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Kehta hoon sach ke jhhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe

Posted on: September 23, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Lehren-1953. It was made by ” New Sai Productions” Bombay. It was a film production company floated by C.Ramchandra, his close friend actor Omprakash and Lata Mangeshkar. They produced Jhanjhar-1953, Leharen-1953 and Duniya gol hai-1955 ( directed by Omprakash himself.) These films were neither successful nor their music became popular.

When the film Jhanjhar-1953 was about to be released, C. Ramchandra and Lata Mangeshkar went to Punjab to attend the release function of the film. In this visit, Lata Mangeshkar spoke to singer Nurjehan in Pakistan, from her hotel room telephone and they decided to meet each other. Accordingly Lata and Nurjehan met on the “No Man’s Land” between the Indo-Pak border. They embraced each other and spent a lot of time together.

Another noteworthy event happened when the film Jhanjhar was in the making. At that time C.Ramchandra, under a loose contract with Filmistan, was also giving music to Filmistan’s ” Anarkali’. Directors in Filmistan knew that he was also making his own film Jhanjhar and they suspected that he may be neglecting music of Anarkali at the cost of Jhanjhar. He was sent a legal notice accusing him of this. However, Jhanjhar released first, flopped and then Anarkali was released. Anarkali music became a superhit and Jhanjhar was nowhere. The legal case was happily dropped and C Ramchandra was also awarded a gift from Filmistan for its music !

Film Lehren-1953 was directed by H. S.Rawail and the 10 songs of the film were written by Rajendra krishna. Rajendra Krishna (6-6-1919 to 23-9-1987. Songs 1671 for 269 films) and C.Ramchandra were very good friends. They came together from C. Ramchandra[‘s film Patanga-1949. Together they worked in 52 films. However, in 1958 this friendship broke up. The story is….in 1958 C.Ramchandra was called to Madras by producer S.S.Vasan of Gemini Films. He was offered the film Raaj Tilak for music. This was a remake of Vasan’s hit Tamil film ” Vanjikottai Valiban”. A Telugu remake was also on cards and C.Ramchandra was to give music to Hindi and Telugu versions. He had already given music to the Tamil original. He gladly accepted and wanted to call Rajendra krishna to write the songs. To his shock, Vasan objected to calling Rajendra krishna. Vasan was angry at him because he had written songs for his competitor AVM’s 2 films Bhai Bhai-1956 and Bhabhi-1957. Both films’ songs were popular and hits also. Vasan asked Ramchandra to suggest some other name. He suggested P.L.Santoshi and it was accepted. The music was completed for Raaj Tilak-1958.

C.Ramchandra went back to Bombay and started making songs for the film Amardeep along with Rajendra krishna. After the music was set, Rajendra Krishna came to know that C.Ramchandra had replaced him with Santoshi for a South film. He was enraged and broke their partnership. Rajendra krishna was also popular in South and he started suggesting the Southern producers names of Chitragupta and Ravi as Music Directors. C. Ramchandra stopped getting any films from Madras. At that time even Lata left him after recording 2 songs of the film Amardeep-1958. C.Ramchandra’s bad period had begun…..

The cast of the film Lehren-1953 was Shyama, Kishore Kumar, Shakuntala, Bipin Gupta, Iftikhar, Sunder, Johnny Walker, Leela Mishra and others. In this film, Raj kapoor was a Guest Artiste. Also Omprakash’s brother Pachhi did a small role in this film. Later Pachhi became a big Producer of Hindi films himself. In this film 6 singers were used for 10 songs. The singers were Mohd. Rafi, Kishore kumar, Hiemant kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Shamshad Begum and Sunder. Today’s fun song is sung by Mohd. Rafi and Sunder. To most readers Sunder was a comedian, but Sunder Singh was a Hero in his early films and sang many songs in his own films.

For a long time,I was searching for information on comedian Sunder. I got hold of a 2 page detailed article on Sunder, but it was in Punjabi- which I could not read or use. I found a small paragraph on Sunder in Sanjit Narvekar ji’s book ” Eena Meena Deeka”. Lastly, I requested Harish Raghuwanshi ji for help. Despite his failing health, he promptly sent me articles in Hindi, English and Gujarati, on Sunder. He is such a helpful person. May God give him a healthy life.

Sunder Singh aka Sunder was born in Sialkot, Punjab on 10th August 1916. His father was working in Madon Theatres, Calcutta. Sunder also started working there. Initially, for a long period,he did Girl’s roles. Once his work was seen by H.S.Rawail (Director in later life). He was quite impressed. Later Rawail started working with R.N.Vaidya as his assistant in direction.Meanwhile Sunder started working in Talkie films. His first film,where he was credited, was ” Na hone wali baat”-38. Before that, Rawail and Vaidya were preparing to make the film Banke Sipahi-37.Rawail recommended Sunder and Vaidya gave him an uncredited small role in that film.

Sunder and Rawail became good friends and started staying in one flat in Calcutta. After a few films here, they both went to Lahore and Sunder got the Hero’s role in the film ” Shukriya”-44. There were 4 Heroines in the film- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Raksha. Sunder’s role in this film was that of a young man from a village and Ramola was from a City. Sunder’s one song from this film-‘ Nayanon ke teer chala gayee ek shehar ki laundiya’ became very popular all over India, However the song was banned in Punjab due to its lyrics. After this they both came back to Calcutta.

His next film was Albeli-45, in which too there were 4 Heroines- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Usha. In the 40’s , Sunder acted in many films like Arabian Nights, Baap, Shabri, Chandrashekhar, Ek aurat, Grihalaxmi, Lottery, Samapti, Jhoothi kasme, Savyasachi, Do baaten, Shadi ke baad, Bawra, Khiladi, Nai Bhabhi etc. In Calcutta, Sunder got married to a girl from his community. Rawail left for Bombay. After a few months, Sunder also returned to Bombay.

Rawail was very happy to get him back and gave him roles in almost all of his films. Not only Rawail, but also J.Om Prakash, Mohan Kumar, Lekhraj Bhakri, Manoj kumar etc gave him roles in all their films and he became a busy actor. He was at one time, in great demand. He was quite popular due to his nature.In the decade of 50’s he did 88 films, which increased in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s however films came haltingly.

From singing Hero, he became a Junior artiste( extra), in presence of the new crop of actors. The role of comedians was on decline, as Heroes like Amitabh and others did comedy scenes themselves. His health started troubling him. His last film was probably Bahurani-89. He became ill for a long time and finally died on 5-3-1992. Sunder acted in 436 films. He was a good singer and sang his own songs in early cinemas. In all, Sunder sang 40 songs in 25 films. ( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji for material for adaptation.)

The story of the film Lehren-1953 was….The story of Lehren-53 revolves around 3 characters. One Hero and 2 Heroines. Kishore loves Shakuntala and treats Shyama sympathetically because she had lost her parents. She stays with her uncle omprakash. Shyama however takes Kishore’s sympathy as his love for her. Even his uncle and Kishore’s best friend Sunder think that way. This happens because Kishore feels too shy to express his love for Shakuntala. This situation becomes very embarrassing for Kishore, especially as he is pushed to marry Shyama. This part of the story is upto Interval.

After Interval, Kishore tries very hard to get out of this tricky situation and succeeds by first telling the truth to Sunder and then to uncle Omprakash. They make a plan so that Shyama overhears Kishore’s love dialogues to Shakuntala. But this has an opposite effect. Shyama thinks that Kishore has played a double game with both the girls.

At the end, all misunderstandings are cleared( for which Shakuntala had to pretend her suicide and sacrifice to allow Shyama and Kishore to get married). Shyama steps back and Kishore and Shakuntala are married.

Let us now enjoy the comedy song, by Rafi and Sunder Singh.

Song-Kehta hoon sach ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe (Lehren)(1953) singers-Sunder, Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


Duniya jhol hai
ae jee hum na kehte thhe
ke duniya jhol hai
aur tum samahte thhe ke beta gol hai
samhe mama
kehta hoon ke
kehta hoon sach
ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe
kehta hoon sach
ke jhoothh ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman
kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman
kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
kehta hoon sach
ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe
kehta hoon sach
ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe

ae jee achche bure ko dekh ke
achche bure ko dekh ke
kehta hoon saaf baat
arre suno to mama
arre achche bure ko dekh ke
arre kehta hoon saaf baat
arre din ho to din kahoonga
agar raat ho o o to raat

arre jhoothe kaa
munh kaala

arre nahin
suno to mama
arre jhhoote ka saathh
dene ki aadat nahin mujhe
jhhoothe ka saath dene ki aadat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe

aa aa aa aa aa
aji jaaiye bhi aap to
jhoothon ke baap hain

aji mama ee
dekho main to nahin hoon
per aap hain
aa aa aa aa
ab chhodiye jee peechha
ke fursat nahin mujhe
ab chhodiye jee peechha
ke fursat nahin mujhe

ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe

kehta hoon sach ke jhoothh ki ee ee ee ee ee ee ee
kehta hoon sach ke jhoothh kee ee ee ee ee ee ee
kehta hoon
o kehta hoon
o kehta hoon
o kehta hoon
sach ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe

kehta hoon sach
ke jhoothh ki aadat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe
ae jaaneman kisi se adaawat nahin mujhe ae ae


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Sunder’s voice is distinct and one can easily recognise his vocal tone. Good write up on comedian-singer Sunder.


Thank you.

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Have you ever covered about the Indian artistes who died in extreme poverty or a lonely death?


Yes,in many posts.


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