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Sone ke gahne kyun toone pahne

Posted on: August 5, 2019

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 42

Though I have been discussing Hindi movie songs in the blog for more than a decade now, it is not as if I had watched too many movies during my “formative” years. I recall having watched a few movies in early 1970s, with the last of these movies being “Zindagi Zindagi” (1972) in 1972.

My movie watching spree began in 1978 (after six years) when I joined college and got “freedom” that I as a college goer was “supposed” to enjoy. 🙂 And I fully misused my freedom, by watching movies when I should have been attending my classes.

It was during this movie watching spree that I watched not just the current movies but also those movies which had come between 1972 and 1978 which I had missed during their time. This included all Amitabh Bachchan hit movies like “Zanjeer” (1973), “Deewaar”(1975), “Sholay” (1975) etc.

When my pre teen movie watching ended in 1972, I had watched very few movies. I could only identify Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Mumtaz etc thanks to Rajesh Khanna movies like “Haathi Mere Saathi”(1971) and “Apna Desh” (1972) that I got to watch at that time. Thanks to watching “Haqeeqat”(1964) is an open field show at night in my railway colony, I became familiar with Dharmendra. In another such free show, I watched “Dil Diya Dard Liya”(1966) and that is how I became familiar with Dilip Kumar.

That was about it. I had not watched any movies of Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, Saira Bano etc till 1978 !

During my “catching up with lost time” movie watching spree, I watched “Resham Ki Dori”(1974) some time in 1978 or 1979. This movie, as I know now thanks to HFGK, was directed by Atmaram for Modern Pictures Bombay. The movie had Saira Bano, Dharmendra, Kumud Chhugaani, Rajendranath, Sujit Kumar, Sajja, Ramesh Deo, Rajan Haksar, Jayshree T, Kundan, Meena T, Bhagwan, Shabnam, Sapru, Shivraj, Jankidas, Keshav Rana, Sundar, Master Sachin, Ramlal, Bhagwan Sinha, Leela Mishra, Radheshyam, Chaand Usmani (Special appearance), Kanwar Ajit, Suresh, Murad etc in it.

Except Dharmendra, almost every other actor in the movie was “new” and unfamiliar for me. Many of them continued to remain unfamiliar to me for decades. For instance, I was not aware which actress played the sister of Dharmendra in this movie. Somehow I had erroneously assumed that she was called Urmila Bhatt (I find , to my surprise that she is not even there in the cast). Only now, when I checked up the starcast, I realised that the sister had to be Kumud Chhugaani.

The movie had six songs in it. The most popular song of the song was the raakhi song and it was posted exactly ten years ago. So that means that this day ten year ago was the festival of Rakshabandhan. And as was the practice in the blog, Rakhi related songs were discussed on the blog on that day (5 august 2009).

Song Movie Remarks
Behna ne bhai ki kalaayi pe pyaar baandha hai (Reshan ki dori)(1974) 2 songs covered out of 6
dil se dil ki dor baadhi chori chori (Chaayaa)(1961) YIPPEED (all 7 songs covered)
Aaya tumpe dil aaya (Do Ustaad)(1959) YIPPEED (all 8 songs covered)
Soona hai mere dil ka jahaan (Devtaa)(1956) 4 songs covered out of 8
Dil tootnaa thha dil toot gaya (Dilruba)(1950) YIPPEED (all 11 songs covered)
Marne ki duaayen kyun maangoon (Ziddi)(1948) YIPPEED (all 9 songs covered)

As can be seen, six songs from six movies were covered on 5 august 2009. Four out of these six movies have been YIPPEED by now.

Today, we take up one of the unYIPPEED movies, namely “Reshan ki dori”(1974).

The two songs of this movie that have been covered till now are

S N Song Song number in blog Date of posting
1 Bahnaa ne bhaayi ki kalaayi se pyaar baandhaa hai 1729 5-Aug-09
2 Chamka paseena ban ke nageena 9116 8-Dec-13

Today, as part of blog ten year challenge (2009-2019), here is a song from “Resham Ki Dori”(1974). This song is a lovers’s song. It is sung by Rafi, with a few sweet nothings uttered by Saira Bano (I guess). Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

The song is picturised on Dharmendra and Saira Bano. It was for the first time in this movie that I had seen Saira Bano in a movie. I had not seen her in “Padosan”(1968) because my elders did not take me to watch this (or other well known movies) of those days.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by avinash Scrapwala.



Song-Sone ke gahne kyun toone pahne (Resham Ki Dori)(1974) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Shankar Jaikishan
Saira Bano

Lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Sone ke gahne
Kyun tune pahne
Kaaya teri khud kanchan hai ae
Gesu banaaye to
Phool kyun sajaaye
Tera badan khud gulshan hai ae
Sone ke gahne
Kyun tune pahne ae
A haa haa

Heere ki angoothhi bhi
Lagti hai jhoothhi
Itni chamak teri aankhon mein ae
Ja ja

Moti ki maala
Kyun pahni baalaa
Moti chhupe hai tere daanton mein
Haay Raam
Moti chhupe hai tere daaton mein
Ghadi ghadi darpan ke ae
Oye hoye hoye hoye
Ghadi ghadi darpan ke ae
Aage khadi kyun
Tera badan khud darpan hai
Hato ji
Sone ke gahne
Kyun tune pahne
Kaaya teri khud kanchan hai ae ae
Sone ke gahne
Kyun tune pahne
Hmm mm
how romantic

Sooraj sa chamke
Jab tera mukhda
Maathe pe bindiya sajaayi kyun
Ha h h h sach
Laali bina honthh laal hai tere
Hothhon pe laali lagaayi kyun
Hmm mm
Hothhon pe laali lagaayi kyun
Singaar ki ee
Haaye ae main mar jaawaan
Singaar ki tujhe kya hai zaroorat
Tera singaar tera yauvan hai
Sone ke gahne
Kyun tune pahne
Kaaya teri khud kanchan hai ae ae
Laa laa laa laa
Gesu banaaye to
Laa laa laal laa
Phool kyun sajaaye
Laa laa laal laa
Tera badan khud gulshan hai ae
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
Sone ke gahne kyun tune pahne

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
सोने के गहने
क्यूँ तूने पहने
काया तेरी खुद कंचन है ए ए
गेसू बनाए तो
फूल क्यूँ सजाये
तेरा बदन खुद गुलशन है ए
सोने के गहने
क्यूँ तूने पहने ए
अ हा हा

हीरे की अंगूठी भी
लगती है झूठी
इतनी चमक तेरी आँखों में ए
जा जा

मोती की माला
क्यूँ पहनी बाला
मोती छुपे है तेरे दाँतों में
हाय राम
मोती छुपे है तेरे दाँतों में
घडी घडी दर्पण के ए
ओये होए होए होए
घडी घडी दर्पण के ए
आगे कड़ी क्यूँ
तेरा बदन खुद दर्पण है
हटो जी
सोने के गहने
क्यूँ तूने पहने
काया तेरी खुद कंचन है ए ए
सोने के गहने
क्यूँ तूने पहने
हम्म म्म
हाउ रोमांटिक

सूरज सा चमके
जब तेरा मुखड़ा
माथे पे बिंदिया सजाई क्यूँ
अ ह ह ह सच
लाली बिना होंठ लाल है तेरे
होंठों पे लाली लगाई क्यूँ
हम्म म्म
होंठों पे लाली लगाई क्यूँ
सिंगार की ई
हाए मैं मर जावां
सिंगार की तुझे क्या है ज़रुरत
तेरा सिंगार तेरा यौवन है
सोने के गहने
क्यूँ तूने पहने
काया तेरी खुद कंचन है ए ए
ला ला ला ला
गेसू बनाए तो
ला ला ला ला
फूल क्यूँ सजाये
ला ला ला ला
तेरा बदन खुद गुलशन है ए
हम्म हम्म हम्म हम्म
सोने के गहने क्यूँ तूने पहने

3 Responses to "Sone ke gahne kyun toone pahne"

audio track
sone ke gehne :Rafi:Indiwar
sona hai chandi hai:Asha Bhosle, Chorus:Neeraj
hai jag mein jiska naam amar:Manna Dey:Neeraj
behna ne bhai ki kalai mein:Suman Kalyanpur:Indiwar
chamka pasina banke nagina:Kishore:Indiwar
Johara jamaal hoon,bemisaal hoon:Asha bhosle:Hasrat Jaipuri


Thanks Prakash ji for this link, though it is not playing at my location , I can’t listen and enjoy it.




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