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Dilon ka melon ka naam picnic

Posted on: July 19, 2020

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the web administrator of, then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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A week before the 12th birth anniversary of the Blog on July 19, 2020, an idea propped up in my mind. Some time back, I had read the interviews of a 78 RPM record collector of Indore and also of the vintage gramophone turn-table collectors of Pala near Kottayam which were published in some newspapers. Atul ji’s Blog has been in existence for 12 years with almost daily posting of songs. With nearly 15800 songs spread over 4300 films covered and a hit of a little over 1,36,22,000, the Blog must have attained the numero uno position among the musical blogs in India. This is a great achievement. So, I felt that the creator of this Blog – Atul Besra deserves to be interviewed which should get published in newspapers/magazines. This was just my momentary thought.

Soon, I found myself alighting from a train at Gorakhpur Junction railway station on Sunday morning, July 19th. I hired one of the yellow-coloured autorickshaws queued up outside the railway station for reaching Atul’s railway quarters. Luckily, I found Atul ji taking a stroll in his railway quarter complex with his dog, Bhole when my autorickshaw was on its way to enter the complex. I got down from the autoricksha and walked towards Atul ji.

‘Good morning’. I wished him to which he reciprocated looking at me somewhat perplexed and confused. Either he must have been surprised to find me suddenly in front of him or he failed to recognise me.

‘I am sorry I came here to meet you without giving you any intimation. My intention was to make a surprise visit to your house to wish you personally on the occasion of 12th birth anniversary of the Blog and to have a tete-a-tete with you’. I said apologetically to Atul ji.

‘Oh! Thank you. I am pleasantly surprised to find you here’. With this, the confusion in Atul ji’s mind vanished. He cut short his stroll and took me inside the complex of the Officers’ Quarters. As I was walking through the complex, I saw a couple of peacocks roaming on the lawns. The lawns were skirted by flower plants. There were good number of trees in the complex. As we were walking through the lawns, I found some squirrels running away from us and climbing on the trees. From the tree, a squirrel looked at us in contempt flipping its tail, probably signaling us that we had encroached upon his territory. Overall, the complex had a good ambience.

Inside the complex, there were rows of brick-coloured houses. Atul ji showed me his house which had a mini-gate. A name board at the gate displayed his name in Hindi and English. Below his name was a caution notice to the visitors: ‘Beware of friendly Dogs inside the house’. This, I thought, may be a caution of a different type – the dogs can ‘lure’ the visitors with their friendly dispositions.

After freshening up and finishing a breakfast of Aaloo Parathas with curd and pickles, we relaxed for sometime in main room which was much larger than what I had in my flat. There was an open wall unit on which I specifically noticed a replica of Vande Bharat Train-18 and a cricket bat personally signed by MS Dhoni. On a corner low-height table, an old gramophone record player with a big pavilion horn was kept. Suddenly, Bhole came from nowhere and sat in front of the turn-table, looking straight into the horn giving a logo-like image of HMV. The wall hanging comprised of a Railway Calendar, a portrait of Kapil Dev holding World Cup 1983, and a photo-collage comprising of popular singers, lyricists and music directors of golden period of Hindi film music. Lastly, I noticed a metal photo-frame in which a picture of Bhole, Chhote and a cat resting together was placed.

When I was surveying the main room, Atul ji was immersed in some thoughts – may be thinking about an outline of an article to be written and posted on the Blog for today’s special occasion or about some official work in the pipe line.

‘Let me formally congratulate you for completing 12 years of continuous blogging without a break’ and a Happy 12th anniversary of the Blog. I wished him once again to commence an informal interview with him so that his responses looked natural.

‘Thank you for a pleasant surprise visit. The Blog is the labour of love not only of me but all those who have been regularly contributing by way of guest posts, comments, suggestions etc’. Atul ji said with all humilities, keeping a watch over Bhola who had sat in front of the horn of an old turn-table.

I started with some questions to Atul ji which I had already framed in my mind. But in order not to appear as a formal interview, I asked these questions as of I was in conversation with him.

Me: Since when did you get interested in Hindi film songs?

Atul ji: During my growing up days in the late 1960s, one day I heard a song ‘mere saamne waali khidki mein’ on the radio. I loved the song. I was told by my maternal uncle that the singer was Kishore Kumar. Later, I heard several songs of Kishore Kumar. A few months later, the songs of ‘Aradhana’ (1969) became the rage of the nation. Some songs of this movie were sung by Kishore Kumar. I came to know that Rajesh Khanna was the hero of that movie. Rajesh Khanna as an actor and Kishore Kumar as the male playback singer became instant hits in Hindi films. Gradually, my liking in Hindi film music widened to songs of the golden period of Hindi film music, broadly comprising of the songs of the films released during 1950-65. Later on, when I got involved in my Blog, I also developed taste for the old film songs especially of K L Saigal, Pankaj Mullick, Kanan Devi, Ameerbai Karnataki and many more.

Me: How did you get the idea of starting a blog exclusive for discussing a Hindi film song a day?

Atul ji: I used to converse with Raja ji on a cricketing forum on the matter relating to cricket. Gradually, the conversations turned toward Hindi films songs also when I came to know that Raja ji was also interested in discussing Hindi film songs. We felt that it was not appropriate to discuss Hindi films songs on a cricketing forum. Since we had a mutual passion for Hindi film songs, I proposed creating a separate blog for discussing Hindi film songs which Raja ji whole-heartedly supported the idea. Thus, was born on July 19, 2008 with the intention of discussing one Hindi song a day on the Blog. I can say that it was Raja ji who inspired me to create the Blog. The first song posted on the Blog was mile na phool to kaanton se dosti kar lee.

Me: What was the response to the Blog?

Atul ji: It is quite natural that in the initial period, the responses by way of the visitors to the Blog and comments on the songs were slow as the Blog was newly started and its existence was not known to many potential readers. But during the first three months, the average visitors to the Blog per day picked up to around 300 which further rose to around 500 during the first 6 months. By the time the Blog had completed one year, it had covered around 1500 songs. Over the years, the Blog coverage of songs as well as visitors have shown significant upward trends. As against the target of one song a day, we had many time posted 5-6 songs per day. As of now, the Blog has clocked over 13 million visitors with nearly 15800 songs covered which are spread over 4300 films. Also, the Blog has over 1200 Hindi films for which all the songs in the films have been covered. These are remarkable achievements.

Me: Do you feel that the purpose for which the Blog was created has been achieved to your satisfaction?

Atul ji: I would say without any hesitation that the Blog has achieved much more than what I had intended at the time it was created. Apart from coverage in terms of the number of songs and the films, the Blog has become fairly an authentic reference point for those who intend to study the Hindi film music. We have endeavor to cover artists who are unknown to the present generations by bringing them to the notice of the readers, their contributions to Hindi films in general and the Hindi film music in particular. Over a period of time, we have also widened the scope of the Blog by cover non-film Hindi songs. As you may aware, we have covered all the available songs sung by K L Saigal and Suraiya and all the avalable songs composed by Sajjad Hussain.

But the greatest achievement of the Blog which I had not thought of when it was created is that it has become a platform for collaborative efforts of like-minded Hindi film music lovers. The regular visitors of this Blog share certain unwritten common values. They are all knowledgeable, intelligent, mature and well settled individuals, whose love for the Hindi film music is deep and long lasting. The Blog has helped create a close-knit community of like-minded individuals, who share common interests, and they share each other’s joys and sorrows too.

Me: Just a wild thought occurred to me – 25000 songs by 25th Birth Anniversary of the Blog. Is it achievable?

Atul ji: Oh! It is too long a period to think about this target. But going by the present rate of coverage of the song per month, the target seems to be achievable.

Me: A last question. I have planned to publish our conversations as a part of your interview in a reputed newspaper or magazine. I hope I have your permission to do so.

Atul ji: I personally feel that there is no need to publish my interview in any newspaper or magazine. I speak through my Blog. I would, therefore, request you to just use my laptop and type the article based on our discussion with a song of your choice. I will get it uploaded on our Blog. This is quicker and timelier than on the newspaper/magazine. Besides, the Blog has readers across all continents.

Before I could respond to Atul ji, my wife woke me after the alarm set at 05:30 AM started ringing for my morning walk. I sat on my bed for some time before realising that I was infected by ‘Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne’.

Happy 12th birth anniversary of the Blog to Atul ji and his bandwagon.

On the occasion of the 12th birth anniversary of our musical Blog, I have chosen a picnic song, ‘dilon ke melon ka naam picnic’ from ‘Naadaan’ (1951). The song is sung by Geeta Dutt, Chitalkar and Chorus. The song is written by P L Santoshi which is set to music by Chic Chocolate who was the music arranger for C Ramchandra.

With this song, all the songs of ‘Naadaan’ (1951) have been covered in the Blog.

Enjoy this picnic song. Our Blog is like a ‘picnic point’ where musically like-minded persons meet for enjoyment.

Audio Clip:

Song-Dilon ke melon ka naam picnic (Naadaan)(1951) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Chitalkar, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-Chic Chocolate


dilon ke melon ka naam picnic
nazar ke khelon ka naam picnic
dilon ke melon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic
dilon ke melon ka naam picnic
nazar ke khelon ka naam picnic
dilon ke melon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic

aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa aa

pyaar ke ye din nahin
aayenge waapas na phir kabhi
ye maze ye kahkahe
ye zindagi aur ye khushi
isi liye tum hans ke guzaaro
jeewan ke din ye albele
ye albelon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic
dilon ke melon ka naam picnic
nazar ke khelon ka naam picnic
dilon ke melon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic

aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa aa

jisne apne dil ka sauda
zindagi mein kar liya
hum kahenge usne sab kuchh
zindagi mein kar liya
isi liye tum karo mohabbat
chaahe aaye laakh jhamele
inhin jhamelon ka melon ka naam

pic pic pic pic pic picnic
dilon ke melon ka naam picnic
nazar ke khelon ka naam picnic
dilon ke melon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic
dilon ke melon ka naam picnic
nazar ke khelon ka naam picnic
dilon ke melon ka khelon ka naam
pic pic pic pic pic picnic

9 Responses to "Dilon ka melon ka naam picnic"

Good Morning SK-ji.

Wonderful interview indeed!

I was quite surprised to be reading this ‘live’ even while as were interviewing Atul-ji at Gorakhpur Railway Officer’s Colony, just now.

Do say Hi to Bhole and the Squirrel from me. Cheers!


Liked by 2 people

Dear Sadanand ji,

This one is to preserve for eternity. Must compliment you on your “colourful” dream 🙂

A very big THANK YOU to the founder, Atul ji for providing a platform to bring like minded people together, spanning all corners of the globe!

With warmest regards


Liked by 1 person

Wow! Was my first reaction when I finished reading the post.
How I wish it was not just “Mungerilal ke haseen sapne”. How I wish all of us had landed in Gorakhpur and participated in that conversation. How i wish we could have all met on this day to sing Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear “Atulsongaday, Happy Birthday to you.”

Liked by 1 person

Haha, what an absolute riot of a post this is. 🙂
Sadanandji, you really should be a scriptwriter.
This is just awesome!

Am amazed at the detail that you have been able to imagine and present. It is like seeing the whole scene in front of our eyes.
The auto, the garden, the squirrel, Bhole, Atul’s surprise, and the whole interview – just TOO good!
Thanks so much for this.
Now we should all hope that this actually becomes reality.

Perfect post for the blog anniversary. 🙂


Raja ji,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation of the post.

In fact, I had originally started writing the article in the form of scenarios – like travelling from Mumbai to Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur to Railway Officers’ Quarters, walking through the complex and finally in the house. There was segments for interviews of some of the regulars of the Blog as to what they say about Atul ji and the Blog. At the ‘editing’ stage, short clips of some HIndi films songs were to be added at appropriate places.

But I realised that the excercise was too complicated to be presented as an article for the occasion.


Sadanand Ji, Lovely post. The script could be a good fit for a Bollywood movie opening scene.!!

Liked by 2 people

Wonderful. Wishes from me. Really a nice and informative blog. I repent why I have not paid attention to this blog when I first came across somewhere in 2010. Nevertheless lot of Gems still to be discovered and so hope to enjoy.

Liked by 1 person

Sadanand ji,

Many Thanks for the “interview”.
If I am not mistaken, this is second such interview of yours.

Congratulations to all on 12 successful years of great efforts n involvement on the blog.


Liked by 2 people

Sadanand ji,
For a moment, I thought that you had really gone there, but then I remembered that we spoke recently, only few days back. After few sentences, I knew you have dreamt it.
Good idea and Atul ji’s replies were what he had been saying always. It was fun reading it

Liked by 1 person

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