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Rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai

Posted on: July 25, 2008

A cute song from 1973. Rekha, a raw teenager was an ugly duckling and an immature youngster at that time,who was not expected to go very far in Bollywood. She would later turn over a new leaf in 1978. But that was far off in the future. This movie was only her third movie, and here she was paired with a leading actor for the first time. Her earlier two heroes were debutants Navin Nischol and Randheer Kapoor.

The picturisation of the song shows Dharmendra, who has won over Rekha, expressing his love for her in a rather unsophisticated way, and that puts Rekha in an embarrasing position, when Dharmedra publicly announces that the girl standing next to him loves him for a long time. Words like this ensured that this “timepass” song became quite popular among lowbrow movie watchers and their radio listening counterparts.

And I, all of 10 years of age, was very much a proud member of the large group of movie hall front benchers who loved this song, especially Rekha’s embarrassed one liner ” Maine aisa to nahin kaha tha”.

Kishore Kumar has sung this song with great enthusiasm. He was a versatile singer as we all know and he got to sing a similar song in another movie for another set of actors in the same year, and that song is very much in my shortlist of songs for this blog.

Coming back to this song, Dharmendra, known for dancing with two left feet, is at his charming best, who looked a natural in sweeping girls off their feet with his charms. With some other actor, it may have looked like the guy was taking undue advantage of the girl, but with Dharmendra, it looked like he was just teasing the girl good naturedly and pulling her leg ( figuratively, of course) and the girl was also enjoying it, despite some half hearted protestations to the contrary.

Rajinder Krishan, known for writing some seriously memorable lyrics in his career, too joins in the fun and lets his hair down, coming up with lyrics that were a tapori’s dream. This also reminds me of a Tapori song of the same genre, written by Rajinder Krishan himself, in 1951. (Yes, this 1951 song is also in my scheme of things).

PS-Now I have come to know that the words “maine aisa to nahin kahaa thaa” are not uttered by Rekha, but by Usha Timothy. But Usha Timothy herself requested at that time not to be credited since she thought that she had just talked and not sung this song.

Song- Arre rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai (Kahaani Kismat ki 1973) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Usha Timothy,Chorus, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


suno suno
Arre suno suno, Ae bhaaiyon, bahanon
arre Magan bhaaii, Chhagan bhaaii, saamaalo re daamaalo
O Raaghobaa, O Dhondibaa aaisa o aaisa
O Karnal Singh
O Jarnail Singh
arre tussii bhii suno paape

Arre raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
Arre raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
arre aankh jisase ladii hai vo paas mere khadi hai
mujhe jaanti hai jabase ye marti hai tabse
main bhi ise chori chhupe chaahataa hoon tabse
dil mein ye mere bas gayi !
ae kudi fans gai !!

arre ye kyaa kah rahe ho ? maine aisaa to nahiin kaha tha

he he !! arre raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
arre raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
aankh jisse ladii hai vo paas mere khadi hai

mujhe pyaar sikhaaya kisne? isne!
mujhe pyaar sikhaaya kisne? isne!
mujhe pyaar sikhaake deevaana banaaya kisne? arre isne!
ye pyaar ka kamaal hai sharaab ka suroor nahin
honaa thaa so ho gayaa kisiikaa bhii qusoor nahin
saanson mein mere ras gayi !!
e kudii fans gayi !!
oh ho! ye kyaa kah rahe ho?
maine aisaa to nahiin kahaa thaa!!

hmm hmmmm!! are raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
are raftaa raftaa dekho aankh meri ladi hai
aankh jisase ladii hai vo paas mere khadi hai

arre pahle sharaarat kisne ki? isne ki!
arre pahle sharaarat kisne ki? isne kii!
arre pahle sharaarat karke mohabbat kisane ki?
arre isne ki!!
isako pasand main, mujhe ye pasand hai
dil se mila hail dil baat yahaan band hai
baat bhi hai ye asali!!
o Paandobaa, porgi fasli re fasli!
arre paagal ho gaye ho kyaa? maine aisaa to nahin kaha thaa!
aagaye! zavaal ye laajo nako
ye! zavaal ye laajo nako
ye! zavaal ye laajo nako
ye! zavaal ye laajo nako


Listen, all you ladies and gentlemen, HEy magan bhai, Chagan bhai, Raghoba, Dhondiba
Hey Karnail Singh, Jarnail Singh, You too listen, mate

Slowly my eyes have met her eyes
Owner of those eyes is there standing beside me
She loved me right from the day she knew me
I too was secretly in love with her from that time
She is firmly entrenched in my heart
The girl has fallen for me

What is it that you are talking about. I never said so.

Who taught me love? She did

Who caused me to be madly in love? she did
I am drunk with love, not with alcohol
What had to happen has happened and no one is to be blamed

What is it that you are talking about. I never said so.

Who was the first to resort to teasing ? she was
Who first teased and then loved ? She did
She likes me, I like her
We are so likeminded, that it settles the issue
And that is indeed the fact

Have you gone nuts ? I never said so.

Listen, all you people,
The girl has fallen for me

7 Responses to "Rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai"

Brings back memories of the mid-70s.
Total tapori song, pretty popular at that time.
I used to sing it a lot – one of that “low-brow” crowd, I suppose. 🙂


I am sure you must have guessed the other similar tapori song of that era too,Raja.


All right, if this is lowbrow, then I am lowbrow too (well, I already knew that)…I haven’t watched this yet although I have it. I adore Dharmendra. Must see.


Hahaha, welcome to the group of lowbrows.


Love this song. And Kishore’s accent is just right! I’ll have a “tapori” Dharam to any shareef.


One of the most entertaining song to perform on stage in bollywood musicals even today.. Due credits also to my Grand Uncle KISHORE REGE who was not just my Dada Mamaji, but also the CINEMATOGRAPHER of this song.


Nice to know that your Grand Uncle was the cinematographer of this song. Indeed there are so many behind the scene artists who remain unsung and whose contributions are required to be acknowledged. We in this blog definitely acknowledge their contributions. We will be much obliged if you can share more information about your grand uncle.


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