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Hey re raama raam kasam

Posted on: May 1, 2019

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 30

May 1st 2019. International Labour Day. Also happens to be the date when the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat came into being from the erstwhile Bombay state in the year 1960. This happened as a consequence of the States Re-organisation Act of 1956 which defined boundaries for the states within India on the basis of languages. The Bombay State, that was formed by this act, was composed of different areas where Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi and Konkani were spoken. There was a movement since 1956, which demanded that the state of Bombay be re-organised further on the basis of areas where Gujarati and Kutchi was a major language and other where Marathi and Konkani was majorly spoken. So, The Bombay Reorganization Act was enacted in the Indian Parliament on 25th April 1960 and the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra were born on 1st May 1960. That makes Gujarat and Maharashtra 59 years old today.

On the day these two states were born Prafulla Chandra Dey turned 41. He had already made a debut in the world of film music in the ’40s with the movie “Tamanna” which had music by his paternal uncle Krishna Chandra Dey and had a hit duet with Suraiya “Jago Aayee Usha Ponchi Boley Jago”. From then on he made his way into the hearts of music lovers across the country and sang in many Indian langauges – Bhojpuri,Magadhi, Maithili, Ounjabi, Assamese, Odia, Konkani, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani, Malayalam and Nepali in addition to Hindi and Bengali.

He was trained in singing initially by his paternal uncle Krishna Chandra Dey and Ustaad Dabir Khan. He was credited with the success of Indian Classical Movies in Indian commercial movies. How can anyone forget the Raga-based songs “Sur na saje kya gaaun maain” or “Kaun aaya mere mann ke dwaare payal ki jhankar liye”. But his “Aao twist karien” and “ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo” were equally popular. He might have sung his first duet “subah ki pehli kiran” with Kishore Kumar in 1952 but their association on “ek chatur naar karke shingaar” is unforgettable. He has shared the recording studio with all the major singers of the time till the ’90s haing sung under the baton of most of India’s music directors beginning with K.C. Dey in “Tamanna” in 1942 to Shamir Tandon in 2006- that last song of Prafulla Chandra Dey a.k.a Manna Dey has been posted on the blog Duniya Waalon Ko Nahin Kuchh Bhi Khabar. Almost 102 music directors.

Now coming to the Blog Ten Year Challenge the songs that were posted on the 1st of May 2009 were:-
(1) Daa dir daaraa.. meri laadli(Andaaz)(1949) it had 2 comments and the movie is YYIIPPEEEED!
(2) Ghadi Ghadi Mora Dil Dhadke (Madhumati)(1958) had 7 comments, movie is YYIIPPEEEED!
(3) Masti mein chhed ke taraana koyi dil ka (Haqeeqat)(1964) had 4 comments, movie is YYIIPPEEEED
(4) Naach meri jaan fataafaat (Main Sundar Hoon)(1971) had 11 comments, movie is YYIIPPEEEED!!
(5) Do kadam tum bhi chalo (Ek Haseena Do Deewaane)(1972) had 6 songs with a multiple version song of which 2 are posted. (the sad Mukesh solo version is not yet posted)
(6) Haan pehli baar ek ladki mera haath pakad kar (Aur Kaun)(1979) had 12 comments and 1 out of 4 songs of this movie has been posted

The song with this post is from the 1972 romantic movie “Ek Haseena Do Diwane” which was produced by RG Films Kantibhai Zaveri and directed by S.M. Abbas. the movie had Jeetendra and Babita in the lead with Vinod Khanna as the villain. Om Prakash, Nirupa Roy, Shammi- played the elders and Johnny Walker headed a large supporting cast. The movie’s story in a nutshell as given by wikipedia-
Amar, the Nainital-based, orthodox and traditional person, obtains a degree in Engineering and re-locates to Bombay for employment. After doing so, he decides to assist his friend, Prakash, woo a wealthy and educated woman, Neeta but ends up falling in love and marrying her himself much to the chagrin of her father. Shortly after the marriage, he takes her to visit his widowed-schoolteacher mother, but she has gone on an outing. They return, and shortly thereafter arguments ensue, which escalate to such an extent that Amar assaults her, compelling her to return to her parents’ home. When she insists on a divorce – Amar refuses until and unless she lives with him for 15 days in order to create a false scenario of a happy marriage for his mother.

The song with today’s post is sung by Johnny Walker in the movie with two unknown ladies pestering him. it was a song I loved the instant I saw it. it has interlude music lifted from “Rattan”, “Pyaasa” and “Badi Behan” to add the comic element. It is written by Qamar Jalalabadi and Kalyanji Anandji were the music composers. The song brings out the full range that Manna Da was capable of.

Here I must confess that had I not attended the R.M.I.M last month i would have forgotten that Manna Dey would have turned 100 today if he had been there. Thinking of Manna Dey ……….



Song-Hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ye zamaana (Ek Haseena Do Deewaane)(1972) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana
hey re raama ram kasam kaisa aaya e zamaana
mardan ka dekho kaise chhede hai janaana
mardan ka dekho kaise chhede hai janaana
(yahaan wahaan haath mat lagiyo haan)
haath lagaiho to jaiho main thaana bachaana
koi police ko bulaana bulaana
hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana

petticoat waalone diya humka maar
petticoat waalone diya humka maar
jabse inka dekha hua hai bantaadhaar
chhoriyan ka pyaar jhootha
pyaar ka vyopar jhootha
roop ka singar jhootha
mukh ka nikahar jhootha
aar jhootha
paar jhootha
yaari jhoothi
yaar jhootha
inse na neha lagaana lagaana
hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana

arre aaj tore bhaktan ka patla hai haal
aaj tore bhaktan ka patla hai haal
jai jai jai jai bajrangbali
aayi bala taal
natkhat naar khoti
kajre ki dhaar khoti
lat ki funkar khoti
ankhiyon ki maar khoti
choodi ki jhankaar khoti
chhori hushiyaar khoti
jhaanse mein inke kabahu na aana
hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana
mardan ka dekho kaise chhede hai janaana
haath lagaiho to jaiho main thaana
koi police ko bulaana bulaana
hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana

jinhen desh par garv hai u kahaan hai kahaan hai kahaan hai
ee galiyo ee koochhe e fashion ke bazaar
ee bechaare mardan pe naari ki lalkaar
chun chun ke bharat ke netan ka laao
(hey nutan
humaare hote huye nutan

hmm hmm hmm
nutan naahin netan
huyi gaya kabaada)
phir se leo
chun chun ke bhaarat ke netan ka laao
netan ka inke ee nakhre dikhaao
yadi ee karihen more dil ka bhojan
to kaise hoyega parivaar niyojan
kahaan hai kahaan hai kahaan hai kahaan hai
(yahaan hai
arre baap re)
koi police ko bulaana bulaana
hey re raama
hey re raama raam kasam kaisa aaya ee zamaana
hey re raama
hoye re raama
hey re raama
hoye re raama
hey re raama.
bhaag raam
hey re raama
bhaag raama

2 Responses to "Hey re raama raam kasam"

Nalini ji,

Thanks for this post on Manna Dey’s birth centenary.
Sad version of Mukesh inserted in the comments section on the respective page.
The film had 4 male playback singers, Mukesh, Rafi, Kishore and Mannada.

So basically it was ek hasina, do deewane aur char male playback singers. 🙂


“So basically it was ek hasina, do deewane aur char male playback singers. 🙂”

Arre waah!! Too good observation!!👌👌


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