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Nain se nain milaaye aao

Posted on: May 30, 2021

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Today’s song is from an unknown film – Daawat aka invitation-1943.This film falls under the II category of ” Road Closed” movies – which means, except for the information given in HFGK, no other information about the film is available anywhere, as on today. What do we do then ? Nothing. Just try to know more about whatever is available.

The film was made by Eastern Pictures, Bombay. It was directed by M.Nazir, who apparently directed only this film. However, he acted in 15 films, from Zingaro-35 to Mala-41. I found one more name, Nazir Ajmeri (5 films) as a director. Obviously he must be a different person. There were 8 songs in the film, written by lyricist Tanvir Naqvi. He was one of those people who first migrated to Pakistan after partition and then came back to India to get some work and then went back again to Pakistan for good.

Tanvir Naqvi ( real name- Syed Khursheed Ali ) was born on 16th February 1919, at Lahore. His father was a Jahagirdar and elder brother was ADC to a Nawab. Tanvir went to Persia, along with father, where he was educated in Urdu and Persian. From the age of 14 years, he started writing poetry and participated in various Mushairas. He published a book ” Suhane Sapne ‘ of his poetry. By chance, A R Kardar read it and called Tanvir to Bombay to write for his film ‘ Swami’-41 made by CIRCO.

In his next film, Nai Duniya-42, Suraiya sang his song as her First song. His films Anmol Ghadi-46 and Jugnu-47 became hits and all his songs were appreciated much. He had earned a good name. However, after the film Parda-49, he migrated to Pakistan. In 1954, K.Asif invited him to India to write songs for his film ‘Mughal E Azam’, but by that time, Naushad had built his own team and he declined to take Tanvir Naqvi. From 1954 to 1959, Tanvir did many films. He also joined S.Mohinder and wrote songs for his 7 films.

In 1959, Tanvir Naqvi shifted again to Pakistan, but this time for good. There also he wrote for many films,like Koel, Jhoomar, Salma, Gulfam,Elaan etc etc. He also wrote for Punjabi films. He had married Idaan- elder sister of actress singer Nurjehan. However,since he had no children from her, he married again and had 2 children. He died in Lahore on 1-11-1972. In India, he wrote 224 songs for 48 films. Some of his songs are popular even today.

The Music Director of this obscure film was equally obscure – Vasant Kumar Naidu. There were a number of people who came to Bombay to try their luck in films. They had hopes, skill and a will to do hard work. Such people came to Bombay from all over India. Naidu came all the way from Burma-via Madras. All could not succeed. Those with strong Luck got some God Fathers and some could get opportunities which they turned into solid performance, but some could not get any of these and remained unknown. There are strange cases where Luck just came near but eluded them leaving them empty handed.

Vasant Naidu was not only one such person, who could not become a big name, but he was also one about whom hardly any information was available anywhere. In the case of music director Vasant Kumar Naidu, no information is available in any book or on the internet. Only Pankaj Raag wrote about his films and songs in his book ‘Dhunon Ki Yatra’. This too is based on HFGK only. Luckily Ms. Sai Lakshmi and Mr. Krishna Kumar Naidu, niece and nephew of Vasant Kumar Naidu visited this Blog and left some comments on an article . I picked up this slender lead and wrote to both of them. It is to their credit that both responded promptly . They tried to provide song and film information from different sites, which I already knew. After exchanging a few mails, they sent me a newspaper cutting, announcing the passing away of Vasant Kumar Naidu, along with his photo and a copy of his death certificate. Krishna Kumar ji also gave me some information about his family. I can understand their limitations. Naidu ji died in 1951. At that time these two were very young and now there may not be any other elder who may provide information about this artist.

Anyway, earlier I had zero information, now at least I have some information about him, plus his filmography as per the HFGK. I sincerely thank Ms. Sai Lakshmi ji and Shri Krishna Kumar Naidu ji for their help.

Vasant Kumar was born on 5-6-1915. His family had settled in Burma like thousands of other South Indian families. When Burma was struggling for independence, in the 1930s, most Indians left Burma and came to India. Many went to Calcutta and many went to South India. Many families walked for around 6 months from Burma to India. Mr.Vasant Kumar’s family was one amongst them. They walked from Rangoon to Madras. The family settled in Madras for some years.

Vasant Kumar had come alone to Bombay earlier in search of a career in music. He was an instrumentalist and could play any string instruments and also harmonium. He was also very much interested in reading different languages. There were many books that he read. He was also very keen on dressing up and had several suits in those days. He joined the industry and started growing as a Music Director. He then called his mother and other siblings to live with him in Mumbai along with his eldest brother’s widow and her son. He had 4 brothers. His eldest brother expired in Madras itself. Vasant Kumar was the second eldest. He had two younger brothers as well. They all lived on Peddar Road initially. Later, he left his Peddar Road flat and moved to Parel.

Vasant Kumar thereafter lived in Parel until his passing away on 16-10-1951.

Vasant Kumar got married in Madras. This marriage was arranged by his mother. Eventually his other brothers also got married. All three brothers and their wives stayed under the same roof in Parel in a joint family which was headed and supported monetarily by Vasant Kumar ji. His younger brother, the late Mr. Pandurang Naidu was also working towards a career in music. He became a musician (played banjo and mandolin). Vasant Kumar ji taught several string instruments to his brother, Pandurang ji. His youngest brother, the late Mr. Sreenivasn Naidu, became a composer at a later stage of his life for the Indian Railways Music Academy (Central Railway Cultural Academy).

Vasant Kumar is survived by his only daughter, Mrs. Pramila Naidu, who is now a widow. She lives in Pune with her grown up children. Pramila ji was around 5 years old when her father passed away. She has vague memories of her father. It is sad to see her struggling now financially. She continues to give tuition at the age of 70 to make her living. She lawfully owns 3 flats in Parel, Mumbai but the 3rd generation of the family has occupied these flats and are not willing to vacate. This property is now worth in crores. The cousins of Pramila ji have gotten together and have filed a lawsuit against these 3rd generation greedy family members. The lawsuit has been going on now for the past 3 years.

When luck is not in your favour, any amount of hard work, efforts or support from influential persons does not work. This is amply proved by what happened in Naidu’s case. Naidu, before starting as an independent composer and even later, for some time, was an assistant to Anil Biswas. To help Naidu establish, Anilda sometimes used to put a word to known people for him as M.D.

Anilda knew Harishchandra Rao kadam very well. When he decided to become a Producer and make a film “Sukhi Jeevan”, Anilda met him and took a promise from him to make Naidu the MD for that film.

Harishchandra Rao wanted Master Bhagwan as the film’s Director. Bhagwan agreed but put a condition that C.Ramchandra be made the MD for this film. Rao told him about Anilda and the promise given for Naidu. Bhagwan refused his film if C.Ramchandra was not made MD. To solve this problem, Anilda was called and after discussing with all, he withdrew his demand for Naidu. Thus Naidu lost and C.Ramchandra got his first Hindi film ” Sukhi Jeevan”-42 , to start his career ! ( from the book ” Ek Albela” by Isak Mujawar).

Vasant Kumar started his career in 1939 by giving music to films ‘Thunder’ and ‘Pakke Badmash’. Till 1947, he composed music for 22 films, as per the HFGK. He sang 1 song as a duet with Khan Mastana for the film ‘Mere Sajan’ (1941). He has composed 160 songs in these 22 films. His filmography, as per the Geet Kosh, is ‘Thunder’ (1939), ‘Pakke Badmash’ (1939), ‘Rangeela Jawaan’ (1940), ‘Jung-e-Azadi’ (1940), ‘Desh Bhakt’ (1940), ‘Suhaana Geet’ (1941), ‘Meri Khwaish’ (1941), ‘Mere Saajan’ (1941), ‘Lehri Jawaan’ (1941), ‘Lala ji’ (1942), ‘Call Of Youth’ (1942), ‘Maata’ (1942), ‘Watan Ki Pukaar’ (1943), ‘Nai Zindagi’ (1943), ‘Mohabbat Ki Jeet (1943), ‘Daawat’ (1943), ‘Circus Girl’ (1943), ‘Bhaagta Bhoot’ (1943), ‘Beda Paar’ (1944), ‘Shaahi Khazaana’ (1946), ‘Chamkati Bijli’ (1946) and ‘Toote Dil’ (1947).

Unfortunately, Vasant Kumar got mostly B and C stunt and action films for composing the music. Big banners like National Studios gave him an opportunity with the film ‘Lala ji’ (1942), in which he got many songs sung by Anil Biswas, Kusum Mantri, and Vatsala Kumthekar. However such films came to him only as an exception, therefore his exposure to audiences was limited and his name did not gain any fame. Actually, many big, well known and popular singers have sung for him.

However, without a mentor, God Father or the support of a big banner, it became impossible for Vasant Kumar to grow further. During the transition period of 1947-48, when many composers migrated to Pakistan, the existing big composers made their positions solid. Thus smaller composers never got any opportunity to benefit from the void created by the exit of composers. This was the case of many small-time composers like him.

Today’s song is a duet by Rajkumari and G M Durrani. This rare song comes from Shri Abhay Jain ji (US) and was uploaded by Sadanand Kamath ji for me. Thanks to both. With this song, film Daawat-43 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song- Nain se nain milaaye aao (Daawat)(1943) Singers- G M durrani, Rajkumari, Lyricist- Tanveer Naqvi, MD- Vasant Kumar Naidu


Nain se nain milaaye aao
Nain se nain milaaye aao
Man ko man se taulen aen aen
Man ko man se taulen

nindiya ban kar do nainon mein
sapnon ke pat kholen aen aen
nindiya ban kar do nainon mein
sapnon ke pat kholen

nain se nain milaaye aao
Man ko man se taulen aen aen
Man ko man se taulen

main raat gaye ka sapna
main raat gaye ka sapna
main saanjh bhaye ki dhool
saanjh bhaye ki dhool
main pawan ki sheetal ??
main pawan ki sheetal ??

main bhor bhaye ka roop
main bhor bhaye ka roop
ye bhed kabhi na kholen aen
bhed kabhi na kholen
Man ko man se taulen aen aen
Man ko man se taulen

main kali banoon bagiyaa mein chatkoon
kunj kunj mehkaaun
main kali banoon bagiyaa mein chatkoon
kunj kunj mehkaaun

main bhannwra ban kar it ut doolon
door door ho aaun
door door ho aaun
aur munh se kuchh na bolen
aur munh se kuchh na bolen
Man ko man se taulen aen aen
Man ko man se taulen

5 Responses to "Nain se nain milaaye aao"

Arun jI,
Nice post. I liked the song. Good appeal.


Satish ji,


Arun ji,
The director M Nazir and Nazir Ajmeri are the same person. In the advertisement of the film shown at 2:00 of the video of the song, the name of the director has been mentioned as ‘M. Nazir (Ajmeri).

Also, I have checked the photograph of Nazir Ajmeri taken at the muhurat of ‘Keemat’ (1946) with A R Kardar which is available on google photos. Also, see the photograph of M Nazir at 2:30 of the video in which he is standing between A R Kardar and Shashdhar Mukherjee. Both these photographs more or less match.


Thanks for this information.


Atul ji/Sudhir ji,

Tanveer Naqvi is the lyricist. Please correct in the details and in the tag.


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