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Zara palat ke dekh

Posted on: June 15, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film ‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’ (1961).

Generally, I like to write on films from the 30’s to the 50’s decade, which is my comfort zone. I feel homely and on friendly ground when I write about those old films. Films after 1960 are NOT a ‘ NO- NO ‘ for me, but unless I find either the film or the song interesting, I normally do not choose that song. That way and to allay any misunderstanding in our readers’ minds, let me stress here that I have written more than 200 posts on films from 1960 to 2013 also. Actually since there is still so much scope in the first 3 decades of talkie films, turning to the films of 60+ songs is not that common.

Just for my own information, I was curious about when was the last song from the 60’s discussed by me. I took out my long books wherein I first hand write my articles, backwards from my post on the 12th June 2022. I was surprised to find that my last song-post for a film of 1962 (‘Sautela Bhai’) was on 6-12-2020 ! That’s a cool gap of 176 posts in between !!

The usual question comes as to what is an ‘Old Film’ ? It all depends on the person’s age who wants to know the answer. Over a period of last so many years I got the following answer….

For a Person Aged An Old Film is From
20-30 years films of and prior to 1990
30-40 1980
40-50 1970
50-60 1960
60-70 1950
70-80 1940
80++ 1930

For youngsters of 20-30 years, songs of 1930 are antiques, 1940’s are Grandpa’s choices, 50 & 60’s are Dad’s favorites and 70 & 80’s are very old songs ! So, one can see the connection between the age and the period of film songs to label it differently !

Now coming to today’s song ‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’ (KPKD) was a costume/stunt drama. The title of this film has an interesting history behind it.

During the 30’s and the 40’s there was a comedian named Noor Mohammed. Based on his role as Charlie Chaplin including his dress, mustache, hat, stick, talk and walk, he was nicknamed as Charlie. There was a time when this Charlie was extremely popular all over India. He used to sing his own songs too. He became so famous and popular that films were sold in his name . He started to get special songs shot on him in almost every film – much before Johnny Walker in the 50s. He sang his own songs. He left Ranjit Studios and was the first actor to become a ‘free-lance‘ breaking the studio system. Some of his films and songs therein were famous all over India. In the film ‘Sanjog’ (1943), he sang “Palat, Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai“. This line became so famous that young boys in colleges used this line for calling girls, in those days. In the film ‘Dhandhora’ (1941), he sang “Ek Do Teen Char Paanch Chhe Saat Aath Nau Dus Gyara Bara,Teri Nazar Ne Mujhe Mara“. Raj Kapoor used “Ek Do Teen Aaja Mausam Hai Rangeen” (film ‘Awaara’ (1951)) and later Madhuri Dixit’s “Ek Do Teen” (film ‘Tezaab’ (1988)) became very famous. In the film ‘Taqdeer’ (1943) he sang ”Thank You, Mention Not” and “I Am Very Very Sorry”. These too became popular.

Based on Charlie’s song “Palat, Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai” this film’s title was finalized as ‘Zara Palat Ke Dekh’. For reasons unknown to others, the Censor board objected to this title and asked the makers to change it. After a lot of arguments, the makers finally had to change it to ‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’. I have seen this film. Neither the original nor the revised title had any connection with the story of the film.

This was the first and the only film directed by actor CS aka Chandrashekhar Dubey. I could not get enough information about Dubey from anywhere. He used to live somewhere in the Seven Bungalows area of Andheri west, where I have been living since long time. I used to see him along with his friends sitting in a hotel nearby sometimes. After searching a lot, I came across a short note on him by Mr. MN Sardana ji on the FB page of ‘Wo Din Yaad Karo’. For our readers, I reproduce it here after adapting and adding my information to it from my notes.

Chandrashekhar Dubey aka C Dubey was born on 4-9-1924 at Village Kannod of Dewas District in the then Central Provinces (now Madhya Pradesh). During his college education, he was very active in politics and had been in jail during the Quit India movement too. He had his quota of struggle, when he arrived at Mumbai to become someone .

Luckily he found his Godfather in film maker Amiya Chakraborty, who noticed him and took him under his wings. Dubey, became his Man Friday. He was spot boy, production executive, prompter and assistant director all rolled into one, besides doing small roles in the films made by Mars & Movies and other production Houses . His first film was ‘Devdaasi’ (1945).

Filmmaker Guru Dutt gave him the role of a doctor in ‘Mr & Mrs 55’ (1955), which got him much needed publicity. In the famous movie ‘Seema’, made by his mentor Amiya Chakraborty, Dubey was assigned the role of a street ruffian cum thief, who made the life of heroine Nutan miserable. People found Dubey quite amusing and he became a full time actor. In 1957 Amiya Chakraborty passed away suddenly due to heart attack, leaving his movie ‘Kathputli’ incomplete, which was completed by Nitin Bos. Totally dedicated to his late master Amiya Chakraborty, Dubey did not leave the company. Ajit Chakraborty took the reins of the company and made ‘Ardhangini’ in 1959 and ‘Apne Huye Paraye’ in 1964 and Dubey gave him his full support and services.

While he was established as a character actor, he now wanted to exhibit his other skills by directing a film He got a chance in 1960 to direct a light hearted entertaining movie ‘Zara Palat Ke Dekh’. It was a modest movie and had an experienced artist Anoop Kumar And a new bee Preeti Bala as lead players. Anoop Kumar had appeared in many movies in supporting roles and had done a variety of roles like hero, comedian, villain and sympathetic roles. In the 1952 movie ‘Rani’, which was made by Jupiter Pictures, Madras and directed by LV Prasad , he did a swashbuckling role of a warrior, opposite the great actress of South Bhanumathi, who was a versatile singer also.

Preeti Bala was raw and had only a faint idea about acting. Instead of changing the style of acting, she changed her name as Zeb Rehman, which did not bring any change to her destiny. She was in news during sixties when she did body double of Madhubala in few movies like ‘Half Ticket’, ‘BoyFriend’ and ‘Passport’, since Madhubala was ailing and it was not possible for her to attend the shooting. The movie ‘Zara Palat Ke Dekh’ had music by Gunjan. The movie, when completed and sold, faced a big hurdle, when Censor Board refused to certify the movie. Their main objection was related to the title of the film, which they found offensive and denigrating. Producer tried to justify the title, but our prude and adamant Censor Board refused to budge and insisted on changing the title. Since publicity material including lobby cards were already printed, film makers reluctantly renamed the movie as ‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’. The movie when released in 1961, did not do good for any one and all those connected with the movie were disappointed. Since the movie had flopped, it poured cold water on the ambition of music composer Gunjan, director Dubey and the lead players. Producers duo Nanda and Gupta after losing substantial money downed the shutter of their company.

CS Dubey was a good character actor. He acted in 196 films. His last film was ‘Antim Nyay’ (1993). He died on 28-9-1993, but after his death, his 8 films were released – the last one being ‘Yaar Meri Zindagi’ (2008).

(Thanks to Mr. M.N.Sardana ji).

The film’s music director was Gunjan. Who was Gunjan? Most people do not know that Gunjan was another name under which singer/composer GM Durrani gave music. As Gunjan he also gave music to film ‘State Express’ (1961). Earlier in his career, he gave music to films like ‘Angoori’ (1943), ‘Vijayalaxmi’ (1943) and ‘Dhadkan’ (1946) under his real name.

The cast of the film was Anoop Kumar, Preeti Bala (aka Zeb Rehman), Durga Khote, Daljit, Iftikhar, Majnu, Polson, Dalda, Jeevankala etc.

‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’ was truly an obscure movie. It was clearly a B grade film with the appropriate star cast. The Hero Anoop kumar was in double role in this film (as if one Anoop was not enough !).

The film was produced by Balendra Gupta and NC Nanda, under the banner of Movie Hits (indicating hopes), and was directed by CS Dubey or Chandrashekhar Dubey, a small time actor in those days. Dubey was a veteran, having started his career from the 30s and he used his knowledge of old films in this.The original title of this film was ‘Zara Palat Ke Dekh’.

Later on the title was changed to ‘Kismat Palat Ke Dekh’. However neither the audience ‘zara bhi palat ke dekh’ nor their kismet changed jara bhi !

The lyricists were Akhtar Romani and Sadiq Nazmi. Story and screenplay by Sri Prakash and Dialogues by Suman Romani.

The story of the film was….

The story had nothing remarkable and it was highly predictable. Prince Kunwar (Anoop Kumar) is studying in UK when his father dies and the king appoints him as his successor, instead of his elder brother Samsher (Daljit), who is a gone case, indulging in wine, women and gambling. Kunwar starts for India. Samsher wants to kill him. Loyal Diwan ji and another sardar, Mansingh are escorting Kunwar when they are attacked. Diwanji is killed, Kunwar is injured seriously and thrown in a river presuming dead, but Mansingh escapes. Mansingh, one day finds Badloo (Anup Kumar), who looks same to same as Kunwar. Mansingh does not know that he is a barber. Mansingh makes him the Kunwar and brings him to the capital of Kingdom. Princess Kiran (Preeti Bala) who is engaged to Kunwar suspects Badloo.

The real Kunwar is saved by people of Imlipur as Badloo and brought to his ‘mother’ (Durga Khote). Kunwar understands the situation and keeps quiet till opportune moment comes. Finally he contacts Kiran and they together expose the impostor prince, kill Samsher in a fight and reunite themselves as a reward.

In the early 60s, when the Film industry was churning out excellent movies after movies, it was hardly expected that such a film would succeed. The film got what it deserved. A peaceful rest in the cans !

The mukhda remains the same as the original title of the film “Zara Palat Ke Dekh”.

HFGK mentions Manna Dey and chorus, but the voice of S Balbir is also there in the song.

Song- Zara palat ke dekh (Kismat Palat Ke Dekh)(1961) Singers-Manna Dey, S Balbir, Lyricist – Not known, MD- Gunjan (GM Durani)


zara palat ke dekh

o o o o
zara palat ke dekh

meri unglion ka jaadoo
ik baar dekh
do baar dekh
dus baar dekh baabu
o topiwaale laalu
o pagdiwaale kaalu
o dhotiwaale baalu
kaahe bana hai bhaalu

hai koi dilwaala
to aage aaye laala
banaa doon matwaala
zamaane se niraala
o mathura waale maamu
o dilli waale shaamu
o bambai waale ramu
o maamu
abe shaamu
ae ramu
ae daamu naamu gaamu shaamu ho oo

mat ho udaas
aa mere paas
aa jin ka jaam badloo
o o o
zara palat ke dekh
ae ae ae ae palat

aa aa aa aa aa
majnu aur farhad ka maine
shave kiyaa thhaa pyaare
aa aa aa aa aa

ban gaye donon
aaj zamaane ki aankhon ke taare
ae mukhda main chamkaa doon aisa
dilbar khud dil haare
shaam jee
raam jee
shaam jee
raam jee
shaam jee

ae mukhda main chamkaa doon aisa
dilbar khud dil haare
aur pukaare

ke kisne banaai teri daadhi
waari waari jaaun
waari waari jaaun
waari waari jaaun rasiya
waari waari jaaun balmaa
kisne banaai teri daadhi
waari waari jaaun
ho o
zara palat ke dekh

aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
mujhse shave karaa le pyaare
ban jaayega hero
ae varna reh jaayegaa baabu
ae tu zero ka zero

arre ashok aur kishor hi ka sun lo afsaana
kabhi banaate thhe daadhi
hum unki rozaana
jabhi to aaj zamaana hai unka deewaana
wo bhool baithhe hamen dil magar ye bhoola naa
magar ye bhoola na

wo unka yahaan aana
wo aage baithh jaana
hazaamaten karaana
kahaaniyaan suuraana
tum bhi aavo shave karaavo
mumkin hai waise ban jaao
haan haan waise ban jaao
haan haan waise ban jaao
o o o
zara palat ke dekh
o zara palat ke dekh
o zara palat ke dekh
o o zara palat ke dekh


6 Responses to "Zara palat ke dekh"

Arun Ji,
Thanks for the post. C S Dubey is a known face to me ( from his role in ‘Seema’ and some more movies). He played the role of a baddie very well. Nice to know more about him. Todays song reminded me of ‘Ae meri topi palat ke aaa’ from ‘Funtoosh’


Thank you,Satish ji.


Thanks Arun ji on informtion about C.S.Dubey,Preetibala aka Zeb Rehman and Gunjan aka G.M.Durrani
Thanks again for the rare song
And about old films thorugh everyone`s perspective, you are 100% correct regarding your observations……


Liked by 1 person

and I remember C.S.Dube`s roles in

Mausam(in a role of rapist , I hated him while he rapes Sharmila Tagore),

Roti Kapda aur makan(again I remember his famous godown rape scene alongwith Moushumi Chatterjee) ,
Basu chatterjee`s Chitchor(where he played good hearted postman who rides bicycle while Zarine Wahab and Master Raju Shrestha follow him running while Dubey performs his daily post delivery),

1970 Humjoli (as Shashikala`s evil Uncle)


Thanks, Prakash ji.


Thanks, Prakash ji.


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