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Nazrein milaana nazrein churaana

Posted on: January 6, 2021

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A.R. Rehman’s 54th Birthday on 06.01.2021

Jo pehle din hi se dil ka kaha na kartey ham
To ab yeh logon ki baatien sunaana kartey ham

Agar na haath hmein uss dilrubaa ke dil detey
To dil par haathh sadaa dhar liya na kartey ham

Wo aafat-e-dil-o-jaan pe agar na martey
To apne marney ki duaa har dam duaa kiya na karte ham

Na hosh khotey agar uss pari ki baaton par
To aap hi aap aisi baatien kiya na kartey ham

Na lagti aankh to din raat sotey hi rehtey
Kisi ki chaah na karte to kya na karte ham

Jo ghambuton ka na hotaa teri tarah ‘Momin’
To dekhcharkh` ko hai, hai kh`udaa na kartey ham

– Momin Kh`anMomin –

I heard this above ghazal recital and liked the simplicity of expressions. It was credited to Momin Khan Momin(1800–14 May 1852), so I thought there has to be more to this ghazal. I found a ‘Deewan-e-Momin’ on Rekhta and confirmed that there are few more ash’aarin the complete ghazal. He was a contemporary of Mirza Ghalib.A most famous sha’ir by MomimKh`an Momin is this:

Tum mere paas hotey ho goyaa
Jab koyi dusraa nahin hotaa

It is said that Mirza Ghalib was so impressed by this sha’ir, that he had offerred his whole “Deewan-e-Ghalib” in exchange of this one sha’ir. Of course, in true legend’s style, the exchange did not happen. Even if there was no organised law for protection of intellectual property than, the exchange would have been redundant. Because Ghalib’s work is Ghalib’s and Momin’s kalaam remains Momin’s, after all.

Here is the famous sha’ir by the underrated poet which inspired this song:

Woh jo ham mein tum mein qaraar thha, tumhen yaad ho ke na yaad ho
Wohi, ya’ani wa’adaa nibaah ka,tumhen yaad ho ke nayaad ho

I felt compelled to give some details to emphasis the significance of Momin Kh`an Momin, as there is not much written about him on this blog.

Wikipedia says

“Momin was something of a polymath, with several interests apart from medicine and poetry. He was also competent inmathematics, geomancy, astrology, chess and Hindustani music.” And that his grave is located in Delhi, near the parking lot of Maulana Azad Medical college. What I have learned is that this medical college is India’s top medical college, second only to AIIMS, Delhi, I am yet to come across a doctor who has studied there. So now I am resolving to ask him/her whenever I encounter an alumnus, about the grave of Momin Kh’an Momin.


Now to the real subject of this post, i.e A. R. Rehman. Though I grew up on the average, good, very good, fabulous and fantastic hindi film music of the golden era of hindi film music, A R Rehman still came as a breath of exotic air in 1992 with his debut film ‘Roja’. The translated lyrics from Tamil was a huge drawback of the songs of that film, but the touching melody and the brand new sounds of A R Rehman’s orchestration more than overpowered it. He has come a long way from those days, as has hindi film music. He has travelled through the waves of adulations, via his music school, his acumen in being the first musician to actually own the music he creates, through Sufiana, to fusion, Western classical, via the oscars etc., he is a global celebrity. A big celebrity in a hugely populated country like india is bound to be recognised at global level, that is the power of a big market.

The song I am presenting here is from the film “Jaane tu ya jaane na” (2008), with A R Rehman’s music and lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala. Seven singers are singing this song namely Benny Dayal, Satish Chakravarthy, Sayonara, Philips, Darshana, Svetha, Bhargavi, and Anupama Deshpande.

Only one song Pappu Can’t dance saala (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na), is so far posted, making this the second song from the film. This is an outdoorsy song filmed on very pristine locations, near the river, where Imran Khan and Genelia D’souza with friends are picnicking, and having fun. The location of shooting is a bit away from the usual Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar, but nearby, with the long road, which goes along Krishna River. This is the other route for travelling to Mahabaleshwar.

This film is produced by A’amir Khan and his cousin Mansoor Khan. The lyricist A’bbas Tyrewala is also the director of the film for launch of A’amir Khan’s nephew, I’mran khan. Quite the family affair this is, so my assessment of locations this song is filmed is bang on target. More so, as I have recently travelled the route, remembered this song and looked up to confirm that the mountains haven’t changed much in 12 years 🙂 :-).



SongNazren milaana nazren churaana (Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa)(2008) Singers-Benny Dayal, Satish Chakravarthy, Sayonara, Philips, Darshana, Svetha, Bhargavi, Anupama Deshpande Lyrics-Abbas Tyrewala, MD-A R Rahman


Dil kabhi gandaa
kabhi hai nek bandaa
dil ka bharosa
kaise koyi kare
dil kabhi thhanda
kabhi hai atom bomb sa
yeh dhamaaka
kaise koyi sahe
dil ki ee
yehi kh`ata hai
dil ko o o
nahin pata hai
dil ki yehi kh`ata hai
dil ko nahin pata hai
ke dil chaahta hai kya
nazrein milaana
nazrein churaana
kahin pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana
nazrein milaana
nazrein churana
kahin pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana

aayi aa
aa aa aa aa
aayi ee ee
o o o
aayi yeah
o o o
aayi yeah
o o o

to dil ki
hamesha hi sahi thhi
dil ka iraada
bhi samjho nek thha
fitrat awaarah
to kya kare bechaara
us ka ho jaaye
jo jisko dekhta
din mein ae ae
to dil sataaye
raaton on
mein dil jagaaye
din mein to dil sataaye
raaton mein dil jagaaye
arey chaahta hai kya
nazrein milaana
nazrein churaana
kahin pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana
nazrein milaana
nazrein churaana
kahi pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana

aankhon mein koyi hai basaa
jaane kyun lage
yeh dil khaali
jaane na kyun
yeh dil bajaa raha
ek haath se taali
honthon se jaane
kya kahaa phir bhi
dil ki baat hai dil mein
yeh raah tera hamsafar
kis ko dhoonde
dilki mehfil mein
jaan hai phansi
kaise na hansi
aaye haale dil pe
nazrein milaana
nazrein churaana
kahin pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana
nazrein milana
nazrein churana
kahin pe nigaahein
kahin pe nishaana

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