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Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke

Posted on: June 12, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Gaali-1944.

When I saw the title of this film, I was stunned. I could not ever imagine that such a movie title could be given. I was wondering as to what must be there in the movie- a Gaali competition between 2 groups or is it about a person who can not speak a single sentence without including a gaali in it ? I could not fathom a reason for titling a film like this. Later in the early 50’s, I got a chance to see this film and I was totally and completely disappointed. Even after seeing the film I did not get answers to my original question. The story of the film was meaningless indeed.

After about 25 to 30 years, I was shocked to see the trend of titling the films with sophisticated gaalis like Besharam, Bundalbaz, Beimaan, Bewafa, Bewaqoof etc etc. Such changes are not new to the film industry.

The film Gaali was produced by Chiman bhai Desai under the banner of N.R.Desai Productions, Bombay, and the film was directed by R.S.Chaudhari – a veteran spill over from Silent film era. The name of R S Chaudhari may not be known to the newer generation, but he was considered ” Guru” by stalwarts like Mehboob Khan and Kardar. Like many oldies, Chaudhari was also a multifaceted person and used to write stories for films. You will be surprised to know about his contribution in writing stories of successful films like Roti, Rattan, Baiju Bawra etc.

R S aka Rama Shankar Chaudhari was a great name in the silent era and early Talkie period. Veterans like Mehboob and Kardar treated him like their teacher.

He was born on 8-6-1903 in Banares-U.P. in a middle class family which gave importance to education.After his graduation , he came to Bombay and did another graduation in Arts from J.J. school of Arts, in 1922. He then entered the film line as Art Director and Designer of publicity Pamphlets. he did remarkable covers for the Gujarati Film Journal ” Mauj majah”. He assisted director Manilal Joshi at Laxmi Film co. He started directing silent films with his first film at Laxmi – “Neera “-1926. It was the famous actor Raja Sandow’s spectacular costume film. The film became a Hit wherever it was shown.

He directed 15 silent films at Imperial film co. and Sagar Films. He made several Classics in Historical genres like Anarkali-1928, starring Sulochana (Ruby Meyers). This popular Hit silent film was remade as Talkie in 1935 again with the same cast and chaudhari as a director. Sulochana also acted in Anarkali-1953, thus creating a record of the same actress acting in 3 films of same title and story.

His other historical films were Shirin Khushru and Shaan e Hind, often using the legendary epics as a Nationalist allegory. His films usually featured Sulochana and Zubeida, the two popular and costly Heroines of that era.

His first talkie film was Madhuri-1932, featuring Sulochana. In all, he directed 14 Talkie films – madhuri-32, Sulochana-33, Piya Pyare-34, Aaj kal-34, Anarkali-35, Shaan e Hind-36, Hamari betiyan-36, kal ki Baat-37, Rifle Girl-38, Such hai-39, Aankh Micholi-42, Gaali-44, Magadh Raj-46 and Jaaliyanwala Bagh ki jyoti-53.

he was a very good story and screenplay writer.many of his film had his stories. he wrote stories for films like Neera-26 and Khud ki shaan-31 in silent film era and for Talkie films Hamari betiyan-36, Such hai-39, Roti-42, Adab Arz-43, Gaali-44, Laal haveli-44, Rattan-44, Aan-52, Baiju Bawra-52, Insan aur shaitan-70 and international crook-74. he also scripted Kardar’s pehle aap-44 and mehboob’s Son of india-62 and many films of Ravindra Dave.

In the last phase of life, Chaudhari lived a lonely life in penury. He travelled only by bus. He breathed his last on 22-8-1972 in Bombay.

for 12 songs of the film there were 5 lyricists and 2 Music directors- Pt. Hanuman Prasad and Sajjad Hussain. Sajjad was actually his assistant, but he composed 2 songs and was given equal status as joint MD. The cast of the film was Karan Dewan, Nirmala, Manju, Yakub, Kanhaiyalal, Sunalini Devi, Zillo bai, Gulab and many others. Today’s song is sung by Manju. She was one of those unfortunate actresses/singers, whose careers were curtailed by workless contracts with the studios and then due to marriages.

Manju’s father Gangaram Jadhav was a famous Marathi drama actor in his times in ‘Anand Vilas natak mandali’ at nagpur. He had 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters- Vijaylaxmi, Manjula, Trimbak and Balakram. They never went to school but were taught at home only.When Gangaram got a job in prabhat film co. they shifted to poona. Manjula started learning classical music from keshavrao bhole of Prabhat.

When Manjula got a singing role in film Aadmi-1939 as a child artiste, her name was changed to Manju. She sang songs in both versions-Hindi and Marathi. Next she acted in the film Sant Gyaneshwar-40. She acted and sang in Nai kahani-43. She sang songs in films Chaand and Ramshastri-44.

Due to a legal contract with Prabhat, she was not able to work in other films though she was in good demand outside, but Prabhat refused to allow her. However, producer Chimanbhai Desai got permission and she worked and sang in the film Gaali-44 She got an acting and singing role in the film Rattan-44. The film and the songs became hits. offers started pouring in but meanwhile she got married to karan Dewan. Her in-laws did not allow her to act in films. She had to bid goodbye to films.

After Karan Dewan’s death her connection with films ended finally. She has 2 sons and 5 daughters. She stayed with her sons in Bombay and Sharjah. (Thanks to blog beetehuedin for information.)

The film GAALI-1944 was available till at least 1950,around which time I must have seen it. The film story was….

Gaali was a film with a strange story of a young blind widow,who thinks that her husband comes and talks to her.
Mangala (Nirmala) loses her husband soon after marriage and she also becomes blind,without any medical reason. She stays with her Father in law Jagat narayan Chakravarti who also has an unmarried daughter lali (Manju Dewan). One day he meets Tilak,son of a zamindar from a nearby village. He wants Tilak(Karan Dewan) to marry his daughter Lali,but surprisingly,Tilak starts getting attracted to Mangala. She also talks to him and imagines it as if her husband is talking to her.
This is made use of by a village ruffian and people attack Jagat’s house demanding that the friendship of Tilak and Mangla be stopped. In the melee,jagat gets killed. At the same time Mangala and Tilak are in a Temple getting intimate. Suddenly her eyesight comes back and she realises the truth that it is not her husband.

Finally,Tilak marries Lali and Mangala becomes a Sadhwi in a temple for the rest of her life.

I do not remember the songs of this film, but most songs were shot on Lali(Manju).

This was ,according to me, a hopeless film.

Song- Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke (Gaali)(1944) Singer- Manju, Lyricist- Sugun Piya, MD- Pt. Hanuman Prasad


Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke
ratiyaa jo aaye
ratiyaa jo aaye
ab ke palat ke
ab ke palat ke
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke

dekho ?? aisa ??
dekho ?? aisa ??
?? ke ?? ke nainan phatke (?)
?? ke ?? ke nainan phatke(?)
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke

babu jo mohse ra ra karenge
to gaali main doongi ghoonghatwa palat ke
to gaali main doongi ghoonghatwa palat ke
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke
Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke
Holi main kheloongi
un sang
dat ke


4 Responses to "Holi main kheloongi un sang dat ke"

Thanks Arun ji
for information about Manjula aka Manju,1944 movie Gaali, and producer R.S.Chaudhari

And Atulji ,
One of the tags are wrongly mentions MANJU`s name as MAJNU, please rectify……


Thanks Prakash ji, for your appreciation.


Thanks a lot for this wonderful post, and so much information on Manju. She may be famous because of ‘Rattan’, but this is her best song, and a truly timeless one. Many singers have sung this traditional bandish in later films, but ‘Gaali’s’ this song is my favourite.


AK ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
I simply love Manju’s Marathi songs in Ramshastri and Manoos.
Too bad she had to leave film line.


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