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Sun le tu meri iltijaa

Posted on: June 27, 2021

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Wadia Movietone has been one of the well-known Hindi film production companies which was set up by Wadia Brothers – J B H Wadia and Homi Wadia in the late 1920s. Wadia Brothers’ partnership continued till 1942 when the brothers decided to split with Homi Wadia forming Basant Pictures while J B H Wadia continue to produce films under his own name.

Recently, I came to know that there was one more Wadia in Hindi film industry as a producer under his banner D R D Productions. I was aware of this banner but was not aware that it belonged to D R D Wadia, fondly called as ‘Daddy Wadia’ in the film circle. He was Bar-at-Law, an industrialist, an amateur photographer and the radio enthusiastic of international repute. I have seen some of the photographs taken by him in the 1940s including a few with Mahatma Gandhi on the Google Photos.

D R D Wadia set up his film production company, D R D Productions in 1942 almost at the same time when V Shantaram was setting up his Rajkamal Kala Mandir. Another coincidence was that D R D Productions maiden film, ‘Ishaara’ (1943) and Rajkamal Kala Mandir’s maiden film, ‘Shakuntala’ (1943) had the same writer – Dewan Sharar. While ‘Ishaara; (1943) was adapted from Dewan Sharar’s internationally well-known novel ‘The Gong of Shiva’ (1935), the screen-play and dialogues for ‘Shakuntala’ (1943) was written by Dewan Sharar.

After the box office success of ‘Ishaara’ (1943), D R D Productions produced ‘Aaina’ (1944), ‘Nek Parveen’ (1946) and ‘Pati Seva’ (1947) which seems to be the last film produced by the banner.

‘Nek Parveen’ (1946) was directed by S M Yusuf. The star cast included Ragini (Sr.) and Ulhas in the lead role with W MKhan, Yakub, Yashodhara Katju, Mirza Musharaf, Kumar, Nazir Kahsmiri, Shakir in the subsidiary roles. It was a Muslim social film, a love triangle. The story, screen-play, dialogues and songs were written by Waheed Qureshi.

Surprisingly, the film is available for viewing on one of the video sharing platforms on the internet. The lead actress, Ragini has been known for her tear-jerking performances just as Nimmi got branded as such in the 1950s. So, before watching the film ‘Nek Parveen’ (1946), I was sure that it would have a tear-jerking story. The film was released on June 14, 1946 in Mumbai’s Novelty theatre. The story of the film is as under:

Afzal (Ulhas), Shaukat (W M Khan) and his crony Nabbu (Yakub) are friends. They often meet to play cards and gamble in Shaukat’s gambling den. Both Afzal and Shaukat love Parveen (Ragini). Except for card gambling as his vice, Afzal is a good person while Shaukat has all the bad vices and is also the leader of the gang of gamblers and drunkards. The elders in Parveen’s family had already approved Afzal as a husband of Parveen.

Shaukat is not happy about Parveen getting married to Afzal. So, with the help of Nabbu, he devises a plan to make Afzal a vagabond person in the eyes of Parveen and her aunt. Both of them make him a habitual drunkard and a visitor to a courtesan. Afzal’s newly acquired vices are resented by Parveen’s aunt. After some initial hesitation, Parveen’s aunt, who has looked after her after the death of her father, agrees for the marriage of Parveen with Afzal. Their married life is smooth. But Shaukat is bent upon spoiling their married life.

With the help of Nabbu, Afzal is induced to gambling and drinking in Shaukat’s gambling den. In the process, Afzhal loses all his money. Even his palatial house is mortgage to Shaukat. In the gambling den, a heated argument between Shaukat and his friend, Munir results in the death of the latter. The murder is falsely pass on to Afzal who was found drunk near Munir’s dead body. When Afzal realises the seriousness of the situation, he runs away from the den before the police forces arrive. To wood wink the chasing police forces, Afzal boards a running train to Mumbai. In the train, he meets one businessman( Kumar) who offers him employment.

In the meanwhile, Parveen’s aunt dies leaving her alone with a kid to fend herself. The trusted servant, Thasin (Shakir) looks after Parveen and her child with his meagre savings. Afzal is untraceable to the police and after some time, he is presumed dead as a dead body was found under the same train in which he was travelling.

Shaukat is trying to win over Parveen and persuade he to marry him. But she is not interested in the marriage. Afzal with his new employer in Mumbai performs well and over a period of time, he becomes financially well off. Once he visits his house incognito and finds that Shaukat has kidnapped Parveen and the child. Afzal visits Shaukat’s den incognito where Shaukat is forcing Parveen to accept nikah with him. In this effort, Nabbu refuses to help Shaukat and in a fit of rage, Shaukat kills Nabbu. Some one from the den informs the police about the murder of Nabbu. Before, the police arrive, Shaukat is overpowered by Afzal and is handed over to the police. Afzal and Parveen are united.

‘Nek Parveen’ (1946) has 7 songs written by Waheed Qureshi which have been set to music by Feroz Nizami.

I am presenting the film’s first song ‘sun le meri iltija, sun le khuda meri dua’ to appear on the Blog which is sung by Zeenat Begum. The song is picturised on Ragini who has preferred Zeenat Begum’s voice in most of her films in which she had lead actress roles. Ulhas is also seen in the picturization of the song.

This is a ‘iltija’ (prayer) song which Ragini sings after her marriage with Ulhas for the well being of their married life. A feature of this song is that there is no interlude music. I like the song’s soft musical composition and Zeenat Begum’s rendition.

With this song, ‘Nek Parveen’ (1946) makes its debut on the Blog.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Sun le tu meri iltija (Nek Perveen)(1946) Singer-Zeenat Begam, Lyrics-Waheed Qureshi, MD-Feroz Nizami


sun le tu meri iltija
sun le khuda meri dua
sun le tu meri iltija
sun le khuda meri dua
lamba safar hai zindagi
ham do musaafir ajnabi
lamba safar hai zindagi
ham do musaafir ajnabi
bhool naa jaayen raasta
sun le khuda meri dua
sun le tu meri iltija
sun le khuda meri dua

ham ko tu kar de ek jaan
ghar ko bana de gulsitaan
ham ko tu kar de ek jaan
ghar ko bana de gulsitaan
tujhko nabi kaa waasta
tujhko nabi kaa waasta
sun le khuda meri dua
sun le tu meri iltija
sun le khuda meri dua

jhoole kushi ke jhoolen ham
paas naa aaye koi gham
jhoole khushi ke jhoolen ham
paas naa aaye koi gham
tu meharbaan rahe sada
sun le khuda meri dua
sun le tu meri iltija
sun le khuda meri dua

2 Responses to "Sun le tu meri iltijaa"

Sadanand Ji,
Very pleasant song. Thanks. Yes, as you pointed out there being no interlude has made a difference in listening


Satish ji,

Thanks for liking the song.


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