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Palat tera dhyaan kidhar hai

Posted on: November 7, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Laughter is a symbol of happy mood or joy. It is an important segment of ‘NAVRASAS’ as HASYA. Even the original writer Bharatmuni has described Hasya as an important element of Navaras, in his Natyashastra. That is why , probably, that many kings and Rajahs used to appoint a court Jester or Vidushak, who would ease the tension in the court by causing mirth.

No wonder, therefore, that the Hindi films too used comedy as a part of their narratives on celluloid right from the era of Silent Films. In many films itforms a small part whereas it was a major part of the story in a few movies. From the early period till recent times there were many comedians in the films where were entrusted with the job of causing hilarity in the movies. Typically, we typecasted all of them. Keshto Mukherji as a Drunkard, Omprakash as a miser, Bhagwan as a simplton,Rajendranath as a buffoon, Mehmood and Dhumal, Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor( later Kader Khan and Govinda), Johnny Walker etc kept on repeating their stereotypes till the audience was fed up. There are very few comedy films which we can remember. It is because comedians were always treated as a side kick of the hero or a comic Side plot-perticularly in 50s to 70s. Among all the comedians from the silent era to recent times, how many like Johny Walker or Mehmood can be remembered ?

These days the tribe of comedians has become extinct. No more Comedians in the films. The Heroes themselves do the comic part.

However, there was a COMEDY SUPERSTAR in the early era of Hindi films, who set the standards, carried the entire film on his shoulders and many a times got the main Heroine at the end of the film.


Born in 1911, at Ranavav, near Porbandar in Gujarat ,Noor-a Memon Muslim- hated going to the school. All day, he would sit in the cinema theatres. When he was about 15-16, he did the business of umbrella repairing in Bombay. One day he simply walked into Imperial film company and on stating that he could sing too, was appointed on a salary of 40/-per month. This was in 1925 and by 1931 he had acted in 9 silent films.

he was a big fan of Charlie Chaplin and had adopted his mannerisms and sported the trademark mustache too(which later on Hitler too had). Due to his Chalie Chaplin like acts, he was now called Noor Muhammed Charlie or simply Charlie.

His first Talkie was Pak Daman-1931. He did 30 movies Till 1947. During his time, there were other popular comedians like Yakub, Ghori and Dikshit, Bhudo Advani, Mirza musharraf, A.Shah Shikarpuri etc, but Charlie overtook everybody. He was in great demand. His first famous dialogue from the film Pak Daman-” Palat- Tera Dhyan kidhar Hai” became a hit and in all subsequent films the producers used to insist on having this line somewhere. Finally, in Sanjog-1943,he sang a song with that famous line, and it too became a hit.

As a reigning Superstar of comedy, he established two Firsts. One, he was the first comedian who had songs on him in every film and secondly he became the first actor in Hindi films, to sing a qawwaali in a film. The film was ‘Barrister’s wife’-1935 and the song was-‘Nazariya taane hai teer kamaan’, written by Pt. Narayan Prasad ‘Betab’, with music by Rewashankar Marwadi.

Some of his other films were Zarina, Chandrahaas,Pagal Premi, Nadira, Toofani mail, College Girl etc etc.

After Partition he migrated to Pakistan. Though he did a few films there, he was not that successful there and he came back to India and did three films. His last film, which was also Ranjit movietone’s last film was ‘Akeli mat jaiyo’-1963.

Indian Government refused to be Indian citizenship to him and he went to USA to join his son. He died in USA on 30-6-1983.

His style and jokes were copied by many subsequent comedians in India. Some of his films were remade. Manorama-44 was remade as Manchala-53 and Johnny Walker made his Thokar-39 as Mai Baap-57. He was Swarnalata’s hero in Chaand Tara, Leela Chitnis’ hero in Gazal and Chandraprabha’s hero in Dulha.

One of his more popular film was SANJOG-43, based on mistaken identity, a favourite topic of movie makers since then til today !

Deepak (Charlie) applies as a Secretary to the Maharaja of Pahadgunj. He is called there. When he reaches there, he is mistaken for Capt.Surendra(Anwar Hussain), the Son in law designate of the maharaja(A.Shah). He is taken to the palace along with his side kick Jugal Kishore (Wasti). The princess Bina Kumari(Mehtab) meets him and starts loving him. They spend good times together.

Meanwhile, the real Captain Surendra reaches there and is mistaken as an applicant for secretary’s post. He is asked to wait. He is angry and goes away.

There are many comic situations in the film. Finally, when the secret is exposed, the Princes saves Charlie and they get married.

In this film, Suraiya, who does not act in the film, gave playback to Mehtab once again. She had started with playback to Mehtab in her career.

Let us hear/see/enjoy the famous Charlie song from this film-‘ Palat,tera dhyan kidhar hai’.

The lyrics are by Arshad Gujrati, who had written the screen play and dialogues of this movie as well.

The music is by Naushad assisted by Ghulam Mohammad.

Song-Palat tera dhyan kidhar hai (Sanjog)(1943) Singer-Noor Mohammed Charlie, Lyrics-Arshad Gujarati, MD-Naushad


kis taraf dhyaan hai tera aa aa aa
h h h h h
o dile naadaan
o dile naadaan
o dile naadaan
palat tera dhyaan kidhar hai bhai
warna pachhtaana padega aa aa aa
main tere qurbaan
main tere qurbaan
main tere qurbaan
arre palat
tera dhyaan kidhar hai
dillagi samjhi hai toone
dil lagaana bhi koi
dil lagaana bhi koi

arre sakhta(?) mushqil hai nahin ye ae ae ae
ye kaam kuchh aasaan
ye kaam kuchh aasaan
arre kaam kuchh aasaaan
palat tera dhyaan kidhar hai bhai

jhopdon mein rehne waale
khwaab mehlon ke na dekh
khwaab mehlon ke na dekh
arre ilm kitaabi re hain teri ee ee
h h h h
arre maut ka saamaan
ae maut ka saamaan
o maut ka saamaaan
palat tera dhyaan kidhar hai bhai

keh raha hoon
baaz aa jaa
dekh dhokha khaayega
dekh dhokha khaayega
dil mein hi rehne de apne ae ae ae
h h h h
ye dil ke ye armaan
dil ke ye armaan
dil ke ye armaan aaa aaa aaa aaa
arre palat
tera dhyaan kidhar hai bhai

11 Responses to "Palat tera dhyaan kidhar hai"

I had come across the name ‘Charlie’ on the star cast of some films. I did presumed that it may be an adopted name from Charlie Chaplin. But this article is a revelation to me that he had so much of a history behind him.

Thanks for sharing the profile of Charlie which is hard to get from the internet sources.


Kamath ji’
When someone feels that he has added to his info store or when my contributions make people remember their olden days,I feel
that I have got my reward.
There is no joy like sharing what you know,I believe.


Déjà vu is the sense of having seen/heard something before. That is feeling I got when I read the line of this song.
My oldest cousin (now decease) used to tease his friend with: “hey palat!” with high pitch voice….and sometimes he use to use the whole sentence, hey PALAT tere dhyan kidhar hai”…so, I heard him saying this so many times during my childhood years. I would say it was around mid ’50’s or so at that time he was in his teen ager years…I used to look up to him and used to imitate him as well…and I pick up this sentence to tease my friends but I didn’t know this was the line of the song 🙂
So, yes it is a nice catch phrase and must be famous during it’s time…but I never heard this one in a song.
thanks you so much for showing some forgotton gem and telling us the story behind it.
BTW, one of my maternal aunt was from Ranavav.
thank you so much.


Now it seems that this song was the inspiration behind the song in Aan Milo Sajna “Palat Meri jaan Tere Kurbaan”.


derubala ji,
Nothing pleases me more than to know that my contributions have given
pleasure to someone or added to their info kitty or given them a soothing nostalgia.This is my reward.
Such encouraging words will keep me going,for sure. Thanks.


I have seen this hilarious movies couple of times on the Hathway’s B&W channel No 124 and each time I really enjoyed. There was a train song of Charlie and Wasti(dhoti clad) singing …ghar ke bhuddhu wapas aaye after they get caught. Ulhas plays the Commander with son as Anwar Husain who was the real candidate. But Mehtab was already lattu on Charlie who also resembles my old distant late uncle.
Bring home Hathway channel. The above drive home the point to have Hathway channel
Charlie can also be seen in films like Nadi Kinare-1939; Thokar-39; Musafir 1940; Aai Bahar-1946;


This song was very Popular at That time in 40s


Dear Arun ji, Many many thanks to you! I had read about him in one of Mr. Kanekar’s book few years back in my teens but really had not thought of getting to watch his song/perform. There was no way to cross check the info. too as it claims almost all his films were hits. IIRC he only mentions Charlie migrating to Pakistan, but not his attempt to return. In any case I feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled on this blog of Atul ji as his labour of love is evident. So thanks a ton to Atul ji also for such untiring efforts, many a gems I heard in Bhule Bisare Geet which I rediscovered & found few more. Thanks to all other contributors too!
Regards Umesh


Everyday I feel honored to be the 11th child and the youngest son of Noor Mohammed Charlie. I want to thank all of you,especially Arun Ji for the kind words. All the mega artists of that era had great respect for my dad, Naushad Uncle to Allah Rakha Khan and many many others when they would visit the US. God bless them all.


Dear Anwar Sb,

Your visit to this blog is a great honor for this team. This group of friends and contributors has a great love for the films and music of the early years, and it is our endeavor to explore, to find out and to gather historical information related to films and artists. Arun ji is the leading light in our team, and we fondly address him as our ‘encyclopedia’.

The heritage of the Indian film industry is great, and it is due to the wonderful contributions made by great artists, like your father.

We hope to continue seeing your visits and comments, and will continue to keep in touch.

Thanks and regards


A really nice surprise! How considerate of you to write few words of the so many great stars of glorious golden age.
Thank you.


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