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Compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai

Posted on: July 28, 2022

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Today’s song is a comedy song from the film Dr.Ramesh aka Dr.Romesh-1949.

Last year, at the beginning of the Rainy season, I had gone to our Farm House at Malavali (near Lonavala) with my family. It is a cool place for relaxation. While talking to the watchman of our house, we came to know about a natural and very scenic waterfall between Malavali and Lonavala. It was, I think, called ” Johnson’s Waterfall” – a name I had never heard in my life. In fact no one in the group had heard about it. I took the address from him and the next day we set out to visit this waterfall. The driver heard the directions and the GPS was set for that location accordingly. We proceeded as per the guidance of Google GPS. After a few kilometers, the road became very narrow. When we proceeded on it, after a Km or so, we found that a big board was put across the road, proclaiming that this road was now closed forever.

We were stunned. We got down. There were few farmers looking at us with pity. On enquiry, we came to know that the said waterfall has now been closed for the visitors. We were advised by the farmers to go back. Now, the road was so narrow that it was impossible to turn around the car. The only way was to go in reverse till a wider road was available. We were forced to do so and finally turned around the car after 2 kms of reverse travel. The disappointment was greater than the trouble we had to undergo. All our enthusiasm to see the hitherto unseen waterfall was washed away ! You can only imagine our sunken faces and drooping shoulders.

Why I am telling you about this case of disappointment here is because last week once again I experienced this same feeling of disappointment, in the case of the film Dr. Ramesh-1949. When Jaffer Bhai uploaded 4 songs of this film, I was wondering whether these songs were already discussed on the Blog. I immediately checked up the ‘ List of songs-Moviewise” on the blog and to my delight, I found that ” Dr. Ramesh” songs were not yet discussed here. I was very happy that I got a chance now to write about a ‘ Debuting ‘ film. To get further details about the film, I opened the HFGK and came to the page of this film.

This is when I remembered my trip to ‘ Johnson Waterfalls ‘ near Lonavala. The page of ‘ Dr. Ramesh was totally BLANK ! Only the name of the film and mukhadas of some songs were seen. Other than that there was no other information about the Director, Music Director, Lyricist or even the film’s cast. I was stunned. All my enthusiasm about writing on this film and its song withered away instantly. I had reached a Dead End !

Then I tried every arrow in my armour. I searched for this film on Google, all books, all known sites of film and songs. Perhaps some information would have been available if this film was made in Bombay, Poona, Kolhapur or even Madras. Unfortunately this film was made By Dev Darshan films in Calcutta. So no information was available. Finally and desperately, I wrote mails to Shri Hamraz ji and Harish Raghuwanshi ji. While Harish ji declared “No Information”, it was the prompt response of hamraz ji that he would give me ‘some’ information next day-it was already 10 pm in the night.

True to his words, next before 9 am, Hamraz ji’s mail came with ‘ some ‘ information. I am thankful to him that he replied so quickly to my query and gave whatever was available with him about this film. What he gave was this –
1. Director….Prakash Bakshi
2. Music Director….Kali pad Sen aka K.P.Sen
3. Lyricist…. Rangeen
4. Cast…. Naeem,Maya, Channi, Balqees, Haqumat, Pinaki, K.C.Verma and Kavish.

This was my last chance of getting information and he gave it to me, but I was no wiser. None of these names (except K.P.Sen with only his 4 films’ names known) I received were known to me and all these names were heard by me for the first time in my life ! Now my quest for information about these names started. Lo and Behold ! I came across the big disappointment once more. I could not get any information on any of these names anywhere on the Net or in any books.

You know this is the problem with Bengali films and artistes. Their information is not easily available in any other language, possibly except Bangla. This is because Bengalis, I feel, generally do not believe in the world outside Bengal. I understand they have a problem with the Hindi language. Even South film artistes too have the same problems. But then this is how we have missed out on the arts and talents of Bangla artistes and other experts.

Anyway, the gist of the matter is I have no information on the film, its director, MD, Lyricist or any of the Cast members. Now, what does one do when he has hit his head against a boulder ? What can I write in this post on this very good comedy song from this film ? Nothing ! The last straw on the Camel’s back was that the singer’s name is Dwijen Choudhary, about whom also I do not know anything !

This is the failed story of the ” Quest for a Film’s information “. Now let us forget it and enjoy this really very good song from the film Dr. Ramesh aka Dr.Romesh-1949.

The movie “Dr Ramesh”(1949) as well as the singer Dwijen Chawdhary make their debuts in the blog with this song.

Song-Compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai(Dr Ramesh)(1949) Singer-Dwijen Chawdhury, Lyrics-Rangeen, MD-K P Sen


compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai
ho doctor na paas to jeena haraam hai
ho doctor na paas to jeena haraam hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai

dispensary mein ye jo dawaayen hain
is kadar
quonine soda iodine aur ye tincture
har roz inse main hi banaata hoon mixture
har roz inse main hi banaata hoon mixture
kaaghaz ki is ?? ke likh deta hai doctor
har kaam main karoon
magar doctor ka naam hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai

aate hain ghoorte huye ae ae ae ae
aate hain ghoorte huye mujhko mareez sab
jaise sabhi ke dard aur dukh ka main hoon sabab
inko na kuchh lihaaj kisi ka na hai adab
inko na kuchh lihaaj kisi ka na hai adab
aur inke is salook pe dil keh raha hai ab
dispensary ko door se mera salaam hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai

khaali hai pet
khaali hai pet paas rasad hai na maal hai
dispensary mei ab mera rehna muhaal hai
khaali hai pet paas rasad hai na maal hai
dispensary mei ab mera rehna muhaal hai
aate hain jo mareez to unka ye haal hai
aate hain jo mareez to unka ye haal hai
paisa koi nikaal ke de kya majaal hai
roti ka koi jikar na shaam(?) hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai
compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai


12 Responses to "Compoundary bhi kitni museebat ka kaam hai"

Great Arun ji, Thanks a lot for all the information, Arun ji, Great work, enjoyed reading once, on my way to read again………Thanks again


Please convey my heartfelt thanks to the uploader, ZafferBhai/Zaif Bro……….Anmol upload


Thanks, Prakash ji.


What a quest!!! Jai Ho aap ki Arunkumar Ji!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Thanks for your appreciation,Satyajit ji.


Dear Guru ji,

Kudos to you for venturing into the world of the unknown. But for you, most of us would never have heard of such Films and their songs.

Sad but true, Bengal and Bengalis in general are again in the news, for all the wrong reasons.

Composer KALIPADA SEN is well known to old timers of Bengali Cinema. You may find the Article linked below of interest

I counted at least 15 Films for which he has composed Music and surely there would be some more.

Singer DWIJEN CHAUDHURY has also rendered several songs in Bangla.

The following two Rabindra Sangeet where he has sung with Utpala Sen and others are noteworthy


The songs were recorded sometime in 1961.

Please keep up the good work.

With warm regards



Same thing I have said. Information is available but only in Bangla language. What will we do ? K.P.Sen gave music to only 5 Hindi films is a known fact through HFGK. Very sad. We are missing the work of Bangla artistes.


roti ka koi jikar na shaam(?) hai
roti ka koyi jiqr (subah) na shaam hai
Whether the missing word is SUBAH ???


Compounder was an integral part of the old time clinics. Many compoounders later became RMPs and practiced medicine. Some of them prospered. A lively song, Arun ji.

This is one of the very rare occasions when you could not gather information about a movie or a song.


drpradeepshetty87gmailcom ji,
Thanks for your comments.
Every day is not a Sunday !
In this journey of musical discovery, disappointments are a part of the game. It proves that no one is above the inevitable.
Sometimes the story of efforts and defeats is also interesting !


What a cute song. Thank you 🌹




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