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Tere gaaon mein sajan mora dil na lagey

Posted on: February 24, 2023

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Today’s song is a duet from the film Chor-1950. For reasons unknown, the name of this film in HFGK is written as Chore, whereas everywhere else, including in Hindi in HFGK itself it is mentioned as Chor only !

The film was directed by Anand Prasad Kapoor (32 films as a director and 2 films as an actor) and the film had music from Pt. Govind Ram. Before we move further, I have a query – do you know which actor in Hindi films had his real name as Indriya Daman (इंद्रिय दमन ) ? I know it is a difficult question and 99% readers will not be able to give the right answer.

It was almost a custom in Hindi films, until recently, to have a ” Filmi” name instead of having the real name. There were many reasons for this, like hiding odd names, religion, caste, language or mostly to avoid having a very common name. Sometimes existing names in the industry also forced the artiste to have a pseudonym. For example, most people know that Meenakumari’s real name was Mehjabin. Do you know there was another actress with the same real name Mehjabin…who ? Ok, who were the well known film artistes having the real names like – Kalyan kumar, Shashikala, Gopal Bedi, Padmavati, Nargis jahangir, Susheela Pawar, Badshah Begum, Roshan Ara, Zulfiqar Ali, Sunita Kulkarni, Khurshid Mirza, Sahebjan, Syed jafri, Vijaya Deshmukh, Yasmin Joseph, Krishna Sarin or Vishwanath ?

There are more than 100 odd names like this, but these names are enough to prove my point. All right, here are the answers…. Real name and Filmi name…

Mehjabin-Jabeen, Kalyan Kumar-Anup kumar, Shashikala-Minakshi Seshadri, Gopal Bedi- Ranjit, Padmavati-Mamta kulkarni, Nargis Jahangir- Shammi aunty, Susheela Pawar- Vanmala, Badshah Begum-Shakeela, Roshan ara- Husn Bano/ Naseem Bano/ Sarojini, Zulfiqar Ali- Feroz Khan, Sunita Kulkarni- Kajal Kiron, Khurshid Mirza- Renuka Devi, Sahebjan- Sulochana Latkar, Syed Jafri- Jagdeep, Vijaya Deshmukh- Sandhya, Yasmin Joseph-Mandakini, Krishna Sarin- Bina Rai and Vishwanath- Nana Patekar.

Now coming to the original first question – Who was Indriya Daman ? He was none other than actor Shekhar- Hero of today’s film, Chor-1950. He was born on 8-10-1923,at Dehradun. He did his schooling in Meerut and Graduated from Agra university. Then he worked as an Announcer in All India Radio,Delhi. He came to Bombay with a desire to act in films. He got the Hero’s role in Devendra Goel’s first production,” Aankhen”-1950,opposite his own dreamgirl Nalini Jaywant. Composer Madan Mohan also made his debut with Aankhen-50. In Spite of 3 debutants,the film became a Hit. The 5′ 8” tall,fair and handsome Shekhar became a star overnight.

Shekhar became very famous when he sang ‘ Tujhe kya sunaun main dilruba ‘ from film Aakhri daon-58 ( melody made by Madan Mohan and inspired by Sajjad Husain’s ‘ye hawa ye raat ye chandni’ from film Sangdil, in Talat’s voice). Shekhar was a very lucky person.In one of the interviews he gave in 1956,he himself has recounted incidents where his luck helped him. This interview can be read on Cineplot. After leaving films,Shekhar looked after his production and Distribution business,expanding it further. Shahid Latif was his close friend and when Shahid made his first film Darwaza-54,he gave the distribution rights for Delhi and U.P. of this film to his friend Shekhar. Thus started his business even while he was still acting. Shekhar acted in about 35 films.
Shekhar’s career as an actor was cut short abruptly,because he decided to become Film producer.He produced Chhote Babu-57,Aakhri Dao-58 & Bank Manager-59.The last one was a total wash out. Not heeding to it, he started” Pyas”,with Phani Mazumdar as director & N.Dutta as M D. Bina Rai was signed as heroine against himself. To arrange finance he accepted C grade films, such as Dilli Ka Dada with Sheikh Mukhtar & Hum Matwale Naujawan, both 62 movies. Soon he was out of the job & worst, his film remained stalled, due to financial crunch. Shekhar completed the film with great difficulty.The film was ultimately released in 1968, with a new title “Apna Ghar Apni Kahani”. As anticipated,the film attracted no audience,due to its dated look & long forgotten, middle aged lead pair. Financially ruined, Shekhar migrated to Canada. He expired there, a long time back.

The music director of this film was Pt. Govind Ram, who was one of the most respected persons in the film industry. C.Ramchandra was very much impressed with his music and work method. Lata Mangeshkar also respected him calling him ” Master ji”. However none of her songs composed by Govind Ram became famous or a hit song. It is very sad that his date of birth or even the date of death is not known.

In the pre-partition period of Hindi films, there were many schools of music directors, many times on a regional basis, but some were just unique. The Punjabi school of film composing was a very important and innovative school among these. This school gained popularity in the 1940s, which also resulted in the immense popularity of Punjabi folk music. Ghulam Haider was considered to be the most important of these, but equally great were Pandit Amarnath , Shyam Sundar , Husnlal – Bhagatram , G. A. Chishti , and Pandit Gobindram .

Pandit Gobindram Ji ( born in 1912) was a trained musician from Lahore, and was equally popular in both Hindi and Punjabi films. Unlike other music directors of the Punjabi school, music composed by him did not typically reflect native Punjabi trends, but instead lay firmly in the category of mainstream 1940s’ music. One could very well say that he played a crucial part in shaping the music of the 1940s. His music is truly melodious and varied, with a unique combination of highly expressive tunes, yet very fun and foot tapping and rhythmically catchy. He is one of the music directors who used a very large number of singers, only second to Gyan Dutt, one of his worthy contemporaries. He excelled equally in composing happy, sad, romantic, serious, comical, classical, just any kind of songs. It is a pity that he has never received the attention that he deserved.

Among his landmarks are the introduction of enormous contributions to making Shamshad Begum and Zohrabai the top singers in Hindi films. He recorded the maximum number of Hindi film songs with Shamshad Begum – 86 songs in 19 films. He was also one of the foremost music directors to encourage and bring forward great veteran Rafi , and also introduced great singer Zeenat Begum to films. He has 32 films to his credit and each one had equally superb music. He composed 302 songs.

Some of his films were Himmat-41,Sahara-43, Pagli-43, Aabroo-43, Naseeb-45, Laila Majnu-45, Sassi Punnu-46, Chalis Karod-46, Ghar ki izzat-49, Nisbat-49, Bholi-49, Raj mukut-50, Chore-50, Sarkar-51 and his last film Naqab-55. Most popular singers of that period have graced his songs. His use of light music, Ghazals, Thumris and various popular music forms in films, provide a ready insight into the uniqueness of 1940s music, and with a slightly unique flavour of both his compositions as well as a tiny tinge of Punjabi style.

Pandit Gobindram Ji started his career with Jeevan Jyoti (1937), but his first Hindi film in the 1940s was Himmat (1941). Today, it is remembered for being the second ever Hindi film of veteran singer Shamshad Begum Ji, where she beautifully sang the traditional Dadra ‘Inhin Logon Ne Le Leena Dupatta Mora’ , in her young, sweet but powerful voice. The famous song with the same lyrics in Pakeezah (1972) is largely a copy of this song. This was the first song composed by Gobindram that helped him gain recognition. Other songs from this film included a beautiful duet by Ghulam Haider and Umraozia Begum , ‘Main Hoon Rani Ek Sunehri Nagri Ki’.

His last film was Naqaab-55. Gobindram worked with more than 30 lyricists during his career. With 56 songs in 8 films, his collaboration was the highest with Ishwar Chandra Kapoor. Some of the other prominent lyricists he worked with include Bharat Vyas , Ram Murti Chaturvedi , Ramesh Gupta , and Qamar Jalalabadi . (adapted from an article by Vidur Sury, with thanks).

Let us now listen to the duet sung by Shamshad Begum and S.D.Batish.

Song- Tere gaaon mein sajan mora dil na lagey (Chor)(1950) Singers- Shamshad begum, S D Batish, Lyricist- Harish Bharadwaj, MD- Pt. Gobind Ram


ho tere gaanv mein
ho tere gaanv mein
tere gaanv mein sajan mora dil na lage re
mohe dilli shahar dikhla de balamwa
jamuna snaan kara de

ho kyun gaanv se
ho kyun gaanv se
kyun gaanv se roothh gayi hai sajaniya
itna to mohe batla de sajaniya
manwa ki baat bata de

dilli shahar mein hai ik bajariya
bikti hai wahaan pe dhaani chunariya
ho o more balma
ho more balma hoy
dillil shahar mein hai ik bajariya
bikti hai wahaan pe dhaani chunariya
dilli ki odhni odha de saanwariya
chaandni chowk dikhla de balamwa
jamuma snaan kara de
main waari jaaun
jamuma snaan kara de

apne gaanv ki kheti baadi
kaise chhod ke jaaun main pyaari
ho o mori janiya
ho mori janiya
apne gaanv ki kheti baadi
kaise chhod ke jaaun main pyaari
kaise chalegi pet ki gaadi
itna tu mohe batla de sajaniya
itna to mohe batla de sajaniya
manwa ki baat bata de
dilli shahar mein bade bade chaudhary
bade bade chaudhary
dilli shahar mein
bade bade chaudhary
unke wahaan tum kariyo naukari
kariyo naukari
milegi tankhva mauj karenge
laal quile ki sair karenge
milegi tankhva mauj karenge
laal quile ki sair karenge

maanegi na tu badi hathheeli
maanegi na tu badi hathheeli
baandh le gathhdi meri chameli

waah re balam to pe waari waari jaaun
rabdi parathe tujh ko khilaaun
zara jaldi se ticket kata de
ho zara jaldi se ticket kata de sajanwa
dilli shahar dikhla de balamwa
jamuma snaan kara de
main waari jaaun
jamuma snaan kara de
ho tere gaanv mein
ho tere gaanv mein
tere gaanv mein sajan mora dil na lage re
mohe dilli shahar dikhla de balamwa
jamuna snaan kara de
main waari jaaun
jamuna snaan kara de


6 Responses to "Tere gaaon mein sajan mora dil na lagey"

Arun ji,
Shekhar’s first film was ‘Parda’ (1946, Unreleased) in which he was the lead actor and his name appeared as Indriya Daman. Madan Mohan also acted in this film. Of course, ‘Aankhen’ (1950) was his first released film.


Thanks for this additional information.


Vishwanath- Nana Patekar.
Yasmin Joseph-Mandakini
Vijaya Deshmukh- Sandhya
Syed Jafri- Jagdeep
Shashikala-Minakshi Seshadri,
Gopal Bedi- Ranjit
Zulfiqar Ali- Feroz Khan
These I knew. Rest was new knowledge gained.
I was nearly correct about Kalyan Kumar- reconfirmed after reading the post.
Sunita Kulkarni & Padmavati they cud ve retained- such classic names.
Do you recall Shah Abbas Khan Tanoli?
Thank you guruji


Sanjay Khan ?


would like to know if his other brothers had any other name, specially Sameer who acted opposite Mumtaz in some movie “Pyar Ka Rishta” if i am not wrong


Sameer was Azmat Khan.

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