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Tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho

Posted on: September 30, 2021

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This article is the 16600th article in the blog.

Blog Day :

4822 Post No. : 16600

With passage of time, we in this blog have become sedate and relaxed, as befits people who have matured (read aged). 🙂 Things that we found exciting in the past fail to enthuse us any longer. The sense of keen anticipation is no longer there. People in the past would begin to think and talk in advance about forthcoming important blog events. That is no longer the case.

Take the case of Blog Century posts. This regular event used to be a keenly anticipated event in the past, even when such an even used to occur once every fortnight. Today, this event has become more rare and happens once in two months (or more), and yet goes largely unnoticed.

But the important thing is, the blog never stops. The rate of posting of songs may have slowed down considerably, but we ensure that there is no DOT day in the blog. The last DOT day in the blog was on 25 December 2019. After that, the blog has not had a DOT day for last 645 days ! And that gives us the confidence and the feeling that the blog is always on the move.

Perhaps it is past experience, or may be it is my inherent laid back nature that these days I do not think much amout the century post till the last moment ! Only when I realise that the Century post is due and it has to be posted TODAY that I start wondering what song to select for the occasion.

Initially, I had considered a “new” song for the occasion and I had collected some details as well. But when I searched, I was unable to find those details that I had collected after spending several hours. So I had to postpone that song for some future occasion.

The songs covered in the guest posts that were covered during thelast few days gave me some idea what song I should pick as the century song. I had almost decided that the final song of “Hamraahi”(1945) should be the century song. This was a rare song. This was a song that grew up on me the more I listened to it. But then I realised that I needed to pick this song based on other consideration. There were two consideration. I noticed that a music director duo was on 299. I also noticed that the songs covered from movies of a particular year added up to 599. So, this called for a song from that year and composed by that music director duo. In addition, we recently had the birthday of Lata Mangeshkar. So this song should be sung by her.

Considering all that, I decided to combine all the above centuries to decide on the next blog century , viz Blog century number 166, or in other words , blog post number 16600.

This post, the blog post number 16600, covers a song from “Saawan Bhaadon”(1949). “Saawan Bhaadon”(1949) directed by Ravindra Dave for Prakash Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Munawar Sultana, Omprakash, Indu, Raj Adeeb, Jankidas etc in it.

The movie had ten songs in it. Five songs have been covered in the past.

This song, the sixth song from the movie, is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Mulkraj Bhakri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

This song is the 300th song of Husnlal Bhagatram as a music director in the blog. This song is the 600th song in the blog from movies released in 1949. We in the blog have 500 plus songs from movies of other years, but this song makes 1949 the first year in the blog that has now contributed 600 songs in the blog.

It was the year 1949 that marked the beginning of the golden era of Hindi film music. Husnlal Bhagatram played a major role in making 1949 a musically supersaturated year. This year also saw the emergence of Lata Mangeshkar as a playback singer who would rule the HFM for the next six decades and more. Husnlal Bhagatram were the first music directors to complete 50 songs with Lata Mangeshkar. They utilised the voice of Lata Mangeshkar in 28 songs in 1949 and 40 songs in 1950. C Ramchandra were second, in using Lata Mangeshkar voice in 19 songs in 1949 and 30 songs in 1950. And this song serves as a (belated) birthday celebration song for Lata Mangeshkar !

So, one can see that this song from this movie “Saawan Bhaadon”(1949) ticks all the boxes, as far its eligibility as a Blog century song is concerned. If there is still any doubts in anyone’s mind about the credentials of this song, that would be removed when one listens to this song. Personally I listened to this song only now for the first time, more that 72 years later. And it sounds as sweet and divine as it may have sounded to the ears of music lovers who were around in 1949 !

With this song, the blog completes yet another century, and we duly take fresh guard for the next century.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all, whose continued and consistent support, encouragement and contributions is providing this musical bandwagon with the necessary fuel to keep taking us the newer and nbewer destinations in this musical journey.

song-Tum bin Raja nahin maika chain ho (Saawan Bhaadon)(1949) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum to raaja pardes sidhaare
kaase kahoon teri bain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho

aankh us shokh se mila baithhe ae
teer chhuriyaan jigar pe kha baithhe ae
tere kurbaan o gesuon waale
tere phande mein dil phansa baithhe ae
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin tum bin tum bin
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho o

suraj chhipe adli badli
aur chandr chhipe amaawas aayo
paani ki boond paataal chhupe
aur meen chhupe ?? jal paayo
bhor bhayi sab chor chhupe
aur ?? chhupe phaagun ritu aayo
laakh na ghoonghat oat karo
par chanchal nain chhupe na chhupaayo
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho
tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho o

6 Responses to "Tum bin raaja nahin maika chain ho"

Congratulations Atul ji and all on this milestone of 16600 songs on the blog.
Congratulations Atul ji on covering 600th song from the year 1949 and on Husnlal Bhagatram reaching their tally to 300 songs posted on the blog.

I can say that so far I am concerned nothing on the blog goes unnoticed so far 🙂 blog ke binaa nahin hamka chain ho 🙂

Nice song to celebrate this special post 🙂

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congratulations Atulji for 300 songs of Husnlal Bhagatram.
congratulations Atulji for 600 songs of the year 1949.
and finally congratulations Atulji for 16600 posts/songs.
I can reiterate what Avinashji has said “Blog ke bina nahin humka chain ho” 🙂


Atul ji,
Congratulations for multiple centuries,but mainly the 16600th one.
Whether it was the 1st, 100th,5000th, 10000 or 16600th, a Century is a Century ! A Century means there are 99 posts behind it.
When the no. Of songs are increasing, it is not as easy as in 2010 or 2015, to get the desired songs for posting.
Normally, we think of a type of song we want and start looking for it. When we find it is difficult to get such a song, then we compromise and go for the second best. Such things will happen more as the Blog moves forward with more songs.
In spite of this your achieving centuries is no small gain.
Congratulations again.

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Hearty Congratulations to Atul ji, Sudhir ji and all contributors.

There are pearls in the ocean yet to be discovered and we know this is one place where they will surface. So the quest continues.


Congratulations, Atul Ji, on hitting another century of posts in the blog. In my perception it is a smaller matter how fast/ soon a century of posts is published. That the blog steadily continues, coming out with more and more of interesting posts should be heartening


Congratulations, Atulji, for achieving so many centuries.


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