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Eid ul Azha mubarak ho, to all friends and readers.

It is generally believed that faith and logic are two different things.  What is faith?  Basic premise of faith would be the belief in God.  The conviction that there is a Supreme Power who holds the strings of all things in the universe.  After all the world is a stage and we all are actors.  Shakespeare said it, but it is nothing but the truth.  All of us are here for a set number of days, playing our designated roles, doing things we are destined to do, amassing good deeds and bad deeds.  As we complete the life circle and leave this mortal world, the soul does go somewhere, where else it will go but to the creator?  Logic has no option but to agree that the creator is in best position to answer the question, what is the purpose of creation?  If there was no creator, nothing makes sense in the whole existence. Science can give answers till a certain point and that is that. Logic starts where science gives up.   And sound logic points to God, the Creator, the Sustainer, the one who says “be” and it is.

I quote here some of the verses from the Glorious Quran.

“O Mankind, indeed we have created you male and female, and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you, in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, ALLAH is (all) knowing and (well) acquainted.” –  49:13

“And (O Muhommad) say: My Lord forgive and have mercy, for you are the best of all who show mercy.” –  23:118

“O mankind, there has come to you, a convincing proof (Prophet Muhammad) from your Lord and we send down to you a manifest light (this Quran).” – 4:174

“And whoever is guided is only guided for [the benefit of] himself.” – 27:92

“And for those who fear Allah, He will make their path easy.” – 65:4

“Allah never changes the condition of people until they change what is in themselves.” – 13:11

“And put thy trust in Allah. And enough is Allah as a Disposer of affairs.” – 33:3

“Take care of your souls.” – 5:105

“Do not ridicule others, perhaps they may be better than you.” – 49:11

“If you are thankful, I will increase my blessings upon you.” – 14:7

“So remember me, I will remember you.” – 2:152

“He knows what is in every heart.” – 67:13

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.” –  94:5

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.” – 2:286

“Do not lose hope, nor be sad, for you will overcome them, if you are among the believers.” – 3:139

“We will test you in fear, hunger, loss of wealth life & fruit, but give glad tiding to the patient (steadfast).” – 2:155

“Call upon me, I will respond to you.” – 40:60

“Indeed, Allah is with those who abide him and those who are doers of good.” -16:128

“Allah will provide for him from a quarter from where he had no expectation. And whosoever puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him. Allah is in command and he has set a measure for all things.” –  65:3

“And worship your Lord until there comes into you the certainty/inevitable (death)” – 15:99

“You prefer the life of this world. Although the hereafter is better & more lasting.” 87:16-17

“And we have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars.” – 67:5

“The Pharoah’s wife said (Pray) My lord, build for me near you a house in paradise.” –  66:11

These ‘Aayaat’ are part of different Surah (Chapters) in the Quran, revealed at different times to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) (570-632 CE), during his Prophethood years (610-632 CE).  Mohammed (PBUH) was unlettered with no formal education, and had rarely traveled outside of Makkah, before his migration (Hijraah) to Madinah.   All ‘Aayaat’ of the Holy Quran were revealed to him, via the Angel Jibraeel (AS) at different times and in context of different situations. They were delivered as signs and guidance. These ‘Aayaat’ were then related by the Prophet (PBUH) to his companions (Sahaba), who recorded them in writing.  All of these ‘Aayaat’ were recorded in the Prophet’s life time. It was collated/arranged in a meticulous way, in the form of different Surah’s of the Quran during the reign of Hazrat Abu-Bakr (RA) (573-634 CE), the first Khalifa, in the present compilation. Hazrat Umar (RA) had a great contribution in this process.  There is great detail available about how the procedure was done, with verification of at least 2 witnesses that the Aayat is indeed written down in the presence of the Prophet.  Different Surah’s are also classified as ‘Makkih’ and ‘Madnih’, those revealed before migration to Madinah and after.

How simple and easy, is the faith and the true path, can be discerned in these quotes. How wise is the counsel, for all situations? It answers some of the basic questions bothering the mankind, with intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers having scratched their heads for all these millennia.  I have tried to collate them in an order, so it is in the order of creation, faith, trust, thankfulness, the true way of living, easy way of functioning as a creation, hope, the hereafter, the quest for heaven, how it is near and then the last one speaks of the wife of one (Pharoah-who denied the existence of Allah and declared himself as God) can ask (pray) for the highest level in Jannah (Paradise). It means, its available for everyone, one only has to seek it and ask for it, whatever and whoever you are.  This may not be the best way of saying it, and if I have erred, may Allah (SWT) forgive me.

A brief definition of Jannah with a prayer:

Jannah, where there will be no sickness, no pain, no difficulty, no separation, no loss.

Jannah, its beauty such that no mind could even ever comprehend.

Jannah, where those you love are waiting for you.

Jannah, where your Allah is waiting for you.

Jannah, which is never ever going to end.

Remind yourself that this is the decree of Allah and in his decisions is hidden kindness. Remind yourself that it is not just going to be okay, but it is going to be worth it.

Dear heart, please just remind yourself that your Allah is with you. Please don’t ever forget that.

Your Allah is with you. Your Allah will never leave you.

He knows of your condition. He is aware of your struggle.

And not a single moment of this going by unrewarded.

Allah knows that you are scared, and it is okay to be scared.

Keep trusting your Allah. Don’t lose hope in His mercy.  He is right here with you.

Feel it and treasure it.


On a different note, this is what Allama Iqbal has to say:

Sajdon ke ee’waz firdaus mile ye baat mujhe manzoor nahi
Be-laus i’baadat karta hoon banda hoon tera mazdoor nahi

 Ee’waz or I’waz means in return of, and ‘Firdaus’ is Jannat/heaven/paradise in persian.

What Iqbal means is :

I am not doing salutations / ibaadat (supplication) and itaa’at (obedience / submission to the will of Almighty), so that you grant me heaven in return. My prayers are pure, as I am your slave and not a paid servant.

This is, but the highest point of devotion, that the pious seek.

One of those pious, righteous, seekers of the divine favour, was Umar Farooq (RA) (584-644 CE). Umar bin Khattab was the second Khalifa of the Khulfa-e-Rashideen. The status of Umar Farooq, as a Sahaba, companions of the Prophet (PBUH), as among the beloved and respected Khalifa, can be ascertained from the fact of his being one of the “Ashra Mubashra”.  “Ashra Mubashra” are the 10 exalted ones among the Sahaba, who were given the ‘Good News’ or ‘Glad Tidings’.  What would be the ‘Good News’ who have the clear idea of the purpose of creation, life and death?  It is the achievement of securing a place in ‘Jannah’.  So, by divine declaration, those 10 were given the Good News, that a place is secured in Jannah for them. The magnificent ten include all four Khulfa-e-Rashideen.  Umar Farooq (RA)’s significance as a Khalifa and his role in the spread of Islamic empire much beyond the Arabian Peninsula is indisputable and incomparable.  One more significant and important contribution of Umar Farooq (RA), is the introduction of Islamic calendar i.e. the Hijri calendar.  There is a great deal to learn from his story, for he was one of the major detractors of the Prophet for a long time.  But once he accepted that Mohammed is indeed the Messenger of Allah, and came into the fold of Islam, blessed by the Allah (SWT) and rose to great heights that he did.

 I have read up a lot in recent days, so that I could give some accurate and concise information in this post.  But if I go on, this post will never finish.

So, I will move to the song, which is a non-film song sung by Mukesh. The song is composed by Iqbal and lyricist is Shadaab Minai.  Shadaab Minai is probably making a debut here with this song.  The song is talking in detail of an incident i.e. a qissa during the reign of Umar Farooq (RA), the second Khalifa.

Tally of music director, lyricist and singer in the blog so far as follows:









Unless the Shadaab in the stats page is the same as Shadaab Minai, otherwise this is the first song written by Shadaab Minai in the blog.

This is a rare song, which I think few people may have heard before.  I was not aware it until a few months ago, when it was shared by someone on WhatsApp.


Song – Hai Bahut Mashoor Ye Qissa Umar Farooq Ka (Mukesh – NFS) (1970), Singer – Mukesh, Lyrics – Shadaab Minai, MD – Iqbal


hai bahot mash-hoor ye qissa
Umar Farooq ka
aaj bhi duniyaa mein hai
charcha Umar Farooq ka

jab khilaafat ka sharf
haasil hua Farooq ko
momino ki fikr rehti thhi sadaa Farooq ko
kaam aate thhe har ek
majboor ke Hazrat Umar
shauq se karte thhe khud
har ek ki khidmat Umar

phirte phirte ek din
pahunche Umar ek ghar ke paas
dekhte kya hain
wahan baithhi hai ek aurat udaas
degchi chulhe pe thhi aur
ro rahe thhe us ke laal
jab kiya Hazrat Umar ne ja ke
aurat se sawaal
ro rahe hain kis liye bachche
yeh kya hai maajra
bhook se rote hain ye bachche
ye aurat ne kaha
bole Hazrat degchi mein
pak raha hai kya kaho
kis liye ghamgheen ho
jo kuchh bhi hai dukhda kaho

boli wo aurat ke paani se bhari hai degchi
kyun ke main bachchon ko behlaati hoon
is soorat se hi
uff taraste hain ye bachhche daane daane ke liye
kuchh nahi hai mere paas in ko khilaane ke liye
teesre din ka hai faqaa
mere bachchon par huzoor
mera koyi bhi yahaan wali nahin
roye uss ko dekh kar iss haal mein
Hazrat Umar
aa gaye fauran hi bait-ul-maal mein Hazrat Umar
aata kapda ghee chhuaare aur raqam le kar Umar
ghamzada aurat ke ghar ki simt daude jaldtar
peetth par dekha Umar ke bojh to bola ghulaam
bojh uttha kar mujh ko chalne deejiye aye nek naam
ye Umar bole agar ye bojh main de doon tujhe ea
hashr ke din kya sazaa dega na jaane rab mujhe
de diya dukhiya ko sab saamaan la kar aap ne
aur khilaaya sab ko khaana pakaa kar aap ne

khaa liya bachchon ne aurat ne khaana jis ghadi
ho gaye Hazrat Umar khush dekh kar un ki khushi
aap ko de kar duaaen phir ye aurat ne kaha
kaash mil jaata koyi ham ko khalifa aap sa
ham gariboon ki Umar koyi khabar rakhte nahin
a’iysh mein hain mast dukhiyon par nazar rakhte nahin
le ke dukhiya ki baaton ka asar Hazrat Umar
khaamoshi se laut aaye apne ghar Hazrat Umar

subah us aurat ko Faarooq ne bulwa liya
aur wazifa us ka bait-ul-maal se jaari kiyaa
ho ke sharminda phir Umar ne aurat se kaha
dukh bahot pahunchaa hai tum ko
meri ghaflat se sada
tum mujhe kar do mu’aaf
itni hai meri iltejaa aa
tum jo mujh ko bakhsh do
bakhsh de mujh ko khudaa aa

saari duniyaa mein hai charcha
har kahin Farooq ka
koyi bhi insaaf mein
saani nahi Farooq ka
koyi bhi insaaf mein
saani nahi Farooq ka

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