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Madad karo Santoshi maata

Posted on: May 28, 2021

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#the Special Voices of the Decade (1971-1980) – 8 # Usha Mangeshkar #
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Welcome all to the eighth article in this series. Today’s voice is Usha Mangeshkar.
Today’s voice needs no introduction as all of us like minded people are aware about her family members and how she joined her elder sisters in singing for movies.
We are also aware of how she has carved a niche for herself among the many singers who ruled the hearts of millions of cine goers and HFM lovers in all these years.

A detailed write-up about Usha Mangeshkar has already been done by our inhouse encyclopedia Shri Arun ji in his post here.

I am reproducing the following text from his write-up (with his due permission) here.

Born on the 15th of December 1935, at Sangli, Usha is the 4th and the youngest sister of Mangeshkars. The line-up is very regular-exactly 2 year’s difference in the ages of the siblings-
Lata born in 1929
Meena born in 1931
Asha born in 1933
Usha born in 1935
Hridaynath born in 1937.

When master Deenanath died in 1942, Lata, all of 13 years, had to act and sing in films to earn money for the family. Meena, not so keen on singing chose to stay at home and look after the Mother and young Usha and Hridaynath. Asha joined her sister in acting, singing and earning money for the family. Usha was just 7-year-old, so she too remained at home. Besides singing, she was interested in Painting, so she took lessons from the famous painter of those days, M.R. Achrekar. In addition, she also continued learning Music from Pt. Tulsidas Sharma, K. Mahavir and Sushant Maharaj.

When Asha left suddenly and went away-in 1948- with Ganpatrao Bhonsle, twice her age, the family got a terrible jolt. The financial responsibility now fell only on Lata Mangeshkar. At the age of 19 years, Usha decided to start earning herself by singing in films and C. Ramchandra gave her the break with a song” Bhabhi aayee” from ‘Subah ka Tara’-1954. Her very first song became so popular that she was flooded with children’s song offers. Her next popular song was ‘Aplam chaplam’ from Azaad, also by C. Ramchandra.

Usha Mangeshkar’s voice was thereafter used for many children songs. For me, the oldest memory of her children song is the song from ‘Waapas-1969’ which I have presented on the blog and the song is ‘jhunjhuna jhunjhuna’.

Thereafter as I get involved more with Bollywood songs, I became aware of many of her earlier songs. Like when I came into the contact with this blog, and became a Sahir fan, I got to listened her duet song with Asha Bhonsle from the ‘1955’ movie ‘Devdas’ i.e., ‘o albele panchhi tera door thhikaana hai’.

She also got to sing many duet songs with her sister and other female singers in HFM. Many of such duets have been popular and are favorites of music lovers.

And then come the most important period of her singing careers which the ‘decade of seventies 1971-1980’.

During these years, her voice not only featured in many songs but her many songs become popular too. It will not be inappropriate to say that her singing career was at its ‘peak’ during the years of ‘seventies’. That was for Hindi as well as Marathi movies.

For Marathi movies her voice was there in every Dada Kondke movie which became ‘Jubilee Hits’. I remember many songs from such movies that were frequently played on loudspeakers everywhere during festivals and other programs.
Also, the songs from the movie ‘Pinjara-1972’ went on to became huge hits with her voice appearing in six of the nine songs in this movie. Music for this movie was composed by Ram Kadam.

In 1975 came the movie ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’ which was big hit and so were its songs. Usha Mangeshkar’s voice featured in three of the seven songs in this movie. All the three songs sung by her were popular among the masses. Music for this movie was composed by C. Arjun. The song ‘Main to aarti utaaroon re Santoshi Maata ki’ became hugely popular and it remained her all time big hit and highlight of her Hindi movie singing career.

In 1977 came the movie ‘Inkaar’ and its song ‘mungdaa mungdaa main gud ki dali’ was a runaway hit and it was also the favorite of almost each orchestra programs happening then.

I would also like to mention few of her songs here which I like very much.

‘Sainaath tere hazaaron haath’ from ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba-1977’,

‘ye jeena hai angoor ka daanaa’ from the movie ‘Khatta Meethha-1977’,

‘mujhe pyaar ka tohfaa de ke’ from the movie ‘Kaalaa Patthar-1979’, which was not included in the movie,
‘sultaanaa sultaanaa mera naam hai sultaanaa’ from the movie ‘Taraanaa-1979’,
And in the later years songs like ‘goron ki naa kaalon ki’, the unforgettable ‘shaam rangeen huyi hai tere aanchal ki tarah’ … There might be other notable songs too which I might be missing here.

And that is the reason that Usha Mangeshkar, because of the many songs of her in the seventies, and many nostalgic moments for us, people like me, who were growing in the seventies, is the voice in this series.

And I must mention here the today’s song which is the very special song for me, as it still has the same effect on me, whenever I listen to it or watch it on the video or other video media.
When I was noting it down for this post and watching it I still get the goose-pimples, because of the singing of this song, the overall composition and the picturization of this song, that is embedded in my mind since my childhood. Specially the landing of Santoshi Maa in the ‘mrityu-lok’ from the ‘swarg-lok’ 😊

So, even if Usha Mangeshkar had sung only this song, she would still have the voice for me in this series for the nostalgia associated with this song for me.

This song is from the 1975 movie ‘Jai Santosh Maa’. Lyrics are by Kavi Pradeep and music is composed by C. Arjun.

On screen this song is lip synced by Kanan Kaushal and many others with Anita Guha as Santoshi Maa can be seen in the picturization of this song.

“Jai Santoshi Maa” was produced by Satram Rohra for ‘Bhagyalakshmi Chitra Mandir, Bombay’ and directed by Vijay Sharma. It had Ashish Kumar, Kanan Kaushal, Rajnibala, Bela Bose, Asha Potdar, Leela Mishra, Manhar Desai, B.M. Vyas, Rajan Haksar, Kundan, Neelam, Padmarani, Lata Arora, Johny Whisky, Surendra Mishra, Dilip Dutt, Uma Dutt, Tiwari, Dubey Trilok Kapoor, Anand Marathe, Shri Bhagwan, Mahipal, and Anita Guha as ‘Santoshi Maa’. Bharat Bhushan makes a ‘guest appearance’ in this movie.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 28.05.1975 and that is exactly the same day forty-six years back. I checked, it was Wednesday on this date and may be the movie was released the coming Friday after that. (Knowledgeable readers can throw more light on this).

(Editor’s note- The movie was released on 15 August 1975, which was a friday-and India’s independence day. Another movie called “Sholay”(1975) was also released on the same day.)

Today is Friday and what a better day to present this song today.

Let us now listen to this wonderful song…

I hope you like the song as I do. 😊

Song-Madad karo Santoshi maata(Jai Santoshi Maa)(1975) Singer-Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-C Arjun


Madad karo he
Madad karo he
Madad karo Santoshi maata aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata
Meri izzat ka sawaal hai maa
Aaj nibhaana apna naata aa
Maata aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata aa aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata

Mere liye zindagi aaj
Talwaar ki dhaar bani hai ae
Talwaar ki dhaar bani hai ae Maa
Mere liye jeewan ki har ek nas
Ab angaar bani hai ae
Ab angaar bani hai Maa
Mujhe chita mein aag jala do o
Mujhe chita mein aag jala do
Ae mere bhagya vidhaata
Maata aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata o o
Madad karo Santoshi maata

Mujhse mat roothho janani meri
Bigdi baat banaao o
Meri bigdi baat banaao o o
Mere maathe se kalank ka
Kaala daag mitaao o
Kaala daag mitaao maa
Siva tumhaare koi sahaaraa aa
Siva tumhaare koi saaharaa
Mujhe nazar mein ae nahin aata aa
Maata aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata
Aa aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata

Hey jadamba taaro mujhko
Duniya de rahi taanaa aa
Yeh duniya de rahi taanaa aa
Imtehaan lene ko khada hai
Dushman ban ke zamaana
Dushman ban ke zamaana aa
Aaj kahin badnaam naa howe ae
Aaj kahin badnaam naa howe
Mera tumhaara yahaan naata aa
Maata aa
maata aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata aa aa
Madad karo Santoshi maata
Aa aa
Madad karo hey
Madad karo hey

3 Responses to "Madad karo Santoshi maata"

Avinash Ji,
Thanks for the post. This is my first exposure to Usha Mangeshkar’s details. ( I will now, in addition, click on the link given by you to read Arun Ji’s post on Usha Ji)


Thank you Sir for reading the post and your comments on that.


@Atul ji – sorry, one correction please ‘ Usha Mangeshkar’s voice featured in three of the seven songs in this … should be three of the SIX songs in this movie.
Kindly correct please.


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