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Mast pawan doley re doley re

Posted on: May 29, 2021

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We are firmly into the summer season in India. But weather conditions have totally changed in the last one week. Storms brewing in the sea away from the land have brought about some unseasonal weather. First we saw Tauktae cyclone forming in Arabian sea that hit Indian west coast from Kerala, Karnataka, upto Maharashtra and Gujarat, wreaking havoc in these regions the process. Soon thereafter another cyclone called Yaas developed in the Bay of Bengal and hit the East Coast of India- viz Orissa, West Bengal etc. causing devastation in the coastal area.

People wonder how these cyclones are named. There are thirteen countries in the region of Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and North Indian Ocean. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE, Yeman, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan and Qatar. Together these countries are members of a Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre whose HQ is in New Delhi. This RSMC is responsible for issuing alerts and advisories about tropical cyclones that develop in the seas in their region. The RSMC has a list of some 169 names contributed by the 13 member countries that are given to the cyclones when they develop. These names are used by rotation. Tauktae was a name given by Myamnar. It means Gecko (a kind of lizard). The name Yaas was given by Oman. It is a word of Persian origin and it means Jasmine. It is ironic that a cyclone of Arabian sea got named by Myamnar (which is not located in Arabian sea) and a bay of Bengal cyclone was named by Oman (which is not located in Bay of Bengal). Incidentally, India is the only country (out of the 13 member countries ) that shares coasts with Arabias Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean.

The next cyclone in the region will be called Gulaab. This name is contributed by Pakistan. Such a tame name for a cyclone, in my opinion.

People who are located seemingly far off in India are not spared by these cyclones. Their effects are felt even in the interiors of India located hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest seashore. In my case, I am located 1500 km away from west coast and 500 km away from east coast, close to Nepal, a landlocked country and therefore not a member of RSMC that get to contribute names to cyclones. :). But even my place is getting rains for the last one week, first because of cyclone Tauktae and now because of cyclone Yaas. Prior to these cyclones, it was necessary to run AC, it was that hot. But now the temperature has gone down considerably. Moreover, it is raining for almost the entire week. This unseasonal rain may have upset the plans of many people.

Weakend has arrived, and in any case, lockdown is in place in these parts. So personally I am quite alright with these unseasonal rains, provided that it is moderate enough not to disrupt electricity supply and internet connections.

On this occasion, here is a song that fits with the mood that a weather like this evokes. This song is from “Baawarchi”(1972). This movie was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The movie had Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Bhaduri, Asrani, A K Hangal, Durga Khote, Harindranath Chattopadhyay etc.

The movie had six songs in it. Four songs have been covered in the past.

This song, the fifth from the movie to appear in the blog, is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Kaifi azmi is the lyricuist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Only the audio of the song appears to be available. The song has got to be picturised on Jaya Bhaduri.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

audio link:

Song-Mast pawan doley re doley re (Baawarchi)(1972) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

mast pawan doley rey ae ae
doley rey ae doley rey ae ae
mast pawan doley rey
doley rey ae doley rey ae ae
moraa jiyaa aaa aaa udaa jaaye
jaisey barkhaa mein mor lehraaye
haayye aey
mast pawan doley rey
doley rey doley rey ae
aey ae ae aey ae ae

doley pawan aur odhaniyaa udaaye
doley pawan aur odhaniyaa udaaye
odhaniyaa sambhaaloon to ghoonghat uthhaaye
ghoonghat bachaaoon to aanchal giraaye ae
doley pawan aur odhaniyaa udaaye
kahaan jaake ae ae chhupoon haayye ae
moraa jieyaa aa aa udaa jaaye haayye ae aey ae
mast pawan doley rey doley rey doley rey ae ae
aey ae ae aey ae ae

jhonkaa jo aaye to jiyaa mora sannkey
jhonkaa jo aaye to jiyaa mora sannkey
paayal karey shor bichchuaa bhi chhankey
kholey na bairi ye bhed kaheen mann ke ae
jhonkaa jo aaye to jiyaa mora sannkey
isey koyee ee ee samjhaaye ae
moraa jiyaa aa aa udaa jaaye ae
haayye aey ae ae
mast pawan doley rey doley rey doley rey ae
aey ae ae aey ae ae

chunn chunn ke madhuban se kaliyaan main laayee
chunn chunn ke madhuban se kaliyaan main laayee
naam unnka ley leke bindiyaa lagaayi
kesar mein koree chunariyaa rangaayee ee
chunn chunn ke madhuban se kaliyaan main laayee
koyi pi ka sandesaa laaye ae
moraa jiyaa aa aa udaa jaaye
haayye aey ae ae
mast pawan doley rey doley rey doley rey ae
moraa jiyaa aa aa udaa jaaye
jaisey barkhaa mein mor lehraaye
haayye ae aey ae
mast pawan doley rey doley rey doley rey ae
aey ae ae aey ae ae

8 Responses to "Mast pawan doley re doley re"

Weather has changed here at our place too. When the Tauktae passed over here it rained heavily. And thereafter temperatures started falling down regularly. Last few days it is cloudy weather with Sun interrupting in between and winds blowing.
But still we require AC when we are inside 🙂
Thanks for the post.
Thanks to Prakash ji for the song.


Thanks to Prakashji for the song.
But I don’t think it is there in the movie. Think it must have not been used, Can’t remember any place in the movie where it could have fit-in.
Have seen this movie a few times, last being last week


This song is very much in the film. Actually, HFGK lists it as the first song. Many CDs and DVDs delete songs to make it a short one. It may be one such case. Baawarchi-72 was one movie which I have seen more than once.


I have always seen it on TV. During doordarshan days and now on Shemaroo’s channel on my DTH.
But of course as you have said it may have been deleted from later uploads


bahut aarzoo thi gali ki teri
so yaas-e-lahoo mein nahaa kar chale

Mir Taqi Mir has referred to “Yaas” in this ghazal :

Meaning of the persian word ‘Yaas” is here :

Jasmine flower in Persian / urdu is “Yasmin”. In Arabic also the word is Yasmin, it is my mothers given name. But everyone calls her ‘Yasin’ which is the name of a Surah in the Quran. ‘Yasin” translates to English just as ‘Ya Seen”.


Interesting info, Nahm JI


Atul ji,
Your posts on offbeat subjects provide new information to people like me. I learnt how and who gives the names to these storms.
More than half of India is near the sea coast, which gets affected by these storms. Comparatively states far off from the Sea coast are safer. When these storms come, before and after periods are more troublesome due to variations in humidity, in states having a Sea coast. Places like Mumbai and Chennai suffer most due to humidity, I suppose. AC becomes a Must.


Atul JI, Thanks for the post. Interesting how cyclones are named.
I cant recollect today’s song or when/where it might have been sung in the film. Nice song with a touch of Salil Chowdhury ( to my ears)


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