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Jab saamne tum aate ho

Posted on: September 18, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Dillagi-1942.

The title of the film seemed to attract the filmmakers and starting with Dillagi-1942, few more similarly titled films were made like, Dillagi-49, Dillagi-66, Dillagi-78 and Dillagi-99. Of these films, Dillagi-49 became quite successful and a film to remember because of the famous song ” Tu mera chand main teri chandni” sung by Suraiya and Shyam Kumar.

This also happened to be the first well known case of ” Same Name Confusions”, because singer Shyam Kumar had sung this song for actor Shyam and to complicate the issue, both were acting in that film. For the next 70 years, old film music lovers went on discussing vehemently whether the actor Shyam was the singer. Many authors, Internet sites and few books too credited the song to actor Shyam. Poor Shyam Kumar the singer !

Finally many film historians, genuine workers and writers dug up information details about singer Shyam Kumar and it was proved that the singer was Shyam Kumar and NOT actor Shyam. I have also discussed this case in my book published in 2018. I feel very sad that despite all this commotion about the confusion and the final clarification, many young lovers of old songs still assert and credit the song to actor Shyam !

Inspite of trying very hard, I could not get any information about this film, its story etc. However, in one of the 1942 issues of Film India Magazine, in one article, the Editor- Baburao Patel had said ” Recently I saw a picture- Dillagi. It was supposed to be a comedy, but the situations were far from being comic to evoke a laugh. Throughout the picture, I did not laugh even once, but at the end when the lights were on, I looked at Pt. Indra, writer of that comedy film ( he had invited us to see this film) and the tragedy of frustration reflected in his face excited real laughter. But then every Cinegoer can’t be lucky to have the writer sitting next to him ! ”

Film Dillagi-42 was made by Pragati Chitra, Bombay and was directed by Balwant Bhatt. The elder brother of Nanabhai Bhatt- Balwant Bhatt was born at Porbandar,Gujarat on 13-1-1909. Balwant started his career by assisting Naval Gandhi in 1930-31 and Pesi Karani at Imperial Film company and then N.B.Vakil at Sagar Studios in 1932.

A prolific director of second tier, action oriented films, Bhatt’s first film as a director was Royal Film Company’s 1932 silent thriller PASSING SHOW which featured popular stunt-film actor Navinchandra. He turned Director with the advent of Talkie films and joined Prakash Pictures with BAMBAI KI MOHINI [1934; aka: ACTRESS] starring Miss Panna and Miss Alaknanda. His last one was Nagin aur Sapera-1966. He directed 33 films, mostly stunt and C grade films.

Bhatt directed action star Fearless Nadia in DELHI EXPRESS (1949) and CIRCUSWALE (1950) as well as the comedian Bhagwan in JOKER (1949) and JODIDAR (1950), and even had opportunities to work with bigger name’s such as Bibbo in SUHAAG (1940), Maya Banerjee in MADHU SUDAN (1941), and Prithviraj Kapoor in AANKH KI SHARAM (1943). But the vast majority of Bhatt’s output were in the category of B-grade films.

He directed some Gujarati films like Sansar Leela, Seth Sagsha, Divadandi, Snehlata etc. He was the producer of Dillagi-1942, Gunehgar-53, Alif Laila-53, Sinbad the sailor-52, Son of Sinbad-58, Police Detective-60 etc. etc. Diwadandi-1950 became famous for its song-“Tari aankhni afini”, sung by Dilip Dholakia with music by Ajit Merchant. His film Mordhwaj-52 was the Debut film for MD Narayan Dutt. Balwant Bhatt died on 7-2-1965,at Bombay.

The cast of the film Dillagi-42 was Kumar, Hansa Wadkar, Anuradha, Gulab, Agha and Sushil Kumar.

The Music Director of Dillagi-42 was Pratap Mukherjee. I do not have any information about him except that he directed only 3 films, namely Dillagi-42, Tamasha-42 and Kisise na kehna-42 . Actress gulab was from kashmir. She can be called the first girl from Kashmir to work in Hindi films. Her real name was Saraswati Devi. She was born on 10-6-1908 at Jammu. She joined Krishna Film Company in 1924. Her first silent film ‘Krishna Kumar’ came in 1925. She worked in 60 silent films. Her last silent film was ‘Dagabaz Dushman’-32, made by East India Film co.Bombay.

Her first Talkie film was Suryakumari-33, made by Vishnu Cinetone. It was directed by Dhirubhai Desai. She sang one song ‘more preetam jab ghar aaye’ composed bu Kikubhai Yagnik. Then came Baburao Patel’s ‘Bala Joban’-34, Sewa Sadan-34 and Nai Duniya-34 ( Debut film of Rajkumari and Jayant). In this film Gulab sang 2 songs.

Gulab was very beautiful and quite popular in the film industry. Some of her films were Bambai ki sethani-35, Challenge-37, Bharosa-40, Pyas-41, Ek Raat-42, Station master-42, Gaali-44, Rattan-44, Mann ki jeet-44, Mirza Sahibaan-47, Lahore-49, Badi Behan-49, stage-51, Post Box 999-58, Chhabili-60 etc etc. She acted in 160 films. Her last film seems to be Haqeeqat-64. She also sang 22 songs in 11 films.

Today’s song is sung by Rafiq Ghaznavi and Anuradha. They were husband and wife. Actually Rafiq was not a known playback singer. I wonder how he came to sing a song in this film even though he was not working in it. May be due to the recommendation of his wife Anuradha, he got this song. Anuradha’s real name was Khurshid Akhtar and pet name was Sheedan. She was the younger sister of actress Zohra Jaan, who was Rafiq’s wife before her. Later, Rafiq left Anuradha also and married someone else.

Anyway, the song is nothing to write home about, because the singers were not professional singers. With this song film Dillagi-1942 makes its Debut on the Blog.

Song-Jab saamne tum aate ho (Dillagi)(1942) Singers-Rafiq Ghaznavi, Anuradha, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Pratap Mukherjee


Jab saamne tum aate ho
Jab saamne tum aate ho
nainon se man mein samaate ho
nainon se man mein samaate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho
jeewan ka dukh sahna hai
jeewan ka dukh sahna hai
joban ke madhu(?) baina se
joban ke madhu (?) baina se
tumko dekha nain hanse ye
kya jaadoo kar jaate ho
tumko dekha nain hanse ye
kya jaadoo kar jaate ho
Jab saamne tum aate ho
Jab saamne tum aate ho

nainon se man mein samaate ho
nainon se man mein samaate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho

main kahna chaahoon kah na sakoon
main kahna chaahoon kah na sakoon
aur bina kahe main rah na sakoon
aur bina kahe main rah na sakoon
man ki meethhi meethhi baaten
man ki meethhi meethhi baaten

in aankhon ko sajaati ho kitnon ka ?? jagaati ho
in aankhon ko sajaati ho kitno ka ?? jagaati ho
jab saamne tum aate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho

nainon se man mein samaate ho
nainon se man mein samaate ho
jab saamne tum aate ho

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