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Do hi lafzon ka thhaa ye afsaana

Posted on: November 21, 2021

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Today’s song is a duet from the film Wamiq Azra-1946.

Ask anyone to name a famous love pair and the answer would be Romeo and Juliet, Laila Majnu or Shirin Farhad. These are all lovebirds from foreign lands. In fact Romeo and Juliet never even existed, they are the fictional char acters from the drama “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare in 1597 a.d. Layla-Majnun pair was from Arabia and Shirin and Khusro Farhad were from Persia or Iran. Likewise Wamiq and Azra were also from Persia.

There are several love pairs from our own Indian Mythology and Indian History, but most people do not either know about them or they simply do not remember, till reminded. So much for the knowledge of our own history ! How many of us really know about the love pairs from our Mythology, is a question better left unasked !

The famous Subhadra and Arjun pair, the Uttara- Abhimanyu pair which culminated in the sad end of Abhimanyu, and Usha- Aniruddha are some of the interesting love stories of Mythology. Surprisingly, there seem to be no love stories from Ramayana and all these are from Mahabharat or during the Krishn Avtar. And why not, when Krishna himself had Radha as his Love-mate.

Indian History too is replete with love stories like Jodha-Akbar, Salim- Anarkali, Bajirao -Mastani, Prithviraj-Sanyogita, Amrapali-Bimbisara, Mumal- Mahendra, Amaravati- Ambikapathy (Tamilnad) etc.etc.

In addition there are the Folk Love stories of India. India is a unique country in the world. ” Vividhata mein ekta” (विविधता में एकता ). A country which has 28 states and 9 UTs, 22 languages mentioned in its Constitution, 30 languages spoken by 30 lakh people each, 122 languages spoken by more than 10000 people each and 1652 languages spoken in all the country. So many religions are living amicably for thousands of years and still the country is ONE unit, when the Nation needs it. Proving all the Pundits of the world saying that India will break into pieces after independence, we are stronger and more developed by the day. So, what is the secret ?

The secret is its Culture, which keeps all faiths and languages bound together. In India, Culture is greater than and a bigger influence than individual religions. The flexibility, adaptability and readiness to make changes by the majority section, is the secret. This makes India the biggest Democracy in the world today. The entire world looks up to us as a final Saviour.

Culture and Folklore have bound Indians together. In every state there are its own Folk tales, Folk Dances and Folk Music. Still, some common Folklore is famous all over the country. Though every region has its own Folklores, Lovers’ Folk lore from Punjab and Sind have been traditionally well known throughout India, e.g. Heer-Ranjha or Sohni-Mahiwal etc etc. Our films have a great contribution in keeping the country United and Together,despite calamities and aggressions. Some of the Folk tales of Love from Punjab and Sindh became well known due to films made on them.

There are 9 Tragic Love stories from Punjab and Sindh,in which both the lovers die without getting united. These 9 Love stories are-
Heer – Ranjha
Dhaj-Rorkumar (Unlike most pairs,in Mirza Sahiban,the Male name comes First !)
Dhola-Maaru (a story from Rajasthan).

Indian film producers have helped spread these Immortal Love stories by making movies on them,as under-
Heer-Ranjha… Films made in 1931,32,48 and 1970
Mirza-Sahiban… In 1933,35,47 and 1957
Sassi-Punnu… In 1932,33 and 1946
Sohni-Mahiwal…In 1933,46,58 and 1984
Umar-Marvi…in 1942
Noorie-Tamchi…In 1934

Film Wamiq Azra-1946 was made by Hind Pictures, Bombay. It was owned by actor, Director Nazir Ahmed khan who was a very enterprising and capable, multi faceted artiste. He acted in 25 films, from 1933 to 1942, directed 8 films from 1940 to 1947,sang 7 songs in 5 films and even wrote lyrics in filmAabroo-1943. His first wife was Sitara Devi-dancer and actress, who eloped with his nephew-K.Asif. His second wife was Swarnalata-a Siyal Sikh actress. Nazir established his film Studio in Dadar-Hind Pictures. In the riots of 1947, his studio was burnt by a frenzied mob and he stood in a corner watching it burn completely, while he smoked cigarettes. Next week he migrated to Pakistan with wife Swarnalata in tow. He is regarded as the builder and developer of Pakistani Film industry, in the initial stages.

The film was directed by his Cinematographer Nazir Ajmeri. This was his first film as a Director and later he directed Rupa-46, Keemat-46, Majboor-48 and Abida-48, before he too migrated to Pakistan and joined his Mentor Nazir Ahmed khan. The film had music by A.R.Qureshi (29-4-1919 to 3-2-2000). He gave music to 40 films composing 356 songs and singing 14 songs in 7 films. By 1958 he left films and concentrated on his speciality- Tabla, holding concerts all over the world. He became very famous with his real name All Rakha Khan. His son Zakir Hussain is also an internationally famous Tabla Nawaz.

The songs of this film were written by Lyricist Tanvir Naqvi. Tanvir Naqvi ( real name- Syed Khursheed Ali ) was born on 16th February 1919, at Lahore. His father was a Jahagirdar and elder brother was ADC to a Nawab. Tanvir went to Persia, along with father, where he was educated in Urdu and Persian. From the age of 14 years, he started writing poetry and participated in various Mushairas. He published a book ” Suhane Sapne ‘ of his poetry. By chance, A R Kardar read it and called Tanvir to Bombay to write for his film ‘ Swami’-41 made by CIRCO.

In his next film, Nai Duniya-42, Suraiya sang his song as her First song. His films Anmol Ghadi-46 and Jugnu-47 became hits and all his songs were appreciated much. He had earned a good name. However, after the film Parda-49, he migrated to Pakistan. In 1954, K.Asif invited him to India to write songs for his film ‘Mughal E Azam’, but by that time, Naushad had built his own team and he declined to take Tanvir Naqvi. From 1954 to 1959, Tanvir did many films. He also joined S.Mohinder and wrote songs for his 7 films.

In 1959, Tanvir Naqvi shifted again to Pakistan, but this time for good. There also, he wrote for many films,like Koel, Jhoomar, Salma, Gulfam,Elaan etc etc. He also wrote for Punjabi films. He had married Idaan- elder sister of actress singer Nurjehan. However,since he had no children from her, he married again and had 2 children. He died in Lahore on 1-11-1972. In India, he wrote 224 songs for 48 films. Some of his songs are popular even today.

Today’s song is sung by A.R.Qureshi and Naseem Akhtar.

Song-Do hi lafzon ka thha ye afsaana (Wamiq Azra)(1946) Singers-A R Qureshi, Naseem Akhtar, Lyrics-Tanveer Naqvi, MD-A R Qureshy


Do hi lafzon ka thha ye afsaana
jo suna par khaamosh ho baithhe ae
ik ada ye ke tumko paaya thha aa
phir kaha ye ki tujhko kho baithhe

bhala koi kyun kar tumhen bhool jaaye
bhala koi kyun kar tumhe bhool jaaye ae ae ae ae
bhulaane se tum aur bhi yaad aaye
bhulaane se tum aur bhi yaad aaye

na socha na samjha
na dekha na bhaala aa
na socha na samjha
na dekha na bhaala
chale aaye hum tujhpe duniyaa lutaaye
chale aaye hum tujhpe duniyaa lutaaye

na maano
magar jab se tumse juda hain
na maano
magar jab se tumse juda hain
tumhaari kasam
hum nahin muskuraaye
tumhari kasam
hum nahin muskuraaye
bhala koi kyun kar tumhen bhool jaaye
bhala koi kyun kar tumhen bhool jaaye
ae ae ae ae
bhulaane se tum aur bhi yaad aaye
bhulaane se tum aur bhi yaad aaye

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