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Diya bujhaao jhatpat jhatpat

Posted on: February 7, 2022

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Today’s song is a special one. It is from the film Taxi 555-1958. The film was released on 30-11-1958 at Super Cinema in Bombay. Why I call this song a Special song is, because this song ( Diya bujhaao, jhatpat jhatpat ) is a parody of K L Saigal’s well known song ” Diya Jalaao, jagmag jagmag” from the film Tansen -1943. Of course the Parody stops only at the Mukhada of the song. The style or the tune of the rest of the song is entirely different, nevertheless the mukhada, being famous, undoubtedly reminds us of Saigal’s song.

Fil Taxi 555-1958 was a Murder Mystery, though HFGK calls it a Social film. Although the 50’s decade was the peak of the Golden period of HFM, in terms of Melody, Content, Tune and Rendition, the type of films slowly changed to Crime, Murder mysteries and Detective stories, towards the end of the decade, The 60’s decade was full of such films. However films like Agra Road,, Aparadhi Kaun, Begunah, Nau do gyarah and Ustad (5 films) in 1957 and 10 O’Clock, 12 O’Clock, Detective, Howrah Bridge, Kala Pani, Mujrim, Phir subah Hogi, Post box 999, Solva saal, Taxi 555 (10 films) in 1958 were indicators of the dominant film genres of the coming times.

Film Taxi 555, a Murder mystery filmwas made by Golden Movies- owned by producer Mulkraj Bhakri and directed by his brotherLekhraj Bhakri. All the 8 songs of the film were written by Prem Dhawan and the Music Director was Sardar Malik, assisted ably by arranger Sebastian D’Souza.

As the name suggests, Sebastian was from Goa. A typical Goan likes to live life-“Sushegaat”- which loosely means “Araam se” or a carefree life. Their philosophy is Eat, Drink and be Merry. This Merry part included Music. Goa has given many musicians to India. Lata/Asha are from Mangeshi-Goa, though the family had shifted to Kolhapur, Music Directors Dattaram(Wadkar) and N.Datta(Datta Naik), Singers Kishori Amonkar, Kesarbai Kerkar, Shobha Mudgal, Hema Sardesai, Prabhakar Karekar, Remo fernandes, Lorna are from Goa.(The list is only indicative, not exhaustive).
Anthony Gonsalves was from Majorda-Goa. He worked for Naushad, O P Nayyar and Laxmikant Pyarelal (‘My name is Anthony Gonsalves’ song is a tribute by Laxmikant Pyarelal to him, as he taught Pyarelal so many things including Notations.)

Chick Chocolate aka Anthony Vaz from Aldona-Goa—he worked for C.Ramchandra mainly.

Chris Perry worked for Khayyam,R D Burman,Kalyanji Anandji, and Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Frank Fernando- worked with Anil Biswas, Kishore Kumar, Roshan and C.Ramchandra.

Sebastian D’Souza from Bicholim-Goa—worked for Shanker Jaikishen from 1952 to 1975 and also with O P Nayyar. Incidentally, he is the one Arranger who worked with a maximum number of different Music Directors,irrespective whether they were small, medium or big ones, new or old ones.

Most of the players of western instruments in the Orchestras were from Goa. Only some are mentioned.

Sebastian D’Souza was one of the most reputed arrangers in Bollywood, who did his best-known work with the duo of Shankar-Jaikishan between 1952 and 1975. His first break was with O. P. Nayyar. The first tune he arranged was “Pritam aan milo”, which was sung by C. H. Atma in 1955. He devised a system of notation that incorporated the microtones that characterised Indian melodies.

Sebastian was born on 29 January 1906 in Reis-Magos, Goa. He learnt to play the violin and piano in a local church school. While learning these instruments, he also learnt to write music notation. It was during this time that he listened to the famous symphonies of well-known composers of the western world, namely, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Haydon and Richard Wagner. Deeply interested in violin and piano, Sebastian continued his learning and went to places like Allahabad, Mussorie and Delhi. At Delhi, in Hotel Astoria, he started his own band and people appreciated it. In 1942, he went to Lahore, and in Hotel Stiffels, he started his own band. This continued until 1947. After partition, he went to Bombay and started his career as a violinist in the film industry. He played for well-known music directors like Anil Biswas, Naushad, Vinod, Ghulam Haider, Husnlal-Bhagatram, S. D. Burman, Sajjad Hussain and Shanker-Jaikishan.

He started his career as a Music Arranger in 1948-49 with O. P. Nayyar when Nayyar recorded his first song “Preetam aan milo…..” sung by C. H. Atma and written by Mrs. Saroj Mohini Nayyar (O. P. Nayyar’s wife) . After three years, Nayyar signed his first film, Dalsukh Pancholi’s “Aasmaan”, as an independent music director. At that time he called Sebastian to work as his Arranger. Sebastian, thus, started his career as an arranger with O. P. Nayyar in 1952 which he continued till 1973. The last film for which he worked with O. P. Nayyar was ‘Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye’. Incidentally this was also the last film of singer Asha Bhosale with Nayyar.

In 1952, Sebastian’s friend Sunny Castellino, who worked as an arranger for Shanker-Jaikishan, introduced Sebastian to the duo. So Sebastian started as Shanker-Jaikishan’s arranger from 1952 with Amiya Chakravarty’s Daag, and continued until 1975. Film Sanyasi was Sebastian’s last film with them.

In film Daag as an arranger, Sebastian’s most successful innovative work was the creation of a memorable counter-melody for a song sung by both Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshker –‘Ai mere dil kahin aur chal…..’. According to Sebastian, in this song he used the accordion for creating counter-melody along with violin and mandolin. And the result was excellent. Sebastian used accordion for interlude music in a number of songs but its use as the main instrument for counter-melody was rare.

Shankar-Jaikishan being lovers of Indian Classical Music, composed a LP record titled Raga Jazz Style in which they presented 11 Raga in Jazz style. Sebastian arranged the music and wrote the notations. Sebastian also worked for great music directors like Salil Chowdhury, Vasant Desai, S. D. Burman, Madan Mohan, Roshan, Dattaram and N. Dutta. Sebastian occasionally worked for Vinod, Sardar Malik, S.Mohinder, Kalyanji Veerji Shah, Kanu Ghosh, Iqbal Qureshi, Prem Dhawan, Shyamji Ghanashyamji and Nitin Mangesh as well. And he never forgot to express his gratitude towards renowned musicians such as Robert Correa and Mike Machado (the Pianists), Albuquerque, Verga, Simplicio D’Souza and John Gonsalves (the Cellists), V Balsara and Goody Seervai (the Accordionists), Duorado, Narvekar and Karnad (the solo Violinists) and David (the Mandolin player). He would also fondly recall his contemporary music arrangers such as Johny Gomes, Castellino, Chic Chocolate, Ram Singh, Rizbert and Franky.

When he died, on 9-3-1998, in his own Bungalow- “Seb-Maria “, he instructed that no money to be spent on his funeral and all that was saved should go to charity; such is the modesty of greats. Sebastian left behind a rich musical legacy which will live into generations after his time.

Sebastian’s remarkable contribution was his ability to combine Western orchestra with the Indian. His are the songs which we remember even today due to the richness of his musical arrangements and the variations in his melodies. Sebastian was a complete musician. His music lovers will remember his music for years to come. (Thanks to an article by Dr. Padmanabh Joshi. Parts of his article have been used here with adaptations,along with an article from the book ‘Rahe na rahe hum’ by Shantaram Mankikar and my notes.)

The film’s director was Lekhraj Bhakri. Let us know more about Lekhraj through an interesting incident in the life of a well known artiste…

An youngster, like millions of displaced Punjabis ,crossed over to India in 1947 from Abbottabad ( Now Pakistan), when the Indian subcontinent was divided. He and his family, like hundreds of other refugee families from Punjab, were given shelter in Kingsway camp located in north Delhi.

It was by chance that the youngster named Hari Kishan Goswami met his distant cousin Lekh Raj Bhakri, a filmmaker, who was on a visit to Delhi. The well experienced movie maker was impressed with the personality of the lanky handsome man & inquired from him if he is interested in being an actor. The young lad, who was a fan of Dilip Kumar , readily agreed & reached Bombay. Those days Bhakri Sahab was making a film Fashion-1957, with his favourite actor Pradeep Kumar ,Mala Sinha,Chandra Shekhar,Jabeen & Kammo & the shooting was in progress . Mr Goswami was told to be in the studio , to get himself acquainted with the nitty gritty of the film making .

So Goswami started working as an assistant to director Lekhraj Bhakri- for the film Fashion-57. There was a song in the film, in the voice of Hemant Kumar, to be shot on a Beggar on the screen. On the day of shooting, the actor who was supposed to do the role of the beggar and sing this song, did not come. Lekhraj Bhakri caught Hari kishen Goswami, put on the make up of the bearded beggar and made him sing this song on camera. Thus the debut of Goswami took place with Hemant Kumar’s song !

No one from the audience could ever imagine that the person with dishevelled hairs, having a big beard , and with a song on his lips is a handsome young man of 19 years . The movie was ‘Fashion’, released in 1957 & the song was , Composed & crooned by Hemant Kumar . It was the young man’s first exposure before camera. The song was to chide a wayward hero (Pradeep Kumar),who has left his wife (Mala Sinha),for another woman (Kammo) having ill intentions.The song was “ Dharti ki godh mein…” After Fashion ,Bhakri Sahab made Sahara in 58 ,with M Rajan & Meena Kumari & Hari Kishan Goswami ( who now wanted to be called as Manoj Kumar, the name Dilip Kumar had in a film), was given a substantial role . Bhakri Sahab, true to his words, took on Manoj Kumar in his subsequent movies Panchayat, Chand & Honeymoon (1960).

Lekh Raj Bhakri , directed his first film Rajpoot-51 and thereafter he regularly directed movies ,like Resham,Thokar,Dak Babu etc within a modest budget . He directed about Twenty movies during 1950 to 1962. He made most of his movies under the banner Tasviristan ,owned by Kuldip Sehgal and his sibling Mulkh Raj Bhakri’s Golden movies . Mulkh Raj Bhakri ,besides being a producer of Hindi/Punjabi movies ,was also a writer & lyricist . He wrote the famous song ‘Haye Chanda Gaye Pardes’ for Chakori, which is still appreciated by connoisseurs of film music. Mulkh Raj Bhakri also made Bhangra ,a super hit musical in Punjabi ,which had Sunder & Nishi in lead roles.

Mr Lekh Raj Bhakri made many family oriented movies ,like Maa Beta, Tange Wali ,Naya Zamana,HoneyMoon etc. At the same time ,he had no problems directing films of other genres for those who wanted to watch fantasy & Arabian Nights movies. For them he made Naqab, Alladin Laila & Nag Padmini . Later,he made a musical Muslim social ‘Shama’ ,which had Suraiyya & Nimmi & music was composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

Lekh Raj Bhakri ,beside Manoj Kumar, introduced music directors Kanu Ghosh with his film Naya Zamaana (1957 ) & Iqbal Qureishi with Panchayat (1958 ). He also introduced actor Vijay Dutt with Shama. Mr Bhakri hung his boots after Banarsi Thug ,a hugely entertaining movie ,released in 1962. He did not further attempt to make movies , as after the arrival of colour ,the budget of Hindi movies was increased many fold & now it was a risky business. It did not suit the temperament of a simple soul like Bhakri Saheb . Mr Bhakri,who did not believe in showing off ,always kept a low profile despite being a successful director , bade adieu to show business . Much later, he passed away on 03 March 1976 at the age of sixty years. It was a matter of time ,when the era of principled film makers ,who made purposeful movies with message , came to an end & proposal makers having no regards for ethical values arrived with the sole aim of earning money .( adapted from the article by shri M.N.Sardana ji, with thanks. )

Today’s song is an interesting one with entertaining Lyrics. This is the 3rd song of the film on this Blog – all duets of S. Balbir

Song- Diya bujhaao jhatpat jhatpat (Taxi 555) (1958) Singers- Rafi, Balbir, Lyricist- Prem Dhawan, MD- Sardar Malik (assistant / arranger Sebastian)


Diya bujhaao jhatpat jhatpat
Diya bujhaao jhatpat jhatpat
Diya bujhaao
sone waale sun re
tere aangan mein murga boley
(kukdoo koon koon
kukdoo koon koon)
tere aangan mein murga boley
kaahe na ankhiyaan kholey
diya bujhaa
diya bujhaa
diya bujhaa
jhatpat jhatpat
diya bujhaao
jhatpat jhatpat
diya bujhaao

keh gaye kehne waale
kya ustaad jee
suno beta

uthh jaag musaafir
bhor bhayi
ab rain kahaan jo sowat hai
jo jaagat hai so paawat hai
jo sowat hai so khowat hai
soch zara
soch zara
soch zara
diya bujhaao
jhatpat jhatpat
diya bujhaao

meethhe sur mein kaaga gaaye
sone mein kyun waqt ganwaaye
kaam bina kya kaam jagat mein
kaam se milte daam jagat mein
daam se milta naa aam
daam se milta naam jagat mein
naam kamaa
naam kamaa
naam kamaa
diya bujhaao
jhatpat jhatpat
diya bujhaao
jhatpat jhatpat
diya bujhaao

jaldi karo beta

khul gaye nalke aa gaya paani
thhumak thhumak chali Raadhe Raani
paniya bharan main to chali jaat hoon
sar par bhaari prem ka matka
laage kamar mein sau sau jhatka
sar par bhaari prem ka matka
laage kamar mein sau sau jhatka
phir bhi meethhe geet gaat hoon
sur mein to gaao
sur mein to gaao
sur mein to gaao
sur mein to gaao

4 Responses to "Diya bujhaao jhatpat jhatpat"

It;s double bonanza. The write up on Sebastian D’Souza and Rafi-Balbir song. Thanks a lot for your such excellent post.


Manohar Lal Dave ji,
It is nice to see your comments after a long gap. Hope you are keeping good health.
Thanks for your appreciation.


Arun Ji, thanks for the post. Lot of interesting tit bits ( if I may word it that way). It was a revelation that Shubha Mudgal has roots in Goa. I was happy to read detailed account of Sebastian.
In every film credits I used to take special note of ‘Asssistant MD : Dattaram-Sebastian ‘.
In those days I had no idea of their role. It is only much later I realised how they (Dattaram-Sebastian, in this instance) elevate the appeal of a song.


Dear Satish ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
Not much is either known or appreciated about the vital work done by the Arrangers in making a song. Without their contribution the songs possibly would be dull. While some Arrangers also became MDs for few films, most others preferred to remain in the background . I have earlier too written about a few arrangers, on this Blog.


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