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Pi pi ki boli na bol papeehe

Posted on: May 1, 2023

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Today’s song is a beautiful Lata song from the film Aan Baan-1956.

The film was a Costume film telling us an age old story about an old dilapidated king,ambitious evil Rajkumar, a Princess in love with the enemy state prince and as expected a Happy end confirming that ” Good prevails over the Bad”. This type of childish stories had slowly failed to entertain the audience, who looked for some fresh different stories set in the current social scene.

The film was made by the producer, director D.D.Kashyap under his own banner – Kashyap productions, Bombay. Kashyap was a director who directed only 15 films in more than 20 years, but he gave us some Hit and popular films like Nai kahani-1943 (his Debut film as a Director), Chaand-1944 (First film of Prabhat to try an outside director), Badi Bahen-1949 (one of the best Musical films ever), Aaram-1951 (excellent Lata songs), Halaku-1956 (all 8 songs by Lata) and Maya-1961.

The cast of the film was Nalini jaywant, Usha Kiran, Ajit, Mahipal, Pran, Ulhas, Man mohan krishna, Maya Devi, Nazir and others. There were 7 songs written by Qamar Jalalabadi and the best thing about this film- music was composed by Husnlal-Bhagatram. Though the MD pair was in their last lap of career, (after this film in 1956, they did only 9 more films in next 10 years till 1966, before packing up ), they still had their spark working, albeit weakly ! One of their popular songs from this film was ” Aji iss phani duniya mein, muhabbat ke siwa kya hai ” sung by Asha Bhosle and Mubarak Begum, their only duet. Today’s song is the 5th song to be presented here. The story of the film was….

When the Maharani of Shivgarh was on the deathbed, she asked others of the family to take care of her daughter Jai Kumari. But all the others were of different natures. Her father was an old warrier. Elder brother Devisingh believed in peace and co-existence. Younger brother Amar singh believed in the might of the sword and wanted the throne for himself.

When Devi singh fell in love with a dancer heera, Amar singh wanted to rebel against him, but Jai Kumari supported elder brother and got him married to Heera. Amar singh, however, continued troubling the family. Fed up, the king took back all his ranks and honour and boycotted him from the family. Only Jai Kumari helped him to regain all his honours.

In the meantime, Jai Kumari fell in love with Karan Singh, Prince of the neighbouring enemy state Raigarh. Taking this opportunity, Amarsingh waged a war with the king and brother. Amar singh won the battle and the king and brother were arrested and sent to jail. Jaikumari herself went to jail along with father and brother.

When Karan Singh knows this, with the help of sympathisers in Shiv Garh, he attacks the state. The king, brother and sister are freed and Amar singh gets killed in the battle. Devi singh becomes the king. Jai Kumari and Karan singh get married. Thus all is well. The audience jumps up like a child and goes back to their homes, greatly relieved !

One of the actors in the cast is Manmohan Krishna. He was an unusual entity in the Hindi film industry, A highly educated man with a stiff spine, a social worker, an IPTA worker, a person, who due to his nature, could never mix with film people, he always kept away from filmi parties too.

MANMOHAN KRISHNA was born on 11-8-1908, at Lahore in Punjab. He was a very studious person and always stood first in school. He completed his M.Sc. in Physics and started working as a Physics lecturer in a Lahore college. He was very fond of singing and also sang on Lahore Radio. Once when V. Shantaram visited Lahore, he heard Manmohan’s singing on stage and was impressed. Shantaram offered him the lead role in his forthcoming film, “Matwala Shair Ramjoshi”-1947, In this film Manmohan sang 6 solos and 3 duets with Zohrabai Ambalewali. However, his first song as a playback singer was in Shantaram’s film, ” Jeewan Yatra”-1946, under Vasant Desai’s baton.

In his career of more than 40 years, he acted in 183 films and directed 1 film – Noorie-1979. He also sang 24 songs in 8 films, namely Jeewan Yatra-46, Matwala Shayar Ramjoshi-47, Andhon ki duniya-47, Apna Desh-49, Afsar-50, Aaram-51, Railway Platform-55 and Shehar aur Sapna-1963. During his stay in Bombay, he anchored a Radio show ” Cadbury’s Phulwari” in the 50’s.

Manmohan Krishna was connected with Indian Peoples Theatre i.e. IPTA and acted in few of their dramas. Being an educated person, he was impressed with Nehruvian Secularism. He worked in films like Shehar aur Sapna by K. A.Abbas as well as the first Indo-Soviet film Pardesi-1957. He also got the Film Fare award for playing the role of Abdul Chacha in the film Dhool ka Phool-64. A song in this film ” Tu Hindu banega na Musalman banega ” shot on him, became very popular.

Being a member of the intelligentia, he could not sell himself nor gel into the Hindi filmi world fully. He always fought against injustice. He established ‘ Yuvak Biradari ‘ for young Indians, which became a big organisation in due course.

He was a favourite of the Chopra Brothers and acted in most films made by them. Some of his famous films were Deewar, Trishul, Humraaz, Insaaf ka Tarazu, Joshila, Kanoon, Kala Pathar, Dhool ka phool, Waqt, Naya Daur etc. etc. He also worked in 12 Punjabi films. He was prominently spotted in any role due to his thick bushy eyebrows.

In Hindi films, he rarely got a hero’s role, barring few films, because of his ordinary look. He had no looks required for a Hero’s role in a commercial film, in those days. He was of course an excellent Character Artiste. Due to his nature, he kept away from Filmi parties and groupism. He had no real friends in the film industry. Manmohan krishna did not keep good health in his last few years and died at the age of 82 years, in Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Bombay, on 3-11-1990.
( Based on some information from wiki, ‘Beete kal ke sitare’ by Shriram Tamrakar,muVyz, HFGK and my notes. Thanks to all.)

Today’s song is a very good song by Lata Mangeshkar. I had observed that in all films of Husnlal Bhagatram, Lata had given her best efforts. Enjoy this sad song….

Song- Pi Pi ki boli na bol papeehe (Aan Baan)(1956) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


pi pi ki boli naa bol
boli na bol papeehe
ae ae ae ae
kehna na apna dard kisi se
kehna na apna dard kisi se
pi pi ki boli na bol

jaan gayi tere dil ka main dukhda
tujhse bhi tera preetam hai bichhda
rota hain duniya mein kaun khushi se
ae ae ae ae
kehna na apna dard kisi se
keahna na apna dard kisi se
pi pi ki boli na bol

tu bhi deewana aa aa aa
main bhi deewani
teri kahaani hain meri kahaani
donon hi tadpe dil ki lagi se
ae ae ae ae
kehna na apna dard kisi se
kehna na apna dard kisi se
pi pi ki boli na bol

dil jo mile to bichhadna bhi hoga
jalna bhi hoga tadapna bhi hoga
kyun ro raha hain pagle abhi se
ae ae ae ae
kehna na apana dard kisi se
kehna na apana dard kisi se
pi pi ki boli na bol
boli na bol papeehe
ae ae ae ae
kehna na apana dard kisi se
kehna na apana dard kisi se
pi pi ki boli na bol

3 Responses to "Pi pi ki boli na bol papeehe"

I have sent lyrics of all songs from this film in connection with BTYC(including the lyrics of song you have posted today(


Arun Ji
Thanks for the post, with info about Manmohan Krishna. I remember he also anchored another program ‘Cadbury’s amateur hour’, akin to today’s reality shows ,presenting budding singers.
( a small point -You mentioned Halaku had all 8 songs by Lata. But there is a duet of Rafi & Lata too. Probably you meant ‘as many as 8 songs by Lata’. Then there is Lata-Asha song ‘Aji chale aao’.)
I liked todays song which I am hearing for the first time.


Dear Satish ji,
Thanks for your comments.
Lata’s 8 song means, in all 8 songs Lata was there as a singer. It does not mean Lata Solos only. otherwise I would have said Lata solos. Perhaps I should have been more explicit to avoid creating other meanings.


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