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Kadamb Taley Aa Jaiyo Ho Kateele Kaajalwaale

Posted on: June 12, 2022

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This article is the 17000th song post for the blog.

Blog Day :

5077 Post No. : 17000 Movie Count :


Mega milestone.
Mega event.
And a Mega Rare song being discovered.

Given the age of online proliferation and sharing, it is a great event that one chances to discover a film song that one does not even begin to imagine may even exist.

Of course yes, the song is identified and listed in the Geet Kosh. But as is the case with the majority of the listed songs in the 1931-40 volume of Geet Kosh (Volume I), we do not even pause to glance at the list of songs on page after page, unless we come across a fuller body of description for a film of that era. And verily so. Out of the close to 9,900 hundred songs listed for 930+ films that are slated for that decade, sadly enough, less than 1,200 are actually available at this time. That is the state of affairs we have at this time.

And that so, more acutely, for the first five years of that decade (1931-35) – total films are 433, total songs listed are approximately 5,000+. Films for which one or more songs are available – is just 53. And the songs – just about 152. [Note: These numbers are based on my familiarity of the songs available with myself and a few of the serious collectors within my circle of music lover friends. It is very possible that there are one/some/few more songs that may be existing in some collection, but the same are not known in public domain as yet.]

As is the case with this song. An obscure film from 1932. Geet Kosh has no details about the songs of this film. The film has been produced under the banner of Imperial Movietone. Yes, the very same company that carries the credit for releasing the first Indian talkie film – ‘Alam Ara’ in 1931. The film has two other alias names – ‘The Youth’ and ‘चन्द्रप्रभा’ (‘Chandraprabha’). The name of the director of this film is listed as BP Mishra (the Imperial Movietone company was founded and owned by Ardeshir Irani). As per the Geet Kosh information, the story of this film was also written by BP Mishra. The star cast of this film is listed as Master Vitthal, Armelin, Hadi, Jamshed Ji, Rustom Punawala, and Sakhu.

All that much, and no more. No more information available for the music and songs of this film. As I said, one would not even pause at the page to glance at this film.

But then surprise connections do turn up, which lead to discoveries that can only be termed as major, even though we may not want to use the ‘miraculous’ qualifier. Some years back, we had this sensational discovery of one 78 rpm record that carries two songs whose mukhda (song title) match with two songs which are listed for the 1931 film ‘Trapped’ aka ‘Farebi Jaal’. The credit for the discovery and sharing of the information goes to Dr. Jeetendra Shrimali of Baroda University.

And then, this song. About five weeks ago, I was at the Shah Music Center, near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. Dear friend Zafar Shah had called me, to show me a set of 78 rpm records that he has recently acquired. A good number of these records are dated for the first decade of the Hindi film song – 1931-40. Majority of these records are in near pristine condition, as if the needle has not yet been placed on them even once. Just to see such rare beauties and to hold them in one’s hand is an experience that makes waves of joy and satisfaction pass through the heart.

And so, here is a very excited Zafar Bhai handing me these shellac discs one by one, and I am gazing at them in awe with a lump in my throat. Then he hands me a disc with an HMV label (back colored), which carries the record number as P5799. He asks me to check the label details. It just has these words on it – ‘Hindi’, ‘Duet’, ‘Azizan, Lateefan’, and a title for the song which reads “कदम तले आजाईओ कटीले काजलवाले” in Hindi, and then also in Urdu script. There is another number close to the bottom of the label – ‘12-14001’. Then Zafar Bhai pointed out a brief scribble in blue pen, on the label. Words written in three lines that read – ‘Zaalim Jawaani 1932’. Then quickly he picked up the GK volume I, turned to the page 58 where this film is listed at serial no. 83. And then pointed to the song no. 12 in the list of songs of this film. Yes, we have a mukhda match – and we have a rare and sensational discovery. I would like to add that incidentally, the 78 rpm record of the songs of film ‘Trapped’ was discovered by Akbar Shah, father of Zafar Bhai.

Since the time of the discovery of the record of ‘Trapped’, Zafar Bhai and I have occasionally discussed the situation of 1931-35. Many possible scenarios may exist. A song that is already released as a non-film song, was picked up for use in a film by the producer director. Most likely, in those years, no one thought of using the words ‘film song’ for the songs used in the film. And then also possible that the songs prepared for the film itself, were recorded and released on discs, not as film song, but as simply a song, with no reference to the film itself. It surely is an exercise of searching for such songs like searching for needle in a haystack. Examining the records of non film songs of that period and then attempting to match the title line with a song listed in GK Volume I. Mind boggling indeed it is. It is only in the next year i.e. 1932, we have the first instances of film songs being released on 78 rpm records, with the name of the film also printed on the label. The film ‘Madhuri’ of 1932 is likely the first film to do this.

And so, maybe short of an actual miracle, the discovery being shared today is of that proportion. And a proportion the merits and befits the humongous milestone that we reach today. Considering that the first five decades of the Hindi film song, we see listed almost 45,000+ songs. Give or take few hundreds for the later decades, we have today knocked on 17,000th door of this majestic an melodious mansion.

Statistics are always imposing and inspiring. And we do intend to take that route every time a milestone of certain significance is breached. So there are averages and rates and calculations galore. We present the numbers viewed from every which way / direction / perspective. No end to that presentation, as we continue to find more and new ways to slice and dice and present the numbers.

And I think so many times – enough about the numbers. We are all now convinced that this project is not replic-able. It is not surmountable – in any which way. The numbers are simply so huge that it is well nigh impossible to recreate a competitive idea. But then of course, we, our group, is not in here for any competition. When all is said/done/calculated/presented etc. the sublimate that remains is simply – an undying love for this art form, and a dogged persistence (pun intended 🙂 ) that in the final count, has made the difference for this presentation space across the entire and unlimited landscape of the internet.

And yet, the mind still wants to pause, and to savor, and yes, to even gloat about this wonderful flavor that simply says – Seventeen Thousand. A few midnight candles, and a few early morning sunrisers – are always awake every day of every week, of every month, of every year. And there is an incessant click somewhere on the clock of the universe – a tick that has AtulSongADay written on it.

The metronome continues to chime every so often. There is work to be done. There is an equal number, and more, of these musical vignettes that are still waiting – to be touched, to be embellished, to be praised and to be displayed.

And I am reminded of Robert Frost –

(We) . . . have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep

The promises are not to people and followers of this Grand Musical Bandwagon.

The promises are to these songs, and to this art form itself.

Yes, miles to go before I sleep

Good night and God bless.

Tomorrow, is another day, and another set of songs.

तमन्ना है ये साथ चलते रहें हम ना बीते कभी ये सफर

The sublime desire that remains is to keep traveling together
And that this journey may never cease


Song – Kadamb Taley Aa Jaiyo Ho Kateele Kaajalwaale  (Zaalim Jawaani) (1932) Singer – Azizan, Lateefan, Lyrics – Unknown, MD – Unknown
Azizan + Lateefan


oo oo ooo
aa aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa

kadamb taley ?? ??
aaa aaaa aaaa
kadamba taley aa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley aa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

ho raja ji mohe haro ri ranga de
raja ji mohe haro ri ranga de
haro ri ranga de
haro ranga de
peelo ranga de
?? laal ranga de
kadamba taley aa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

sone ki thalia mein juna parosa
sone ki thalia mein juna parosa
juna parosa
aahe kadamba taley khaa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley khaa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

aahe soney ka garva ganga jal paani
soney ka garva ganga jal paani
ganga jal paani
kadamba taley pee jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley pee jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

aahe ?? paan ko beeda lagaaya
?? paan ko beeda lagaaya
beeda lagaaya
aahe kadamba taley khaa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley khaa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley aa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

aahe kusum kaliyon ne sej bichhaayi
kusum kaliyon ne sej bichhaayi
sej bichhaayi
aahe kadamba taley so jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale
kadamba taley aa jaiyo kateele kaajalwaale

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

ओ ओ ओ
आ आ आ आ
आ आ आ

कदम्ब तले ?? ??
आ आ आ
कदम्ब तले आ जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
कदम्ब तले आ जइओ कटीले काजल वाले

हो राजा जी मोरे हरो री रंगा दे
राजा जी मोरे हरो री रंगा दे
हरो री रंगा दे
हरो रंगा दे
पीलो रंगा दे
?? लाल रंगा दे
कदम्ब तले आ जइओ कटीले काजल वाले

सोने की थाली में जूना परोसा
सोने की थाली में जूना परोसा
जूना परोसा
आहे कदम्ब तले खा जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
कदम्ब तले खा जइओ कटीले काजल वाले

आहे सोने का गरवा गंगाजल पानी
सोने का गरवा गंगाजल पानी
गंगाजल पानी
आहे कदम्ब तले पी जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
आहे कदम्ब तले पी जइओ कटीले काजल वाले

आहे ?? पान का बीड़ा लगाया
?? पान का बीड़ा लगाया
बीड़ा लगाया
आहे कदम्ब तले खा जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
कदम्ब तले खा जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
कदम्ब तले आ जइओ कटीले काजल वाले

आहे कुसुम कलियों ने सेज बिछाई
कुसुम कलियों ने सेज बिछाई
सेज बिछाई
आहे कदम्ब तले सो जइओ कटीले काजल वाले
कदम्ब तले आ जइओ कटीले काजल वाले


26 Responses to "Kadamb Taley Aa Jaiyo Ho Kateele Kaajalwaale"

Huge Number…..17 K.
Great discovery.

Congratulations to Atul ji and all of us.

Sudhir ji,
Believe me, I knew you were going to quote Robert Frost.
To many more milestones…


Dear Pradeep ji

Thanks for your message.

Yes indeed, a great discovery of this rare film song.

Interesting that we both thought of Robert Frost, as this post was being prepared.



Heartiest Congratulations to Atul ji, Sudhir ji, members of the blog and all associated with this blog…!!!
Congratulations on reaching 17000…
Many more to come and yes the journey continues …
Many thanks Sudhir ji for this post and this rare special song !!!

With all the Best wishes to all….


Dear Avinash ji,

Yes, the journey continues and much more is still to come.

Thanks for your wishes.



Heartiest congratulations to Atul ji and his Teammates on touching a New Milestone of 17000 songposts !
Thanks also to collector Zafar Bhai for providing this rare song and to Sudhir ji for writing an appropriate article on it. Sudhir ji is an expert in writing such memorable posts on such occasions. It is a delight to read his such posts.
Thanks again for making us a participant in the celebration on this occasion as a teammate.


Dear, Dear Arun ji,

You are not just a teammate, you are our leading light, our in-house encyclopedia. The blog is so much more richer because of you.

Yes, Zafar Bhai has been always helpful in locating and identifying rare songs. And not just that, he gives me/us some great surprises occasionally. As is this rare and unexpected find.

Thanks for your note of appreciation for the post. Always good to hear words of encouragement from you.



Congratulations to everyone associated with the blog, on this occasion, Thanks for Zafar Bhai for the rare song.


Dear, Dear Prakash ji

Thanks for you message of congratulations.
Always good to hear from you.



Huge Number…… 17000 is the sign of patience and love for music. And accurate lyrics. And tons of information. This Blog started by Atulji which we followers and contributors feel as “our own” is The place for HFM lovers.
Congratulations Atulji on reaching another 1000.
And Sudhirji thank you for being there and not allowing a blank blog day
Congratulations to all followers of ASAD on reaching 17K. We shall reach 18k, 19k and 20k and still ask for more. Afterall “mann kabhi bharta nahi”
BTW i had thoughts similar to 19th July, 2014 whole of yesterday


Dear Peevesie’s Mom ji

Yes, you say is rightly. This is THE place for lovers of Hindi film music. Almost always, one will find here, what one is looking for.

On to the 18th, 19th. . .
The beat never slows down.

I am sure you meant 20th July, for memories. That was when we hit the ten thousand mark, and the entire team had a fantastic exchange the entire afternoon. And that was before We were a WhatsApp group.

Yes, lovely memories.
And more to come. 🙂



Sudhir Ji, Thanks for the milestone post. Quite interesting to read about the search for a special song, for this special occasion. Regards.


Dear Satish ji
Thanks for your message. Yes, this has been a very interesting find of a rare and an unexpected song.



Hearty congratulations to Atul ji and his bandwagons for reaching a milestone of 17000.

Kudos to Sudhir ji for discovering yet another rare song. As often happens in his case, his perseverance has paid off at an opportune occasion.

When I read the mukhda of the song, it dawned to me that it is a Krishna Leela related song. But the antaras of the song gave a different impression. A Google search for Krishna releated song took me to a google site ‘ gopi leela’ which has many Krishna related songs in Brajbhasha. A song with almost identical mukhda is also listed. However, antaras are different.
The song is listed at 1.2.13 of the link:

Probably, the singers Azizaan and Lateefan got inspired from this Brajbhasha song and changed the antaras to suit for a ‘baithak’ song.

The following lines from the song under discussion reminded me of an iconoic Holi song, with almost similar lines as in parenthesis.

1. sone ki thhaliya mein juna parosa (sone ki thhaali mein jyonaa parosa)
2. aahe ?? paan ka beeda lagaaya (haan, launga ilaayachi ka beeda lagaaya)
3. aahe kusum kaliyon ne sej bichhaayi (arre bela chameli ka sej bichhaaya)


Dear, Dear Sadanand ji

Yes, I do keep looking for rare and unavailable songs, and providence does indeed provide some very appropriate interventions. Always, things have come together neatly and timely.

You are very right, this is actually a Krishna Bhajan, sung by the two singers in a folksy / semi classical mode. On the first hear, I could make out maybe just 20% of the words. Then as I listened repeatedly, and more words were deciphered, I too recognized the genre to which this belongs.

Interestingly, in the Geet Kosh, the ending word of the mukhda line is written as ‘काजलवाली’. In hearing the song, one cannot make out much difference. But then when I looked again closely at the label and the printed title line, I realized it is ‘काजलवाले’. And suddenly, it made more sense.

My online search had also brought up at least three versions of this bhajan, with variations in lyrics – different lines in antaraa. But unfortunately, I am unable to ascertain the time period of these other finds. So I cannot say whether the singers of this song had picked up the lyrics, or that these are of more recent vontage – later creations of other poets, using the same basis, and writing up different thoughts. But yes, we can agree that this song verily has a folk origin from an undefined time in history.

Also, the connection into the more famous creation by Harivansh Rai Bachchan became immediately clear to me, as soon as I was able to decipher the lines in the antaraa. The mukhda – ‘रंग बरसे’ may be his creation, but the antaraas are clearly influenced by this folk origin song.

I was wanting to add this information in the post, but circumstances of the day had brought me to very late in evening, and I decided to cut short the narrative. But yes, it is very opportune that you mention this, so I could also bring in my original thoughts.

Our minds – are quite in sync. 🙂

Thanks for your message and appreciation.


Liked by 1 person

@Sudhri ji , kindly also convey our thanks and regards to Shri Zafar Bhai for this ‘rare gift’.

Liked by 1 person

Ah yes, Avinash ji,

I have mentioned to him, and he has already seen the post and the accompanying comments. 🙂



Thank You Avinash Scrapewala Sir🙏


Atul ji, Sudhir ji and the entire tribe of HFM bandwagon on the blog,

Hearty Congratulations on yet another milestone of 17,000 songs on board. For some reason, this figure is indeed looking very BIG.

Well, the rare song from 9 decades back will soon be “forgotten” as many more songs will continue to be posted. But, fact of matter is that this blog will continue to thrive with all its many rarities.

Many Thanks to Zafar Bhai for his priceless contribution.

On to 18, 19, 20,000 and beyond.

Liked by 1 person

Dear Mahesh ji

Yes, the number is suddenly looking BIG. And it is telling us another very important thing – that 20K is not too far now. 🙂

Way back, in 2014 when we hit 10K, even then, 20K was probably not in our sights. Despite the slower pace, over a period of almost 8 years now, we have promoted ourselves closer to the half way mark in the second half of the second ten thousand (I hope I did not create a tongue twister here 😀 ). And yes, now 20K seems a very reachable target.

Many more miles to go, yes, but then we have the words of Robert Frost with us. 🙂

Yes, with more songs posted on a daily basis, such rare and important flagpoles also seem distant and diminished, as we look backward towards the horizon we started from. But surely the significant flagpoles are visible – being color coded differently in the mind. So these rare milestones are always going to be highlighted on the mind’s screen.

On to 18, 19, and 20.
In Sha Allah



Thank You Mahesh Ji🙏


Atul, Sudhirji and all the Atulites,
Hearty congratulations for achieving another grand milestone.

Sudhirji, your discovery trip reads like the search for the Holy Grail. The audio is a bit scratchy, but one can realise the enormity of the discovery. Special congratulations to you.


Dear, Dear AK ji,

It is always so good to hear and read the words coming from you.

Yes, somehow the providence is providing very timely help in making sure that the significant milestones are significant indeed.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.



Hip, hip,hooray,
17,000. Wow!
Bow, wow, wow…
Persistence by Atul ji & all ASAD acolytes crosses yet another milestone, well deserved and self -rewarding.
A notable achievement and an excellent post matching the worthy landmark from Sudhir ji.
Congratulations to all in Atuldom.
March on…
Avadh Lal


Dear Avadh Lal ji,

Yes, the march continues.
Our fearless leader keeps the beat consistently.
And the team marches with him.

Thanks so much for your words of appreciation and encouragement.

This endeavor keeps us all connected in so many ways.

Sincere regards


Thank You So Much Skapur1 & All.
Zafar Shah


P 5799 (HMV)
ये रिकार्ड 1923 में रिलीज हुवा था. (Ref: राज डोगरा की तराना वॉल्यूम 1, पेज नंबर 375).
Azizan और Latifan इन दोनों ने 1923-24 में कई folk गीत गाए थे टॉकी (इरा से पहले) जिसकी डिटेल्स पेज 375 पर दी गई है. चौथे दशक के कई फ़िल्मों में पारंपरिक गीतों का प्रयोग हुवा है. ये P 5799 रिकार्ड फ़िल्म के लिए नहीं बनी थी. अगर किसी के पास बुक लेट हो तो और जानकारी मिल सकती है.


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