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Gorey gorey mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo

Posted on: May 18, 2023

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This article is his 1200th post in the blog.

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Today’s song is from a stunt film Baboo ji-1950.

Oh my God ! Can’t believe it !! My 1200th Post !!!

Honestly, more than Joy, I am amazed how I have reached this stage. Entering this field was never planned by me. When I detached myself from working with my Pharma background finally in 2008 ( I had retired in 1998, but I ran my Consultancy Company till another 10 years ), I had no plans of what I was going to do in my free time.

After travelling with my wife all over India and most of the world, I decided that it was high time I learnt operating computers at least now. My grandsons were too happy to teach me how to use a Laptop, at my age of 71 years. The first Love, they say, never dies. My first love was old films and old songs. So I started surfing and downloading old known and unknown songs and made several cassettes. Then one day while surfing I stumbled upon””. I found a lot of old songs. I was impressed with the write ups and comments of readers.

I had many diaries, loaded with information noted down whenever I had seen a film – from about 1948-49 onwards. There were about 80-90 diaries, which I had carried wherever I was transferred during my career, at the cost of complaints from my family. I started using information from these diaries and making comments on this and other Blogs, Fb groups and sites. After some time I became a known person in the fraternity and my first post appeared on this Blog, after Atul ji encouraged me to write a post on a song from the film ” Savitri-1937″. It was posted on 1-10-2012. I realised that this was my second innings only when I was neck-deep in it ! Thanks to Atul ji and Sudhir ji – my first motivators.

Century posts Date posted on Days taken for the century
1st 11-4-2013 192 days
2nd 14-11-2013 217
3rd 10-6-2014 208
4th 21-4-2015 315
5th 6-4-2016 357
6th 4-9-2017 516
7th 2-12-2018 454
8th 26-9-2019 296
9th 15-9-2020 354
10th 18-8-2021 335
11th 18-6-2022 305
12th 18-5-2023 333

So, it looks like that in 3882 days, I have written 1200 posts on this Blog alone.( my many articles are published on Sangeet ke sitare, Anmol Fankaar, Songs of yore,, Cineplot, Kalyan Music group, and few other sites, blogs etc. and 2 books to boot !).

On this occasion I thank Atul ji, Sudhir ji, my friends on the Atulite group on this Blog and WA group as well as several visiting commenters who have encouraged and motivated me from time to time with their comments and appreciations. I would especially mention the name of Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji for helping me whenever I needed information. He has been a pillar of my strength in this field.

Now, coming to today’s song and film Baboo ji-1950. Just because HFGK mentions it and the starcast clearly indicates so, the film is accepted as a stunt film. Its title otherwise sounds like a Social film ! The cast of the film was Bhagwan, Leela Gupte, Baburao Pehlwan, vasantrao pehlwan, Usha Shukla, Azeem, Mirajkar and many regulars. The lyricist was Ehsan Rizvi and the MD was P. Ramakant. The director was Master Bhagwan.

Master Bhagwan was a very hard working person. In the real sense, he brought in the wave of stunt films again in the late 40s. After the films of Master Vithal and Fearless Nadia waned in their popularity by 1944-45, it was Master Bhagwan, who established his own Production house-Jagriti Films and produced several stunt films. He had a set of actors and actresses, which included Baburao pehelwan, Vasantrao pehelwan, Azeem Bhai, Shanta Patel, Chanchal, Leela Gupte, Usha Shukla and Vitha Lokare.

The storyline for most of his films was also fixed.

Two young vagabonds-Baburao pehelwan and Bhagwan, come to Bombay in search of employment. One Sethji (Azeembhai ) appoints them to protect him from the local criminal (Vasantrao pehelwan). Sethji has a good looking daughter ( one of the stock Heroines), who has a maid (another girl from the stock). Baburao loves Seth ji’s daughter and Bhagwan loves the maid. After a lot of stunts and fighting scenes, the end would be happy.

The same story with changed names and other minor changes was used in almost all his films like Badla, Bahadur, Jalan, Madadgaar, Dosti, Shake hand, Matlabi,Bach ke rehna,Bhole bhale, Jeete Raho or such other films. The audience did not mind . They were happy with the stunts. (Did Nasir Hussain and Manmohan Desai get inspiration from Bhagwan in this matter ?). In almost all his films the songs and dialogues were by Ehsan Rizvi.

Luck is a funny thing. In this world it is difficult to say who will be lucky and when and on whom Lady Luck will smile. Lyricist Ehsan Rizvi’s case falls under this uncertainty. Born on 26-1-1914 in U.P., Rizvi came to Bombay at the age of 24. He was a good poet and writer. He wanted to try his luck in the films. How he got a break in films is an interesting story.

Master Bhagwan entered the film world with the silent film ‘ Bewafa Aashiq’-30. His first talkie film was ‘Himmat-e-Marda’-34. Initially,like all other Heroes, even Bhagwan used to sing his own songs. Once he had gone to Columbia company for rehearsal and recording a song. While entering, he saw a young man sitting under a tree and writing something. After rehearsal, he saw that fellow again and even after recording the man was still writing something. Bhagwan went to him and asked with curiosity what he was writing. The man answered, I am writing songs and stories. He came to know that his name was Ehsaan Rizvi and that he too lives in Dadar like Bhagwan. He took Rizvi’s address and left.

In 1938, Bhagwan got his first film as a Director- Bahadur kisaan-38. He called Ehsan Rizvi and gave him a scene and asked him to write dialogues. He came back with the dialogues. After reading Bhagwan was astonished. The scene started with one villager saying ” Ram Ram Bhaiya ji. Kaise ho ?” He asked Ehsan, ‘ being a Muslim, how have you written this?” He replied,” we start any work with God’s name. As your story is Hindu based, I wrote Ram Ram. If it was Muslim film, I would have written “Allah”. Bhagwan was impressed and he gave him not only this film but Ehsan became a member of his group. He wrote songs, story and dialogues of at least 25 films of Bhagwan.

After the fall of Bhagwan’s fortunes. Bhagwan himself advised him to work in other banners as he was no longer in a position to make films now. Rizvi wrote lyrics for 60 films, but most of them were B or C grade films. He however wrote dialogues and screenplay for some well known films like Do Ustad-59, Mughal-e-Azam-60, Woh kaun thi-64, Aan milo sajna-71, Gopichand jasoos-82 etc etc. He had shared the Film Fare award for dialogues of Mughal e Azam-60, with 3 other writers. He died on 16-1-1983.

Now coming to the MD’s name-P.Ramakant. P. Ramakant. This was a name used by C.Ramchandra, because he was under contract with Filmistan and could not give music in his own name. It started with Raja Nene’s film Shadi se pehle in 1947, in which he first used his assistant’s name Paingankar ( the joint MD was Karnad). His name was Ramakant Paingankar and was assisting Chitalkar for a long time. Later, for Bhagwan’s films like Bhedi Bangla-49, Bhole bhale-49, Babuji-50, and Bakshish-50 also, Chitalkar used the pseudonym P. Ramakant as MD. (information from Marathi Chitrapat Sangeetkar kosh by Madhu Potdar). For film Dussehra-56, N.Datta’s assistant was Ramakant paingankar, who was assistant to C.Ramchandra for a long time. He is the same person who tried his hand at being a composer himself in the late 40s. With Shyamsunder and Ramchandra Pal, he gave music to Urvashi-46 and with Lal Mohammed in Mitti-47. . Ramakant gave music to film Rupiah-50 independently. Then he turned to Marathi films. In his last days, he came back to Hindi films again as assistant to many composers.

It was from the film ‘Albela’ that CR gave music to Bhagwan’s film in his real name. Prior to this, he gave music to his stunt films as ‘Annasaheb’ and Ram Chitalkar.This type of use of pen names was followed by many MDs. GM Durrani gave music as Gunjan, SD Batish gave music as Nirmal Kumar. Snehal Bhatkar used several names like Vasudev, B Vasudev, VG Bhatkar and Snehal, before taking up another pen name Snehal Bhatkar for the rest of his career. Actually his name was Vasudeo and Snehal was his daughter’s name. Similarly, MD Nashaad also used names like Shaukat Hussain Dehalvi, Shaukat Dehalvi, Shaukat Ali, and Shaukat Haider. These are well known, but today I will tell you 2 pen names for the FIRST time on the internet ! Hardly anybody knows that Anil Biswas gave music to film ‘Begunah’ (1949) in the name of Haribhai. His co-MD in this film was Shyamu – none other than C Ramchandra. This information is given in the Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema by Rajadhyaksha on pages 67 and 190.

On this occasion, no wonder I have selected a song sung and composed by my favourite composer C.Ramchandra. The song is very good, a typical C Ramchandra style song. I am sure all of the readers will also like this song. Enjoy….

Song- Gorey gorey mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo (Baaboojee)(1950) Singer- Anna Saheb (C.Ramchandra), Lyricist- Ehsan Rizvi, MD- P.Ramakant (C.Ramchandra)


gore gore mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo

o o o o
aanchal ki odh se bijli giraaye chhe
birha ki aag mein tan-man jalaaye chhe
hamko rula ke man mein muskaaye chhe
bai toone dukh diye ab kya upaaye chhe
ek baar gaaon se bambai bhi aavo jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo

ho o o o
ek baar poochha tumhaara naam shoo chhe
aankhen diikha ke boli tum ko kaam shoo chhe
maanashe ke aadmi raam raam shoo chhe
beech baazaar poochhe chhe ki naam waam shoo chhe
seth zara daya karo
police ko bulaao jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo
gore gore mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo

ho o o o
police ka jo naam suna
hamko bukhaar chhayo
pehle hi pyaar mein bhaari bhaari takraar bhayo
bhausaa ab roke roke deewaar chhayo
rehna dushwaar chhayo
jaana dushwaar chhayo
bhai koi meri madad ko bhi aao jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo
gore gore mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo
tadpadte man ko kaahe sataao jo o o o
kaahe sataao jo


28 Responses to "Gorey gorey mukhde se ghoonghat hataao jo"

Thanks for such an excellent write up. Congratulations for 1200th posts.Wish many more milestones.Every post of yours so intricately woven


Thanks for your encouraging words. Such comments help me to continue to do this work. Readers’ views are energy providers.


Arun ji,
Hearty congratulations for 1200th posts.
The main feature of your each post is that it has some rare information. It is very painstaking efforts to churn out such information especially for the early talkie period. I am sure your interest in digging out rare information about those associated with early Hindi films would come out in your future posts for the Blog.

The song is interesting one. Each line of the song ends with Gujarati words.


Sadanand ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.
Your observation about my each post having some rare information is very soothing. It made my day. Thanks.
I always try to give a different but interesting information which is normally not very well-known, so that the interest of the reader in my post is justified.
A pat from experts like you is a treasure !


Heartiest Congratulations on your 1200th post Sir ji. Thanks a lot for the wealth of information you shared through your each post and the rare information, interesting facts about the yesteryears’ cinema and especially from the decade of 1931-1940 and onwards which otherwise was not possible to reach cinema & music lovers.
Thanks for enriching us with your posts and the valuable information in them.
As I have mentioned in one of my earlier comments I would like to have your comments (at least one on every movie) on all movies at least till 1960s.


Avinash ji,
Thank you very much for your nice words.
All of us, especially the post contributors, should continue to enrich this Blog with our inputs to make it a strong and unique reference point for future students of Indian Film History.
Thanks again.


Arunkumar ji,

Hearty Congratulations on achieving this feat of 1200 posts on the blog in addition to various comments, storylines and views on HFM.

The blog is much richer and unique because of your invaluable contributions.

Many Thanks.



Dear Mahesh ji,
Thank you for your generous praise.
Whatever I learnt is from books, internet, people and old magazines etc. What I learnt here, I want to redistribute here only. I have no ownership of any information. Got from others, giving to others. I am merely a medium.
Thanks again.


Arun Ji,
Congrats on your 1200th post. Truly yeoman service to ASAD and its visitors.
It was interesting to note how MD’s used pseudonyms or ‘other names’ while being included in credits for music. As for C.R. ,I knew about Chitalkar & Anna Saheb, but not about other names.
Keep enriching us with rare info on the subject of the blog.


Dear Satish ji,
Thanks for your kind words.
Learning and gaining knowledge is a continuous process of life. I am glad you got new information.
Thanks again.


Great Achievement in this rare specialized field. Humbly honoured to be allowed to travel with you in this Musical Marathon.
Love, Regards, Prayers for many more years of your informative guidance.


gopal ji,
Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.Encouraging comments motivate me to continue this work.
Thanks again.


Arun ji Shubhkaamnaayein aapko, apni sehat ka khayal rakhiyega,
Dher saaree pyaar aur duaaon ke saath,

aapke aashirwaad hameshaa hamaarey sar par rahey



Dear Prakash ji,
Thank you very much.
Aap ke darshan kab honge ?
Muze hi nahi, kisi bhi Atulite ko !


Heartiest congratulations for achieving this milestone. Your life story is an inspiration for many of us.

It seems that the Studios were quite lenient with their contracted music directors using any kind of fig leaf to get around the contract. A practice which was so common cannot be unknown and lifting the veil could have been quite easy.

Interesting write up.


Dear AK ji,
Thank you very much for your kind words.
It is the encouragement by well-wishers like you that gives me the motivation and strength to continue writing on old films, songs and associated artistes.
What you wrote about studios feigning ignorance about the pen names, makes sense. The case of Anil Biswas giving music to film Basant-1942 under the shield of Pannalal Ghosh and then joining Bombay Talkies itself for Kismat-1943, is an example of this ‘make believe ‘ secrecy of pen names.
Thanks again for your appreciation.


Congratulations on post number 1200.
May we have many more of authentic information filled posts from uou. Thank you for creating this huge knowledge bank.
I had lost track of your post numbers, otherwise I would have checked it first thing in the morning.
And your post number 1200 has a song by your favorite Annasaheb.
Congratulations once again


Peevesie’s Mom ji,
Thank you very much for your comments.
A pat on the back from our own people is anyday more satisfying. Atulite group has been very kind to me always.
I will continue writing but my speed may slow down due to age and health issues,though my enthusiasm level is always upswinging.
Thanks again.


Slowing is allowed …… stopping is not


Yes Mam !


1200! Not a joke!!
Almost every one with at least one new information.
You take the work very seriously and do justice to every post.

Congratulations on the important milestone and best wishes for many more hundreds. Good health, peace of mind, happiness and great music always be with you.


Dr. Shetty ji,
Thank you very much for your appreciation and for wishing me many things at a time.
This अपनापन aur नजदिकियां is priceless.
Thanks again.


Congratulations and lot of thanks for enriching knowledge of film music buffs. You have a big fan following because of your painstaking and well documented research. Kudos.


Rajendra Bora ji,
Thank you very much for your kind words.
A pat of appreciation from an expert like you is a treasure for me.
I consider myself as a humble student of Hindi Film History and try to distribute my so called knowledge to others.
I strongly believe that I have no ownership of any knowledge which I have gained through books,magazines, people, internet,blogs and sites etc.
Thanks again for visiting and reading my post here.


Arun Sir,
Hearty congratulations!!
Your hard work of 3882 days to give us a treasure of 1200 posts is commendable.
We look forward for more rare gems in coming days.. (Yeh Dil Maange More).
The way you introduce and explain, the life story of many unsung artists in your posts, is so unique and informative.
We are also thankful to Atul Sir for providing us a platform to enjoy songs and its related stories by expert authors everyday. Thanks,
Gandhi Vadlapatla

Liked by 2 people

gandhivp ji,
Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation.
With the support and and encouragement from
knowledgeable readers like you and experts in this field, I will do my best to continue my work.
Thanks again.

Liked by 1 person

Sir , congratulations for achieving the milestone of 1200th article. Hats off to your passion for Hindi film songs of GOLDEN era. Very very informative article especially in respect of lyricst Ehsan Rizvi and some of the pseud names used by the music directors.Sir , proud of being associated with you. Expecting many more such milestones .


Anil Sawant ji,
Thank you for your appreciation.
It’s not just the Golden Era, but I write on songs from all times….from 1932 to 2020.

Liked by 1 person

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