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Na roop dekhiye na naam dekhiye

Posted on: October 3, 2021

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Today’s song is from the ‘1973’ movie ‘Samjhauta’. This movie had five songs already p0sted on the blog and it has been waiting for its final song since 17.07.2021, when the last song of this movie was posted.

The remaining song of this movie was already sent by our dear Prakash ji. I was about to send it with regular details to Atul ji so that we can ‘Yippeeee’ this movie.

However, when I listened to the song, its lyrics triggered some thoughts and what follows below are some real-life situations that I came across and the thoughts that came to my mind.

#Flashback-1, Year 2010#

Let me tell you one incidence. One fine day I was coming back, after finishing my work at the Bank at its Mundra (Kachchh) Port Branch. I was driving and on the way to my home in Mundra.

On the way there was a young lad waiving for lift. I give him lift and drive to Mundra. On reaching his destination he got off from the car and said thanks. I just enquired about him and came to know that he had finished his diploma in Mech Engineering just few months back and he was looking for a job.

He came from MP to his relatives at Mundra for job prospectus in their organisation, but that organisation did not oblige relatives of employees for job, so he was looking for other prospects.

The organisation where I was working were looking for candidates for my department i.e., Stores. So, I asked this guy to send his CV so that I can call him for an interview with the recruitment committee members.

However, there were some changes in the recruitment plans at our organisation, so it was all cancelled for then.

This guy later left Mundra to his hometown in MP and later I came to know that he got a job in a company having their works at Nagpur.

I was happy to know this.

During this period this guy was always in touch with me, as we share the same interests i.e., reading and writing.


I had in one of my post have mentioned how I started my professional journey and how people and my seniors helped me to become what I am today.
I will always be grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Yes, some people like me are lucky enough to get ‘right push’ whereas many like me may be deprived of opportunities or that just one chance to prove themselves, and they might have been lost permanently in oblivion. After all it is a game of luck first and your hard work later, but combination of both always.

Inheriting the generousness from my parents and other generous people who helped me, it was very natural for me to help people as and when possible, given the resources I had.

The exposure I got at the workplace was also in favour as I got to be in ‘decision-making’ positions in all my professional life except the earlier few years. After that most of the time I was as an in-charge of something or other or Head of the Department for my function (in middle management layer).
Simultaneously with working I had joined learning through distance education mode. I was also attending many behavioural and functional trainings on my own. Sometimes these would be sponsored by my employer too. This all helped a lot in the growth of me professionally, personally, and functionally.

As usual for the position of a departmental head people always keep approaching for employment either for their near and dear ones, or distant relatives or friends and their relatives. Given my nature I always tried to help and give opportunity to people coming to me irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, and region.

I always tried to select people on the merit basis and those who are ready to work hard.
Since I had myself already gone through a tough route, I expect others to put that much of effort to gain the knowledge of the subject at work. Also, I wanted to ensure that no injustice is done to anybody.

Secondly, I was very much interested in training the new recruits, explaining them the processes and the needs of complying with the standards, by arranging various training programs for them.
I always enjoyed the joy of training somebody and imparting the training on functional as well as behavioural and the management standards. I was always ready to share whatever I know about anything.

I also wanted the boys to give their 100% percent and enjoy the work. Keep trying, learn new things and share all that I give to them. And so that simultaneously they can grow in their personal and professional life. (I must mention here that all of them who worked under me keep in touch with me even after my leaving the organisation and they fondly remember me. )

Sometimes I may have been more possessive for something, but whatever I had done was to achieve excellence in the function and to reduce the response time by giving prompt service to our customers – either internal or external.

During this process I was also exploring my ‘purpose’ of life. I want to realise what my true potential was. I meet my motivational guru Late Shri. Rooshikumar Pandya around this time in 2010.

My morale was very high during those days and I had also joined a new organisation as a ‘Manager’. I had also taken membership and later become a life member of AMA & QCFI in the quest of learning more. I was all enjoying this with my work.

It was then when I had got published my daughter’s poem when she was studying in VIIth standard only.
So overall I was just moving upward in all spheres of life.


#Flashback -2, Year 2015 …

I was at Nagpur and working with an engineering construction company. Before that in December’2014 I had left my job and was looking for job opportunities. I had contacted some of my close contacts – my ex-bosses – and that is how I finally landed in Nagpur.

Here I had the responsibility of maintaining supply of materials to the various sites running in different parts of the country. (It was during this period that I attended the Atulites’ gang-outs too).

Along with the responsibility at corporate office I was given an independent charge to look after our site works at Mundi (near Khandwa). We were also hiring peoples for different sites.

This guy, whom I mentioned above, who had met me at Mundra, was looking for a job. He had left the job at Nagpur, after working one year there he later joined studies for graduation in engineering. Now he had completed his studies and was looking for job opportunity.

He contacted me with a request to help him. I recommended him to my immediate senior to give him a chance.
What I was asked by my senior was how I knew this person and how he knew me?
I told the above incidence of giving lift to this person and what followed next.
(Some of my colleagues also crack jokes on me what I was doing).

How do I trust a guy whom I had meet only once and that too on the road? was the next question.

Chairman of this company was the same person who had given me a chance to work when he was my Site In charge at Parli – Vaijnath (in 1985) when I was working in construction line as a ‘storekeeper’ and had just started my journey of industrial working.

I told my senior (vice president) that we should give an opportunity to this person so that he can start earning something and shape his career further, in the same way how I was given an opportunity in the past. If I had not been given an opportunity to work in my earlier days, I would never have reached where I am today.

This person was included in the team, and he served there for almost two years. In between he was always discussing with me about his interests and each time I guided him to follow what his heart dctated. I also encouraged him as and when required.
(My guru had given us a ‘mantra’ ‘do whatever you want, but excel in whatever you do’.
This person then started uploading his ‘poetry recitation videos’ on YouTube.

Later he left the company to ‘realise his true potential’ and soon found his ‘purpose of life’. He keeps uploading his videos of ‘poem recitation’ on ‘YouTube’. Slowly his followers keep increasing on ‘YT’ and ‘Instagram’.

Meanwhile I left for Kenya for a job opportunity (where one of my ex-bosses was a director and there was a suitable opportunity suiting my profile).


I came back from Kenya after completing a project and I was there for almost three years.
The guy in my story is now famous as a ‘motivational speaker’, and famous for his ‘motivational poems’ and other ‘poems’ recitation’. His videos are watched and seen by many on YouTube and on Instagram.

He had also published a book of his writings.

Even today whenever we discuss he fondly remembers that day and always tells me ‘Sir, that day has changed my life forever, it is because of you whatever I have achieved today’.


“I quote a few lines from today’s song below

kitney hi taansen gumnaam rah gaye ae
ek mauka naa milaa to
naakaam ho gaye
tulsidas kayee hain
kayee tagore bhi yahaan
ek aap hi na samjhen
hain ghaalib aur bhi yahaan
hain laakhon kalaakaar
paarkhi ki kami hai
heerey to hain hazaar
jauhari ki kami hai

That reminded me of the following ‘sanskrit shloka’ which my guru used to quote in his training programs.

“Aamantram aksharon naasti
Naasti mulamanaushdham
Ayogya puroshoh naasti
Yojaksya tatra durlabh”

‘There is not a single letter of an alphabet out of which you cannot make a ‘mantra’,
There is not a single root of a tree out of which you cannot make a ‘medicine’,
There is not a single person who is unfit or incapable,
The one who brings out mantra from a letter of an alphabet, medicine from the root of a tree, and the best of people, those people are rare’


Today’s song is sung by Kishore Kumar. It is lip synced by Anil Dhawan on screen. We can also see Pradeep Kumar, Ajitesh Bannerjee, Junior artiste Maqsood, and dancer Chinoo Rajput and many others in the picturisation of this song.

“Samjhautaa-1973” was directed by Ajoy Biswas for ‘Jwala Pictures Pvt. Ltd, Bombay’.
It was produced by Sundeep Sethi.

It had Yogita Bali, Anil Dhawan, Shatrughan Sinha, Ajitesh, Pradeep Kumar, Naaz, Sulochana, Asit Sen, Sajjan, Randhir, Tarun Bose, Jankidas, Manik Dutt, Jagdish Raj, Polsan, Dilip Dutt, Madhu Apte, Samar Roy, Gautam Mukherji, Bachan Singh, Sajan, Prem Master Bunty.

This movie introduced Ajitesh Bannerjee, and Keshto Mukherjee and Bipin Gupta had a special appearance in this movie.

Story of this movie was written by Sukhen Das, whereas the screenplay and dialogues of this movie was written by Inder Raj Anand.

Editing of this movie was done by Tarun Dutta.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 31.05.1973.

This movie had six songs including one multiple version song. Lyrics for the five out of six songs were written by Indeevar (including one multiple version song) and for one song lyrics were written by Verma Malik.

Music for this movie was composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Here are the details of the songs of this movie.

Sno Song Title Singer Lyricist Posted On
1 Tanak tuk tandaa… aise logon ka dhandha Kishore Kumar Verma Malik 17 July 2021
2 Badi door se aaye hain pyaar ka tohfa laaye hain Mohd Rafi Indeevar 03 December 2008
3 Koi nahin hai mera Mohd Rafi Indeevar 21 November 2008
4 & 6 Samjhauta ghamon se kar lo Multiple version song Lata Mangeshkar/ Kishore Kumar Indeevar 24 July 2010
5 Saikado Kishore yahaan…na roop dekhiye na naam dekhiye Kishore Kumar Indeevar Being covered today

Let us now enjoy today’s song.

Lyrics for this song were sent by Prakash ji.

With today’s song all songs of this movie ‘Samjhauta-1973’ gets covered on the blog and this movie joins the ‘Yippeeee-club’ 😊



Song-Na roop dekhiye na naam dekhiye (Samjhauta)(1973) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Indeewar MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

saikdon kishore yahaan
arrey sainkdon lata aa
bin suney chalega tumhen
kis tarah pataa aa
dil naa badhaao na sahi ee
dil to naa todo o
bekason pe zulm ke yoon
teer naa chhodo

naa roop dekhiye
naa naam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
naa roop dekhiye
naa naam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye

ye puraane log
ye puraane raaste ae
ye puraane log
ye puraane raaste
maut hai puraanaapan
kalaa ke waaste
maukaa naye khoon ko
diya hi naa jaayegaa
maukaa naye khoon ko gar diya hi naa jaayegaa
kalaa mein phir nayaapan
kahaan se aa paayegaa
jo aaj hain mash’hoor oo oo oor
jo aaj hain mash’hoor
kal wo bhi thhe naye
aage kisi ne unko badhaaya to badh gaye
aage kisi ne unko
badhaaya to badh gaye
na roop dekhiye
naa naam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye

kitney hi taansen gumnaam rah gaye ae
kitney hi taansen gumnaam rah gaye ae
ik mauka naa milaa to
naakaam rah gaye
tulsidas kayee hain
kayee tagore bhi yahaan
tulsidas kayee hain
kayee tagore bhi yahaan
ek hi aap na samjhen
hain ghaalib aur bhi yahaan
hain laakhon kalaakaar aa aa aa rr
hain laakhon kalaakaar
paarkhi ki kami hai
heerey to hain hazaar
jauhari ki kami hai
heerey to hain hazaar
jauhari ki kami hai
na roop dekhiye
naa naam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
na roop dekhiye
naa naam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye
jo dekhiye to aadmi ka kaam dekhiye

Smaller version
apnaa ke mujhe aapne yoon zindagi de di
khoya thha andheron mein mujhe raushni de di
yoon de ke pyaar aapne mera dil badhhaa diyaa
chhotey se ik chiraag ko sooraj banaa diyaa
hum jaise aur bhi naye aayenge kalaakaar
ummeed hai unn sabko aap denge yoon hi pyaar
ummeed hai unn sabko aap denge yoon hi pyaar

(Clapping sound)

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