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Baaton baaton mein mere dil ko churaaya tumne

Posted on: January 30, 2023

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # (Missing movies of 1973-12)
(A tribute to Ramesh Deo)

Today(30 January 2023) we introduce the movie “Hum Junglee Hain” from the year ‘1973’ on the blog.

Today 30th January’2023 is the ninety-seventh birth anniversary of yesteryears’ film actor Ramesh Deo.
He was born on 30th January’1926. If he would have been alive today he would have turned ninety-six today. He passed away last year on 2nd February’2022.

In his long career in Hindi and Marathi film industry he acted in many movies, and also in Marathi Stage Plays.

We have fond memories of his roles like Dr Kulkarni in ‘Anand’ and many other character roles and especially the negative roles he played in the Hindi movies.

I am not going into the details of his filmography in this post. Our Respected Shri Sudhir ji had done a detailed post on Ramesh Deo last year which I would like every ‘movie-buff’ should read. This post can be read here.

Ramesh Deo was a part of many movies of the ‘seventies’ when we were growing watching ‘Hindi movies’. He had a played a role in today’s movie, where I guess his role was of a ‘second lead’ in this movie. I have never watched this movie till now and I was not aware about its song till the preparation of this post. Though, I am yet to listen to the other songs from this movie. I had come across this song about a month back and since then I was holding it for presenting it on this occasion today.

On screen it is Ramesh Deo performing on this beautiful song with Vijaya Shree.

Here is a brief about the today’s movie.

“Hum Junglee Hain” was directed by P. Subramaniyam for ‘Rani Productions, Madras’.

This movie was produced by V.C. Jain and G.C. Lalwan.

The cast of this movie included Kiran Kumar, Manish, Sapru, Paintal, Birbal, Aparna Choudhury, Kavish, Shanti, Viraj, Brahmachari, Santosh Kumar, Annamma and others, with Ramesh Deo and Vijaya Shree.

Anand and Cho were introduced in this movie.

This movie was written by C.L. Kavish. Story of this movie was by P. Subramaniyam who also directed this movie.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee had done the supervision for editing of this movie. Editing was done by Gopalakrishnan and Babu.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 22.11.1973.

As the title of this movie suggests it is based on a story involving ‘Jungle’ and the ‘animal’ there. Even there is a song in this movie ‘haathhi ke daant le lo’…
The titles of this movie mention that this movie has been shot in the ‘Jungles’ of ‘Kerala’.

This movie has seven sound tracks including six songs. All the songs for this movie were written by Vedpal Verma who also composed the songs of this movie.
Background music for this movie was composed by Pugazendi.

Here is the detail of songs in this movie :-

SNo Song Title Singer/s
01 Jab se dekha hai tumko Mohd Rafi, Usha Mangeshkar
02 Laa laa …main mehndi rachaaungi Asha Bhonsle
03 Haathhi ke daant le lo P. B. Shrinivas, L.R. Eswari
04 Baaton baaton mein mere dil ko… Mohd Rafi, Usha Mangeshkar
05 Khilaa re … chaand khilaa taare khile Mahendra Kapoor, Usha Mangeshkar, chorus
06 Laa laa … naa mehndi rachaa saki Asha Bhonsle
07 Dance Music

The titles of this movie mentioned Asha Bhonsle, Mohammad Rafi, Mahendra Kapoor, P.B. Srinivas, and L.R. Eswari as playback singers for this movie.

That means the titles of this movie does not mention the name of Usha Mangeshkar as playback singer for this movie.

However HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) gives credit to Usha Mangeshkar for three songs in this movie. Today’s song is one of them.

The audio-video links of the today’s song and HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) mention Mohd Rafi and Usha Mangeshkar as singers for the today’s song.

As mentioned above on screen it is Ramesh Deo and Vijaya Shree performing on this song. I think this song is a nice song and it should be a better-known song. But I do not remember to have heard it even on radio over these years.

With today’s song this movie ‘Hum Junglee Hain-1973’ makes its debut on the blog today.

Let us remember Ramesh Deo and pay him our tributes today and listen to this song picturised on him.



Song-Baaton baaton mein mere dil ko churaaya tumne (Hum Junglee Hain)(1973) Singer/s-Mohd Rafi, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Vedpal Verma, Music-Vedpal Verma


(Dialogues not included)

baaton baaton mein mere
dil ko churaaya tumne
kaun ho tum
kaun ho tum
mujhko raaton mein
bahot der jagaaya tumne
kaun ho tum
kaun ho tum

meri raahon mein naye
phool khilaaye tumne ae
meri raahon mein naye
phool khilaaye tumne ae
meri aankhon ko
naye khwaab dikhaaye tumne ae

meri tanhaayi ko
khushiyon se basaaya tumne
kaun ho tum
kaun ho tum mm

zindagi jhool gayi ee
aaj meri baahon mein ae
zindagi jhool gayi
aaj meri baahon mein ae
maine tasveer basaa li hai
in nigaahon mein

meri bikhri huyi duniya ko
sajaaya tumne
kaun ho tum
kaun ho tum mm

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa


3 Responses to "Baaton baaton mein mere dil ko churaaya tumne"

Dear Avinash ji,

You have inadvertently omitted to provide the Hyperlink to Sudhir ji’s Post on Ramesh Deo, mentioned by you in Para 7.

Kindly do the needful.

With warm regards



Sir ji, thanks for bringing it to the notice.
Here is the link given below.



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