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Prem ke pyaale de

Posted on: April 15, 2022

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Today’s song is from an old and not much known early era film from Minerva Movietone – Khan Bahadur-1937.

Minerva Movietone was owned by Sohrab Modi. Its first film was ” Atma Tarang-1937″, which was an out and out big flop, with just 20 persons in the audience for the First Day First Show ! Basically, proper advertising was missing, so people did not know anything about the film. The two earlier films featuring Sohrab Modi-jointly with his brother- were stage dramas shot as films, so with this background Modi failed to declare that this film was NOT like that. The 20 daring persons who came to see the film regretted deeply having come there. The film was made on a subject which was very dear to Modi himself – Celibacy or Bramhacharya, truly a ‘Dry’ subject. The heroine was Prabha, who was very beautiful. She featured only in 3 songs, whereas Modi was in 6 songs out of the 12 songs of the film !

In those days Sohrab Modi was influenced by the teachings of Shri Ramkrishna Mission, but his audience was not. With the failure of this film, Modi learnt a lesson that he should make films on subjects of the liking of the people and not his own liking. Then he studied what type of films were successful and popular and then he decided to make a film on a Muslim King who was brave and who did many good things for his people. Thus, the film Khan Bahadur was made and as expected, it did a good business at the Box office. Later Modi made films like Meetha Zahar-38 on ills of drinking, Divorce-38 on Husband -wife differences and Bharosa-40 on Incest. He had learnt his lesson well !

What does Khan Bahadur mean ? Is it a name or a Title or a popular decoration ? 1937 was a British Raj period. In those days the British awarded different titles to Public Achievers, kings and those who were Loyal to the crown. As such ” SIR ” and ” KNIGHTHOOD ” were the highest decorations already, but they were given to highly educated or the members of Royalties of India only. So, the British introduced 3 level Titles for the other public and small kings etc.

First Grade level…. Nawab Bahadur ( for Muslims) or Dewan Bahadur (For Hindus)
Second Level…. Khan Bahadur (Muslims) or Rai Bahadur (North Indian Hindus) or Rao Bahadur (South Indian Hindus) and
Third level….Khan Sahib (Muslims) or Rai Sahib or Rao Sahib (Hindus).

The cast of the film Khan Bahadur-1937 was Sohrab Modi, Naseem Bano, Prem Adeeb, Sheela, Shareefa (mother of actress Husn Banu), Eruch Tarapore, M.Sadiq, Sadat Ali etc.etc. There were 12 songs in the film. The name of the lyricist is not known. The Music Director was B.S.Hoogan.

B.S.Hoogan…. Frankly, how many of us have really heard this name ? Maybe only a few. Until about 12 years ago, I was not even aware of this name. When I first came across this name B.S.Hoogan, in the list of Hindi composers,my first reaction was,what is this foreigner doing in Hindi Films ?

Further when I saw his name as MD in 10-15 films of the 30s, I became very curious and wanted to know more about him.As per my experience so far,I usually got information for any -or almost any-Film personality from my notes,Old cuttings,books,magazines,old articles etc ,or even from an obscure,less known Internet site,but in Hoogan’s case I always found myself at a dead end. There was simply NO information about him anywhere ! It was as if no one in India knew about him or as if he was from some alien planet.

I was perplexed.How can anybody from the Film industry,with so many films to his credit,be such an unknown person ? This was a challenge and I decided ,come what may,to find out about this elusive,dodging and unreachable B.S.Hoogan,at any cost.

Almost one year passed and I found a ray of Hope.

I visited the Blog of Mr.Kamalakar Pasupuleti ji. He is a writer on old films, music and an avid collector of old songs,besides having been an active RMIM worker.He is also a mine of information. Incidentally,he too is from Hyderabad-just like me,and being in the same age group,we enjoyed discussing matters relating to people and places in old Hyderabad of the 40s and 50s,when we were youngsters.Later on, he migrated to the USA.

On his Blog, he had written about Hoogan. He had located the nephew of Hoogan, in India and contacted him.He got some information from him about Hoogan. Although the info was not exhaustive, it was a great find. Kamalakarji himself had also written about Hoogan,from his interaction with people who had met Hoogan in Hyderabad. I wrote to kamalakar ji in the USA and he very graciously gave me permission to use all that material for this article.

At this juncture, my luck suddenly decided to cooperate and I found some info about Hoogan in a book.I even found out that the same nephew of Hoogan had uploaded 4 songs of Hoogan,(2 from Parakh-37 and 2 from Meetha Zahar-38) on Hamara Forum.

The nephew of Hoogan was one Prakash Raj. Once he appeared on the Internet forum through some member and he gave some more information. In addition Hoogan’s grandson- Mr. David Singh Hoogan, from Chittaranjan, W.B. appeared on Atul ji’s Blog and gave some more information as late as in 2020. With all this additional new information, I revised the old information and made up this revised new one. So it is not the same, as some may think. This Mr. Ashok Raj has written 2 books namely The Hero-Volume I, which has information on artistes of the Silent Era and upto Dilip Kumar. The second Book is also named The Hero-Volume II, discussing artistes from Amitabh to Khans and beyond. I have both these books with me. In these books the author has proudly mentioned that B.S.Hoogan was his Uncle. The books are also dedicated to Hoogan.

B.S.Hoogan was not a foreigner,he was very much an Indian.His name was BALWANT SINGH HOOGAN. He was tall,of wheat complexion and of medium build. He was born in 1901 at Firozpur, Punjab, where his family was settled. Earlier the family was in Lahore. He was a Kashmiri Brahmin. According to C.Ramchandra also,he was originally from Kashmir.

It seems Hoogan was keen to pursue higher studies in England, so he left Ferozpur. After reaching Bombay, he changed his mind and wanted to be in films being a Music Director.Before becoming a music director he seems to have learnt classical music and western music.He played many western instruments.

In the days of silent films,orchestras used to play in the theatres ,in front of or behind the screen.During the film also they played appropriate music pieces.It would add live pleasure with moving images. Hoogan learnt this music and conducting orchestra from his teacher, Mr.Victor Aimes,an Englishman,from the Albert Music Company. He learnt writing music in notations and conducting orchestra with a baton. He played in his orchestra of 12 musicians.

Hoogan looked impressive with a Black Tailcoat,Bow-Tie and Grey Trousers,as described by a Hyderabad Nawab,who had been personally introduced to Hoogan in Hyderabad in 1930.

B.S.Hoogan started his career as MD with Ajanta Cinetone of Mohan Bhavnani.He gave music to Afzal,Maya jaal,Rangeela Rajput(all 1933)Dard e dil,Dukhtar e Hind,Mazdoor,Sair e Paristan,Vasavdatta(all1934),Pyar ki maar,Registan ki Rani,Sone ka shahar,sherdil Aurat(all 1935), Begunah,khan Bahadur,Parakh(all1937),Meetha Zahar,Vijay marg(all 1938) and Sansar Sagar-1939.

Total films-18. Songs composed- 231.

Music Director C.Ramchandra, in his Marathi autobiography ( माझ्या जीवनाची सरगम ), wrote about Hoogan. When CR was working in Minerva, He worked with several Music Directors like Habib Khan, Bundoo Khan,Hoogan and finally Meer Sahib. CR learned something from every MD. Hoogan joined the company, in place of Habib Khan, the composer. He showed CR how the Desi Raag can be played on foreign musical instruments. He brought in many Goan orchestra players into the company. CR knew writing notations, Hoogan improved this. Hoogan liked CR very much. Hoogan would take CR with him to all big hotels of Bombay. Orchestras would be playing there. CR learned how those tunes could be indianised in his music here only.

Hoogan would make tunes and ask CR to write the notations. CR would hum those tunes and then improve the tunes. Hoogan would not know. Thus many of his tunes were used by Hoogan without knowing it. In the film Meetha Zahar-1938, Naushad was Hoogan’s assistant. Actors like Nissar, Bibbo, Sheila and Naseem Bano sang for him.

Hoogan had only one son-Avtar Singh. In Bombay, Hoogan contracted Tuberculosis. He started treatment and on doctor’s advise, left for hometown Ferozpur, with family. Soon his illness took a serious turn and B.S.Hoogan died in Ferozpore in September 1938, at the age of 37 only. In another few months, his wife too died and his son was taken care of by his maternal Uncle. The son Avtar singh got a job in Railways at Chittaranjan, W.B. and he moved there. He converted to Christianity. He had a son David who also settled in W.B. only. After conversion his family in Ferozpur broke off all contact with them. His story ends thus.

Prem Adib was new. He first started acting in the film Romantic India-36. Soon he came to Minerva and his film Khan Bahadur was released first and thus became his Debut film. In the early 40’s he became famous with his role of Shri Ram (along with Shobhana Samarth as Seeta) in the Mythological films of Prakash Pictures. Along with him, in this film, there was one more Debutante artiste, and her name was Sheela. Her real name was different. When she was named Sheela, she was the only actress with that name. However, later on many Sheelas entered Films, but luckily they did not cause any Same Name Confusion. Some other Sheelas were…..Sheila Ramani, Sheela Vaz, Sheela Mitra, Sheela Naik, Sheela Devi, Sheela Dalaya (only in the film Mughal E Azam) and Sheela Haldar.

SHEELA(real name-Roshan Ara) was born on 13-3-1925 at Solapur-Maharashtra. Her father was Station Master at Solapur Rly.Stn.
Once Sohrab Modi had come to Sholapur with his Drama company. He went to the station to make reservations and saw Sheela. They got to know each others and he proposed to give her roles in his films.Thus Sheela came to Bombay in 1936 and Joined Minerva Movietone as a singer/actress.
Her first film was Khan Bahadur-37, in which she sang and acted. Then came Jailor-38 in which she sang 4 solo songs under MD Mir Sahib.Then Divorce and Meetha Zahar came.

She became famous only after her songs in Pukar-39. Bharosa, Wasiyat and Sikander also gave her name and fame. In Sikander she had 6 songs out of total 7 songs. The famous song ‘ zindagi hai pyar se’ also had her voice in the chorus. She was Heroine in the film ‘ Wasiyat’-40,Ulti Ganga, Bhakta Raidas, Prithvi Vallabh,and Patharon ka Saudagar were all Minerva films.

She had also done films elsewhere- Aladdin and wonderful lamp, college Girl, gaibi Gola, jahan ara, keemti qurbani, Sansar naiya, Shaitan ka pash etc.
After 1943, she almost stopped working. Only in Beete Din-47 and lastly in Billi-49 she sang songs., which was a stunt film of Nadia and Cavas.
She had married the actor Rama Shukla, in 1947. He was a Kanauji Brahmin and they had terrible opposition to their marriage. The marriage was by Registration. Only 4 friends were present in the marriage. They had one son and one daughter. Rama Shukla died by Heart attack in the 50s.

Her voice had a peculiar mixture of Muslim style of Amirbai Karnataki and Marathi slant od Shanta Apte. There is an anecdote with one of her songs. When the film Pukar-1939 was in the making, C.Ramchandra was working as an assistant to MD Meer Saheb. He has mentioned in his autobiography also that in the absence of Meer sahib, he used to insert his tunes to songs as Meer saheb’s. This was known to many, except, maybe, Meer sahib himself. One of the very popular songs sung by Sheela ” Tum bin hamri kaun khabar le ‘ was actually composed by C.Ramchandra. This is supposed to be CR’s first composed song. The credit ,of course, went to Meer Sahib.

Today’s song is a duet sung by Sheela and Eruch Tarapore. Eruch Tarapore was a distant relative of Sohrab Modi and he worked only in Modi’s films. He worked in 16 films, right from Modi’s first film Hamlet-35 up to 1948. Eruch sang one song each in 3 more films, Meetha zehar-38, Jailor-38 and Phir milenge-43. He died in 1948.

Song- Prem ke pyaale de (Khan Bahadur)(1937) Singers- Sheela, Erich Tarapore, Lyricist-Unknown, MD- B.S.Hoogan


Prem ke pyaale de
Prem ke pyaale de
piyarwa bhole bhaale
piyarwa bhole bhaale
Prem ke pyaale de
Prem ke pyaale de
piyarwa bhole bhaale
piyarwa bhole bhaale/em>

dilbar ??
geet ?? ke geet suna de
dilbar ??
geet ?? ke geet suna de
Prem ke pyaale de
Prem ke pyaale de
piyarwa bhole bhaale
piyarwa bhole bhaale

nain se prem prem barsa
nain se prem prem barsa
aman ki ?? jaaye
nain se prem prem barsa
nain se prem prem barsa
aman ki ?? jaaye
gul khilaaye jaa daali daali
pyaare matwaale
gul khilaaye jaa daali daali
pyaare matwaale
bulbul buldul ?? bole bole
bulbul bulbul bole bole ja
?? tumhre kaale

piyarwa bhole bhaale
piyarwa bhole bhaale
Prem ke pyaale de
Prem ke pyaale de
piyarwa bhole bhaale
piyarwa bhole bhaale

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