made by Swastik Chitramala, produced by C J Kansara, directed by B N Choudhari (Ret Mahal-49 and Bedard-49). Music was by one film wonder Jugal Banerjee. There were 7 songs, recorded in 1956, but the film was censored only in 1959. The film cast was Indira, Baburao pehelwan, Umesh Sharma, Habib, Kesari, Heera Sawant, Kailash Kumari etc etc.

The Heroine was Indira. This is a ‘Same Name Confusion’ artiste. During the silent Era and early Talkie period, there was one Indira Devi. her real name was Effie Hippolet- an Anglo-Indian She acted in silent films since 1927, but did only one Talike-Wamaq Azra-1935. Then there is the comedian fatty Indira Bansal This Indira was different.

Indira, one of Punjabi cinema’s most popular leading ladies of the 1960s, was born on August 6, 1938 in northern India. Growing up in an aristocratic family in the Punjab village of Kharian, her family lost everything when they had to flee their home during partition to settle in Kanpur. In 1952 her family shifted to Bombay where an Elder brother ran a successful business.

Indira was noticed by the popular comedienne Bhagwan while he was shooting a movie at Jagriti Studios, and she was put in the cast of his film Rangeela (1953). Raj Kapoor, who happened to be visiting the set of Rangeela, noticed Indira and later cast her as the daughter of a rich industrialist in his film Shree 420 (1955).

Indira continued to appear in supporting roles in major Hindi productions like Funtoosh (1956), Yahudi (1958), and Dil Deke Dekho(1959). She had just appeared as the lead in the low budget yarn Jungle Ki Duniya (1959) when she was cast as the heroine in a Punjabi film titled Yamla Jatt in 1960. This was followed that same year by two more Punjabi pictures, Do Lacchian and Kiklee. All three films were very successful.

Returning to Hindi language movies, she found herself much in demand for B-films with colorful titles like Maya Mahal (1963), Jungle Boy (1963), Tarzan Aur Jadugar (1963), Pahadi Nagin (1964), Arab Ka Lal (1964), Son of Zimbo (1966), Sheba and Hercules (1967), Tarzan in Fairyland (1968) and CID Agent 302 (1968), sometimes playing the heroine, but more often than not as a vamp or villain. Occasionally she would snag a nice supporting role in a major production like Do Dil (1965) or Mere Huzoor (1968), and she still continued to star in Punjabi fare.

Sometimes billed as Indira Billi (her real name was Indira Kaur) she was interviewed in 1963 for Picturpost magazine where she talked about her beginnings: “I had not the good fortune of stepping into films and finding myself a heroine right from the start as had been the case with many glamour girls these days. It was a life of toil and tears, fighting every inch, every day, and month after month. Sometimes I was fed up, felt tired of the ceaseless struggle to make my presence felt. With the struggle for existence keen and with not enough money, those early days were none too happy for a girl aspiring for a respectable place in the film world, let alone stardom. Sometimes I had my misgivings whether I was right in coming into films. Some kind of inferiority complex took hold of me and I thought several times that I would never become a star.”

Indira married cinema owner Shiv Kumar in the early to mid-1960s and left the film scene in the early 1970s.(Thanks to shri Mike Barnum ji).

Kesari was a comedian and villain. He acted from 1933 to 1974, in 123 films. He also sang 10 songs in 7 films. Another small time actor was Habib who acted in 209 films from 1942 to 1980. In this film the famous monkey Zippy ( famous for his role in film Insaniyat-55) also had a role to do.

Today’s song is a dance song video, shot on Heroine Indira and Hero Umesh Sharma.

Song- Ulfat ki rakhna sharam balam tumhen meri kasam (Jungle Ki Duniya)(1959) Singer-Snehlata Nare, Lyrics- Shriram Farrukhabadi, MD- Jugal Bannerji


ulfat ki rakhna sharam
balam tumhen meri kasam
o dekho meri kasam
ulfat ki rakhna sharam
balam tumhen meri kasam
o dekho meri kasam

toote na sapne apne lagan ke
toote na sapne apne lagan ke
o mere sainyyaa bhole se man ke
bhole se man ke
dhhaana kahin na julum
ho o dhhaana kahi na julum
balam tumhen meri kasam
o dekho meri kasam

aandhi chale chaahe toofaan aaye
aandhi chale chaahe toofaan aaye
par shamme ulfat bujhne na paaye
bujhne na paaye
jab tak rahe dam mein dam
ho o jab tak rahe dam mein dam
balam tumhen meri kasam,
o dekho meri kasam

main hoon balam aaj tere sahaare
main hoon balam aaj tere sahaare
badle chanda aur badle sitaare
badle sitaare
lekin badalna na tum
ho o lekin badalna na tum
balam tumhen meri kasam
o dekho meri kasam
o o o
o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o


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I can only say ”Dil Maange More”. THANKS.


Thanks Manohar Lal ji.


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