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Naina ye bade bade jiske bhi peechhe paden

Posted on: April 21, 2023

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Today’s song is from a film called Gun Fight aka Bandookbaaz-1960. The film makes a Debut on this Blog.

Funniest part is that the HFGK describes it as a ” Costume film”. Generally, a Costume film is a film in which you see a King, Queen, Vazier or some Historical figures wearing odd, shining and elaborate dresses and who live in big palaces with hundreds of servants who come running after a clap ( a call bell provided to all by God !) of hands. This film is nothing of this sort. All the characters in this film wear normal clothes, live in ordinary houses and lead routine lives. I have seen this film, in the times when such films were in the dying stages. The cast of the film consists of names usually found in a C grade stunt film… Niloufer, Anjum, Moti (Dog), Baagla, Funny Walker, Maqbool, Bilali, Premi, Mohd. Agha, Shaukat, Sharan Asi, Moosa, Mohd. Sandow etc. etc. But it was not a stunt film either.

The film was nothing but a love story embedded with a criminal gang, an innocent man being jailed, poor family, Masked gangster, police and some qawwalis and love songs. In my opinion, it was a crime story. However I can’t change its category now (or any other time too !). Read this film’s story and you will agree with my above statements, I am sure…..

Deepak is a poor but honest man, living with his widowed mother and sister Manju. When he is unable to raise even Rs. 5000 for her marriage, he joins a gang of smugglers. Manju is married off, but unfortunately he gets caught for a crime he did not commit. He is jailed. In the jail, he decides to be honest hereafter come what may and help the police to catch the chief of the smugglers’ gang- the Masked man.

When he comes out of jail, he finds that his mother has died and sister Manju has been thrown out by her husband Madan Kumar. He goes to his Jija. There is a fight and Jija is injured. The police is called. He runs away and decides to commit suicide. He jumps into a river. By luck he falls into the fishing net of Makubai, who frees him and takes him home to nurse him to good health. There he falls in love with Makubai’s daughter Jyoti. He has to run away as Police trace him there also.

On the way, he saves a girl from dying. She is Mohini, the moll of the Masked man. She helps him and they together with the police catch the Masked Man- head of the Gang. He gets an award. Mohini dies in the encounter. He is united with Jyoti and they marry. His sister is also taken back by the Jija ji.

The film was made by Firdaus Films, Bombay. It was produced and directed by Sultan Ahmed Amrohi, the owner of the banner himself. The music was by Iqbal. He is the same weaker partner of the ” Same Name Confusion” pair, in which some of his films are unjustly credited to the stronger partner- Music Director Iqbal Qureshi.

While Iqbal Qureshi’s career spanned between 1958 to 1991, there was another MD by the name of IQBAL (Md. Iqbal), who operated between 1953 to 1975. This Iqbal was known as ”Chhota Iqbal”, probably based on the heights of these two Iqbals.( Iqbal Qureshi was 6′ 4″ tall)

He started his career with Malika Saloni (1953). He gave music to 21 films and 2 unreleased films. His films are:

Malika Saloni (1953)
Jaadugar (1954)
Jasoos (1955)
Sakhi Lutera (1955)
Anokha Jungle (1956)
Sipahsalar (1956)
Gypsy (1957)
Chetak Aur Rana Pratap (1958)
Blackmailer (1959)
Hero No. 1 (1959)
Toofani Teerandaz (1959)
Wrong Number (1959)
Diler Haseena (1960)
Gunfight (1960)
Zaalim Jaadugar (1960)
Night Bird (1961)
Toofani Tarzan (1962)
Kaala Jaadu (1963)
Black Arrow (1965)
Fauladi Mukka (1965)
Agent 302 (1963)
Unreleased….Gypsy (1966) and Rajkumar Suraj (1975)

Iqbal never compromised on quality singers and used Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Asha Bhosle, Khan Mastana, Meena Kapoor, Madhubala Zaveri, Mubarak Begum, Mahendra Kapoor, Ismail Azad Qawwal, Talat Mahmood, S.Balbir, Minu Purushottam, Chandbala etc. His songs do not include, possibly, any Lata number.

After films, he composed several Muslim devotionals with Mukesh and few ghazals with Shailendra Singh. His one song from film Sipahsalar, a Talat-Asha duet is included by HMV in their Classic range. With all this, IQBAL remained a small time composer, an action film MD, unlike his same name counterpart who bathed in the glory of hit songs. Iqbal’s only hit film, Sipahsalar is also invariably included in Iqbal Qureshi’s filmography, which is injustice to poor IQBAL!

The lead actors in this film were Amarnath (Bharadwaj) and Aruna. It is an interesting coincidence that in this one obscure film 2 members of the “SNC” are present. There were many Amarnaths in Hindi films. Amarnath (Bharadwaj) is one of the “same name confusions” victims. There were two Pt. Amarnath Music Directors, 1 actor Amar, 1 actor Amarnath and 1 actor/Director (K.) Amarnath.

This Amarnath was born in Hafizabad, in Gujranwala district of Punjab (Now in Pakistan) on13-10-1923. After Matriculation, he joined a Bank. However after some time he left the bank job and joined the film industry. He started acting in 1939 with Kidar Sharma’s “Dil hi to hai”. From Calcutta, he came down to Bombay and did a small role in the film Naghma E sehra-1945. Then he shifted to Lahore. Graduating from doing small roles he was made the Leading Man in Dalsukh Pancholi’s film “Patjhad”, started in 1947 opposite Meena (Shorey). Pancholi had to flee Lahore due to Partition riots, but he carried the negatives of Patjhad. Though the film was censored in India in 1948, it seems it was never released.

Amarnath starred as Hero/ side Hero in many other films,like Papiha re-48, Barsat ki ek raat-48, Swayam sidha-49, Nai Bhabhi-50, Kamal ke phool-50, Sheesh Mahal-50, Jalte Deep-50, Johri-51, Nai zindagi-51 , Nirmohi-52, Nirmal-52, Izzat-52, Bahu Beti-53, Nav Durga-53, Toofan-54, Danka-54, Gun Fight-60 etc. Then he switched over to side roles. In all, he worked in 81 Hindi films. In addition he also acted in many Punjabi films, initially as a hero and later in other roles. His first Punjabi film was Kamli-1946. Some other Punjabi films were Murtiyan-50, Posti-51, Vanjara-54, Lara Lappa-53, Astalli-54,Jagga-64 etc. His last Hindi film was Kaun ho tum-70.

The song under discussion is sung by Balbir, Kishore Kumar and chorus according to HFGK. But the HFGK entry is incorrect as the voice of Kishore Kumar is nowhere to be found. Muzaffar Shahjahanbadi is the lyricist.

Song-Naina ye bade bade jiske bhi peeche paden (Gun Fight)(1960) Singer- Balbir, Lyricist- Muzaffar Shahjahanpuri, MD- Iqbal


Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade

jis tarah bhi ho guzar
ek qayaamat ho udhar
koi rota hai kahin
jaan khota hai kahin
koi to aah bhare
koi fariyaad kare
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade

dil pe thha naaz mujhe
kaun lootega ise
badh ke ek teer e nazar
usne phenka jo idhar
dil mein toofaan uthha
tab chala mujhko pataa
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade

uski aankhon mein sharaab
koi had hai na hisaab
uske chehre ki kitaab
padhke ?? hai kharaab
jab se takraai nazar
dil se kehta hai jigar
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade
Naina ye bade bade
jiske bhi peeche pade
looten zaalim khade khade


2 Responses to "Naina ye bade bade jiske bhi peechhe paden"

Arunkumar ji,

Many Thanks for this post wherein MD Iqbal’s work is highlighted and differentiated with that of the more familiar Iqbal Qureshi.

None of the enlisted films ring a bell as far as Mukesh is concerned. As you have rightly said, the combo have collaborated for Islamic devotional NFS.



Dear Mahesh ji,
Thanks for your comments.
I am glad you liked the post.


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