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Saaqiyaa bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom

Posted on: June 14, 2022

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“Nadirshah”(1968) was produced and directed by S N Tripathi. The movie had Feroz Khan, Naaz, Sheikh Mukhtar, Murad, Minoo, Mumtaz, Hiralal etc in it.

The movie had seven songs in it. Six songs from the movie have been covered in the past.

Here are the details of the song that have been covered in the blog so far :-

Blog post number Song Singer(s) Date of post
4925 Mohammad Shah rangeeley re Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur 1 November 2011
7456 Phoolon taley ham tumse miley Lata Mangeshkar 6 February 2013
7528 Sitam hai subah ka aalam Lata Mangeshkar, Rafi 20 Februray 2013
7534 Jang insaaniyat ki dushman hai Mahendra Kapoor 21 February 2013
7555 Kaahe ko byaahi bides Suman Kalyanpur, Shyama Hemmadi 25 February 2013
16998 Hai meri mohabbat jo gunehgaar…daata tere ghar Suman Kalyanpur 11 June 2022

Here is the seventh and final song from “Nadirshah” (1968) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by S N Tripathi.

The video is not clear. The song is picturised as a mujra dance song in a raj darbaar. The video is not clear. The dancer performing on the song appears to be Mumtaz to me. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify her.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

With this song, all the seven songs of the movie have been covered in the blog. With this, “Nadirshah”(1968) joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.

Song-Saaqiyaa bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom (Nadirshah)(1968) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-S N Tripathi


saaheba jashne tarab
saaz mubaarak baashad
jalwe aeshaj aagaaz mubaarak baashad

saaqiya bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom
bahar aayi jhoom jhoom
rut hai deeweani jaise nayi ho jawaani
rut hai deewaani jaise nayi ho jawaani
bhanwara lubhaaye kali choom choom saaqiya
bahaqr aayi jhoom jhoom

aa aa aa aa aa
hai zamaana shabaab par saaqi
kya khaban hai sharaqb par saaqi
o o o o
humri kaaklkha(?) pe aakar
daal de maahtaab par saaqi
daal de maahtaab par saaqi
bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom
sakiya bahar aayi jhoom jhoom
bhanwara lubhaaye kali
bhanwara lubhaaye kali choom choom

sabka(?) ye husn mile
jaam pe jaam chale
pyaar ki bazm saje
murjhaaye dil bhi khiley
kamsini teri sahar
sun to ae shokh e nazar
kamsini teri sahar
sun to ae shokh e nazar r r r
mausam e gul hain ghame zipt(?) ke sahne waale
aish kar aish yahaan
kehte hain kehne waale

kar le kuchh sair ae chaman
karle kuchh sair ae chaman
daur ae khiza ae pahle
sabka ab ??is rang pe rahne waale
mast hain hawaayen jaise pyaar ki hon raahen
mast hain hawaayen jaise pyaar ki hon raahen
dilwaale jaaye jahaan ghoom ghoom
saaqyaa bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aa


7 Responses to "Saaqiyaa bahaar aayi jhoom jhoom"

Dancer is not Minoo Mumtaz, I am sure, she must be Meenaxi, who I guess featured in one of the song/dance sequences of Dharmendra’s Devar , I will confirm that one, as of now, it’s just a guess


another dancer featuring with Madhumati is Meenaxi, the Nadir shah song posted above video features that MEENAXI according to my guess work, I may be wrong:


another video link of Devar Song:


another song video from C.I.D.909 featuring MEENAXI with Mumtaz


In Teen Sardar 1965 Meenaxi


Meenaxi acted as dancer/partner of comedian/character artiste
in movies like
Aag aur toofan(1975)
Moojrim (1970)
Apna Khoon apna dushman (1969)
Ustad 420 (1969)
Jahan sati wahan bhagwan (1965)
Paanch Ratan (1965)(with Kamal Mehra
Woh Koyi aur hoga (1967)(with Dhumal)
Spy In Goa (1966)(she features in one song with comedian Maruti)
Devar (1966)
Raaka (1965)
Saat Samundar Paar (1965) etc


Please delete the comma (,) between Minoo and Mumtaz in the first para. There was no Mumtaz mentioned in the cast, whereas Minoo Mumtaz is.

With warm regards



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