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Loot liya loot liya nainan ne haay ree

Posted on: January 22, 2021

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Today’s song is a rare song from a C grade Stunt film-Khooni Laash-43. This film was made by Amrit pictures. The name of Producer or the Director of this film is not mentioned in HFGK. This is one of the several problems of the C grade Stunt/ Action films, made on shoestring budgets. Most times the film booklet was not issued and in maximum cases the song records were also not issued commercially. In some films, selected songs are available on records. In the cast also only 4 names are given. The music director was K.Narayan Rao.

K. Narayan Rao is known to be a composer of C grade action/stunt films. No book or Encyclopedia gives information about his Bio data. All the information is available only via the HFGK only.

The first film of K Narayan Rao seems to be Madari Mohan-40, where he joined hands with another composer Prof. B R Deodhar. In 1943 he gave music to Pistolwali,Khazanchi Ka beta,Khooni Laash and Duniya Deewani.In 44,it was Lehri Cameraman and Qatil. In 46,he gave music to Royal mail, Khooni, Reporter, Maaf Kijiyega and Dhokebaaz. In 47-Extra Girl, Chabuk sawar and Sher E Bangal. In 48-Bahadur Naresh, Jungle Goddess, and white Face. 1949-Jagriti, Nakli Baap, Chunnu Munnu and Billi. 1950- Meri Asha and Meherbani. Then in 1959 came his last film with Lacchhiram- Hazar Pariyan. Thus he gave music to 25 films, but not even one film was a Hit, nor was any of his songs famous.

People like Narayan Rao reflect the kind of artistes that were used in C grade films. The audience of such films was typical. They were not worried about the film story or the songs. All that they looked for was sensational dangerous stunts, fighting, a little raw comedy and a reasonably good looking Heroine. With these basic requirements, stunt films did not need well known actors, MDs, Directors or story writers. These films touched the baser emotions of the audience which was generally the lower strata of the society, daily earners and uneducated lot.

Most of us like to see films, be it on a TV, in a cinema hall, or through DVD. Some like old films, some like new films.

Did you ever see films like, Khooni Khanzar, Dagabaj Doctor, Shaitaan ka paash, Char chakram, Daku Rani Talwarwali, Jaadu ka dandaa, Zinda Laash, Revolver Rani, Sindbad-Alladin-Alibaba, Flying man, Fighter Sheela, Khooni Darinda, Tarzan aur Jadugar, Tarzan aur Jadui Chiraag, Golden Gang, Murde ki jaan khatare mein,or Jadui putli ?

I bet none of these movie names have been even heard by you ever. These were all STUNT FILMS or in other words ‘C’ grade films.

In India I really wonder how the classification or Grading of films was done, or who was the person or the body authorised to do it. Censor Certificates do not label A B or C grades at all. Then how does this happen ?

My guess is that films are graded on 2 counts- One, The cost of production or Budget and the class of stars in it and Two, The class of people for whom the film is made or directed, like the Rich, middle and the Poor class. Whatever the basis, there is a very thin line between A and B grade films, while between these two and the C grade films, the line is very Bold and thick indeed !

Stunt films, Costume films, fantasy films and purely Religious films were normally treated as C grade films. These film did not carry any prestige, the actors working in them were exclusive to C grade films, the production values and the budget was quite low and most important, they were ALWAYS shown in theatres situated in older parts of the town, single screens, or only for Morning shows or in Theatres generally frequented by lower strata of society.

A person seeing/loving or craving for such films was generally considered a ‘Low’ creature and a person with ‘child brain’.

In India ,this was the fate of C grade films. Actually these films had everything that A and B grade films had, like, story, songs, dances, fights etc, but still, the treatment given to handling of the story etc in the films was very poor or lacking in expertise.

Stunts have improved, Technology has evolved but the participation of Zippy the Monkey, Tiger the Horse, Moti the Dog, parrots, snakes and khatara cars named Rolls Royce ki beti and Austin ki Bachhi is missing ! The contribution of Fearless Nadia in making Stunt films popular can not be denied, but then she had the backing of companies like Wadia Movietone, Basant Pictures, Ranjit, Sagar, National etc. When you read the stories of these films please don’t employ Logic or common sense to it.
This was a different world altogether. The set of actors was fixed, many times the composers were unheard of or they were known composers now in bad shape, the Directors were typical and the production houses were exclusive to churn out such films.

It is, nevertheless, a fact that many well known and famous actors and actresses of the 40s and 50s evolved from the stunt films of yore. Examples are Jairaj or Master Bhagwan.Can you believe that this roly-poly Bhagwan dada was a great body-builder when he started in stunt films in the late 20s and 30s ? Lalita Pawar(Amboo), Madhuri, Rampyari, Miss Moti, Sabita Devi, and Sulochana (Ruby Myers) are some female examples who graduated to Social films via Stunt films.

C grade films were those films which were made by not so famous banners, almost unknown actors directors and composers. Usually C grade films used to be action/stunt films, made on shoestring budgets, having a fixed storyline resembling Tarzan, Hercules or Hollywood action films of Robin Hood, with the background of a jungle, Tribal people, King-Queen-wicked Vazir and similar stories.

C grade films were always quickies, made on shoe-string budgets. During the late 30s and 40s, Master Bhagwan action films used to be completed in about Rs. 50,000 only- including studio rent, sets, artistes’ fees and other expenses. C grade films had a captive audience comprising factory workers, daily wagers, Low grade earners and students. However, such films used to rake in big profits to the film makers. Therefore, even top class banners sometimes made C grade films, to make up their losses in big film flops.

There were certain production houses specialised and thriving on such films, like Paramount films, Jagriti films, Mohan pictures, Wadia Movietone etc etc. The actors and actresses of such films were fixed. Since the studio system was in vogue, the film studios usually had their actors and directors fixed. Music directors were of no consequence, so anybody would do. Well known composers like C.Ramchandra used to take another name while composing music for C grade action films. Music assistants of famous composers used to give music to such films. Well known composers falling on bad days also gave music to such films. C grade films rarely made Commercial records for their film songs, so such songs are a real rarity even with big collectors.

Some common and regular names one found in Action/Stunt films are, Nadia, Boman Irani, Sayani, Bilimoria bros, Cooper sisters, Zohra Khatun, Ameena Khatun, Khatun Bai, Prakash, Adjania, Noorjehan (sr.), Moosa Pehelwan, Vasantrao Pehelwan, Baburao Pehelwan, Marutirao Pehelwan, Azim bhai, Basheer, Ali, Bachha, Chandra Rao, Harishchandra Rao, Shankar Rao, Master Bhagwan, Mirajkar, Jamshed, John Cavas, Lalita Pawar, Navin chandra…and many such names.

Barring a few names like Lalita Pawar, Bhagwan, Nadia etc, all the other action film actors remained unknown. No one knows anything about them.Actors like Baburao pehelwan, Marutirao Pehelwan ( He was the Hero in the First Gujarati Talkie film ‘ Narsi Mehta ‘), Chandra Rao, Sayani etc were quite famous in their times, but except their Filmography (thanks to HFGK), nothing more is known about them. All of them ended with only mere names !

Sometimes Gems were found in these C grade films. Remember the famous qawali- Hamen to loot liya mil ke husn walon ne- which had the honour of becoming the prestigious 5000th song in this Blog ? This was from a C grade film- AL HILAL-58

In my young age I was fond of stunt films and used to travel to theatres in Old city of Hyderabad, to watch films featuring Kamran (father of famous choreographer and Director Farah khan and Director, comedian, Anchor Sajid Khan), Naazi, Bhagwan and many such actors.” Adventures of captain marvel and Trip to the Moon” were my favourites from Hollywood’s Republic Serial productions.

In the 50s and 60s,some respectability to these stunt films was brought by actors like Mahipal, Ranjan, Dara Singh, Azad, Hemant Birje etc. The set of Heroines was also set to Mumtaz, Tabassum,Vijaya Chaudhary, Indira, Nishi etc. Mumtaz started with Stunts and graduated to greater heights and was counted in Top actresses of her days. Costume and Stunt films like Baaz, Insaniyat and Azaad etc were made respectable by the stars acting in them.Interestingly, some famous actresses like Meena Kumari, Shobhana Samarth,Nirupa Roy, etc had acted in stunt C grade films initially.

Over a period the picture changed and nowadays every alternate film has breath-taking stunts done by almost all top Heroes, thanks to SFX, of course !

I am not aware about the film’s story or other details. The cast shown in HFGK is Baburao (Pehalwan), Shanta Rin, E.Bilimoria and Ali. Obviously Eddie Bilimoria was the hero and Shanta Rin must have been the Heroine. Dinshaw and Eddie Billimoria were the brothers who were active from silent films upto films of 50’s decade through the Talkie era, but they always featured in C grade films and hence even their long careers did not make them big stars.

Today’s song from this film is sung by Naseem Akhtar. In fact this was her first hindi film in Bombay for which she sang songs. Naseem Akhtar ‘s father was a Sarangi player. They were originally from Kashmir. She was born in 1924. She started singing on Lahore Radio. Impressed with her singing style,composer pt. Amarnath gave her a break in Nishani-1942. Till then she used to sing at rich people’s functions and mehfils etc. after Nishani,she came to Bombay to sing for Khooni Laash-43.She never acted in any films.She sang in Bhai, Ek din ka Sultan, 40 karod, Flat no.9, Pehli nazar, Ratnavali, Dharma, Sanyasi, Wamiq Azra, Tadbir, Shahjehan, Nek Parveen, Safar, Keemat, Sohni Mahiwal, Bhanwar, Ek Roz, Doli, Parai aag etc. She sang for Naushad, Ghulam Mohd, Anil Biswas, Shyamsunder, Ghulam Hyder, Rafiq Gaznavi, Govind Ram, Sajjad Hussain, Firoze Nizami and C.Ramchandra.

She sang 72 songs in 40 films in India. She left for Pakistan after Partition and sang in a few films, but was not successful. She got married and settled as a housewife. It seems she died in Lahore on 11-5-2007 at the age of 87 years.

With this song, film Khooni Laash-1943 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song- Loot liya loot liya nainan ne haay ree (Khooni Laash)(1943) Singer- Naseem Akhtar, Lyricist- Shevan Rizvi, MD- K Narayan Rao


Loot liya
Loot liya nainan ne
haaye ree
haaye ree
Loot liya
Loot liya nainan ne
haaye ree
haaye ree

nazar uthhaana halke se
nazar uthhaana halke see
kaale gusuon ki ye zulfen
kaale gusuon ki ye zulfen
das liyo das liyo naagan ne
das liyo das liyo naagan ne
haay naagan ne
Loot liya
Loot liya nainan ne
haaye ree
haay ree
Loot liya
Loot liya nainan ne
haaye ree
haay ree

kahaan hai ??? raha aa aa aa
milte hi ??
?? nazar ka
aayi aawaaz lehron se
chalaa aaye ??
maar diya
maar diya
chitwan ne
maar diya
maar diya
chitwan ne
haay chitwan ne
Loot liya
Loot liya nainan ne
nainan ne
haay ree

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Thanks Arun ji for detailed/rare information……..



Thank you,Prakash ji for your appreciation.


Very interesting ,a thoroughly researched information.


Sunder Lal ji,
Thank you for your appreciation.


Thanks a lot Arun ji for detailed info.
Film history buffs must be poring over your write ups!

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Umesh ji,
Thank you very much for appreciating my post.


Arun ji ,
Namaskar .

I liked your analysis of C grade films .
Great info .

Those films were like an oasis for the common people to forget all the struggle in their hard lives .

As usual , the presentation of the post is interesting .

Regards ,
Pramod Godbole .


Pramod Godbole ji,
Thanks for your comments.
Such comments give me satisfaction of having spent energy and time in presenting a post.
Thanks again for your kind words.


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