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Kisi se preet na kariyo koye

Posted on: August 5, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Phir Milenge-1942, a film made by Minerva Movietone and directed by Sohrab Modi. All the 9 songs of the film were written by Pt. Sudarshan and were composed by the Music Director Mir Sahab. The cast of the film consisted of Sardar Akhtar, Sadiq Ali, Meena (Shorey), K.N.Singh, Eruch Tarapore, Manakabai, Ghulam Hussain, Saadat Ali and many others. For the 9 songs 7 singers were used.

Director of the film-Sohrab Modi was married to Mehtab- daughter of Marium, the divorced wife of a small time Nawab from Gujarat and the step sister of Zubeida (Alam Ara fame), Sultana and Shahzadi, daughters of Fatima- the extra-wife of the same Nawab. The Heroine of the film became the wife of Mehboob- the famous director and the owner of Mehboob studios.

It is a well known established fact that in the early years, many women artistes came from lower classes, singing families or Tawaifs and similar types. Most of these girls joined the film line in order to get a rich Seth ji or a suitable husband and spend the rest of the life respectfully. There are many examples of such ‘planned’ marriages in the early era. However, this process continued even in later times.

Film industry is one industry where men and women have to work together. Whether it is an Actor-director or Singer-Composer, for the sake of work they have to spend much time together. No wonder then that Cupid does his work overtime. Sometimes there is mutual attraction and at times there are one sided fires burning. In most cases the one sided fire is extinguished in a very painful way, like what P L Santoshi faced with actress Rehana or the slap Sanjiv Kumar got from actress Nutan.

There were cases when the love of Dilip kumar for Madhubala, died in the High court witness Box, when he gave evidence against her father in the ‘ Naya Daur‘ legal case. Dev Anand’s love with Suraiyya ended happily for Dev Anand with him marrying Kalpana Kartik, but Suraiyya stayed “Unmarried”, in his ” yaad”, throughout her life. Here the villain was her so-called ” Grandmother “, who actually was her own mother, as documented in the book “Stars from another sky” by Saadat Hasan Manto !

The successful 2-way traffic usually ended with a marriage. We can see marriages between producers and Actresses( Himanshu Rai-Devika rani and W Z Khan and actress Nina), directors and singers/actresses ( Nalini jaywant-Virendra Desai, Shaukat Hussain-Noorjehan, Geeta Dutt-Guru Dutt, Lalita Pawar-G.P.Pawar, Rattanbai-Hafiz Khan), Actors and Actresses ( Arun Ahuja-Nirmala devi, Snehprabha Pradhan-Kishore Sahu, Dev Anand-Kalpana Kartik, Dharmendra- Hema Malini, Rajesh Khanna-Dimple Kapadiya, Amitabh Bachchan-Jaya, Abhishek-Aishwarya, Kishore Kumar-Madhubala, Premnath-Bina Rai, Karan Dewan-Manju Desai, Marutirao Pehlwan-Tara Devi.)

There were some odd combinations like Satyendranath Athiah-Bhanu Athaiya (Lyricist-Costume designer),Lyricist-Singer (Amar Verma-Manik Verma), Singer-villain (Shakti Kapoor- Shivangi Kolhapure),Music teacher-student ( Roshan-Ira Moitra, Hemant Kumar-Bela Mukherjee, C.Ramchandra-‘Ben’ Ratan Thakur), and even a singer-Orchestra player (Vinita Amladi-Krishna Chakravarty) and lastly between singer-singers ( Jyoti-G M Durani, Gauhar Karnataki- Bal Gandharva). There were those pairs who were singers-actors ( Amirbai- Himalayawala, Rafiq Gazanavi- Anwari bai).

The interesting group, however, was that of Composer-Singers ( Sudhir Phadke-Lalita Deulkar, Asha Bhosle-R D Burman, Naashad-Premlata, Anil Biswas-Meena Kapoor, Pannalal Ghosh-Parul Ghosh, Khayyam-Jagjit Kaur, Ghulam Haider-Umrao Zia begum, Kamal Dasgupta-Firoza begum, Ninu Majumdar-Kaumudi Munshi).

Additionally, there were some high profile marriages too like, Kardar- Bahar, Mehboob khan-Sardar Akhtar, Sardar Chandulal Shah- Gohar Mamajiwala, Sohrab Modi- Mehtab, Homi Wadia- Fearless Nadia, Zubeida sr – Raja Dhanrajgir, S.D.Narang- Smriti Biswas etc. etc. Each of these marriages has an interesting story behind it. Please note that all these lists quoted in this post are only indicative and not exhaustive. Many more pairs have remained unmentioned.

One of the artistes in the cast of this film is Menaka. She was one of the ” Same Name Confusion” pair, which was operative in the same period, causing severe confusion in their filmographies. These two Menakas caused solid confusion as one of them had worked in films made at Bombay and Calcutta.

Menaka/Menakabai / Menakabai Shirodkar ( Bombay )
Menaka was born in Lahore in or around 1910. She was from a professional singer family and got training in classical singing. The family was originally from Belgaum and her maiden name was Menaka Belgaonkar. Later she was married and became Menaka Shirodkar.
At the age of 23-24 she landed in Bombay to try her luck in films. In those days such girls from singing families used to get into films easily, due to their singing capability. She joined Minerva and sang in their films, starting with Pukar-39,in which she got only one song.
She was more interested in classical singing and hence concentrated on singing more than acting. However, she did act in 5 films, in which she also sang.

After her film Gul Bakavli-47 she devoted her full time to singing and holding jalsas. Soon she became a known figure in singing circles. After marriage she had two daughters. One of them, Shobha became a famous singer and was known as Shobha Gurtu.
After her singing was over Menakabai Shirodkar-as she came to be known later- retired and settled in Ponda,Goa.
She died on 23-12-2003 at the age of around 93 years.




Title Comments
Pukar-39 1 solo song
Paak Daman-40 Acting and 3 solos+ 1 Duet
Main Haari-40 1 solo, 2 Duets
Bharosa-40 Acting and 2 solos, 1 Duet
Sikandar-41 1 solo
Ulti Ganga-42 1 solo, 1 Trio
Phir milenge-42 Acting and 3 solos
Prithwi Vallabh-43 2 solos, 2 Duets and 1 Trio
Bhakta Raidas-43 Acting and 1 Duet as Menakabai
Dr. Kumar-44 1 solo
Gul Bakavali-47 Acting and 4 solos, a Duet..all as Menakabai

Sadiq Ali- the Hero of this film was known as ” Prince of Minerva”. Sadiq Ali, was born on 6-10-1911 at Jalandhar, Punjab. His 2 cousins- Wazir Ali and Nazir Ali were famous Indian cricketers. Sadiq Ali completed his Engineering degree and worked in M.E.S. at Kanpur (Military Engg. Services). Due to strong desire to work in films and dramas, he resigned from his job after 5 years and joined Agha Hashr’s Drama company. When the company was closed, he joined The Burma Imperial film company at Rangoon. After few small roles, he came down to Bombay.

After working in some smaller companies, he joined Minerva Movietone. Starting with khan Bahadur-37, he worked in Minerva’s Pukar-39, Sikandar-41, Phir Milenge-42, Prithwiraj Sanyogita-43, Parakh-44 (only directed by Modi) and Ek din ka sultan-45, also in Sandesa-39,Black out, Duniya tumhari hai, Phir milenge, Lieutenant, Ulti Ganga, Patharon ke saudagar,Jagbeeti,Nishana, Do Naina, Manjhdar, Mitti etc. In all he acted in 23 films. His last film was Ever Ready-46. After partition, he migrated to Pakistan.

First film in Pakistan was Judai (1950 Shaheena,Nazar and Zeenat). Other film was Shola (1952).

Sadiq Ali was a very successful and famous actor before partition and got the title of Prince of Minerva. He acted in many films in India, but in Pakistan, Sadiq Ali could not be successful as he was in India.

He was paralyzed in the 60’s and could be seen sitting with a Pan shop in Capitol Cinema lane, Karachi. Died on 12-7-1977 in Karachi. In his last days, he was seen begging on the road.

Today’s song, sung by Sardar Akhtar is not sung like a professional singer, though she was one of the famous singers of Hiramandi Bazar of Lahore. I wonder how and why she sang 92 songs in 27 films. I never liked her songs. I think even Naseem Bano sang better than her in ” zindagi ka saaz bhi kya saaz hai”.

With this song, the film ‘Phir Milenge’ makes its Debut on this Blog.

Song- Kisi se preet na kariyo koye (Phir Milenge)(1942) Singer- Sardar Akhtar, Lyricist- Pt. Sudarshan, MD- Meer Saheb


Kisi se preet na kariyo koye
Kisi se preet na kariyo koye
preet jagat ka sundar dhokha
preet jagat ka sundar dhokha
preet kiye dukh hoye
kisi se preet kiye dukh hoye
kisi se preet na kariyo koye

preet patang kare deepak se
preet patang kare deepak se
phir peechhe pachhtaaye
phir peechhe pachhtaaye
deepak preet ki reet na jaane
deepak preet ki reet na jaane
tan man det jaraaye
Kisi se preet na kariyo koye

preet kanwal se bhramar kare hai
baithhe uthh kar jaaye ae
preet kanwal se bhramar kare hai
baithhe uthh kar jaaye ae
saanjh samay jab sot kamal jab
saanjh samay jab sot kamal jab
bhanwra jaan ganwaaye
Kisi se preet na kariyo koye

?? se neh lagaaye
?? kar lehraaye
?? se neh lagaaye
?? kar lehraaye
jhoome jhoole sudh budh bhoole
jhoome jhoole sudh budh bhoole
?? haath ??
Kisi se preet na kariyo koye

2 Responses to "Kisi se preet na kariyo koye"

Arun ji,

In my view, Sardar Akhtar has rendered this song better than some of her other songs. She successfuly rendered this song to convey the emotions of a dejected lover.
This song is set in Raag Bhimpalaasi if I go by almost similar tune
used in ‘beena madhur madhur kachhu bol’ from ‘Ram Rajya’ (1943). It is a difficult raag for a singer who is not trained in Hindustani classical music.
There is another song in the film ‘pagle kaahe hot adheer’ rendered by Manekabai who is a trained singer in Hindustani classical music. One can note the differences in rendition of both the songs..


Thanks for your views.
I do not know much about classical music and raagas.


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