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Ye rut haseen ye raahen

Posted on: January 21, 2022

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Today’s song is from an obscure C grade action film Chini Jadugar-1959.

The film was made under the banner of Noshirwan Movietone, Bombay, – possibly owned by the director of this film – Noshir Engineer. He was also its Producer. He was a specialist director of action/stunt/costume films. He directed 7 films, starting with the film Inteqam-1947. The came Shamsheerbaz-53,Carnival Queen-55, Diler Daku-57, Circus Queen-59, Chini Jadugar-59 and lastly it was Noor Mahal-1965, In 5 of these films the MD was Shafi M Nagari.

The composer for the film Chini Jadugar-59 was ‘Shafi M. Nagri’. It was a riddle. Who was this Shafi Nagri ? In a few films, his name also appeared as Shafi Nagri. I was tired of searching for information in books and on the Internet, about this Shafi. Finally, the riddle was solved by Shri Girdharilal ji Vishwakarma, the famous Historian and Collector of songs. He explained that this person was none other than Shafi mohd. Nagri -popularly known as Mohd. Shafi !

Composer Mohd. Shafi ( 25-12-1925 to 30-4-1980 ) was one of those talented artistes of Hindi Film Music who was only used by others and never got enough credit for his work.He is honoured as “The original Arranger” in the industry.He was an excellent Sitar player. He started with the Imperial Film company-where he played Bulbul Tarang. In 1937 he went to Calcutta, joined New Theatres and played Sitar in films Kapal Kundala-39 and Aandhi-40, as an assistant to Pankaj Mullick and K.C.Dey. He played the sitar in the film “Ujala”-42. In this film, the Hero-Prithviraj kapoor was shown as a Sitar player,hence the expertise of Shafi was fully utilised in this film.

Starting with the film ‘Haqdaar’-46, he gave music to 19 Hindi films and 2 Marathi films. He worked with Naushad, as his assistant and Arranger, for 14 years.He was considered a ‘Dada’ in Background music.He gave Background music to about 70 films( for Naushad and others). For Mughal E Azam, K.Asif used to send his personal car to fetch him to studio. It was said that Shafi gave the first break to Suman Hemmadi(Kalyanpur) in Mangu-54 and Hemlata in the unreleased film Iraada.

Shafi had bought his first car when he was just 15 year old. He had a posh flat in Shivaji Park area of Dadar in Bombay. In the end , everything was gone.He had helped families of Shakeel Badayuni and Ghulam Mohammed after their deaths. However in his last difficult days , except Rafi, no one came for his help. In the final few months, his memory had gone. His Begum ruefully said,” Good that he does not remember anything. All took his advantage and gave him nothing. There were more things to forget than to remember ! ”

It is said that the entire music of Sohni Mahiwal-58 was done by him. Naushad was sick during this period and did not attend even one recording. “Do hanson ka joda” and “Dhoondo dhoondo re saajna” Gunga Jamuna-61 were his creations. He used to give tunes to many composers too-whoever asked for help.

It is believed that Shafi also acted in 2 films, namely Jungi Jawan-43 and Diler Detective-48. As a MD, he gave music to 19 films and composed 125 songs.

Film Chini jadugar-1959 had music by Shafi M Nagari. Now, who is this composer ? A search on HFGK gives names of films for him, namely Krishna Kanhaiya-52, Shamsheerbaz-53, Sher dil-54, Carnival Queen-55, Diler Daku-57, Circus Queen-59 and Chini Jadugar-59. Well known Music expert and collector Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji has confirmed that it is none other than composer Mohd. Shafi only. In this name he gave music to 7 films and composed 48 songs.

During the Studio system and later on, few known MDs too availed of this trick to find a way out of the rules. For example, Snehal Bhatkar used different names to give music as long as he worked in HMV. C.Ramchandra used the name Annasaheb or P Ramakant when giving music to action/stunt films, Lata Mangeshkar gave music in the name of Anandghan, Hafiz Khan Mastana used the alias Gunjan and S D Batish used Nirmal Kumar. So, it is no wonder that while assisting Naushad for so many years, Mohd. Shafi used an alias for giving music to outside films.

The cast of the film Chini Jadugar consisted of Kamran, Krishnakumari,Shaikh, Habeeb,Vasantrao pehelwan, Ismail,Rajni, Moti (Dog), Ustad (Horse) and many others. Kamran was the Hero. Kamran khan Rizvi was a regular Stunt Hero and I used to enjoy his films. He started his film career with Baghi Sipahi-36, a film made by East India Film Co, Calcutta. A.R.Kardar was its Director. Later on Kamran came to Bombay, along with kardar, who was his Patron for quite some time.

Hero Kamran and Heroine Nazi was a popular combination of 12 stunt films, those days. Kamran worked in 52 films. In 1963, film Bachpan was being directed by Nazar Ahmed. He had some disputes with the Producer and he left the film midway. The Debutant Hero Salim ( father of actor Salman Khan) and Debutant Heroine Menaka ( Eldest sister of Daisy and Honey Irani…all daughters of Mrs. P.N. Irani, a greedy mother, who spoiled the childhood of her children for money) were in trouble. Kamran stepped in and completed the film by directing the balance part, without taking any money. During this period, he fell in love with Menaka and they got married. Her film career ended there only. They had one son and one daughter ( Actor, compere, Director Sajid Khan and famous Choreographer and Director Farah khan).

Kamran stopped getting Hero’s roles, as stunt films were not being made to that extent in the 70s and later period. He decided to become producer and Director. This proved to be his nemesis. He failed miserably,lost everything and became an alcoholic. He divorced Menaka, who worked as a Housekeeper in a 5 star hotel (Hotel Sea Rock) and he lived in his big flat in Versova with 2 children but no money. He died in 1985.

Kamran directed 11 films from Panch Ratan-65 to Ban Manush-80. His last film as an actor was Nastik-83.

In the cast there is the name of an actor, Shaikh. Sheikh was a Comedy actor in the 40s,50s and the 60s. He has acted in 170 films,as per Muvyz stats. He sang 10 songs in 7 films as per HFGK (Daulat ki duniya-47, Fifty Fifty-UR, Nakli Baap-49, Jiya Raja-49, Dushman-50, Hatimtai-56 and Naagmani-57).

He was essentially a B and C grade film comedian, so his name is not known to most people. Sanjeev Narvekar’s book, “Eena meena deeka” gives very little information about him. In his hey-days, he was popular in a class of people who were regulars of stunt,fantasy and action films. He was a fixture in almost all Wadia films. He was the main singer in the iconic qawali, “Humen to loot liya milke husn walon ne ‘ from the film Al Hilal-58. (It was the 5000th song on this Blog)

He had directed 2 films, Shahnaaz-48 and Mr.Toofan-63. He started his career in Hindi films with Pakke badmash-39. Before that he had acted in a Marathi film “Netaji Palkar-39″by Bhalji Pendharkar (info from CITWF). His last film was Aadamkhor-85. No information is available on his life anywhere.

Today’s song is a duet, sung by S.Balbir and Suhasini Kolhapure. She sang only 6 songs in 5 films like Sabse bada Rupiah-55, Shahi bazar-57, Chini Jadugar-59, Laalach-60 and Saaya-61., before disappearing without a trace.

With this song, film Chini Jadugar-59 makes a Debut on the Blog.

Song- Ye rut haseen ye raahen (Cheeni Jaadoogar)(1959)Singers- S Balbir, Suhasini Kolhapure, Lyricist- Akhtar Romani, MD- Shafi M. Nagari aka Mohd. Shafi



Ye rut haseen ye raahen

Ye rut haseen ye raahen
ye jawaan jawaan nigaahen
mehki hawaayen
behki fizaayen
dil kyun machal na jaaye
Ye rut haseen ye raahen

aankhon mein hai rang suhaane
honthon pe naye afsaane
ae kaash yahin thham jaayen
yoon pyaar ki ye mastaani
chhoote na saath
chhoote na haath
aao sapan ??yen
Ye rut haseen ye raahen

main phool agar ban jaaun
main bhanwra ban ke gaaun
ban jaaun agar main titli
main ban ke hawa lahraaun
aayi bahaar laayi qaraar
Ye rut haseen ye raahen

udte huye kaale baadal
lehraata hua ye aanchal
nazron mein anokhi masti
dil mein hai niraali halchal
jaage umang naache pawan
do dil jo muskuraayen
Ye rut haseen ye raahen
ye jawaan jawaan nigaahen
mehki hawaayen
behki fizaayen
dil kyun machal na jaaye
Ye rut haseen ye raahen

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