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Hoga na vaidhya se ilaaj mori peer ka

Posted on: March 22, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Dil hi to hai aka Aulad-1939. It was made by the Film Corporation of India, Calcutta. The film was directed by Kidar Sharma. This was his first film as an independent Director. Kidar Sharma (12-4-1910 to 29-4-1999) went on to direct 35 more films. His last film as a Director was Sehme huye Sitare-1994. Sharma acted in 8 films.He even sang 1 song each in 2 films – Inquilab-35 and kavi Sammelan-72. As a Lyricist, he wrote 312 songs for 44 films, from Inquilab-35 to Jalo Tarang-49. Some of his famous films as a Director were Chitralekha-41, Bhanwar-44, Neel Kamal-47, Jogan-50, Bawre Nain-50, Hamari yaad aayegi-61 and others.

The music for the 12 songs written by kidar Sharma was composed by Acharya Bhishma Dev Chatterji. He was born on 8-11-1909 in Hooghly, West Bengal. He studied upto M.A. in English. He became a Teacher and taught English in a college. Few years after learning Music from stalwarts of Bengal, he left the job of teacher and joined Megaphone Record Company as a Composer. He used to meet Kidar Sharma in the Recording studio.

Taking permission from his company, he became a Music Director for his First film – Dil hi to hai aka Aulad-1939, made by the Film Corporation of India, Calcutta. He composed some Ghazals, which Ramola and Ramdulari sang. After this film, Bhishma Dev gave music to 3 more Hindi films – The Rise-1939, Qaidi-1940 and Hamara Hindustan-1940. All films made by Film Corporation of India and in Calcutta. This was the end of his Hindi film music .

Bhishma Dev was highly respected in Bengal for his knowledge of Classical Music. Even S D Burman learnt music from him. His nature was saintly. He cut many records on Dhrupad sangeet. I am not aware of his contribution to Bangla films.

Suddenly, one day, he left his job, work, music, family, everything and he became a Sanyasi. He remained so till he died on 8-8-1977.

The film was originally titled and censored as Dil hi to hai, but advertised itself in Magazines and Newspapers as ” Aulad” and in brackets ‘ Dil hi to hai ‘. All the records were issued in the name of Dil hi to hai. Looking at the short synopsis of the film, as given in Film India magazine, I feel the title of ” Aulad” was more appropriate. The story deals with traditional parents and their modern thinking children. The film ends with the heroine (Ramola) committing suicide.

It was the first film of Ramola as a Heroine and she had to die at the end of the film ! There is a story behind how Ramola, who was a small time actress in Bangla films initially, got the heroine’s role in Kidar Sharma’s first Directorial venture. Sharma has described it in his autobiography.

Actress Ramola (real name- Rachel Cohen) was born in a Jew family on 5-7-1917, at Bombay. Her father Hayam Cohem was a school Teacher. Her initial education was done in Bombay. Later they shifted to Calcutta where she completed her matriculation and joined films. Her first film was ‘ Graher fer’-38,a Bangla film. She did a few small roles and then came ‘Khazanchi’-41 from Pancholi of Lahore. This changed her career and she became a popular actress. She did films like Masoom,Khamoshi manchali.etc etc.

Initially, Ramola was a small time actress. First she acted on stage along with her two sisters. Then she got a Bangla film. It was Jagdish Sethi who introduced her to director/lyricist/dialogue writer Kidar Sharma. According to Kidar Sharma,

“She was smart and a charming young lady. Her only drawback was her height. She was not tall, just about 5 feet, but she had lofty ambitions. One day she came to see me and I promised I would personally take her to the director of her choice. She said, “I would like to be introduced to Mr. Nitin Bose, and no one else.” I took her to Mr. Bose, and was sure that her charm and talent would impress him.

Mr. Bose scanned her, from top to toe, while I praised her talent and her choice of a director, like Nitin Bose. After a long silence, Mr. Bose addressed me and said, “When you brought her to me, why did you forget to bring some bricks for her to stand on?” Poor Romola was hurt and heart-broken by this great director’s caustic remark. She quietly said, “Goodbye” and walked away from his office.

I followed her and found that she was in tears. ‘I was moved by the plight of a struggling youngster having high hopes, being ridiculed for something for which the nature was responsible. I knew what it felt like to be ridiculed. I had experienced it often enough. I escorted her to the tram junction and there she bid me goodbye. To encourage her, I said, “Please, Romola, don’t be heart-broken. One day, when I become a director, you will be my first heroine, and we will prove to Mr. Bose and the world, what a great star you are.” Romola laughed and said,- “Poor Mr. Kidarnath, the dialogue-writer will never be a director and I will never be a heroine.” So saying, she jumped into the tram.”

However, Kidar Sharma kept his promise and cast her in his first film as director Aulad / Dil Hi To Hai (1939). Aulad/Dil Hi To hai was a down-to-earth story of a middle-class father, who had sacrificed all his life to educate his son and his darling daughter, hoping that they would be worthy children to the society and to the family. Little did the old man know that the generation gap would present a different, horrifying reality, which would destroy him completely. The modern college Miss, who destroys the dreams of her old father, the aged struggling middle class man, was played by Ramola.

Later Ramola appeared in many films including Qaidi, Khazanchi, Khamoshi, Swan Aya Re, Rim Jhim etc. When she acted in Pancholi’s famous film Khazanchi-41, she became famous all over India and film offers started pouring on her. She looked so cute in her Punjabi dress- Salwar and Kurta- in that film, that this dress became famous and popular as Khazanchi dress amongst the women in India.

The cast of the film Aulad aka Dil hi to hai-39 was Ramola, Ramdulari, Nand kishore, Amarnath, Purno Chaudhari, Ibrahim etc.etc. There is one interesting name in the cast, for whom this film was his Debut film as an actor. He was only in his Teens, but with a good personality. His Name – Amarnath.

Amarnath (Bharadwaj) is one of the “same name confusions” victims. There were two Pt. Amarnath Music Directors, 1 actor Amar, 1 actor Amarnath and 1 actor/Director (K.) Amarnath.

This Amarnath was born in Hafizabad, in Gujranwala district of Punjab (Now in Pakistan) in 1922. He started acting in 1939 with Kidar Sharma’s “Dil hi to hai”. Graduating from doing small roles he made it as a Leading Man in Dalsukh Pancholi’s film “Patjhad”, started in 1947 opposite Meena (Shorey). Pancholi had to flee Lahore due to Partition riots, but he carried the negatives of Patjhad. Though the film was censored in India in 1948, it seems it was never released.

Amarnath starred as Hero in many other films,like Naghma E Sehra-45, Papiha re-48, Barsat ki ek raat-48, Swayam sidha-49, Nai Bhabhi-50, Kamal ke phool-50, Sheesh Mahal-50, Jalte Deep-50, Johri-51, Nai zindagi-51, Nirmohi-52, Nirmal-52, Izzat-52, Bahu Beti-53, Nav Durga-53, Toofan-54, Danka-54 etc. Then he switched over to side roles. In all, he worked in 81 films (CITWF data). His last film was Kaun ho tum-70.

Today’s song is sung by Ramdulari. This is a very rare song. It was given to me by Mr. Abhay Jain (US) and uploaded for me by our own Sadanand Kamath ji, as he always does for all my songs. With this song, film Dil hi to hai aka Aulad-1939 and Bhishm Dev Chatterji as MD, make their Debut on this Blog.

Song- Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka (Dil Hi To Hai)(1939) Singer-Ram Dulari, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Bheesmdev Chatterjee


Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa
Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa
dil to shikaar hua nainwa ke teer kaa
maiyya mori peer ka
bhaiyya mori peer ka
daiyya mori peer ka
peer ka
peer ka
Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa
Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa

Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa
main jamunaaaa jal
bharne ko nikli aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
main jamuna jal
bharne ko nikli

main jamuna jal bharne ko nikli
main jamuna jal bharne ko nikli
main jamuna jal bharne ko nikli
main jamuna jal bharne ko nikli
milna thha Shyam se
bahaana kiya neer ka aa
milna thha Shyam se
bahaana kiya neer ka
maiyya mori peer ka
bhaiyya mori peer ka
daiyya mori peer ka
peer ka
peer ka
Hoga na vaidya se ilaaj mori peer ka aa

2 Responses to "Hoga na vaidhya se ilaaj mori peer ka"

Arun ji,
I am collecting songs related to doctors, medicines, diseases or symptoms. This must be one of the earliest in the category. Thank you.

Hum bane bade doctor..I came across this hilarious song also on ASAD. Atul ji, thanks.


I think there are many such songs on this blog. Just see my post of 4th Feb . It is about Malaria.

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