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Mazdoor mazdoor mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki

Posted on: February 24, 2022

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Today’s song is from the Film Sewa-1942.

The year 1942 was an year in which the Hindi film industry entered into its ‘ Teens”, from mid-year. By the time its ” Teen age” was over, it bloomed into its adulthood by beginning ” The Golden Period of Hindi film music” from the year 1949, with many musically enchanting films like Barsaat, Andaz, Badi Bahen, Bazaar, Dillagi, Ek this ladki, Dulari, Lahore and many more films.

Indian film industry has always been alive to the happenings in the country and reflects the national problems and important events in our films.1942 was an year when the II World War was on its peak and it had caused a severe food shortage in the world. Italy had made a silent film ‘Greed’ on this issue. Based on it, Mehboob Khan made a film , Roti’ in India. Mehboob was a socialist and a Nehruvian to the core and so his films like,Mother India or Son Of India were made on socialistic principles. In 1942,Ramchandra Thakur also directed one such film,’Gareeb’.

In India, the Congress had started its Quit India movement, but in our Film Industry it was a Quit studio movement. Many well known film artistes, directors, composers and other related staff moved over to new pastures. 1942, in a sense, became an overhauling of the Film industry with so much movement of people. The following activities changed the scenario to a great extent.

1. A group of disgruntled people in Bombay Talkies, comprising of Rai Bahadur Chunilal, Shashadhar Mukherjee, Ashok Kumar, Sawak Vachha and few of their followers left Bombay Talkies, after disagreements with Devika Rani and formed their own outfit – Filmistan.

2. Mehboob Khan separated from National studios and established his own Mehboob Productions. This was also the time when Mehboob and Anil Biswas separated from each other due to some differences.

3. Abdul Rasheed Kardar established his own Kardar studios.

4. V.Shantaram, along with his team left Prabhat- an institution which he established and made a famous one by his directorial contribution. He first joined Films division and then started his own Raj Kamal Kala Mandir.

5. Wadia Movietone split and the brothers separated. While JBH Wadia, the elder brother, wanted that their company should start making only Social films now, the younger Homi Wadia wanted to continue with Stunt and Action films. He started his own Basant Pictures. Wadia’s star performer Fearless Nadia went with Homi Wadia, whom she married a few years later.

6. Calcutta’s New Theatres started showing signs of disintegration and Debki Bose,P C Barua etc left the New Theatres. Debaki Bose made ‘ Apna Ghar’ in Bombay. K L Saigal left New Theatres to do films in Bombay . He did Ranjit’s’ Bhakta Surdas’ and ‘ Bhanwra’. He of course went back to Calcutta to do a few more films,before coming back to Bombay for Shahjehan and Pawana. He did not/could not go back to Calcutta,as he died after Parwana-47. Saigal, while recording the song “ Nainheen ko raah dikha” in Bhakta Surdas, did 14 retakes in recordings. His younger brother Mohan Saigal acted as Shri krishna in this film and he is heard saying” Surdas ji” in the song Nis Din barsat Nain hamare.

7. Composer Vasant Desai did his first independent film ” Shobha” as a Music Director.

8. C Ramchandra did his first Hindi film as a composer- Sukhi Jeevan.

9. Ninu Mujumdar became MD with the film Black Out.

10. Kamal Dasgupta started his Hindi film career with the film Jawab.

11. Lyricist Ramesh Gupta started with the film Awaz.

12. Lyricist Qamar Jalalabadi started with Zamindar.

13. Suraiya entered the Playback with songs in Nai Duniya and Sharda.

14. Hemant Kumar sang his first Hindi song in the film Meenakshi-42.

15. Manna Dey first sang a Hindi song in the film Tamanna.

16. Jagmohan Sursagar sang in the first Hindi film-Bhakta Kabir.

17. Nurjahan sang her first Hindi film songs in film Khandan-42, in Lahore.

18. Bharat Bhushan’s first film in a leading role was Bhakt Kabir.

19. Madhubala started as Baby Mumtaz in film Basant

From Lahore Dalsukh Pancholi repeated his magic with ‘ Khandaan’-42. This time it was Noorjehan who shook the industry with her songs under Ghulam Haider. Films like Bhakt Kabir,Bhakta Surdas, and Bharat Milap kept the Mythology/religious films in limelight. New Theatres,Prabhat,Bombay Talkies etc all brought excellent films in 1942. Barring Bhakta Surdas,Roti and Khandan,there was not much competition to Naushad’s Station Master-42 ,in music.Its music became quite popular and the film celebrated Silver Jubilee. Naushad tasted success for the first time in his career in 1942 and 2 of his 3 films in the year celebrated Silver Jubilees. The other film was Nai Duniya-42.

Let us take a look at some important films of 1942….

Film Barat had music by Ratanlal-brother of Khemchand Prakash and himself as Khemraj.

Film Basant- though it has the name of Pannalal Ghosh as MD, as per HFGK, all the songs were composed by Anil Biswas (because he was still under contract with National Studios) and Ghosh had only done Orchestration and background music.

Bhakta Kabir had music by Himangshu Dutt- the first title holder of “Sursagar”.

Bhakta Surdas- Gyan Dutt gave 15 hit songs of Saigal and Khursheed. In this film Khursheed sang equally well with Saigal.

Bharat Milap- First film in which Prem Adib and Shobhana Samarth did the roles of Shri Ram and Seeta, which made them famous all over India.

Chauranghee- the only Hindi film for which Kazi nasrul islam gave music and wrote songs too. It was his debut film. Also Debut for Hanuman prasad Sharma as Md and S.Fazli as Director.

Dus Baje- Debut of Baby Shakuntala.

Iqrar- Last film of actress Madhuri (Beryl Classen). Master Vithal-a professional singer from Sholapur sang his only song in a Hindi film.( not the actor)

Jawab- all songs popular, especially kanan devi’s ” Ye duniya Toofan mail”.

Khandan- Entry of Nur jahan, from Lahore. All her songs are popular.

Muqabala- First Talkie film with double role of Heroine- Nadia. Babhubhai Mistri’s magic in trick scenes.

Nai Duniya- Suraiy’s first song in Hindi film.

Roti- Begum Akhtar’s role and 6 songs.

Savera- First film of Arun Ahuja and Nirmala Devi.

Sharada- Naushad gives good songs.

Station Master- Hit film with songs.

Zamindar- Shanta Apte goes to Lahore all the way

All in all, the year 1942 was an eventful year for the industry. Indian audiences enjoyed a variety of Genres in film offerings and a feast of Naushad’s songs, Bhajans and New artistes.

Film Sewa-1942 was a social film made by Ashok pictures. It was directed by Dhirubhai Desai – a director from the silent era, who was famous for directing mainly B grade mythological films and occasionally a few social films The Lyricist was J C Kapur and the music was by S N Tripathi (11 songs) and Biri singh Dukha (2 songs). The film cast had Zahoor raja, Radharani, Shanta, A. Kabuli, Hadi, Shyamsundar, Anwari and few others.

Abdul Rehman Kabuli was from Afghanistan. An expert stage artiste, he had his own Drama Company-Elphinstone Theatre Company in Bombay. He sold the company, went to Calcutta and joined Madon Theatres/studios as an actor and director. He first acted in Shirin Farhad-31, Indrasabha-32,Guluru Zarina-32, Zahri saanp-33 etc etc, in all 40 films, both at Calcutta and Bombay, in the early era. Further he directed 12 films, starting with Shravan Kumar-32 up to Veer Bala-38. He wrote 55 songs in 6 films and sang 15 songs in 7 films. After Partition, he returned to his native country.

There is one odd name in the cast of this film- Hadi. His full name was S.M.Mohammad Hadi. He was also known as Master Hadi, due to his knowledge of Music and singing. In early Talkie films, he gave music to films, singly and with other composers and also sang songs. But mainly, he was an actor from the Silent era.
No wonder he was seen in some films of the First year of Talkie films of 1931, like Draupadi, in which he had played the role of Shakuni. He sang 3 songs also. He was seen in other films like Abu hasan-31, and Daulat ka Nasha-31( he was one of the MDs). His acting in saubhagya Sundari-33 and Sulochana -33 was much appreciated. He is estimated to have acted in about 40 films till 1947.

He sang 21 songs in 9 films- Draupadi-31, Daulat ka nasha-31, Anangsena-31, Madhuri-32, Aaj Kal-34, Stree Dharma-35, Karvaan-E-Husn-35, Bombshell-35 and Birbal ki Beti-35.

Here is a song sung by Zahoor Raja, unknown male and female voices and Chorus. From the lyrics of the songs it looks like that the film dealt with some labour problem. The song is provided by Abhay Jain ji from US and uploaded by Sadanand Kamath ji. Thanks to both.

Song- Mazdoor mazdoor mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki (Sewa)(1942) Singers-Zahur Raja, Unknown male voice, Unknown female voice,
Lyricist- J.C.Kapoor, MD- S N Tripathi


Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ke
Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki

mazdoor hain aan is duniya ki
mazdoor hain aan is duniya ki
mazdoor chalaate hain duniya
mazdoor chalaate hain duniya

mazdoor hain jaan is duniya ki
mazdoor hain jaan is duniya ki

Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki
Mazdoor mazdoor

mitti ko jab haath lagaaye
mitti bhi sona ban jaaye
mitti ko jab haath lagaaye
mitti bhi sona ban jaaye

apne tan ka tel bahaaye
apne tan ka tel bahaaye
khud dekhe duniya ko khilaaye
khud dekhe duniya ko khilaaye
Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki
Mazdoor mazdoor

Dariya cheeren nahar bahaayen
Dariya cheeren nahar bahaayen
raaton mein
raaton mein hum mahal banaayen
raaton mein
raaton mein hum mahal banaayen

jaan ganwaayen shaan badhaayen
jaan ganwaayen shaan badhaayen
jag ki bala se hum mar jaayen
jag ki bala se hum mar jaayen
Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki
Mazdoor mazdoor

saare jag ki laaj
saare jag ki laaj tumhi ho
Bharat ke sartaaj tumhi ho

tumko apnaayegi duniya
tumko apnaayegi duniya
sar pe bithhlaayegi duniya
sar pe bithhlaayegi duniya
Mazdoor mazdoor
mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki

4 Responses to "Mazdoor mazdoor mazdoor hain shaan is duniya ki"

Thank you Sir, for such a wonderful post and lucid style. At the cost of being repetitive I salute Atulites for such informative (authentic) posts.

Regarding your query about my health in last post to my reply, I thank you for inquiring. Being in old age period, normal activities are not so frequent. However, your posts are unfailingly my attention. Hope this good thing would have happened 20 yrs earlier. Once again thanking you for your query and wish you also very healthy life.


Manohar Lal Dave ji,
Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.
I understand what happens in the old age, because I
am myself an old person, running in the 82 nd year of life.
However, life goes on and without worrying much about the age we must try to enjoy what gives us joy, in the best possible way.
Thanks again.


Arun ji,

Information se bharpoor post, as always.

Yes, age is just a number. We hope you go from strength to strength.


Thank you for appreciation and encouragement.


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