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Ye duniya suit boot ki baabu

Posted on: June 4, 2019

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Today’s song is from the film Aabshaar aka Waterfall-1953.

To me, songs from the fifty’s decade work like a breeze of fresh air or a cup of hot filter coffee. Discussing songs from the 30s and the 40s continuously gives me a feeling of being a very old man which, actually, I am ! But then, being so and feeling so, are two different things. Toying with a song from the 50s takes me back to my college days. If the song is of Kishore, Sugar gets added to the Coffee further.

Listening to songs of Kishore Kumar from his early years is truly a feast. His song from film ‘Aandolan’-1951 is my eternal favourite. Many times, when I am in a depression, tension, sad mood or simply bored, I like to listen to Vintage songs of Kishore Kumar. For this purpose I have his songs on my Mobile phone itself. His early film songs like Funtoosh, Bahaar, Paying Guest, New Delhi, Begunah etc are unparallelled. In fact, I had run a series of 21 songs under the title ” Vintage Kishore ” from 17-12-2013 to 18-1-2014, on this Blog.

Film Aabshaar-53 was made by Globe Pictures and was produced and directed by Hasrat Lucknowi. When the film’s shooting started, Ghulam Hyder was the composer. He recorded 3 songs of Pakistani singer Munawar Sultana. After partition GH used to come to India to compose music to films, and at the same time, he would compose for Pakistani films too. However, his films like Shahida-49, Beqasoor-50,Akeli-51 and Bheegi Palken-52 were all flops.

While doing music of Aabshaar in India, he was also doing film Gulnar of Pakistan. Meanwhile his health worsened and he abandoned film Aabshaar and left for Pakistan to complete Gulnar. Film Gulnar was released on 2-11-1953 and Ghulam Hyder died on 9-11-1953 !

After he left, the film was given to Bhola Shreshtha and Mohd. Shafi. Bhola composed 3 songs and Shafi did 2 songs, which included today’s Kishore song. His other song was by Asha Bhosle. Besides all this jhamela in Music, film Aabshaarearned a place in Hindi Film History, for being the First ever film to start the system of ” Guest artistes”, mentioned in credits. Film Aabshaar had the cast of Nimmi, Raaj Kumar, Lalita Pawar, kuldip Kaur, Iftikhar, Tiwari and others. It had Guest artistes- AshokKumar, Shyama, Om Prakash and Nigar Sultana. The film was released in Minerva Theatre on 2-10-1953.

The Hero, Raaj kumar was still a novice, this film being onlynhis third film. he started with Rangeeli-52, then came Anmol Sahara-52 and now this film. He was kulbhushan Pandit in real life. Before coming to films, he was a Police Inspector in Bombay police force. It is believed that he was removed from Police force because a criminal died during his investigation by Raaj Kumar.

RAAJ KUMAR ( 8-10-1926 to 3-7-1996 ) – the dashing Hero known for his Dialoguebazi. In Hindi cinema after Sohrab Modi,it was Raaj kumar whose dialogues were popular. He was famous for his favourite word ” Jaani “. The other day,while going through the discussions on RMIM group of Google I found an interesting question,” Why Raaj kumar is called Jaani,when he never used this word in his film dialogues ? “. On checking thoroughly,one found that it was only in the film Saudagar and Tiranga,Raajkumar had used the word Jaani ,only once each. Thats all.
Then why this word became his identity ? The answer is this word was used by Raajkumar in private conversations and interviews very frequently,that is why !

Raaj Kumar was Extra ordinary, in the sense that most of the time he behaved unlike other stars.

He kept his personal life in close wraps. He believed in keeping personal and professional lives separate. He sent his children to Boarding schools to keep them away from films,to get the best education,and not to become like other star children.
He had built a bungalow on Worli sea face and no one except his family was ever allowed inside. Whenever he left for work,a bunch of high pedigreed Dogs used to see him off till the Gate and welcome him on his arrival. He loved his Dogs very much. He used to say ” Insan kutta ban sakta hai lekin kutta Insaan nahi ban sakta. Ye bahot achhi baat hai.”

In any Filmi party, he used to carry his own bottles. He never ever asked any special favours or concessions from any Producer. He was very punctual and one hour afternoon siesta was a must every day. This used to be one of the conditions in his work contracts with the producers. His name was never involved with any actress.

Raajkumar acted in 73 films from Rangilee-52 to God and Gun-1995.

The cast of film Aabshaar-53 was a mix of old fading artistes and new generation stars. one of them was the daredevil Kuldip Kaur. She was born sometime in 1927 and brought up like a princess. Her spoiled Sardar husband wanted his wife to be like a modern westernized lady. He wanted his wife to learn swimming and rub shoulders with the club-going English elite based in Lahore and Amritsar.Once exposed to the club culture, Kuldip Kaur also started getting a taste of its dark side.

Since Lahore was a film city, Kuldip Kaur started dreaming about becoming a film actress. According to one story, Kuldip Kaur started admiring the professional qualities of actor Pran Nath, who was in film acting in Lahore since 1940, when he successfully performed the role of a hero in Punjabi film “Yamla Jutt” (The Simple Peasant).

By July and August of 1947, communal violence erupted into a full-fledged exercise in ethnic cleansing, with Muslims on one side and Sikhs and Hindus on the other. Both Lahore and Amritsar were engulfed in the worst sectarian violence in recent history.
Both Pran and Kuldip Kaur were made to leave Lahore in a jiffy, leaving virtually every belonging behind. Her own village being right on the border was also not peaceful. So Kuldip Kaur left straight for Bombay. According to one story, in order to impress Pran, Kuldip Kaur
decided to bring Pran’s stranded car from Lahore to Bombay. In a gesture of unprecedented daredevilry, she travelled from the safety of Amritsar to Lahore and drove Pran’s car first to Amritsar and then all the way to Bombay, where she handed over
the keys to a surprised but grateful Pran.

After leaving for Bombay, Kuldip Kaur’s contact with her parents and in-laws got diminished. On arrival in Bombay, Kuldip Kaur made up her mind to plunge headlong into the film industry. She was prepared to act in Hindi/Urdu as well as Punjabi films. The experts of film industry were of the opinion that her large piercing eyes and her flat chin made her an ideal choice for the role of a vamp.

The first ranking heroines of the time included Naseem Bano, Madhubala, Nargis, Suraiya and Nutan. Other heroines included Binarai, Shyama, Nimmi, Nirupa Roy, Meena Shori, Nigar Sultana, Veena and Kamini Kaushal. There was a shortage of ladies willing to perform the role of vamps.
One of Kuldip Kaur’s first films was a Punjabi blockbuster “Chaman” (1948). Within the same year Kuldip Kaur acted in two Hindi/Urdu films “Ziddi” and “Grahasthi“. All her 1948 films did well. After that she never looked back and went from strength to strength. At one stage Kuldip
Kaur was so busy in her film roles that for a long duration she did not visit Punjab.

In 1949, Kuldip Kaur worked in at least two films “Ek Thi Ladki” and “Kaneez”. “Ek Thi Ladki” was a blockbuster. Music Director Vinod composed some great tunes for this movie. “Kaneez” did not do too well.In 1950, Kuldip Kaur acted in two great musical Hindi movies “Samadhi” and “Adhi Raat” and did two Punjabi movies “Madaari” and “Chhai”. 1951 was a great year for her: she played the roles of vamps in six movies – “Stage”, “Rajput”, “Nai Zindagi”, “Ek Nazar”, “Afsana” and “Mukhra”. Her role in film “Afsana” received critical acclaim.

1952 was another great year for Kuldip Kaur. She worked in four movies – “Shisham”, “Nau Bahar”, “Baiju Bawra” and “Anjaam”. Again her role was highly praised in what became an all-time classic, “Baiju Bawra”. In 1953 again, Kuldip Kaur had four films – “Mashooka”, “Baaz”, “Anarkali” and “Aabshar”. Of these, “Anarkali” was a super hit and her role stole the limelight. 1954 proved another great year. She was featured in three movies – “Lal Pari”, “Gul Bahar” and “Daak Babu”. 1955 was one of her busiest professional years. She played the bad girl’s role in “Teer Andaz”, “Miss Coca Cola”, “Mast Qalandar” and “Jashan”.

In 1956, things slowed down a bit. She worked in two films, but none was released. Two of Kuldip Kaur starrers spilled over into the new year and were released in 1957. These were “Sheroo” and “Ek Saal”. In 1958 Kuldip Kaur had her roles in two films “Sahara” and “Panchyat”. In 1959, she did three films – “Pyaar Ka Rishta”, “Mohar” and “Jagir”. Out of these, one film, “Mohar,” was a great musical. Its music composed by Madan Mohan was simply outstanding. When Kuldip had fewer Hindi films in hand, she worked in Punjabi films.
1960 started as a reasonably good year for Kuldip Kaur. She had a Hindi film, “Maa Baap,” and a Punjabi film, “Yamla Jutt”.But during this very year, her life was cut short when she got some thorns in her feet and legs and she pulled those out by herself. True to her character of a daredevil woman, she did not seek medical advice immediately. Her sores became not only septic, but she contracted tetanus too, which was then incurable.

Kuldip Kaur died on 3rd February 1960. She worked in 69 films. ( adapted, with thanks, from )

Everything about this film seems to be special, including 3 MDs. Today’s song is composed by Mohd. Shafi. His name may not be very well known because mostly he worked behind the scene in helping Naushad in composing music. However, he too gave music to some films. Composer Mohd. Shafi ( 25-12-1925 to 30-4-1980 ) was one of those talented artistes of Hindi Film Music who was only used by others and never got enough credit for his work.He is honoured as “The original Arranger” in the industry.He was an excellent Sitar player. He started with Imperial Film company-where he played Bulbul Tarang. In 1937 he went to Calcutta, joined New Theatres and played Sitar in films Kapal Kundala-39 and Aandhi-40, as an assistant to Pankaj Mullick and K.C.Dey. He played sitar in film “Ujala”-42. In this film, the Hero-Prithviraj kapoor was shown as a Sitar player, hence the expertise of Shafi was fully utilised in this film.

Starting with film ‘Haqdaar’-46, he gave music to 19 Hindi films and 2 Marathi films. He worked with Naushad, as his assistant and Arranger, for 14 years.He was considered a ‘Dada’ in Background music.He gave Back ground music to about 70 films( for Naushad and others). For Mughal E Azam, K. Asif used to send his personal car to fetch him to studio. It was Shafi who gave the first break to Suman Hemmadi(Kalyanpur) in Mangu-54 and Hemlata in unreleased film Iraada.

Shafi had bought his first car when he was just 15 year old. He had a posh flat in Shivaji Park area of Dadar in Bombay. In the end , everything was gone. He had helped the families of Shakeel Badayuni and Ghulam Mohammed after their deaths. However in his last difficult days , except Rafi, no one came for his help. In the final few months, his memory had gone. His Begum ruefully said,” Good that he does not remember anything. All took his advantage and gave him nothing. There were more things to forget than to remember ! ”

It is said that the entire music of Sohni Mahiwal-58 was done by him. Naushad was sick during this period and did not attend even one recording. “Do hanson ka joda”and “Dhoondho dhoondho re saajna” Gunga Jamuna-61 were his creations. He used to give tunes to many composers too-whoever asked for help.

Let us now enjoy the song sung by Kishore Kumar, a couple of unidentified male voices and chorus.

Song-Yeh duniya suit boot ki baabu (Aabshaar)(1953) Singers- Kishore Kumar, Male voice 1, male voice 2, Lyrics- Wahid Qureshi, MD- Mohd. Shafi


hooba hooba
looba looba
hingi cheeka
dooba dooba
pudra wata
cheeka bum
daa dru
jhingarwa jhingarwa
jhingar po o

ye duniyaa suit boot ki baabu
kara lo boot polish
kara lo boot polish
ho babu ji
suited booted
suited booted
suited booted

ye duniyaa suit boot ki baabu
kara lo boot polish
kara lo boot polish
ho babu ji
suited booted
suited booted
suited booted


kiya tha matric jab paas
bandhi thi kaisi kaisi aas
bandhi thi kaisi kaisi aas
banengen deputy collector
police inspector
writer actor music directar
bus conductor
tinak tin dhaagi
tinka tin dhaagi
tinak tin aa


arre kaahe khaali peeli bom maarta hai re bhaai
kaahe ko khaali peeli bom maartaa hai ae ae
bom maarta hai
kaahe ko rota hai
arre bom maarta hai
kaahe ko rota hai

wahi hota hai
jo manzoor e khuda hota hai

wahi hota hai
jo manzoor e khuda hota hai

bom maarta hai
kaahe ko rota hai

o o o
bom maarta hai
kaahe ko rota hai

kahat kabir suno bhai saadhu
lo himmat se kaam

ho bhaiya lo himmat se kaam
usi haal mein khush raho bhaiyya
jaa mein raakhe raam

ho bhaiyyaa
jaa mein raakhe raam

raam naam hi sat hai pyaare
baaki dholam pol

sat vachan aahe
jis dharti par basti duniya
wo dharti hai gol
wo dharti hai gol

isi liye to kaha thha bhaiyya
kya kahaa thhaa

are duniyaa ka har anda gol
dhagita dhagita dhit

roti gol
paratha gol
chaklaka chaklaka chaklaka
are paisa gol
rupaiya gol
dhritagida dhirtaagida
arre suraj gol aur chanda gol
jis polish se chamak damak hai
ae ae

jis polish se chamak damak hai
us polish ki dabbi gol
dabba gol
duniyaa gol
polam gol
kara lo boot polish
kara lo boot polish
ho babu ji
suited booted
suited booted
suited booted
ho suited booted
suited booted
suited booted

chakalaka lakalaka lakalaka lakalaka
pikchak pikchak pikchak

8 Responses to "Ye duniya suit boot ki baabu"

Thanks for the nice article.You mentioned about kishore kumar songs of earlier period.I for the first time listened to kishoe song from Andolan.Indeed nice song.You also mentioned film Basrish for kishore songs.But I could not locate kishore song from Barrish.Can you in getting the song/songs from Barrish.

Ashok Mehta


Ashok Mehta ji,
Thanks for your comment.
Also thanks for bringing an error to my notice. Not Baarish, it should have been Bahaar. Regret the inadvertent lapse.
Have requested Atul ji to make correction.


Arunji thank you so much for the prompt reply.I am grateful.


Arunji thank you so much for the prompt reply.I am grateful.


Yes, songs of 30s and 40s have very few music accompaniements and also sounds at times monotonous with same thekas (barring films of
New Theatres and K.L.Saigal-R.C.Boral-Pankaj Mullick-Timir Baran songs.Where glimpses of proper orchestra and melody are abundant.Even films like Khazanchi(1940)-Gulam Haider and Ratan(1944)Naushad did have popular music – but in my opinion with the advent of SHANKAR JAIKISHAN in BARSAAT(1949) – film music became quite breezy and Yes, SJ were assistants in AAG(1948) where glimpse of their music style can be discerned.
It was treat to read your article in question.




It was an interesting read.,especially ( for me) knowing about filmography & other details of Kuldip Kaur, Until this post I knew very little about her.


Satish ji,
Thanks for your comment.


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