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Nain mohan prem bhare jaadoo najariya

Posted on: May 4, 2019

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Today’s song is from a very old film Meetha Zahar-1938.

The title of the film is funny. Normally, we equate Poison taste with Bitterness, though, no one actually knows how poisons taste. There is a story about it, which I read in my childhood. Long time ago, a King was curious to know how the poison tasted. He asked many people but no one was able to give a satisfactory answer. His Prime Minister suggested a plan. He would give poison to a convict of death and ask him to write the taste of poison on a paper. If he writes it, he would be pardoned and a poison antidote will be given to him immediately.

Accordingly, a death convict was provided poison, paper and a pen. After drinking the poison, the convict started writing, but the strong poison killed him instantly and all that he could write was the letter ‘ S ‘ only. Now the question remained if the taste was Sweet, Sour or Salted ? However, Minerva Movietone had decided that the taste was sweet and hence the title of the film was Meetha Zahar !

After suffering initial failures with his first few films like Hamlet-35, Saeed E Hawas-36 and Atma Tarang-37, Sohrab Modi decided to make films on the social evils prevalent for a long time. Other big studios like Prabhat, Bombay Talkies and New Theatres were doing this already and they were making money. Modi decided to make films on separation in Marriage (Divorce aka Talaq-38), Alcoholism (Meetha Zahar-38), Illicit passion (Jailor-38) and Incest (Bharosa-40).

This stance changed the picture. His Historical film ” Pukar’-39 was a grand success, which brought him not only name and fame but also lot of money. Along with him, the Heroine of the film-Naseem Bano also benefitted greatly. After pukar-39, Naseem bano left Minerva. Naseem was launched by Sohrab Modi as a Heroine way back in Hamlet-35.

Naseem was born on July 4, 1916 in Delhi as Roshan Ara Begum, to courtesan-singer Shamshad Begum, better known as ‘Chhamiya’ and rich Nawab, Abdul Waheed Khan. She did her schooling at Queen Mary’s High School there with her mother harboring ambitions to make her a doctor. However, being a big fan of the movies and actress Sulochana in particular, after a family visit to Bombay, now Mumbai, in the 1930s, Naseem decided to make the movies her career. It was not easy. She had to fight hard with her mother to get her way, including it is said staging a successful hunger strike along with many tears!

Much of Naseem’s early work came at Minerva Movietone, owned by the great Sohrab Modi. He introduced Naseem in his adaptation of Hamlet, Khoon Ka Khoon (1935). Sadly for Naseem, the film flopped at the box-office. She then appeared in a series of films, mostly socials for Minerva including Divorce (1938), Meetha Zahar (1938) and Vasanti (1938)before hitting the big time with Modi’s epic historical drama, Pukar (1939). Pukar was a landmark film for Modi and its lead cast that included Chandramohan, Sardar Akhtar, besides Naseem. The film, in particular, makes splendid use of Naseem’s regal bearing casting her as Jehangir’s wife, the Empress Noor Jehan. It remains her most most well-known performance and one where she sang her own songs as well.

Following the success of Pukar, Naseem and Modi parted ways, and based on her strong impact as the Mughal Empress, Naseem signed two films with a rival studio to again play famous queens Cleopatra and Mumtaz Mahal respectively. Both films, however, failed to take off. But by now she had several well-known admirers including the son of the Nizam of Hyderabad. In this period Naseem also met childhood acquaintance Mohammed Ehsan who had returned from abroad armed with a agree in Industrial Chemistry. He launched a production house, Taj Mahal Pictures with the film Ujala (1942)starring Naseem and Prithviraj Kapoor. Through the course of the film and thereafter, Ehsan and Naseem fell in love and got married. Naseem then moved to Delhi along with Ehsan. The couple had two children, daughter Saira Banu, who also went on to become an actress and a son, Sultan Ahmed. For a while it looked like Naseem had bid adieu to films.

However, S Mukherji, who worked at Filmistan, convinced Naseem to come back and star opposite Ashok Kumar for Filmistan’s maiden production, Chal Chal Re Naujavan (1944). Though the build up for the film was huge, it only did moderate business at the box-office. More importantly though, Naseem was now back in the film industry for good. Ehsan and Naseem restarted Taj Mahal Pictures which would produce films starring Naseem. Some films produced by the banner include Begum (1945), Mulaqat (1947), and Chandni Raat (1949), the last also directed by Ehsan. Two of Naseem’s best performances came in Mehboob’s Anokhi Ada (1948) and Sohrab Modi’s Sheesh Mahal (1950), re-uniting her with Modi after more than a decade.

Naseem’s last lot of films include the swashbuckler Shabistan (1951), during whose filming leading man Shyam lost his life, Ajeeb Ladki (1952), Betaab (1952), which was her last film of note as a leading lady, and the stunt films, Sinbad The Sailor (1952) and Baghi (1953). Thereafter, she was seen in Sohrab Modi’sNausherwan-e-Adil (1957), where she impressively played the Empress of Iran.

By the time she completed Ajeeb Ladki, Naseem’s marriage to him was on its last legs. Ehsan migrated to Pakistan on his own taking with him all the negatives and prints of the films produced by Taj Mahal Pictures. He had these films screened there, making her an extremely popular actress across the border as well. Naseem then moved to England for a while as she sent her children to a day school there to give them the best of education. But finding England cold and aloof, the family finally returned to India.

Once her daughter, Saira Banu, entered films, Naseem, who ironically was dead against her joining the movie industry, designed clothes for her including some trendsetting beautiful embroidered saris in Aayi Milan Ki Bela (1964). And though well in her 40s by now, Naseem continued to get acting offers but refused them all. Naseem Banu passed away in Mumbai on June 18, 2002.

Like Naseem Bano, Modi was instrumental in helping and promoting the careers of many others like, Kamaal Amrohi, Chandramohan, Prithviraj Kapoor, Mehtab and many other smaller artistes like Sadiq Ali, Zillo bai, Eruch Tarapore, Sheela, Meena (Shorey), Al Nasir etc . Sadiq Ali was not only a regular, but was Modi’s favourite actor.

Sadiq Ali, was born on 6-10-1911 at Jullundhar, Punjab. His 2 cousins- Wazir Ali and Nazir Ali were famous Indian cricketers. Sadiq Ali completed his Engineering degree and worked in M.E.S. at Kanpur (Military Engg. Services). Due to strong desire to work in films and dramas, he resigned from his job after 5 years and joined Agha Hashr’s Drama company. When the company was closed, he joined The Burma Imperial film company at Rangoon. After few small roles, he came down to Bombay.

After working in some smaller companies, he joined Minerva Movietone. Starting with khan Bahadur-37, he worked in Minerva’s Pukar-39, Sikandar-41, Phir Milenge-42, Prithwiraj Sanyogita-43, Parakh-44 (only directed by Modi) and Ek din ka sultan-45, also in Sandesa-39,Black out, Duniya tumhari hai, Phir milenge, Ulti Ganga, Patharon ke saudagar,Jagbeeti,Nishana, Do Naina, Manjhdar, Mitti etc. In all he acted in 23 films. His last film was Ever Ready-46. After partition, he migrated to Pakistan.

First film in Pakistan Judai (1950 Shaheena,Nazar and Zeenat). Other film Shola (1952).

Sadiq Ali was a very successful and famous actor before partition and got the title of Prince of Minerva. He acted in many films in India, but in Pakistan,

Sadiq Ali could not be successful as he was in India. He was paralyzed in 60’s and could be seen sitting with Pan shop in Capitol Cinema lane, Karachi. Died on 12-7-1977 in Karachi. In his last days, he was seen begging on road.

Film Meetha Zahar was directed by Sohrab Modi. Screen play was by Gajanan Jagirdar. Munshi Irshad Ahmed wrote all the 9 songs of the film, which were composed by B.S.Hoogan, the MD.

When I first came across this name B.S.Hoogan, in the list of Hindi composers,my first reaction was,what is this foreigner doing in Hindi Films ?

Further when I saw his name as MD in 10-15 films of the 30s,I became very curious and wanted to know more about him.As per my experience so far,I usually got information for any -or almost any-Film personality from my notes,Old cuttings,books,magazines,old articles etc ,or even from an obscure,less known Internet site,but in Hoogan’s case I always found myself at a dead end. There was simply NO information about him anywhere ! It was as if no one in India knew about him or as if he was from some alien planet.

I was perplexed.How can anybody from Film industry,with so many films to his credit,be such an unknown person ? This was a challenge and I decided ,come what may,to find out about this elusive,dodging and unreachable B.S.Hoogan,at any cost.

Almost one year passed and I found a ray of Hope.

I visited the Blog of Mr.Kamalakar Pasupuleti ji. He is a writer on old films,music and an avid collector of old songs,besides having been an active RMIM worker.He is also a mine of information. Incidentally,he too is from Hyderabad-just like me,and being in the same age group,we enjoy discussing matters relating to people and places in old Hyderabad of the 40s and 50s,when we were youngsters.Later on, he has migrated to USA.

On his Blog, he had written about Hoogan. He had located the nephew of Hoogan, in India and contacted him.He got some information from him about Hoogan. Although the info was not exhaustive, it was a great find. Plus Kamalakarji himself had also written about Hoogan,from his interaction with people who had met Hoogan in Hyderabad. I wrote to kamalakar ji in USA and he very graciously gave me permission to use all that material for this article.

At this juncture, my luck suddenly decided to cooperate and I found some info about Hoogan in a book.I even found out that the same nephew of Hoogan had uploaded 4 songs of Hoogan,(2 from Parakh-37 and 2 from Meetha Zahar-38) on Hamara Forum.
B.S.Hoogan was not a foreigner,he was very much an Indian.His name was BALWANT SINGH HOOGAN. He was tall,wheat comlexioned and of medium build. He was born in 1901 at Firozpur, Punjab, where his family was settled. He was a Kashmiri Brahmin. According to C.Ramchandra also,he was originally from Kashmir.

Before becoming a music director he seems to have learnt classical music and western music.He played many western instruments.
In the days of silent films,orchestras used to play in the Theatres ,in front of or behind the screen.During the film also they played appropriate music pieces.It would add live pleasure with moving images. Hoogan learnt giving this music and conducting orchestra from his teacher,Mr.Victor Aimes,an Englishman,from the Albert Music Company. He learnt writing music in notations and conducting orchestra with a baton. He played his orchestra of 12 musicians.

Hoogan looked impressive with a Black Tailcoat,Bow-Tie and Grey Trousers,as described by a Hyderabad Nawab,who had been personally introduced to Hoogan in Hyderabad in 1930.

B.S.Hoogan started his career as MD with Ajanta Cinetone of Mohan Bhavnani.He gave music to Afzal,Maya jaal,Rangeela Rajput(all 1933)Dard e dil,Dukhtar e Hind,Mazdoor,Sair e Paristan,Vasavdatta(all1934),Pyar ki maar,Registan ki Rani,Sone ka shahar,sherdil Aurat(all 1935), Begunah,khan Bahadur,Parakh(all1937),Meetha Zahar,Vijay marg(all 1938) and Sansar Sagar-1939.

Total films-18. Songs composed- 231.

Music Director C.Ramchandra,in his Marathi autobiography, wrote about Hoogan. When CR was working in Minerva, Hoogan joined the company, in place of Habib Khan, the composer. He showed CR how the Desi Raag can be played on foreign musical instruments. He brought in many Goanese orchestra players into the company. CR knew writing notations, Hoogan improved this. Hoogan liked CR very much. Hoogan would take CR with him to all big hotels of Bombay. Orchestras would be playing there. CR learned how those tunes could be indianised in his music here only.

Hoogan would make tunes and ask CR to write the notations. CR would hum those tunes and then improve the tunes. Hoogan would not know. Thus many of his tunes were used by Hoogan without knowing it.In the film Meetha Zahar-1938,Naushad was Hoogan’s assistant. Actors like Nissar,Bibbo,Sheila and Naseem Bano sang for him.

B.S.Hoogan died in Ferozpore in September 1938, at the age of 37 only.

Today’s song is sung by one Shanta Dutt. This name is new to me and despite my efforts, I could not get any information about her. As per HFGK she seems to have acted in Divorce-38, Vaasanti-38 and Juari-39 and she sang one song each in film Divorce-38 and film Meetha Zahar-38. To this extent this is a rare song. With this song, film Meetha Zahar-38 and singer Shanta Dutt make their Debut on this Blog.

(I sincerely thank Shri kamalakar ji and shri Sukesh Hoogan ji (the nephew), for providing the above information about B.S.Hoogan. Some information is adapted from and )

Song-Nain Mohan prem bhare jaadu najariya(Meethha Zahar)(1938) Singer- Shanta Dutt, Lyrics- Munshi Irshad Ahmed, MD- B S Hoogan


Nain Mohan prem bhare
Nain Mohan prem bhare
jaadu najariya
jaadu najariya
Nain Mohan prem bhare
Nain Mohan prem bhare
jaadu najariya
jaadu najariya
din mein aaj nain baandh chale
jigar pe aane lagi
prem ka dariya(?)
prem ka dariya(?)
Nain Mohan prem bhare
Nain Mohan prem bhare
jaadu najariya
jaadu najariya

mujhe jo aap charan haath lage
jigar jigar se mile
najar najar se mile
??ar ?? ar se mile
Go??har go??ar se mile
main aur aap hon ek dor bandhe
main aur aap hon ek dor bandhe
gale ka haar banen
aao sanwariya
aao sanwariya
Nain Mohan prem bhare
Nain Mohan prem bhare
jaadu najariya
jaadu najariya

mil ke saath sajan aao chalen
mil ke saath sajan aao chalen
prem ke oar chalen
prem ke chhor chalen
prem ke daur chalen
prem ke shor chalen

na koi ??air rahe
chain karen
na koi ??air rahe
chain karen
main aur aap hon
prem dagariya
prem dagariya
Nain Mohan prem bhare
Nain Mohan prem bhare
jaadu najariya
jaadu najariya

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Excellent information. Salute you for such work.


Thank you, Manohar Lal Dave ji.


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