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O roop nagar ki raani dekho roothh ke na jaao

Posted on: October 1, 2021

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On this 1st October 2021, I am completing 9 years of my blogging here. My first post was published on this Blog on 1-10-2012. It was on the film Savitri-1937. Since then in the last 9 years I have been continuously writing here and elsewhere. Though my writings are also published on several other Blogs and sites, my main favourite place is this one only.

Most of my original works were first published first here, except the interviews of relatives of old time artistes, which were published on Some articles were published on anmol fankaar, Sangeet ke Sitare,Harveypam Blog, Kalyan Music Group, Songs of yore etc etc. In the last 9 years I have written, till today, 1020 posts here. It works out to an average of 1 article every 3.2 days-every 4th day- continuously for 9 years. In addition I have written film synopses of more than 600 films and more than 500 comments on this Blog alone. When I look back, I get surprised. How did I do it ?

There are reasons how and why I could do it. First, I like the atmosphere of this Blog. Secondly, Atul ji is a silent motivator, a good leader and he encourages contributors by giving a free hand and without disturbing styles of narrations. Thirdly, it is a very congenial and friendly team of Atulites. There are many more points but we all know them.

The Blog has created a special place for itself in the Blogosphere for its Credibility, Variety, Quantum of songs with lyrics and pots of information not available easily elsewhere. The Blog has actually become ” A Point Of Reference” for most other music and old film lovers. Information from the Blog is invariably quoted as proof and authenticity. Credit for all this goes to Atul ji. Thanks Atul ji. We feel proud to be associated with atusongaday !

Today’s song is from a Mythological film – Jai Bhim-1949. The film was made by Nav Jhankar productions, Bombay. It was directed by Anant mane -who became one of the all time successful Directors of marathi Cinema, later on. Music was by Sudhir Phadke, for songs written by lyricist Amar Verma- who married the famous Classical Singer Manik Dadarkar, better known as Manik Verma. The cast of the film was Vishwas, Vasant Thengdi, Ganapatrao Bakre, uma Devi, kusum deshpande, kanta kumari and many others.

Film Jai Bhim-49 was a MYthological film, but its information is not available anywhere. It is one of those films which have existance only in HFGK pages. The film was directed by Anant Mane. He was a struggling Director in 1949, but due to hard work and of course with good luck, he became a very big and renowned director in Marathi cinema. His contribution in the Hindi cinema was of a minimal nature but his Marathi films were mostly Hit films.

Anant mane was born in a lower middle class family of kolhapur, on 22-9-1915. His uncle Gyanba Mane was working in Prabhat films as an actor (in his last days Gyanba was seen selling vegetables on the roads of Kolhapur, for survival). Anant used to go with him to Prabhat studio. The studio life attracted him. At the age of 15 years, he left school and joined Prabhat. he was given work in the Laboratory. First 2 years he worked without pay and then he got a salary of Rs.10 pm.

While in Prabhat he worked and learned a lot in editing, Artwork, Sound recording in addition to working as an extra in a Mob scene. He was impressed with Shantaram’s knowledge in the studio. When the film ” Sairandhri” was made, he was given Vishnu’s role in it.

His diligence impressed Shantaram and he was taken in Editing laboratory. When Prabhat shifted to Poona, he too came with it and continued working in editing. He did editing of all Prabhat films till 1941. When Shantaram left Prabhat in 1942, he too left but joined as an assistant to director Raja nene till 1946. In 1949, he directed his first Hindi film ” Jai Bhim”-1949.

In 1950, Anant mane and Dada Dharmadhikari started ” Alhad Chitra”. Its very first Marathi film ” Bala jo jo re” became a hit and celebrated Silver jubilee. Their next two films ” Stree janma hi tuzi kahani” and ” Chimni Pakhare” also became Jubilee films. Chimni Pakhare was remade in Hindi as Nanhe Munne-1952. Anant mane directed 2 Hindi films in 1954-Kalakar and Suhagan, which were remakes of their Marathi films.

After this he concentrated only on marathi cinema and became a well known and successful director of 58 Marathi films. He also wrote stories and screenplays of 14 films. He won many State and Central Government awards. He considered Shantaram as his Guru. Even after being so successful, he worked as an assistant director to Shantaram for his famous film ‘ Pinjara”-1972.

Anant Mane died on 5-10-1995.

In the cast of this film you will find 2 names- Vasant Thengdi and Kusum Deshpande. They were husband and wife in real life. Thengdi was a very handsome person. Vasant Thengadi was born on 11-1-1910 at Nagpur. He was son of Congress leader Dhaniram Thengadi. Vasant had his education in Poona. He could not join the Army, because of his father’s political connections. He had to leave his Engineering college after father’s death. Being very handsome,tall and with good physique, he started working in Marathi dramas and films. He started his Hindi work with the film Dhuwandhar-35. ( This was also the Debut film for Leela Chitnis and Meera Alexander). He started doing Villain roles and became popular and famous. Besides Marathi films, his Hindi films were Taramati-45, Phir bhi apna hai-46, Mera Ladka-38, Din Raat-45, Ten o clock-42 etc. Later he also worked as assistant director to Raja Nene.

Kusum Deshpande was born on 20-11-1914 at Nagpur. She came to Bombay in 1930 and worked in Minerva as an apprentice, without pay. She worked in A.I.R. and some Marathi dramas and films. Her first Hindi film was Ghar ki Rani-40. She also did Charnon ki Daasi-41, Village Girl-45, Wamaq Azra-46 and Zamin Asmaan-46. In all she did 20 Hindi films. She married actor Vasant Thengadi on 30-11-1944.

After she stopped getting roles in Hindi films, she turned to Marathi films and had a long and fruitful career in it. She was the sister of actress Ranjana, who was Dilip Kumar’s Heroine in film Milan-1946( a bilingual in Hindi and Bangla, made by Bombay talkies).

Today’s song is a duet by Sudhir Phadke and Lalit Deulkar ( after this film they got married on 29-5-1949).

Song-O roop nagar ki raani dekho roothh ke na jaao (Jai Bhim)(1949) Singers- Sudhir Phadke, Lalita Deulkar, Lyricist- Amar Verma, MD-Sudhir Phadke


O roop nagar ki raani
dekho roothh ke na jaao
O roop nagar ki raani
dekho roothh ke na jaao o
roothh ke na jaao
mera jiya na dukhaao
o o
roothh ke na jaao
O roop nagar ki raani
dekho roothh ke na jaao

o o o
prem nagar ke raaja
prem nagar ke raaja
haath na lagaao o
haath na lagaao
jahaan rahe wahi jaao
haath na lagaao

main to jaan gaya
tere man ki batiyaan
o main to jaan gaya
tere man ki batiyaan
bolo kahaan thhe teen din tin ratiyaan
kahaan thhe teen din tin ratiyaan
bolo kahaan thhe teen din tin ratiyaan
kahaan thhe teen din tin ratiyaan

to isliye roothhhi thi meri raani
main to thha Panchal desh mein
jahaan hua Draupadi swayamwar
jahaan hua Draupadi swayamwar
nagar nagar ke raaja aaye
bade dhanurdhar veer dhurandhar
bade dhanurdhar veer dhurandhar
sabne apne dhanush baan ki
vidhya ke kaushal dikhlaaye
vidhya ke kaushal dikhlaaye
par koi bhi chakr beech
machhli ki aankhen bhed na paaye
haay raam
phir kya hua

phir brahman ke vesh mein
aaya Arjun veer
chhaaya dekhi tel mein
diya lakshya ko cheer

tab muskaayi jyun sadi
tab muskaayi jyun sadi
prem ras tabhi laga ??
phir mangal baaje baje
Parth ko varmaala pahnaai
o roopnagar ki raani
aao naacho dhoom machaao
dhoom machaao
o prem nagar ke raaja
aao naacho dhoom machaao
dhoom machaao

12 Responses to "O roop nagar ki raani dekho roothh ke na jaao"

Heartiest Congratulations Shri. Arunkumar ji on completing nine years on this blog. A B I G Thank you for all the posts. All your posts are close to our hearts like you.
Please keep posting and enlightening us on the HFM history, interesting facts about artistes, producers, directors etc.
Congratulations once again !!!


Thank you, Avinash ji.


Arun Ji,
Happy to note that you have completed 9 years, writing posts averaging one every fourth day. Really commendable. Thanks for all the highly informative posts . Regards


Thank you, Satish ji.


Comments from Shri. Harish Raghuwanshi ji ,

Dear Arunkumar ji

Today.1-10-2021, you are completing 9 years with atulsongaday.


Film industry got correct information otherwise there were

chances of passing wrong information about artistes, singers, music

directors which may not be corrected in future.

There are many film personalities whose correct name was not known

also same name 3-4 artistes were got wrong identity.

Wish music lovers get benefit of your knowledge for long time.

Harish Raghuwanshi


Liked by 1 person

Harish ji,
Thank you for your kind words.
You have always been helpful and supportive during my this journey . I am grateful to you.
Here is wishing you good health.
-Arunkumar Deshmukh.

Liked by 1 person

Dear Deshmukhji, I have been an avid reader of your posts. Wishing you a very long and healthy life and expecting your posts for next 25 years.


Jitendra Desai ji,
Very happy to know that you like my posts. It is always my endeavour to provide something new and interesting to the readers, who spend their time in reading the posts.
Thanks for your kind words and good wishes.


Arun ji,

Congratulations on completing 9 fruitful years. Giving new information in every post is a Herculean task requiring Har Saahas, Hanuman Kripa.

To many more Musical, healthy, peaceful and prosperous years.


Thanks for your appreciation. Such comments give me a sense of fulfilment for my work.


Please accept my congratulations and belayed greetings on your ninth anniversary. You have become a well-known personality across serious followers of old film music.

Liked by 1 person

Thanks, AK ji.


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