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Aaoge jab tum o saajna

Posted on: January 19, 2023

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I was a regular visitor to theatres for watching Hindi films during 1969-72. Almost every weekend (preferably Saturday afternoon shows), I would watch Hindi films in theaters irrespective of what critical reviews say about the films. Gradually, I developed some aversion to Hindi films and my visits to theatres became fewer. I guess, by mid-1975, my visits to theatres for watching Hindi films was considerably reduced to a couple of films in a year, that too after reading positive reviews or on the recommendation of my relatives/friends. The last Hindi film which I watched in the theatre was ‘83’ (2021) in the last week of December 2021. Of course, now OTT platforms have given an alternative option to watch the films of our choices and our convenient time at home with family.

‘Jab We Met’ (2007) was one such films which I saw with my family in the theatre after reading the positive reviews of the film. The lead pair in the film was Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. I had not seen their earlier films. Also, I did not come across any mention about the box office successes of their earlier films. Similarly, at that time, I heard of Imtiaz Ali, the film’s director for the first time. With these background in my mind, I was skeptical about the performances of the lead pair as well as the box office success of their latest film. In the event, my pre-viewing assessment of the film went completely wrong . The film was a romantic comedy which kept me engrossed till the end. Contrary to my apprehension, the performances of the lead pair were more than my expectations.

It is almost 15 years since I saw the film. Now, I do not remember as to how the story unfolded towards the end, Except two songs, I do not even remember as to how the rest of the songs were picturised. The two songs which is in my memory was ‘nagaada nagaada nagaada baja….’ and ‘ aaoge jab tum….’, the second one was of my liking. I always felt that songs in the films are the ‘speed breakers’ to the smooth flow of a film’s story and if they are out of context in the film, I tend to forget them. So, to refresh my memory, I watched the film on Youtube just before writing this article. I enjoyed the film watching after a long gap. I feel that this film has a good repeat value.

‘Jab We Met’ (2007) was produced under the banner of Shree Ashthvinayak Cinevision Ltd and was directed by Imtiaz Ali who also wrote story and dialogues. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor were the lead pair supported by Dara Singh, Tarun Arora, Pawan Malhotra, Somya Tandon, Kiron Juneja, Ananya Khare, Divya Seth etc.

According to director Imitiaz Ali, he had in mind Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta for the lead roles which did not work out. Shahid Kapoor’s name was suggested to him by one of his friends. Imtiaz Ali felt that Shahid Kapoor looked young to the role of a businessman but he had no choice as he had already lost many months in picking up the lead pair. He had tried to contact Kareena Kapoor for heroine’s role but there was no response from her. It was only when he finalised Shahid Kapoor as the lead actor that Kareena Kapoor agreed to work in the film. At that time, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena were in relationship. It was during the half-way shooting of the film that their relationship was broken. However, according to Imtiaz Ali, he did not face any problem while shooting their remaining scenes in the film.

‘Jab We Met’ (2007) had six songs, excluding remix versions, of which 5 songs were written by Irshad Kamil which were set to music by Pritam. The remaining one song was written by Faaiz Anwar which was set to music by Sandesh Shandilya. As far as I remember, all the songs became popular after the film’s release in October 2007.

I am presenting the first song from the film, ‘aaoge jab tum o saajana’ to appear on the Blog. It is of a semi-classical genre rendered by Ustad Rashid Khan under the music direction of Sandesh Shandilya. It is a background song written by Faaiz Anwar. I came to know from the comments that the song is based on raag Tilak Kamod. I get the shades of both Thumri (human love relationship) and Kajri (pathos of separated lovers in rainy season) in this song. The pathos and the use of words ‘barsega saawan’ in the song indicate that it is more of a Kajri than a Thumri. Flautist Naveen Kumar has beautifully played flute in the prelude and interludes section of the song. Naveen Kumar is a favourite flautist of music directors, A R Rahman and Ilayaraja.

When I heard this song of semi-classical genre for the first time in the film in 2007, it sounded out of place in the film in terms of the genre, especially when rest of the songs belonged to pop and bhangra genres, the favourites mainly among the young generation. Imtiaz Ali, in his interview held about 10 years after the film’s release, revealed that when this song was recorded, almost all the unit members did not like this slow-paced song. Someone from the unit pointed out to him that this song belonged to old generation and the film is about the romance of the new generation. With great difficulties, he convinced to those who mattered in the film that this background song truly conveys the inner feelings of a jilted lover.

Ustad Rashid Khan, current doyen of Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana, is known for his mastery over Khayal, Drupad, Tarana and other semi-classical genres. After the demise of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, in my view, Ustad Rashid Khan stands tall among the current Hindustani classical vocalists. For him, this song is very simple to render. He starts the song with aalaap and ends with sargam. In-between, he has molded his rendition to make it attuned to the requirements of what I may call as ‘Bollywood genre’ of songs. For music director Sandesh Shandilya, he has nicely blended the traditional rendering with modern orchestration. The resulted fusion music sounds pleasing to the ears. Both have succeeded in their attempts if I go by nearly 55 million hit on the video of this song on Youtube in the period of last two years.

The proof of a pudding is in the eating. So, listen to this well-crafted song.

Video Clip:

Song-Aaoge jab tum o saajna (Jab We Met)(2007) Singer-Ustaad Rashid Khan, Lyrics-Faiz Anwar, MD-Sandesh Shandilya


aa aa aa aa aaaaa
aa aa aa aa aaaa
aa aa aa aa aaa
ha aa aa aaa

aaoge jab tum o saajana
aaoge jab tum o saajana
angana phool khilenge
barsega saawan
barsega saawan jhoom jhoom
do dil aise milenge
aaoge jab tum o saajana
angana phool khilenge

naina tere kajraare hain
nainon pe hum dil haare hain
anjaane hi tere nainon ne
waade kiye kayi saare hain
saanson ki lai
madham chale
tose kahe
barsega saawan
barsega saawan jhoom jhoom
do dil aise milenge
aaoge jab tum o saajana
angana phool khilenge

ga pa pa sa sa re ga sa

chanda ko taakoon raaton mein
hai zindagi tere haathon mein
palkon pe jhilmil taare hain
aana bhari barsaaton mein
sapanon kaa jahaan
hoga khila khila
barsega saawan
barsega saawan jhoom jhoom
do dil aise milenge

pa ni sa re ma ma ga ga ga sa ni
ni re ga ni dha ni re ni ma dha ni dha
dha ni re pa pa ma ma dha dha ma re ma ga
ga ma dha ni sa
sa ni pa ma
ma ga ga sa re ga sa
angna phool khilenge
pa ni dha re sa re
angna phool khilenge
pa pa ma ma ga ga sa sa ni
ma ma pa ni sa ni
ma pa ni ni sa sa
re pa pa ma ma ga ga


7 Responses to "Aaoge jab tum o saajna"

Welcome back after a long gap Sir ji !!!
First of all, thanks for this post and presenting this song here. I like this song very much. I have not watched this movie, except a little part of it when my daughters were watching it (their repeat watching) on it TV years back.
Enjoyed the post and thanks for the other information shared in the post.
I hope now since you are back we will be getting such more treats frequently now 🙂
Thanks and regards,


Thanks Avinash ji.


Dear Sadanand ji,

As one of your ardent fans, I second what Avinash ji has stated and a double welcome to you. JWM is one of my favourites too and I never miss a chance to watch it on TV, never mind from where I join the telecast. The film is like a draft of fresh air and makes one feel young again.

Looking forward to more from you hereafter.

With warm regards



Thanks Partha Chanda ji


Thanks Partha Chanda ji.


Dear Sadanand ji,
Have always respected and loved your posts.
For the last two days since I read and listened to your post, I have been enjoying the song on a loop. Each time I listened to it, I kept discovering new dimensions – latent nuances of the geet, which a rank ignoramus like me had missed earlier, that must’ve been apparent to connoisseurs. This song had been one of my favourites of the present era.
Ustad Rashid Khan is one of the maestros and one marvels how well he had modulated his voice while rendering this composition absolutely reflecting the mood.
Sandesh Shandilya as MD was a perfect choice of the director Imtiaz Ali for composition of the song. This song has been brilliantly created by him.
Lastly, I was also extremely impressed by the lyrics of Faiz Anwar of whom I had never heard earlier.
Thanks and regards to you Sir for the post again.
Looking forward to seeing you more often on A S A D.
Avadh Lal


Avadh Lal ji,

After reading your comments, I felt that you have better summed up than me about the roles played by the singer, the lyricist and the music director in making this song worthwhile to listen on a loop.

Thanks for your comments.


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